Dave Matthews Band
Post-Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Doyle Brammhall II & Smokestack

I Did It *
Big Eyed Fish -->
The Stone *
Crush *
Rhyme & Reason *
Grace Is Gone *
Dancing Nancies * -->
Loving Wings * -->
Where Are You Going *
Grey Street *
#41 (Everyday) *
So Right *
The Space Between *
What Would You Say *
Digging a Ditch *
All Along the Watchtower *
Two Step *
* with Butch Taylor on keys

Well after going to the Friday nite show... This was definately a much much much Better Show!! Stone was definately the highlight for me... My favorite song and had a great ending...Down to nothing, then hits you with the HARD PART! Great old stuff diggin back to the past with Nancies, R&R, and WWYS. Like the selections from Everyday...with So Right and opening with I Did It... I actually enjoyed.... and sounded much better than he has played it in the past...I really thought it was cool when he threw Everyday in at the end of #41... Now that was F&#*ing Cool!! Glad to finally get to hear Loving Wings... Been waiting for that. Ending with Two Step was nice... Would have like to hear 2 10min tunes instead of one 20min tune.... But you know... GREAT DAVE SONG...GREAT VERSION... BUTCH'S Solo ROCKED!!! and glad they played it... GREAT SET... GREAT SHOW!
If you were not at the Post-Gazette Pavillion the past two nights you missed the Dave Matthews Band at their very best. They played with heart, they played with enthusiasm and they had a hell of a lot of fun in the process. Two amazing shows, only two repeat songs between the two nights and some awesome jamming along the way. I was reminded over and over again the past week why this band always keeps me coming back for more. Thanks for the great show guys - and thanks for coming back to rock Pittsburgh! You had to be there...
Irv G.
Well, to start it off the dude who wore the shirt, don't play I did it, did'nt get lucky two nights in a row. besides this song it was really a great show! It's thrilling to spend 120.00 dollars to hear 36 songs played, and 34 different. I really come to beleive this band is unbeatable on the stage. Hands down! The crowd was alot different from the night before, more frat boys going to get drunk some where ,besides their house! I mean, I moved from part of the lawn where frat fags,where chattin here we go steelers here we go.I mean , I love the steelers more then the next man, but this was DMBS house tonight. Alot more relaxing in the seats the night before. Any way to the show it was great,loved how they played dancing nancies. I deffinatley was not expecting that one. Digging a ditch was also a great suprise. Bravo!I honestley beleive, that it was tough to beat last night,but still it was a great night to be a part's nice to hear crush,and to top it off, boyd went nuts! Awesome! The stone great, and all along the watch tower,back as usual. everything else pretty mellow. I think everyone was recovering Oh well, later on and see you next year! ( I hope) P.S. to the cats I meant from Buffallo, Thanks for the copy of the show,E-mail me!
Erik J.
Tonight was my last show of the tour and 4th one this year, and it was the best. Last night's setlist was very good, but there was more of an edge to many of the songs tonight. Dave came on stage around 7 to introduce the opening band and offered up some Dave speak... "I'm going to change in a little bit, but I do make THIS shirt look oh-so-fucking sexy." The people that were sparsley situated throughout the Pavilion went nuts. Boyd eventually came on and played with the opening band and sang the lead vocals. The band took the stage at about 8:12pm. Here's a rundown of the songs with short notes...**I DID IT** as an opener was a disappointment, but at least it was out of the way early. Dave messed up a lyric right before Boyd's part at the microphone. **BIG EYED FISH** followed and to my surprise, the crowd was really into it. I was expecting Bartender to follow, but out of nowhere came ***THE STONE***. Dave introduced Stefan after Stone, and he went into the intro to ***CRUSH****. The band really jammed out the end of Crush and got everyone in the pavilion really pumped. ***RHYME AND REASON*** followed and I was beginning to get the feeling that we'd get a lot of good classics tonight. ***GRACE IS GONE*** was next and was solid. The surprise of the night was ***DANCING NANCIES*** to which the band jammed beautifully. The outro was fantastic and the crowd was singing alot to every verse. Unfortunately, instead of going Dancing Nancies-->Warehouse, they went into ***LOVING WINGS*** which was a nice quiet song, but everyone around me sat down. At this point, the flowing enthusiasm died. ***WHERE ARE YOU GOING*** got the crowd back on their feet, and ***GREY STREET*** got everyone all fired up again. Dave messed up the lyrics in the second verse by singing, "She says PLEASE, but my prayers fall on deaf ears," instead of saying "She says I pray." Also, when Dave says "Bold and Bright," very bright red lights shone onto the crowd which added an awesome feel to the climax of the song. ***#41 (Everyday outro)*** followed which was wonderful because each band member had a chance to have their solos. Butch followed Boyd's solo with a great jam on the keyboard. Dave sang lyrics that ended in "Everyday!" about 15 times to end the song. Cool stuff. ***SO RIGHT*** followed by ***THE SPACE BETWEEN*** pleased all of the everyday album fans around me. ***WHAT WOULD YOU SAY*** was next, and it came on around 10pm, so I thought it was the closer. Leroi had a solid jam during the jam session. ***DIGGING A DITCH*** was a surprise, but killed momentum as everyone around me sat down again. ***WATCHTOWER*** picked up any energy killed by DaD, and was very tight. The band came back on stage around 10:30 to the chants of "We Want Two Step!!" filling the Pavilion. They had no choice. They played ***TWO STEP***. It was wonderful to hear and gave me goose bumps. The kid next to me openly wept throughout the entire song. It was amazing. So, overall, this concert ranks right up there with 7.3.00 for me. It was the best of the four I've been to, and I came away, as usual, very pleased... and very proud to be a fan of DMB.
If I could say that last nights show had the best set for the radio listener, tonight had the best set for the die hard fan! I was so pleased with the ammount of divversity of songs played, every studio album was hit! Sure the show started with I Did It, but it only went up hill from there. Playing Crush was so awesome, that song set the tone for the whole night of jam tunes. Dancing Nancies was an awesome surprise! Liked hearing Loving Wings, the song has nice jam potential. But the best set song of all night was #41. it was great to hear, and even better when Dave started singing everyday along with the tune of #41. the the crowd kept the "Eveyday" going, such an awesome on the spot jam. and to end the set, Digging a ditch and watchtower were great to hear, an awesome way to end the show! Then the Encore! OMG, the best experience i've ever had at my 7 DMB concerts! The boys come out for the encore, and they're hanging out in the back of the stage by the drum set, when the crowd slowly starts chanting, "Too Step... Too Step..." the guys changed some equipment and started the song up, needless to say it ws the only encore the pittsburgh crowd needed tonight! Wow, wow and wow agaiin. They played to the crowd the whole night and it did not go unnoticed! Thanks so much Dave, Carter, Roi, Fonzzie, and Boyd (which had an incredible solo in Watchtower with a waa-waa peddle). Can't wait for my next show!
Wow I have to say they did it.It was a great show and i have seen alot of them in different cities.Dave really made up for skipping pittsburgh last year.the crowed was really in to it tonight,and having a great time.The stone was great to hear almost as good as last nights say good bye.#41,two step,nancies,and ryme or reason just like live at red rocks.Then we had the space between,I did it,so right,and where are you going.A great mix of new and old.The past 2 nights have been great with so many surprizes.I do not feel you could have ask for anything more.Ok, maybe except for more nights with the band.
Another high caliber DMB show to end their 2 night stay in the burgh. I Did It was a bad opener, but at least he got it out of the way to make room for the old-school jammers R&R, Nancies, and WWYS. #41 was a thing of beauty with the little Everyday outro. Glad to see DMB is acknowledging Butch and giving him space to musically flourish on his keys solos. Crush was a nice favorite to hear and Space Between got the lighters up on the lawn. One of the best Watchtowers I've ever heard was a great call to end the first set on a high note. For the encore, I saw how DMB truly caters to the fans, by changing their setlist around to satisfy the 25,000 person "We want Two Step" chant. With Carter's thundering drums, in was the perfect way to end the two nights here at Star Lake. Last nights and tonights show were pretty much even, with only two repeat songs. Thanks to this crowd that I spent my weekend with for an optimistic energy that made my times much better.
Justin F.
2:30 AM just got back in from Pitt. The Definitive Review Part Two: Opened with I Did It: was still walking with the crowd during it so I can't report much. Sounded good though. Big Eyed Fish: I love this song. And so does the crowd. The Stone: disappointed here since the tempo was so slow...but they would make up for that. Crush: Awesome...finally picks up the pace. Boyd on fire as well as Butch on the keys. R and R: nice UTTAD song to be thrown in. Grace Is Gone: followed up really nicely behind Crush. Nancies: shocked. tight version. Loving Wings: ok. Where Are You Going: I understand why they play this every show. Grey Street: ok is where the show got nutty...41 (Everyday) wow wow wow. Funked up...Butch played a mean solo as well as LeRoi. Awesome outro with the crowd chanting "Everyday". So Right: this song was so perfectly placed after 41...they made for a good segue here. Space Between: went for a water and a pretzel. What Would You Say: called it. needed it. Diggin A Ditch: great slow song to burn one down during. Watchtower: BEST ONE I HAVE SEEN IN ALL 40 shows I have been to! Butch, Boyd on the pedals, and LeRoi tore it up. Here is the highlight of the performance. Encore break. Croud gets louder and louder. Banging on the seats. Clapping their hands. The band comes out. They were about to play either Rapunzel or Ants Marching but the crowd busted into "We Want Two Step" chants. After FIVE MINUTES of the band standing there listening to the crowd they had Roi switch over to the sax and they busted into a near 20 minute Two Step, capping the show off at an even 2 hours and 40 complete minutes! Let's see if they can work off of the magic for the rest of the tour that the Pitt crowd served up!!!
What a great show. Aside from the slow opening, this was by far the best Dave show that I have ever attended. They started with I did it, which I could have done without, but they made up for it by coming back with Big Eyed Fish and The stone, which may be one of my all time favorite Dave songs anyways. I had to piss during Crush and Rhyme and Reason and I was kind of disappointed by that, but from what I heard they were sensational as well. Grace is Gone was also great and they played Nancies into Wings and then inot Where are you going, and everyone loved it. Right after Grey Street, which thee actually played better Friday night, they paused for a little bit and everyone was just kind of looking around, and all of a sudden #41 comes bustin' out, and myself along with the entire place went absolutely nuts...It was great! So Right and The Space Between were good, but they fuckin jammed for What Would You Say...It gave me goosebumps. I probably would have remebered Diggin a Ditch a little more if he hadn't went into Watchtower directly following it...One song I had never heard live that I wanted to more than any was that. They play that damn song so well, and my friends and I were ecstatic. Way to go DMB...I also want to acknowledge them for encoring with Two Step. I dont think it was their original intent to close with that song, but we all started a little two step chant and before you knew it they broke out inot a 20 minute jam seesion of two step...I can only hope that shows to come are as good as last nights. See you asll in Columbus...Might see two of ya, but i'll see ya!
AWESOME SHOW tonight in pa. i have to say i was a bit concerned at first when the opener was i did it, but i guess it's good to get that song out of the way as early as possible. i was psyched to hear BEF->stone. and i'm SO happy that dancing nancies is finally back. i was hoping for this song as i'm sure a lot of other people were as well. grey st-41-so right had killer energy and even though it slowed down with tsb, wwys picked it up. digging a ditch then followed and again seemed to kill the high energy, but that was certainly made up for with an absolutely amazing version of watchtower. there was only a one song encore, but who can possibly complain when it's two step?:) the crowd was chanting it and the boys gave us what we wanted. overall a great great show. out of my 12 this is up in the top. can't wait till polaris!
Ian W.
All I can say is WOW!!! This set blew the roof off of the Post-Gazette Pavilion and totally obliterated last nite's show! An absolute amazing show. I was 10th row, right stack. IDI is not particularly my favorite, but seems rather suitable for an intro. BEF->STONE..unbelievable. Who would've guessed? After hearing BARTENDER last nite, I wasn't expecting to hear it again (referring to the typical BEF->BARTENDER). Goes to show you YNK what to expect! NANCIES was tight. The segue into LOVING WINGS was peculiar, but enjoyable. The more I hear that song, the more I am liking it. The progressive Jam seems to intensify every time I hear it. GREY STREET..well, what can I say?.KILLER!! 41 was definitely the highlight of the evening. A new Butch solo planted in there made it even better. They jammed it for damn near 20 minutes. SO RIGHT was great. DIGGING A DITCH gets better every time I hear it. This had to be the best WATCHTOWER I have ever been witness to. Fonz beat that bass for an intro I will never forget. Very thunderous. The boys returned for the encore with intentions of playing something other than the plea from the crowd! In unison everybody chanted for what they wanted. How cold they deny us? After a long huddle and debate from the boys, they put on the strongest TWO STEP I have ever heard. Carter was insane!! I would have to say, hands down, these were the best two shows at one venue I can recall. The best time I have ever had!! These collectively made up my 23rd and 24th DMB shows, and sadly my last for this summer tour. What a way to end it, though!!! PEACE!
Casey J.
I didn't think it would be possible, but DMB topped their show from last night. The guys were just scorching tonight. They opened with I Did it, which wasn't too bad, but let me just say that if I never hear another song from Everyday, I'll be happy. Bid Eyed Fish sounded better live than I thought it would. The Stone was just amazing. Stefan really flies on this song. Crush featured some great fiddling by Boyd. The whole band played great, but I would say that the night definantly belonged to Boyd Tinsley. Rhyme and Reason was a pleasant surprise. Grace is Gone is a beatiful song to slow things down. Dancing Nancies was really very something. The soloing was second to none. Haveing that going into loving Wings going into Where are you Going worked well. Grey was good. #41 nearly brouhgt a tear to my eye. So Right was okay for an Everyday song. They did jam it out in the end (Did I mention my thing about never hearing another Everyday song?) Ditto for the Space Between. WWYS was the best live version of that song I've ever heard. Stefan's intro into Watchtower was fabulous...itit sounded like he was doing a drumroll on his bass. It was really something else. Capping off the night with Two Step was perfect. It reminded me of their last show in pittsburgh with the fireworks during Two Step and everything. Just a perfect night
David S.
This was my second night of seeing DMB and tonight was the "night of all nights!!! The setlist was probably one of the best that I have experienced, and was very diverse. Im a newer fan, this being only my 3rd show, and cant wait to go to many, many more. Everything was covered totally and seeing "All along the Watchtower" and Nancies was the highlight for me. From the Set, Sound, Preformance, everything was perfect. Cant wait until Farm Aid!!! See you there!
Jon P.
Wow! Yet another fantastic setlist! What an amazing weekend! IDI has two virtues, especially as an opener: it's upbeat and SHORT! They got that out of their system and moved right into the good stuff with a very nice BEF. Yeah Dave, tell that monkey to stay up his fucking tree! I didn't think they'd repeat Bartender, and I was more than happy to hear The Stone, one of their best in my opinion. I love the end. Crush, yet another song I really wanted to hear. Boyd's jam kicked ass, and words can't describe Carter's amazing jam at the end of it. R&R always reliable. GIG also very nice. Gotta respect the Nancies. Boyd was on fire all night and he particularly shined on this one. First time hearing Loving Wings, and very impressed. Roi had a fine soprano sax solo. Can't wait to hear it again sometime. WAYG, saw it coming but nice the second time around. Grey Street, really really love this song! Very glad to hear it again tonight! #41, wow! Boyd's and Butch's solos rocked and I could listen to Roi play the tenor all night. So Right sounds excellent live, yet another nice Roi solo. The Space Between, pretty standard but got the crowd into it. WWYS, Yes! A great song to get the rabid Steelers fans in the crowd to focus on DMB! Yet another great Roi solo, this time on the alto. DaD, very nice but couldn't hear it well due to random conversations going on all around. Oh well. I then saw Stefan start going and I jumped for joy knowing Watchtower was coming! WOW! Gotta love Boyd on the Waawaa pedal! Kind of hoping for the standard two song encore, but I'll take Two Step anyday. One of my favorite songs from any band. All I can say is Carter is a god for no mortal human should have that kind of ability! My only gripe of the night is that I have been to six shows in five years and have yet to hear Ants! Maybe I'm destined not to hear it. Oh well, what a fantastic weekend! Peace! "Life is short, but sweet for certain."
Jon B.
Just got back from Pitt shows and i wanted to let everyone know that having the band switch up the setlist to play two step as the encore was great....except it was already gonna be the encore with Long Black Veil.....i guess we pay for what we got. Other than that...which i found out right after from the guy in front of me( he was first row pit, i was second) he managed to get the setlist from a cameraman. Bummer huh
this weekend marked my 6th and 7th show and i have to say that they more than made up for the show at PSU. it was a great feeling to see dave and the band jamming and playing for the crowd in your hometown. not one true dave fan could be upset with either show because of the suprises we got. say goodbye was played for the first time all year, we got a crush, watchtower, one of the greatest tripping billies i've ever heard, WYA, two great versions of wayg and grey st., and very little everyday. i've never heard the band change a set list for fans since their days at trax and flood zone. even though saturday's encore was only one song, the crowd asked for it and they delivered. there's always going to be songs fans want to hear and don't, but what a great weekend. can't wait to see them next week.
Mike D.
This was my 5th, and probaly final Dave show of the summer and I was just blown away at how awesome it was. Along with the 3rd night from Philly last summer, this was probably the best show I've seen from him out of the 16 I've been lucky enough to attend. It was good enough to inspire me to write a review for the first time ever. The thing that most amazed me about this show, besides the overall intensity of the band and the sweet versions of Watchtower, The Stone and #41, was how the crowd kept demanding one song - Two Step. I've probably been to about 35 concerts, and I've never seen a crowd so intent on hearing one song. It was almost like being at a football game or something the way people kept chanting "Two Step" or "We want Two Step" over and over, especially while the band was offstage before the encore, but also throughout the night. Since that's my favorite Dave song, I was quite happy about all the noise for it. When the boys did come out to finish the night, it was clear from their long conference that they were planning to play something else, but changed their minds in light of the crowd. And so we got one of the longest and best versions of Two Step and one of the best all around shows the band's put on. I already can't wait for next summer. Thanks for the great show guys.
Jason F.
What can I say that hasn't already been said before? AWESOME SHOW!!! This weekend concluded my 4th and 5th shows. I never thought I'd ever see another show that could compare to 7/3/00, but I was wrong. Tonights performance was right up there with that one, if not better. My gf and I bought lawn tickets off of a scalper before the show. I've never been in the lawn before, and I thought it was gonna suck at first, but we had a great view of the stage, and more room to move around and dance. Every song rocked,..and YES even "I Did It" sounded pretty good. And I'll never forget that crazy lookin face Dave made at the beginning of BEF. I really couldn't have asked for a better set list. I only wish they would've played Best Of for my girl, and Warehouse. I loved the #41-> Everyday. That sounded better than the regular vesion of Everyday. Crush, Nancies, Grey Street, AATW,..Totally ROCKED!! Then towards the end I heard my song Digging A Ditch. Nobody I know likes this song,..But I LOVE IT!!!I'm not going to go into detail of each song,..If you were there you know how awesome each one was. This show was just the best ever. Dave and the boys really know how to rock Pittsburgh!! My top 3 have all been in the burgh now. I'll see you guys again soon!!!
L.B. R.
Tonight was my 28th DMB show and my second night in a row at Starlake. I wil lsay that last night's show blew this one away. Tonight the only highlights for me were Big Eyed Fish, #41, So Right, Nancies and Watchtower. I couldn't really even get into #41 because the crowd on the lawn was so horrible, but that's what happens when you can't afford over 50 bucks for pavilion.The show was very high energy but I would have personally made some changes to the setlist. I also got kind of upset that the band decided to play Two Step in the Encore instead of Ants (which they were going to play cause Roi had the soprano sax out and they were only planning a one song encore) because the crowd was chanting "Two Step." If the entire crowd would chant for "Pay For What You Get," "Minarets," "Last Stop," or dare I say "#34," that song would not be played. Maybe a chant for a rarer song would be a better thing, but that is just one man's opinion. I just hope the crowd starts to change for the better at DMB shows. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the show, but I would not rank it highly on my list.
I forgot to mention in last night's review how much the "GET ON YOUR KNEES, MOTHERFUCKER!!" line in WYA caused a stir in my little possee throughout the weekend. What a riot. So I only sat 3rd row tonite (booo hoooo, right) but hey, someone has to fill the seats. I was totally spaced out for the first 4 songs or so because I was wrapped up in my own little drama of being a jealous girl but I soon got over it, especially when it came time for Crush and #41, even TSB which I totally called. To tell you the truth I can't even spew off the setlist because when you are that close to the stage you almost forget about the music at some points...just reveling in the fact that you can actually see Dave's eyelashes and shit like that. Unreal, man. How about that demand for Two Step....not just your average crowd stomp, this one had KICK! we got it, and we got it good. So good that they had to leave out the other song of the encore, but I don't think anyone would complain. Thank you DMB, for the most memorable experience of my entire life. If I see you again, you can bet your ass it will only be from the front row! There's no turning back......
i've been lazy getting around to this (therefore my memory of the show is a little shaky) because the day after night two i had to catch a plane at 9 in the morning, so....this was an killer show. i had lawn seats which i didn't really mind since starlake isn't huge and the crowd was one of the better ones i've seen. an i did it opener was unexpected but not entirely disappointing since it has more punch to it now. (dave does feel the need to swear as much as possible to make up for the lack of lyrical quality though). BEF-->the stone=brilliant. i'm going to make this short so let's cut to nancies. boyd my man, you are back. bt was all over the stage, tearing it up and of course just nancies (not a damn tease) was awesome just to hear after a little hiatus from the band's setlists. 41 was great, as was so right, and wwys was classic....and then watchtower! okay, i was not too excited when stefan started the solo (which was amazing btw) simply becuase of how overused this song has been in the past. however, this version kicked my ass. i was taken aback at how much energy they threw into this song and there were solos all around. encore met the crowd's demands and this two step was owned by carter. had some nice butch action and then dave and stafan had this little groove with carter blowing everyone away overtop of it. all in all, an amazing show. how do i know? the girl behind me said on her cell phone doing the encore break that the show was "like, john mayer, times, like 50. this is totally awesome." damn straight.