Dave Matthews Band
Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Doyle Brammhall II & Smokestack

onstage 8:22pm
Crush *
What Would You Say *
When The World Ends *
Captain *
The Stone *
Grey Street *
You Never Know *
Everyday (#36) *
Loving Wings * -->
Where Are You Going *
Big Eyed Fish -->
Bartender *
Dancing Nancies *
Proudest Monkey *
Satellite *
Fool To Think *
Two Step *
offstage 10:43pm
onstage 10:52pm
Digging a Ditch *
All Along the Watchtower *
offstage 11:10pm

* with Butch Taylor on keys

wow...what a damn good show. it was my first and i doubt i will ever see another dave matthews band show that had this much energy and excitement. every song was great. the highlights of the show were "crush" as an opener, "dancing nancies", and the incredible "two step". i was supprised to hear "watchtower", but it was an excellent version. the crowd kicked a lot of ass and the band was just on it's game all night. boyd and dave seemed to be having a lot of fun on stage and butch taylor was in awe at carters drumming during his solo in "two step"...what a great night...
Laurie F.
I cannot begin to express the words --- WOW. If it's possible to even BEGIN to pick a highlight, I would have to say Dancing Nancies -- it had to be 25 minutes long. WOW again!! Opening with Crush and ending with Watchtower?!?! No concert by any other artist will EVER be able to top this. . . and the crowd was really into it -- It was GREAT!!!!!!!! I think I'm going to be numb for days!!!
Will D.
What can one say about this show? It was pretty sweet. The setlist wasn't very extensive but it was very powerfull. The fans in the lawn wanted the good stuff and they got it, songs mostly from the pre-Eeryday era, with some new stuff mixed in. Highlights of the night include: Loving Wings, it has become a very developed song unlike the early sketch versions; Two Step, this was a 15 minute version which rocked down the house before the band made its first exit from the stage; and Satellite, everybody wanted to hear it and the crowd erupted as soon as the first note rang out. I was glad to hear Proudest Monkey and The Stone two excellent songs. This concert was definatley the second best I've seen.
Dave Y.
First of all, thanks to the fellow Warehouse members from Richmond, KY who wanted to trade us seats so they could be next to their friends. Sitting in their seats, we got a Warehouse ticket upgrade to the 10th row! Just a few highlights from the show: My 5th was probably the best. Almost 3 hours of music! Grey Steet and You Never Know are turning into my favorites. I loved how they did not go back into Everyday after going into #36. The band was feeling the grove of the crowd and stayed with the "Honey, Honey." Dancing Nancies was smokin'. Boyd was all over the place. Proudest Monkey->Satellite was just like old times. Two Step was the best I have ever heard, either live or in the 36 shows I have. I love the jazz funk section in the middle during Butch's solo. A beautiful night to be outside and listening to the greatest band in the land! Peace.
Great show tonight at Riverbend. Lasted almost three hours!! Highlights were Crush, Everyday, Dancing Nancies, Proudest Monkey, Two Step, and Watchtower. Great to hear Dancing Nancies for the first time live, great version. Two Step was unbelievable, really long jam. Best version of Watchtower I've ever heard, seriously. Amazing show, too bad it's my last of this tour, but I can't wait until next year. This will definately be a tour to remember!!
Chris C.
There were a few things that made this show good, not great. The first was the unbelievably bad sound in the venue. I've seen DMB play here quite a bit, and I've never heard worse sound. I don't know if it's the FOH guys mixing the band (doubtful) or the house mix, but All you could hear from much of the pavillion was Stefan and Carter. The midrange sound was virtually nonexistant. Absolute worst sound I've ever heard at a DMB show. The Other thing that is that Dave really wan't his best, though the other guys made up for it. Carter in particular. The show started out on a mellow note with Crush, which Dave messed up early on- lyrically....but he recovered before he lost where he was. WWYS was pretty decent- boyd's vocals were loud but where's the acoustic guitar sound that drives the band? I wanted to go slap some sound guy. WTWE was fine, as was Captain, my bathroom break song. It sounded good though. The stone was solid. I thought maybe finally the show was going to hit a crescendo and get really going after grey street, which was great...I just wish they would jam it out a little more like in 2000-01. YNK was great- wow I was getting into it and then Dave totally flubbed the ending and everyone but Carter stopped- Carter recognezed what Dave did and caought back up with him just before the final few chords, which they all got it back together for. After the song, Dave took a drink and Boyd came over and gave him a slap on the arm. It was one of those slaps your mom gives you after you've lost a big little league game. Time to re-group. Everyday could have been a great remedy to the sub-par first half of the show, had it not been for the lack of guitar sound. The crowd didn't even get into the big Hani Hani chant because, honestly, the only thing you could hear was Boyd with the wah wah effect. Still, the song was good once it got going. Loving Wings might as well have been played with no amplification at all, as I couldn't hear it. I sat down. The single, WAYG was nice- I like the song- simple and honest. Big Eyed fish doesn't do it for me anymore with the new BS lyrics and the fade into Bartender, which is in another key. It seems unfinished. However, it's Dave's song, and he can do what he wants with it. Then, after being a little dismayed about the show, the Dave Matthews Band just kicked my ass with Bartender. Incredible. I don't even really like the song a lot, but something in it tonight just absolutely got me. Oh, and there's this guy named Butch who's been playing with DMB the whole show....Who'd have known? He finally got a little Bruce Hornsby-esque solo at the quiet finale of Bartender. Great great performance of that song. I could have done without Monkey->Satellite, though Roi had a nice shoing on the horn during Monkey. People sat down. Carter funked up Satellite nicely. Fool to think was pretty good. Dave's a maniac on that guitar, though it, again, was diffcult to hear. The finale, Two Step, was another good one. Butch and Carter had a nice exchange at the end, and Finally Butch got a spotlight. The man is good and he belongs with DMB. No question. After the longest encore break ever, someone must have finally come to their senses, because Digging a ditch was mixed very well. I wish the whole concert would have sounded like the encore did. Stefan did a nice little Star Spangled Banner intro to watchtower which was very loud and a nice encore closer. I really enjoied it. All in all, decent show, and I'm sorry I bitched about the sound so much, but I paid 50 bucks to hear DMB play, so I think I'm entitled to hear them....but I'll stop now. Dave was very mellow and danced about as little as I've ever seen him. Finally, at the second half of the show, he finally got comfortable and really got into it. Carter is God, as usual. When the boys walked off stage at the end of the show, Dave pointed up at Carter. Yeah, you're right Dave. It was Carter's show. Peace, until Deer Creek
Jeremy S.
Another great DMB show in the books, and a night full of stories for the group I was with. Before I get to the concert let's start with what happened before hand. My fiance and I and our two friends had warehouse seats in the same row. I asked this couple beside us if they would switch with our friends so we could sit together. We are sitting their waiting for the show, when we watch the two people now sitting in our friends original seats get the warehouse upgrade. What are the chances! There are more stories, but on to the show. Crush was a great opener. WWYS is always a crowd pleaser. WTWE is a good little jam and dave put in riverbend as I expected. Haven't heard captain yet in concert, very good. The Stone is one of my favorites, sounded great. Grey Street was next and is becoming one of my favorite live songs. YNK is going to be the next pig I believe. Everyday got a lot of help from the crowd. I heard Loving Wings for the first time, couldn't understand the words too good. WAYG is good and one that my fiance wanted to hear. BEF and Bartender definitely jammed. Dancing Nanies was the highlight of my evening, simply awesome. Proudest Monkey is a classic. Satellite is always good and a good one for the radio fans. Fool to Think was good. Two Step closed the set and my friend and I thought it was the best version we have ever heard live. Digging a Ditch is a great song. Watchtower always jams even though I hear about every show I go to. This show is up there with my personal favorites. Can't wait for the next show.
Having now seen DMB quite a few times, I was a little hesitant about attending a JUST one night show...however, let's just say, for the future, all hesitations are gone! The concert was amazing, starting with CRUSH was such a great way of raising the energy of the ENTIRE crowd! The setlist did a better job than I have ever seen of mixing the new songs and the old songs in a very satisfying way. As a fan of ALL of the band's cds (yes, even EVERYDAY), I was quite happy to see such an eclectic collection of songs. Furthermore, as usual...Grey Street was perfect, Dave's voice was at its peak during this song. More than anything, I was amazed with Carter's as usual AMAZING performance...he does such a good job of pulling all the songs together--and this I think was seen most clearly going into and during Two Step (is that song not the best thing live?). Other than the fact that I had to see Satellite live YET again (sorry, just not a fan), and I still find Digging a Ditch to be a random encoure song (but hey, still good) this night was amazing...and Dave, keep playing Loving Wings...I have no complaints!
Trent M.
Hey y'all just got back from the show and what can I say, it was the worst show I have been to. This is not on the sholders of the band but with the venue. Riverbend is the worst place to see a show as far as I'm concerned. I have seen the guys a few times there before but I had always been had good seats. The people I went with this year all had lawn. The screen (when working) hangs down so low that you can't see a damn thing from the lawn. The set list was reasonably good. I realy like the everyday #36 outro. other than that par show late y'all
Steve R.
This show was absolutely phoenomenal! It was by far the best show out of the three that I have seen so far this tour. Crush was a great opener because it gave Boyd the spotlight right off the bat. What Would You Say was also great to hear. When The World Ends seemed a little slower than usual but still a great live song. Captain was played very well and at a good time. It was right when it was beginning to get dark. The Stone was GREAT! Grey Street is my favorite Busted Stuff song and it was rocked out hard. I loved it. You Never Know was good, and it's still growig on me every time I hear it. Everyday--> #36 was awesome. The crown was singing the Hani Hani part and it was very nice. Lovong Wings is so quiet that its hard to hear what Dave is saying but it was good to hear. I knew that they were going to play Where Are You Going right after it too, which was nice. I was so pumped to hear Big Eyed Fish for the first time and Bartender was very powerful. He screamed like crazy at the end. Dancing Nancies was the highlight of this show for me. Boyd took off and went nuts. Proudest Monkey--> Satellite was nice. The girls at the show loved Satellite as usual, but it still was nice. Fool To Think was standard, and Two Step blew me away. The ending was very long and energetic. I loved it. Carter was on fire the whole set and it really showed on Two Step. Digging a Ditch was good, and Watchtower was frieking SWEET. Dave sang the opening part of it kinda funky but it was great. My tenth DMB show was a spectacular performance by the band and a great evening for everyone. We'll see you at Verizon Wireless a.k.a. (Deer Creek) I'm praying for some Billies!
well i was amazed tonight b/c i finally got to hear crush live it took me 7 shows and a hell of alot of money but i heard it and i was so happy.... but the rest of the show was absolutly awsome too! by far the best i have seen even with my crapy lawn seats! although no one in the lawn was really into it i think i made up for everyone... the whole show was just insane with energy and watchtower just topped it all off what an amazing version! awesome cant wait till next show!! see yall there!
I was very disappointed in the band tonight. They played 12 songs from the two previous shows in Columbus. The crowd was lackluster and Riverbend was not all that fun to see a concert. Dave should have used Two Step and Watchtower as closers in Columbus' second show insead of What You Are and Rapunzel. The highlight for me was Crush and Big Eyed Fish, since I have never seen those in concert. Really wanted to see Cry Freedom instead of Digging a Ditch. Again, this show was a disappointment because the 2nd Columbus show was full of energy. I had fun because it's DAVE!!!
This show was awesome. Let me just start by saying, that Riverbend fines an artist $2000 per minute if he/she performs past 11 pm. Last night's show didn't let out until 11:15. Onto the show. Crush was a good, surprising opener. WWYS was full of energy an really got the crowd going. WTWE is one of my favorite Everyday songs, so it was nice to hear. Captain pretty much sounded the same as it did in Columbus. The Stone is such a beautiful song, and was played well. Grey Street, the band must really like this song as they play it every night; nonetheless everyone was into it. YNK was good to hear. Carter's intro rocks. Everyday with #36 outro also had the crowd going. Loving Wings keeps getting better, unfortunately a lot of people like to sit during this one. WAYG was a big crowd pleaser. BEF into Bartender was amazing. You can tell Dave is passionate about Bartender. Nancies rocked. Everyone was singing and dancing. Boyd really went crazy on this one. Proudest Monkey into Satellite was awesome too. Fool to Think was good, especially LeRoi's parts. Two Step was out of this world. Nearly a 20 minute version, that the crowd really enjoyed. Encore: Diggin a Ditch was pretty standard. Watchtower however was very tight. The band and the crowd were all over this one. Thank you DMB for making the stop in Cincy this year, and for giving us an awesome show!
Jay H.
Overall, a very mellow set. Opening with Crush was a little surprising, but it set the tone for the music ahead, which was for the most part slow. As my friend said, it was a good show to sit down and chill for. The crowd was not very connected, due to the lack of "I want to dance" tunes, and drifted in and out of attentiveness. Loving Wings was very quiet, hardly audible, but it sounded great. Dancing Nancies and Two Step are touring staples, and the crowd was relieved to hear some upbeat, familiar music. Proudest Monkey was very slow, and the groove wasn't there, and the crowd knew it, causing the natives to become more restless. Digging a Ditch as an encore added to the dragging trend, and Watchtower was just awesome as usual. All in all I give the show a B- for its lack of upbeat tunes and an overwhelming amount of dismal, drab tunes.
Liz M.
in my humble opinion i thought this was a great show. the people around us in the lawn were kind of lacking the spirit, but as the show continued they seemed to get more into it. Watchtower was excellent as always, and they really jammed on Two Step, and when they played Dancing Nancies, the sky was full of stars and everyone got into it, it was fantastic, all in all this is in my top 3 shows, a blast was had by all.
Glenn S.
Another great show in Ohio. Lots of energy from both the band and the crowd. Better than the first night in Columbus but not quite as good as the second. The highlights were definitely BEF->Bartender, Dancing Nancies, and Two Step. Nancies was the best part though. Absolutely amazing version with Boyd and Carter going crazy at the end. Looking foward to Chicago!
Ryan E.
My 3rd show. It was a great experience, but no better or worse than the last two I went to. Boyd rocked pretty good with Smokestack, I hope some people taped it. "Crush" was a good opener, rather suprising, and I must say Boyd was doing great all night. I can never get enough of his playing. "What WOuld You Say" was rather standard. I loved hearing it and it was the first time I'd heard it live, but no jam or anything. LeRoi did have a great solo though. "When The World Ends" - Meh. 3rd time I've heard it. It's not anything special. Ooh, he said "burn one". Lets all scream!!! "Captain" - I'm not sure if it was good or not. I was on the lawn and the people around me decided to talk as loud as they could, so I could barely hear it. "The Stone" - Same as Captain. I couldn't even hear the beginning of it because of the crowd. It was ridiculous. Why do people spend $40 to get fucked up and talk and not even pay attention to the show. It was like the band interuppted their conversation so they had to talk louder. "Grey Street" - Always a pleasure to hear live. "You Never Know" - Terrific. Sounds much better live. I love Carters drum intro. "Everyday" - instead of #36-Everyday-#36, it was just Everyday-#36. I thought it was really good. BOyds intro with the wah pedal was really cool to hear, and it sounded great. The outro was great, but Dave couldn't get the crowed to cheer "Honey honey, come and dance with me" for osme reaon. Apparently a year off from Cincy made everyone decide not to know the music anymore. "Loving Wings" - again, I literally couldn't hear it because of the crowd. Pathetic.\ "where are you going" - very very standard. "Big Eyed Fish" - great song. The Monkey part was great. "Cuz every monkey knows you should stay up in your fucking tree". During the segue into Bartender people kept going "BARTENDER". What the hell did they think was coming??? "Bartender" - Terrific as always. I've heard it at all 3 shows and thats not something I will ever complain about. "Dancing Nancies" - HOLY SHIT! THe best part of the night. Was not expecting this at all. Boyd kicked so much ass. This did a good job of shutting the crowd up. "Proudest Monkey" - some guy in front me kept going "Is this the encore, is this the encore??" they didn't walk off stage, what do you think? I couldnt' really hear it again, because of the ridiculous crowd. "sattelite" - standard. Crowd loved it though. "Fool to THInk" - 3rd time i've heard this too. I just don't like this song at all. Luckily this was the only electric song of the night! "Two Step" - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Terrific jam. My friend who had never been to a show thought Carter had 4 arms! "Diggin a Ditch" - standard. But it's a great song so I really didn't mind! "Watchtower" - terrific! the whole band jammed. I wish someone from Smokestack had come out and played guitar, but oh well, i'm not complaining!
Richard B.
First of all riverbend was not made for the people in the lawn to enjoy the show. You cannot see the band or hear the band. But Dave did compensate by putting on one hell of a show. If you want to know what you missed look at the setlist. The first three songs just set the mood for the night. When I heard the base line for crush I knew tonight was going to be a great show.
Nate R.
I feel sorry for the opening bands that open for Dave Matthews. They DO NOT get the credit they deserve. Doyle Bramhall 2 and Smokestack f@#ing ROCKED!!! They were f@#ing awesome. Most people I saw sitting in the lawn were just like booing them and just saying put on Dave...and it really pissed me off. Yes, I love the Dave Matthews Band, but I felt like I was the only one interested in Doyle Bramhall 2 and Smokestack. They were very good and I think all you people who didn't like them or give them the respect or interest they shouldve gotten then you should be shot. Anyway, they were awesome, Boyd even played with them. That was cool. Thanks for the awesome set guys. Now, Dave. Its been a little over 2 years since Dave last came to Cincy, and I was going crazy cause it has taken so long to get here. But it was here. And now its gone. But anyway, Dave is God. Without further adeu heres how the night went. CRUSH - I was kinda suprised to see Crush as and opener but it worked very well. I love this song. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY - I was so happy to hear this song. I love this song. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS - I was very curious to here the songs off Everyday cause the last time I saw them that album wasn't out yet. Everyday is a great record. But its not my favorite. I love every Dave song I've ever heard, and this song was really good, anyway, next song. CAPTAIN - awesome song. THE STONE - awesome song. GREY STREET, YOU NEVER KNOW, are all awesome songs. I didnt really expect 3 from Busted... to be played in a row. It was cool. #36 going into EVERYDAY and finishing with #36 - here is where the concert starts too get really bad ass. The DMB just start jamming away for the longest time. This is what makes Dave the #1 touring band EVER!!! this was bad ass!!! Cool as hell, since both songs have similar guitar intros it works very well. Really cool. LOVING WINGS going into WHERE ARE YOU GOING - I knew as soon as I heard Loving Wings that they would go into Where Are You Going cause they too work well together and the both are awesome songs. BIG EYED FISH going into BARTENDER - awesome, it just keeps getting better and better with every second passing. the outro to Bartender is real bad ass. DANCING NANCIES - possibly my favorite Dave song. So glad they played the entire thing instead of tricking people. Could it get any better? of course it does. PROUDEST MONKEY - really cool song. SATELLITE - I love that album. FOOL TO THINK - I love the drums on this song. I love the entire thing. TWO STEP - the best live version ever. about 20 minutes long, you had to be there i'm sorry if you missed it. this song also closed the show. And then we went home. Just kidding. Of course we wouldnt leave before the encore. what do think i am stupid or something. heres the encore - DIGGIN A DITCH - one of my favorite songs off Busted... Really bad ass... STEFAN/DAVE JAM/SOLO THINGY - we knew watchtower was coming. you could feel it. not the same one from Listener Supported but just as good. Daves picking on the guitar and the slight distortion effect on the bass worked really well awesome. Steffan went into the STAR SPANGLED BANNER for a little bit then of course, the almighty, WATCHTOWER. i cant put into words what this song does to me, i cant put into words what the DMB have done for me. DMB if your out there reading this, hopefully you are, i just have one thing to say to you: "your music makes me happy."
This show was Uh-MAZING....It's shows like that make me happy that I am alive. Highlights: Bartender, Nancies, Watchtower....and me jumping over the fence and waving at boyd and getting nearly arrested was interesting too... ;)
Gray M.
This was an excellent show that seemed to get stronger and stronger as the night progressed, culminating in a smoking "Watchtower" that left myself and the rest of the sold-out crowd both blown away and exhilarated. Featuring 19 songs from start to finish, the show clocked in at approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes, including the encore break. After opening with "Crush" and then reaching further back in their catalog to play "What Would You Say", the band began playing a barrage of their newest material. The crowd really appeared to get pumped during "Grey Street" which sounded right-on tonight, but when the band made the transition from "Everyday" to "36" the crowd failed to sing along despite Boyd and Dave's push. For a brief moment during "Loving Wings" the crowd appeared rather sedated, despite the killer solo by Leroi. However, that proved to be the calm before the storm. The "Big-Eyed Fish" lead into a high-energy "Bartender" really got things going again, and then IT happened. IT, is "Dancing Nancies". And IT was simply awesome. What can I say, Boyd and Dave absolutely tore it up folks. And if that wasn't enough, they followed it up with "Proudest Monkey", "Satellite", and then after a brief strange departure that was "Fool To Think", they lit it up again with a wicked "Two Step" to close the set, which included an awesome jam on the keyboards by Butch Taylor. Then came the encore, which included a nice but mellow "Digging A Ditch" followed by a radical "Watchtower" that featured Stefan playing his bass like an electric guitar and doing a damn good Hendrix impression with a Star-Spangled Banner intro. Unbelievable. And did I forget to mention that Carter played his butt off tonight as well? Enough said.
Sara B.
As this was my first DMB show, I was totally enthralled. The show was amazing from beginning to end. The band was amazing, the crowd was epitomized all that music is really about. Two Step and All Along the Watchtower were amazing jam sessions wowing the crowd. Loving Wings was beautiful and is sure to be an on-demand DMB song. What else can be said about something so perfect?!?!
Nancy D.
This was my first Dave show, and it was absolutely unbelievable. Started out with CRUSH! From there it just got better, the Stone was awesome. Grey Street was powerful, You Never Know was cool, Everyday was better with the Honey, Honey part from #36. Loving Wing was really the only song all night that I didn't care for. Where are you going was about the same as always, Big Eyed Fish was awesome leading into Bartender, which was absolutley incredible. Then, from out of nowhere, Dancing Nancies!!!! Jammed on this for a long time. Proudest Monkey into Satellite was great, Fool to Think was okay, two step was awesome. Then the encore of digging a ditch, which was much better live, and watchtower, which was one of the best, most energetic versions I've ever heard. Unbelievable time, the concert went almost 3 hours, had to be one of the best of the tour so far.
Jonathan S.
This was an incredible show. The band was lively; Carter jammed out every song. This was my second trip to Riverbend to see the band; I had forgotten what a great venue it is. Dave played many old songs, crush, proudest monkey and dancing nancies at the top of the list. The crowd in the lawn was incredible, (I think the hardcore fans prefer lawn seats). I sat in the pavilion 16 rows from the stage where I was surrounded by people over the age of 40 who sat down during most of the show. All in all, this was one of the betters of the 14 shows I have seen. Two step was a great ending song, with watchtower as the perfect encore. Thumbs up to Riverbend and the great acoustics, the sound was great!
Karthik S.
A sweet show... Nancies and Stone were AWESOME! Two Step: 21 minutes! Watchtower was great, Stefan's intro included the Star-Spangled Banner! All I can say is that this is the best show I'be been to, out of seven! Fool To Think was the only weak link in the show, but even that didn't really mess anything up. Loving Wings is starting to get really polished. Pulling out Proudest Monkey was a stroke of genius. He kept the Everyday songs to a minimum, I was pleased to see no I Did It and no Space Between. Also, the Crush opener really got the crowd into it, and as always, Boyd went wild whenever he could!
Ryan H.
My first Dave show. It was so amazing. My seats were like a dozen rows back, I couldnt believe how close I was. We showed up just as Dave walked on stage and it was so awesome to come in like that cause you could tottally feel the energy pouring from the crowd. I cant even begin to describe how amazing it was. Oh and the for the last song of the night he play All Along the Watchtower. My favorite song. Bobby D is a genius. I could feel it in the intro. Chills went up and down my spine. I was so afraid he wouldnt play it. I will remember that night til the day I'm lyin in my grave. Wow. Peace for all.
The band put together one hell of a show for a wonderful evening! Boyd kicked out a great intro for "Everyday", and "Two Step" was simply incredible! To top of the fantastic set, they ended with a rendition of "Watchtower" that was geninuely memorable. Beginning with Hendrix's "Star Spangled Banner" was a fabulous beginning for the last song of a great show! Only wish I had was that the crowd was more appreciative of what they had paid money to see. Let's leave the phones, attitudes, and impatience at home the next time. Instead, sit back, relax, and simply enjoy what DMB has to offer to you!! "You Never Know" what you might get out of the experience! :)
John B.
to start off, Carter OWNED. Also i heard tons of songs I've never seen live before so it was nice....and after the show i met Dave and got a picture, autograph, and talked to him for a while. It was amazing. by song review...CRUSH - Great opener, no fiddling around by Fonz...just went straight into the bassline. WWYS - I love this jam, one of the few times Dave danced. WTWE - it was alright. crowd went crazy w/ the "like a RIVERBENDs" CAPTAIN - been wanting to hear this since the tease on 7/25/ was awesome. THE STONE - First time i've heard this at a show. It lived up to the expectations. The ending made the lady in front of me jump. GREY STREET - awesome...Dave messed up the lyrics and repeated the same line twice, but oh well YOU NEVER KNOW - always great. EVERYDAY - suprisingly my 1st time to hear it. the Hani Hanis weren't that good til the end. then Dave sang a #36 verse and the end and sang along. LOVING WINGS - I'm starting to like this song ALOT. great LeRoi solo. ->WAYG - ehh, not bad. BIG EYED FISH - good to see again. Stay up in your faacking tree too. ->BARTENDER - LONG intro, Carter did a little was pretty sweet. the Jam was beautiful as always...BUTCH soloed too, very nice. DANCING NANCIES - highlight of the night for me and for lots of other people. It was AMAZING. Boyd and Carter were on fire.(after the show when i saw Dave i told him thanks for bringing Nancies back and he grinned and laughed) PROUDEST MONKEY - I thought they weren't going to play it but wow. what a way to follow Nancies...i loved it. ->SATELLITE - i actually liked this alot. FOOL TO THINK - I enjoyed this. It suprised me. TWO STEP - there was a guy a couple rows infront of me that made a few signs for Two Step...when it started i saw him jumping around w/ the sign in his was great also. encore: DIGGING A DITCH - havent heard this last year...t'was beautiful. WATCHTOWER - 3rd time to hear it. Gooooood version. All in all i loved this show and meeting Dave afterwards made the trip even more better. i cant wait til Bonner Springs!
Mike S.
This show was by dar the worst Dave show I've seen in quite some time. The setlist was not great, minus an outstanding Dancing Nancies, Two Step and Watchtower. But most of all, the concert was not good due to the HORRIBLE crowd. I am sad to say that this was the crowd of my home town, and it gave me the worst vibe I've ever had at a show. I had the best seat I've had to any DMB show ever being just 4 rows shy of the stage, but I was surrounded by negative old people that gave me weird looks when I squeeled like a girl when I heard the intro to Dancing Nancies. Hopefully the Cincinnati will develop a better crowd base, because I hate having a bad DMB experience in my home town.
Matt M.
First of all, I just want to say two things. First, this was the best show of the 9 I have seen. Secondly, the crowd was AMAZING!! Ok on to the show...The boys came out and were sort of just standing around chatting and Dave was pretty damn animated whatever he was saying. Stefan was messing around with the bass for a minute and all of a sudden comes the greatest bass-line ever and the crowd went nuts! Crush was a great start to the show and got everyone pretty rowdy (considering it's a pretty mellow song). Next up was What Would You Say, which was pretty standard, but it seemed like the jam was longer than normal. When the World Ends was standard, but again I liked how they got quiet for the "We'll be burning one" part and the "We're gonna be crazy like a riverbends" got a cheer cuz we were at Riverbend afterall. Dave's version of 80's music came next with a great Captain. The set started to pick up a lot here with the Stone. Pretty standard version, but still awesome. Next came the two best songs off of Busted Stuff. Grey Street was amazing even though it was the third time in three shows (I can't get enough though). Next up was a wicked stick intro by Carter into You Never Know, which is damn close to overtaking Crush for my favorite song. Good camera work during the "Walking through the woods" part (they showed the woods). Next up was Everyday which is starting to grow on me especially with the crowd participation on the Hani Hanis. Loving Wings was really quiet once again..I think it would be easier to like this if you could hear it. Where Are You Going followed and was standard as usual. I like this one a lot more live. The twelve string came out next and I was thinking Kit Kat, but we got Big Eyed Fish instead!! Gotta love the "a monkey should know to stay up his fucking tree." There were added lyrics that I have never heard before at the end before they segued into Bartender which was totally sick. Dave was wailing like no other at the end and got the crowd grooving like it was their job. The following pause was interrupted by "Could I have been?", which was followed by chaos (at least in my section). It was one of the better versions of Nancies I have heard ever and would have been THE best if they had pulled a Red Rocks and gone right into Warehouse, but it was still awesome. Speaking of Red Rocks, Proudest Monkey into Satellite was pretty kickass as well. Fool To Think was good, but kinda lost some people. BUT THEN.....Dear Lord I don't know if Two Step has ever been played that well. Solos galore and it even included Dave disappearing to wherever he went for a couple minutes. He probably had a few too many and got lost or something, but it was so good, the crowd was still going insane after the extended encore break. Diggin' a Ditch opened the Encore which was a little dissapointing since we got it at Polaris, but still good. Then after a little Star Spangled Banner intro by Stefan, we got probably the best Watchtower I have heard other than the Recently LP version. Dave threw in some extra screams at the end and left the crowd in a total frenzy. So now I am forced to wait till next tour to see the boys again, but until then......cheers
Matthew H.
Awesome show!!!! The whole crowd was into it. I don't believe that anyone sat down the entire show, lawn included. There was alot of true fans there that knew every word to the songs. Dave and the gang totally got into the songs. Bartender was awesome. I love Big Eyed Fish, the band smashed it. Two Step went on for over 10 minutes. It was blowing my mind. My favorite was when he played Watchtower at the end. That encore was great.
Chris J.
What a perfect night! The Dave atmosphere was definately there from beginning to end. Another sold out show, so it was packed. The concert started out great with Crush but slowed down very fast. I would have to say this is the slowest Dave show I've ever been to. The songs sounded great, but the selection of the set was a little disapointing. I was hoping for some more classic songs this time around, but I can't complain, it was DAVE. Anyway, minus some favorites such as Rapunzel, Last Stop, Dont was a great show. Dave: Dont forget about five years ago, I didnt get to hear it tonight.
Dan N.
First things first, Riverbend is not a very good place to see a concert unless you have pavilion seats. The lawn starts at the same level as the seats so if you are up front you are blocked by the people standing up in the pavilion. Also there are big metal pillars that block practically half of the lawn. Besides that a decent concert. It would have been better if I wasn't surrounded by drunk and annoying teenagers talking throughout the entire show. But enough of that on with the actual concert. Crush is a definite favorite. Got the concert started right. Next highlight was Everyday. Hani Hani Come and Dance With Me!! Big Eyed Fish into Bartender was very nice. Dave added the "Monkey should stay up in his Fuckin Tree!!!" That was cool. Bartender was nice and long approx. 13 minutes. DANCING NANCIES!!!!! Finally I have heard this song live. Boyd and Dave facing off was very cool. Highlight of night. Almost 20 minute Two Step was very hot. Left me wanting more. Once again closed with Diggin A Ditch. But made up for it with an awesome version of Watchtower. I can never get sick of this song. Peace Out.
Mike G.
DMB's return to Cincinnati was topnotch! They haven't been through since 2000, but turned out a performance tonight that it comes close to their finest Cincy outing (cf 11-21-98). The energy was palpable ... great crowd, the band was having a great time! (lots of bubbles from Carter tonight) The setlist was fantastic! They pulled out a few radio staples, lots of 'Busted Stuff' material (with a set centerpiece of Big Eyed Fish --> Bartender), and some old favs (good to hear Nancies again, and the return of Proudest Monkey). This was a terrific show, definitely one for the books! Clocked in at around 3 hours.
Josh F.
I thought that DMII & Smokestack were a great opening band, really nice to see Boyd come out and sing. This is the best show I have ever seen DMB put on. Came out strong with Crush and WWYS. Thought Captain was better this time around. I liked that Grey Street was put in the middle rather than a closer at Hershey. Everyday was a nice touch. Thought that Loving wings died the crowd out too much, but love the fade into WAYG. It was great to hear Big Eyed Fish. 1st time hearing live and was awesome. I have heard Bartender 4 times and that was the best version yet. I have been waiting all year to hear DANCING NANCIES live. It was the best part of the show. I had to sit down afterwards, I was so amazed with Boyds solo and the power that came out of the band at that point. Felt like you were really together on that one. 2 Step was especially good to hear at the end of the set. I had to stop jamming myself and watch as the band jammed exceptionally well. Great song to end the set with. DAD was a good Encore opener and I was waiting to hear AATW all night. I knew that you would close such a powerful show with this one. My friend Steve and I were amazed with this concert. Thanks to RUDY ARIAS for taking a picture of my friends licence plate with the two of us behind the car. THANKS FOR SUCH A MEMERIABLE EXPERIENCE!!!!
This was a great show to attend. First off I wasn't sure how the crowd would be in Cincy. I was in the pavilon and let me tell you the crowd was great. Everyone was jumping up and down, and just going nuts. The show started of with Crush which was nice opener. Another highlight was stone, they did a great job on the ending. They kinda hung it out there. I thought to myself "are they going to to play the ending" then after a few seconds they brought it. Also Dancing Nancies was a nice to hear. Boyd really got into his solo, he was stomping in front of Carters drum's. By far the biggest highlight of the show was Two Step. This was one of the best versions of this song i've heard. Carters drum solo was amazing, it was by far this was the best part of the show.
i have seen dave and the boys 2 or 3 times a year since 96. i was starting to believe that their live performances were getting a little stale. I WAS WRONG!!! this one of the best shows that i have seen. opening with crush indicated that this show would be different. two step was incredible. if you can get a copy of cincy 02, then do it!
Wow, wow, wow...this show was mediocre at best. One thing that the band is doing less and less of is writing new music that they can jam out...In "Where are You Going", I could have popped in the cd and heard the same exact thing(note for note). I've noticed that with much of the music from the past 2 records...oh well, maybe they'll start doing some stuff different...maybe they won't. Either way, I'm sure Dave can charge $40 bucks a ticket for a long time to come.