Dave Matthews Band
Polaris Amphitheater, Columbus, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Doyle Brammhall II & Smokestack

Don't Burn The Pig *
Donít Drink the Water *
Grace Is Gone *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro, Scat Outro) *
Fool To Think *
#41 (Everyday) * -->
Say Goodbye *
So Much To Say * -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
Lie In Our Graves *
The Stone *
Grey Street *
Loving Wings * -->
Where Are You Going *
Kit Kat Jam (with lyrics) *
What You Are *
Digging a Ditch *
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
* with Butch Taylor on keys

Justin F.
THE DEFINITIVE REVIEW: Ok, so first song by song: PIG: Great surprise for opener tonight. DDTW: surprised by the back to back BTCS songs. GIG: good way to slow down the already bored crowd. OSW: getting better. FOOL TO THINK: good to hear an everyday song this early. #41: great set placement, especially with what followed. -> Say Goodbye: Nice to have the old 41 into Say Bye again. SMTS->2Much: not as good as the Pitt one. Lie In Our Graves: Holy Crash Songs Batman!!! Shocked the audience with this one. First Dave waved his arms up as to say pick it up some so I think they threw it in as a last second addition. The Stone: Nice. GREY STREET: finally another Busted Stuff song!! surprised with the lack of them to this point. Also beginning to wonder where UTTAD songs are. Loving Wings->WAYG: solid, but SLOW. Kit Kat: good song live. What You Are: set closer. MotherFucka outro. ENCORE: Diggin A Ditch and Rapunzel: EHHHHHH not so great note to end on. SIDE NOTES: Where was Warehouse?? and other UTTAD songs?!?!?! The crowd was PUMPED after the 5 straight Crash songs and then were gently let down little by little until the end. Unfortunately for me, these were the follow ups to the Pitt shows. (those who were at both know what I mean). Keep looking for more definitive reviews. Later!
Amanda M.
ok this is like my 6th dave matthews band concert and i have yet to hear any of my favorite songs, but overall this was a decent concert. it was definatly better than last nights, but hopefully my next stop in cincinnati will top this. the crowd energy from my point of view, which was the 14 row, was amazing although the people dirctly around me were pretty dull. i myself was tearing it up with rapunzel and one sweet world and so much to say... then they busted out the say goodbye and even though its kinda a slow song, damn there was some energy in that! also when dave was introducing the openers, he totally pointed at me and said something that i didnt catch b/c i was flipping out! whoa! damn what an awesome show! it was definatly worth the 12 hours i stood in line at polaris to get the tickets! i cant wait till cincy i hope i hear some crush and some raven!! also did anyone happen to tape the show from the opening band on? if so id love to have that! let me know it would be greatly appreciated! sweet show see yall in cincinnati!!
Woa...If I never get to attend another Dave show for the rest of my life it won't matter because i saw tonights. Holy Shit, I do not have one single complaint about any song played tonight. Usually there is always one or two that I could care less about, not tonight. Monday night was like a warm up, with stuff from Everyday, Busted and Under the Table. Tonight, it was all about Before and Crash. He repeated only two songs from Monday night, Grey Street and Where are you going. I am not kidding, he played every good one you can think of with out having to be Led Zeppelin with Stairway to Heaven. In other words, no Crash, no Two Step, no Crush, but those are the only exceptions. # 41!!! Lye in our Graves!!!It doesn't get better then that. One Sweet World, how amazing is that song the old way, with all the instruments. The show weemed way longer then Monday nights before then encore. Even though he had played longer, he came back and did two more songs, which made the concert way longer. It was good, good is the only word I can say. This was my 5th show, now I know that might not be a lot to all the Die Hard fans, but it's enough to recognize a good show.Thanks Dave!!!Colombus fugging loves you!
Mike H.
This was my 8th show and definitely one of the best if not the best out of those 8. The concert was pretty much all Crash and Before These Crowded Streets which gave us a nice break from Everyday. Pig was a great start and a great song as usual. DDTW, Grace is Gone, One Sweet World, and Fool to Think were all good, nothing special. Then the concert really picked up, #41 was great and the crowd was really getting into the Everyday Outtro. Say Goodbye was excellent was much better than the debut a couple nights ago in Burgettstown. SMTS->ASTB->Too Much had a lot of energy and Dave was dancing like crazy. Lie in Our Graves was great, Boyd and Butch both had great solos. This was my first time seeing The Stone live and it didn't dissapoint. Grey Street is always good, I love that song. Loving Wings->Where are you Going were not too bad a good change of pace. Kit Kat Jam was awesome, I really like this song and I didn't expect them to play two more songs at all after WAYG. What You Are is a good closer and I relly like the ending he is using now. The encore was good, Rapunzel had a lot of energy. All in all a great show. It was long, had some great jams and wasn't your standard setlist by any means.
After seeing the previous night's set list, I was expecting a crappy show. However I was proven wrong. Lots of Crash, all in a row kept the concert going strong. Everyone else will tell you about each and every freakin song and how good/bad it was so I'm not going to go there. I just want to say that it was a good show and I had a lot of fun. By mixing up the old and new the band pretty much kept the whole crowd into the entire show, including myself...that is until the end. What You Are is not a show closer. If you like the song good for you, I do too. But you can't close out a show with it. It's just not going to leave a lasting impression on anyone. And Rapunzel...I'm starting to accept this song's role as a closer too, but still it doesn't leave me thinking "WOW!!!" like a nice rendition of Two Step, Tripping Billies, Watchtower, DIDO, or Ants Marching does. I guess you can't please everyone, but I wish the show would have had a stronger ending.
Wow, Pig was an amazing opener, great to hear it again and finally some BTCS in Columbus. DDTW was energy filled as always and Dave danced like he did the whole night, CRAZY. GiG was the norm, nothing too great but it had a lot of personal meaning with my ex-girlfriend right next to me. OSW, this is what I was waiting for, this was the first song to blow me away, amazing. F2T was alright, good energy. #41(Everyday)--> Say Goodbye, awesome, for most shows this easily would have been the highlight. SMTS-->Too Much the first time that I heard the bridge live and it was amazing, so much energy in the crowd. LIOG, two of the best live songs in one night, Boyd was in tune and made this song even better than it usually is. Stone was good to hear, I really like the ending where they just go crazy, nice Carter. Grey Street is always amazing and Dave got the words right this time. LW--> WAYG was a lot better than last night, I could actually hear the words. KKJ, I was wanting this both nights and I got it, I love the lyrics. WYA, so much better than when I heard it in Toronto, great intro and outro. DaD was good, nice to see the whole band. PNP--> Rapunzel, so much energy, a great way to finish off my 2002 DMB season. Thanks
Ryan Z.
WOW.... Simply Amazing, Best show i've ever seen. I was expecting a good one and boy did i get one. Even though some of us got busted before the concert and are car got hit after the concert the show made up for it... AMAZING. PIG- Such a good song, and not only did i hear it but it was an opener! couldn't get any better than that. DON'T DRINK THE WATER- Very good version, the crowd def. liked this one. GRACE IS GONE- Very nice, I was surprised actually, the jam at the end was great. But it was so upbeat, sounded so good! ONE SWEET WORLD- I absolutely love the instrumental intro... i seriously could just listen to that part and leave the other part out but together its still hell of a song. FOOL TO THINK- This is another surprise that only 4 everyday songs were played in total for BOTH nights. I'm actually a big fan of the album and wouldn't of minded some more but this was a good one to play, sounded very crisp. Now this is where all hell breaks out! #41- Truly an amazing song. The crowd was into this, Butch Taylor on the keys was amazing, the everyday outro which almost seemed like he sang the whole dam song, and dave pointing at the crowd to sing the "everyday's" .Best version i ever heard, but the best part for me and the whole night was SAY GOODBYE followed- Favorite song ever, and it took me 7 shows to get it. The drom solo bye carter was pretty short, just like the album but the guy is simply the best. The first verse was pretty much the same but the 2nd had a little change and the 3rd had even more change but i loved it. Couldn't beleive he played it but i did call it, but it was more of a "i HOPE he plays it" and not "i knew he was gonna play it" :) thanks boys! SO MUCH TO SAY-sounded great, great crowd pleaser. Followed by ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE which had the most memorable dances bye dave ever. Right in the middle he completely takes both hands of his guitar, turns to Carter and starts throwing his hands up and down and starts like dancing in circles, i loved it! then like always into TOO MUCH which again sounded great, very well played. LIE IN OUR GRAVES-Boyd Tore it up, Butch had an amazing solo to slow it down and the whole band just made this song sound great. Such a good one to hear for the first time. Next i knew they'd slow it down a little bit but with the STONE???? What an amazing 6 song spand we got, i think i could of had the concert end and still be in Aw. The intro to this sounded a little diff., very good but in all the song wasn't the best i heard. DEF. no complaints comming from this mouth but it lacked a little bit. GREY STREET- Not one person could complain to hear this 2 nights in a row. Very solid, no screw ups... Way to redeem yourself dave ! LOVING WINGS- They played this again just to say to columbus that this song is seriously a work of art. The first night it sounded horrible, Lack of words, Bad sound, But tonight it truly sounded like a song and i absolutely loved. Of course into WHERE ARE YOU GOING which totally had a faster Upbeat to it tonight. Sounded absolutely perfect, way to go boys. Dave busts out the 12 string and really wasn't sure what was comming up next, i didn't realize KIT KAT JAM was played with that but what a song! sounds great live. The words were a little muffled but still sounded great... Great jam! WHAT YOU ARE as a closer, WOW... the intro was great, Does anyone know what he was singing before they started the song??? i thought what he was saying sounded like a song, i could be wrong. But that was teh best version of the song i ever heard! When the whole band came out for the encore i was expecting one song (2step, watchtower) but we get DIGGIN A DITCH which was nice and PNP into RAPUNZEL- Surprised they closed with this since they did it 2 years in a row in cleveland and again tonight... I guess its Ohio's song :) but to be honest i thought it was short, not much of a jam in the end so the possibility of a 3rd song was in my head. I figured this night was the best night of my life so why couldn't this happen? but no lol :) This was truly the best show i've seen... and with everything else that happened in the day, Everything happens for a reason, if it didn't happen we'd prob. get a not so good show. So thanks boys ! see ya next year
Aside from the intoxicated fellow next to me wildly dancing and yelling "this is the worst crowd ever!" after every song...this was a great show! I am not one to go song by I'll just give my highlights. I would have to say that the show seemed pretty lackluster until 41, I thought that's when the crowd and band really got going. Although I don't know how much I liked the Everyday cut-ins at the end of 41, but the band really seemed to enjoy it and get into the crowd then. Say Goodbye was a nice treat, probably the biggest suprise of the night. Anyone Seen The Bridge is always good to hear, lots of energy and the crowd always gets into it. My personal highlight was LIOG and seeing Boyd running up to and jamming with Carter in front of his set and then serinading Butch before his piano solo. The intro to What You Are was sweet also, probably lasted a few minutes of cool lights and Dave's rumbling growl echoing through the pavilion. The encore was average...was hoping for Two Step but no dice. All in all...good crowd, great band...looking forward to another show soon.
Brett D.
Just got back from the show and i as blown away heres a run down... PIG-good opener sounded very good DDTW-no matter how much i hear it i love this song...dave was relly gttin ito it crowd energy was good GIG-i like this song alot but it kinda killed the energy...still very good live One Sweet World- I love the intro to this song it sounds good live and it ws good to hear some old stff Fool to Think- im not a big fan of most everyday stuff but i do like this song it sounded nice kinda gave some energy back #41-well this one stole the show...probly the best song of the night....the solos were amazaing esp. Butch's that guy can really lay the piano. the Everyday outro is sweet and the crowd took over for Dave on vocals after awhile Say goodbye- this is the song i was hoping for after they played it in PA and we got it! carters drum solo in the intro was great SMTS>ASTB>Too Much- Great Great Great dave really showed us his dance moves during ASTB Lie in our Graves- Spectacular Boyd really stole this one with his solo the band jammed out the middle it sounded great...again Butch had a grat solo The Stone- THis song has really grown on me over the ast couple months and i was glad to hear it Grey St.- Best song to pump the crwd up and it didnt fail tonight...dave sounded great and he idnt mess it up! Loving WIngs- I really like this song it was my first time to hear it and im glad they played it WAYG- I still like this song but could have done wthout hearing it tonight Kit Kat Jam- when theystarted to play this i was disappointed... but by the end i was really into it with the lyrics WYA- i love this song as a closer as an opener whenever they play it the get down on your knees motherfucker....nice touch dave .....i must say after this great show the encore was a disappoinment (i was hopin for two step) DaD- too slow but the guy in front of me was really pumped so that made it better cuz he was really into it PNP>Repunzel- I love this song but again i was hopin for two step ....and thats how it was!
Ryan M.
OHHHH wow what a show!!!! Dave and the boys never seemed this excited. The songs went from album to album, all mixed up. Highlights were: Pig- My first one!, One Sweet World- Leroi did not mess around, he was all over the place, #41- Everyday outro with the crowd singing "Everyday", SMTS->TM- Dave stopped playing guitar and just danced his a$$ off during the bridge!, Lie In Our Graves- Clocked in at 18-20 min with a beautiful butch solo, and What You Are- with the great intro and amazing outro with "Get on your knees and pray mother fucker". All in all a great show!!! I give it a 9, but one question.....DMB, do you think that all ohio wants to hear is PNP->Rapunzel as the closer because it has been for 4 out of the last 5.....hopefully next time we can get Billies....Cheers and happy summer to everyone!
Trent A.
All I can say, is WOW!!!! What a show! This my first time seeing the band live and they didn't disappoint. I called the opener, PIG: Full of energy and just as great as ever. The engery didn't stop there because next DDTW, always a treat. GIG and OSW both wonderful. A nice 14 minute #41 and a 15 minute LIOG proved that the boys can still jam. Butch was great on both of those. I was expecting SAY GOODBYE and DMB dilivered, but the surprise of the night had to be THE STONE, WOW, that's all I'll say. GREY STREET, KIT KAT JAM, and WHAT YOU ARE were all full of energy. Dave danced all night, he went nuts during ASTB. The night came to an end with a fantastic RAPUNZEL, sing to me Roi sing.
What a show!! Tons of energy from the crowd as well as the band. Stefan looked like he was having a hell of a time up there. Waving his hands to get everybody up. Dave was sly as hell during #41 with the Everyday tease. #41 got the crowd into it. It was great to hear the likes of Don't Burn the Pig, Say Goodbye, and Lie In Our Graves. Loving Wings took it out of the crowd but oh well. Wish they would have played Two Step and Watchtower instead of What You Are and Rapunzel, but maybe in Cincy. See you there!!
Bob K.
great concert! the band and crowd were pumped.Butch Taylor played some great solos, as well as Boyd Tinsley.It was a good setlist too.hearing so much to say was cool.great encore with overall awesome concert!
Just an all-around amazing show! The band and the crowd were both really into it and that is what makes for a great concert. Better setlist than the first night by bringing out alot of early stuff from the Crash album and songs that were jammed out like crazy. A great one-two punch to open the show with Pig and Don't Drink with Dave wailing away at the end of DDTWW, which is always a treat to see the talent he truly has. An amazing middle of the concert in my opinion as well. A sweet #41 into Everyday really had the crowd into it followed by a rare song for myself and my friends hearing Say Goodbye. Then came my favorite part of the night when I got to hear So Much to Say into Bridge Jam then into Too Much. It really got the people on the lawn dancing and finally realizing how amazing this concert was. Boyd had one of the best solos I have ever heard in LIOG along with an upbeat Butch on the keys, really a treat to hear them jam on that for a good 15min!!! Finally to end the show it was awesome to hear What You Are as a closer with a sweet light show to go along with it. Enjoyed hearing Rapunzel to end the 2nd night and in my opinion has solidified it as being "Ohio's song" being it the 4th time he has closed with it in the last couple of years I have seen him. A great two nights of drinking and smoking with my buddies from Strongsville and ending a sweet summer with great music!!!
Nick G.
This was my 4th Dave show, and it was by far the best one I've ever been to. The set was amazing and Dave and the band were totally into the show. Dave was dancing all over the satge during ASTB, and Boyd went nuts during his solo on Graves. It seemed like every time we called a song to be played they played it. The only changes I would make would be to add Two Step and Lover Lay Down for Diggin a Ditch and Don't Drink the Water. I don't think I'll ever go to another show better than this one.
This was one of those old-fashioned DMB blasts in the face. Butch Taylor KICKED ASS on the the keys during an awsome #41 and again on Lie in Our Graves. Great show----Really energetic. Crowd was really into it this time around--- unlike the Florida show. So Much to Say into Anyone Seen the Bridge into Too Much was unreal. They closed the encore with Rapunzel with brought the house down. AWSOME SHOW.
Great show today. Pig was a great opener. One Sweet World was great to hear along with #41. Highlights of the show had to be say goodbye, and lie in our graves. Boyd is the man on LIOG! Thats one of the best. Stone was good to hear after that the show was on the decline. Grey Steet and Where are you going are awesome. Loving wings was a first for me it was cool. TO end the show on Kit Kat Jam and What you are just sucked. Then the encore was a disapointment. Seen it 4 times in a row now and Rapunzel doesn't have the power to close. Just want to hear some of the old stuff to end. Warehouse and Billies or Crush and Two Step!
Brad H.
Wow! And I thought Monday's show was fantastic! Most definitely the BEST show (of 16) I've ever seen. My brother and I were discussing what songs we hoped to hear - well Dave obliged and played almost every, single one. I don't know if the difference was simply the set, sitting in the pavillion (vs. the lawn), or the cooler weather, but whatever it was, the band and the crowd were both on the same page from the first note of Pig - fired up! Pig rocked, per usual - I haven't heard it in several years, so I was immediately stoked. But, DDTW absolutely alerted everyone that this was to be no normal evening. Dave and co. were psyched! Grace was great, a little more mellow than the openers, but since it's not always played, I was really pumped to hear it. Sweet World - rocked as always - my brother had never heard live, so a definite highlight. Fool To Think - better than I thought it might be. And then the "Crash Set": 41, Goodbye, SMTS, Too Much, Graves. People, it doesn't get any better than that. 41 - just smooth and beautiful with Dave eliciting crowd roars of "Everyday" at the end. Say Goodbye is one of those songs you just have to get lucky to hear - the screams at the end give me chills. SMTS, Bridge, and Too Much seemed more energetic than ever. Graves rocked, complete with a Butch solo. Oh, but the highlights continue - The Stone, which is supreme in concert and then Grey St. - I think the best of Busted live. Then the guys gave us a little breather with Loving Wings into Where Are You Going, but had us right back on our feet with Kit Kat and the closer, What You Are. You can tell the band loves playing Kit Kat - they're all smiles and all movin'. What You Are is quickly becomming a classic - I told my brother to listen for Dave's improv. at the end - he did not disappoint. The encore opened with a full band Ditch, which was beautiful and then closed with Pantala-Rapuzel - always an upbeat way to end a night. I'd have liked Warehouse & the crowd wanted Two Step - but when you take a step back and look at this set list, there are simply no complaints. Wow!
Justin S.
Let me start off by saying I was at the first show and it was good, but tonight's show was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! This was my 8th show and by far the best I've ever seen! Pig got things going and it is a great opener. A strong DDTW was second. OSW was solid and good to hear again. #41 was played with so much passion then we got a great treat, Say Goodbye, which the crowd wents nuts over. Then the funk and jam began! SMTS -- ASTB -- Too Much was the most explosive and energetic combo I have ever seen the band perform. Dave was literally jumping around the stage doing some funky kind of dance the entire time. I went bonkers along with the other 20,000 people there. A great version of The Stone was played and Grey Street for the second night in a row. Kit Kat Jam was also cool, one groovy number! PNP and Rapunzel jammed the entire crowd out, as it was an excellent encore. I know I said a lot but that only begins to describe how outstanding this show was. If you were there, then you know exactly how on the band was and what a treat we got in Columbus, OH. Well my shows are over for the summer and I'm heading back to South Carolina. I must say, after years of shows, the Dave Matthews Band only gets better and better!!!
Eric G.
Well this was my 5th show, and I think that It was my best. This was my first visit to Polaris and it is a really cool venue. The crowd seemed very energetic, eventhough my group was just so into it tonight (as always). So as far as the show I think that you couldn't have asked for much more. He opened with Don't Burn the Pig...awww it was great and then they played this awesome version of DDTW which jammed out for like 10 minutes. GRACE IS GONE was great, and definitely one of the best Busted Stuff jams. OSW was absolutely amazing and Dave was really getting into the show. FOOL TO THINK isn't one of my favorites, but it was ok (Grabbed a beer). #41 what can I say it was beautiful!!! Then I was amazed to hear SAY GOODBYE(someday John Popper has to reunite!!) and then SMTS....and as they went into Too Much DAVE WAS GOING NUTS.....he was dancing like crazy and you could tell that he was having a great time. LIOG was wonderful as he played this long version where he got everyone to chant was sooo fun. Then the awesome set continued with THE STONE and GREY STREET (cant wait til thats a single). LOVING WINGS has some work yet, but its is getting a lot better everytime he plays it...but its too quiet right now. WAYG is always cool to hear. KIT KAT JAM is cool with lyrics, and then one of my personal favorites WHAT YOU ARE....when Dave chants is great. Then I wanted to hear GRAVEDIGGER but he played it last night so we got a great version of DIGGIN A DITCH, and then what else can you ask for other than a 10 minute RAPUNZEL.... THis was a great show and the sets have been awesome. Thanks GUYS.....I can't wait for CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, what a show. After the lack of energy and jamming night one I had a feeling the boys would make up for it night 2 and did they ever. time for the review. The boys came out and opened with my dream opener PIG: standard version, but a standard version of this song is more than good enough for me. DDTW: simply awesome, so much energy, I really love this song live. GIG: can't get enough of this song, loved to hear the crowd singing along. The boys kept is mellow with OSW: I love the musical intro, Leroi was on fire all night, and the intro to OSW was no exception. Fool to Think: only song on the setlist i could have done without. I would have rather heard so right if they needed to put an ED in the set but whatever, I still enjoyed the song, and they made up for it because the next six songs made for the best hour of music I have ever experienced. #41: I wanted to hear this so badly and the boys did not dissapoint. awesome solos by boyd and roi with butch playing Sojourn of Arjuna in the middle. Everyday outro was awesome with some kick-ass crowd participation. Dave pretty much let us sing everyday and just scatted in the middle. best version of 41 I have ever heard. sort of but not really segued into SAY GOODBYE: I love this song live. Carter started it off with a nice solo and Dave did some cool wailing at the end. very nice. SMTS: this song has really grown on me. glad to hear it live again, and I enjoyed it going into my first ever ASTB: simply amazing. so much energy. Dave was feeling it too and he did some insane break-dance type thing in the middle. Too Much: Kept the energy going. Dave was still a dancing fool. LIOG: awesome version of this song. I was a little skeptical of Boyd's playing this tour but he really blew me away on this song. It seemed like he didn't want his solo to end. he finally jammed with butch face to face for a while before butch took over. no "til we dance away" but still one of the better versions i have heard. STONE: my alltime favorite song. I love how they get quiet at the end and then get real loud. awesome. GREY STREET: standard, but the song still kicks ass. LOVING WINGS: it's unbelievable how much this song grew since night one. Leroi had an incredible solo and Stefan seemed to find a bass line to play in the middle of the song. I can see this song evolving into something great. WAYG: not a big fan of this song, but it was cool to have the entire crowd singing along. made for a cool moment. KKJ: my new favorite BS. awesome version and the lyrics seemed similar to the webcast version. I caught the plastic asshole line. WHAT YOU ARE: real long intro with some wailing by Dave with the echo. high energy song and I really like it as a set closer. "get on your knees and pray motherfucker!" Encore wait was pretty long and the boys came back out and played a solid DAD. I was hoping for cry freedom or LBV but i enjoyed it anyways. PNP-->Rapunzel: excellent version. real jammed out at the end. givin' me givin' me the shivers. Great way to end a solid two night stand. out of seven shows this is the best I've seen. A must have show. see y'all at Riverbend.
Dale G.
absolutely amazing.. i came down from detroit for this one and it was definetely worth every second of it. i never heard pig live before, and it was great, especially as an opener. L.I.O.G, the stone, and grey street. three of my personal favs, and all in a row.. this show kicked ass. the sound was incredible no matter where you were at, way better than dte music theatre in detroit. a bunch of partiers in the hotel on the first two floors, we made a bunch of new friends. the only thing that sucked, is they stopped serving beer a little early i thought.. i think it was only like 10:15 .. other than that, best show i've seen yet. see ya'll in missiouri and wisconsin
B T.
Pretty solid show; ranks second for shows ive been to, next to night two of Comerica last summer. Anyways, to the setlist.. Pig is an awesome opener, it seems to always be played pretty standardly, but it gets people movin. Dont Drink the Water was good, standard again, but with a lot of energy from Dave, helped get everybody up. Grace was good, expected it to be better, but oh well. One Sweet World with the intro and outro is beautiful live (I think it prompted us to smoke our first bowl). One of my favorite songs. 41 and Say Goodbye were unreal. The 41 jam was nice and long, then as it died down, it came back up with the first notes of Say Goodbye, which I had certainly never seen live. Great medley. SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much tears the roof off the place. And to top it off, we get a very well played LIOG, complete with an extra couple minutes of Butch jammin on the keys. The show did turn a little south after that, The Stone is good, but better solo. Grey Street had been played the night before, and people didnt get into it tonight. Loving Wings just killed the upbeat vibe we had going, though Where Are You Going is decent live. I loved Kit Kat Jam, but most people didnt recognize either the tune or the weird lyrics (plastic justice? plastic superhero? what?). I had come to Columbus to hear three songs, and I only got one, that being a frickin awesome What You Are. The outro is too cool. As for the encore, Digging a Ditch is really good live, better than I had expected, and PNP-->Rapunzel was fun, and a good way to send people on their merry way. Overall, a really stellar night, the weather was gorgeous, the crowd was actually into the show (unlike last night), and I was smokin with the taper sitting next to me. Great times, hope to do it again in Indiana this weekend.
B. R.
What a superb show! The Pig opener was awesome and although it doesn't say anywhere, #41 DID go into Say Goodbye. Loving Wings was really cool and LIOG was another great version w/ Butch. I especially loved Kit Kat Jam which was built up by a long drum roll! One of the best shows I've seen and I definitely recommend getting a copy of this. Peace!
Mike L.
The heat wave broke today, and it showed. I think that's why the crowd energy was so low for the 08/05 show at Polaris. No doubt about it, the crowd was pumped. Boyd came out to sing with Doyle on one tune - not sure which one (sorry, not a fan) - and that was a little treat. DMB hit the stage right around 09:15 pm - Dave was dapper in a gold shirt. The band moved rather slowly in between songs, but that just pulled more excitement from the crowd. The crowd roared big for Dave on those nice vocal growls and yowls. Big approval from the crowd on some of the older "non-radio" tunes such as "One Sweet World" and "#41" (Nature Intro). Dave gave big breaks to Butch Taylor on keys and to Leroi on "Lie In Our Graves" which added a nice touch. On "The Stone," DMB enjoyed a nice little extended, waaaay mellow jam which fooled the crowd with the "big finish" chord blaster at the end. "Grey Street" went over big, but the crowd seemed a little confused over "Loving Wings." Solid show and solid crowd support for the band. Last saw DMB in San Francisco last summer, and this show was equally exciting - although Carlos Santana didn't show up this time.
Aaron W.
Dave came out sold with Pig as an opener. Something I think he rarely does. He stayed strong with Dont Drink The Water and that got everyone singing and dancing. The set was so strong and the crowd was so amazing it was an electryifing event! Dave got so into it that he broke out into scat a few times and danced like only he can. It was an amazing site to see him move like that! Carter had a smile on his face all night! Boyd had a solo that brought tears to my eyes as well as a wonderful solo by Butch. Where Are You Going brought me to tears. This was the best Dave concert I have ever seen. I wish I would have caught him in Cincinatti cuz he played 2 step and proudest monkey as well as Watchtower. He closed so strong this night with Rapunzel which was so amazing to hear live. I would say his strongest songs were Rapunzel and suprisingly Grey Street which the night before he screwed up on. It was the best experience of my life. I LOVE DmB!!!
Brendan B.
Man was this show sweet. It was my first one though. Any too me the highlights were #41, Lie in Our Graves, What you Are, and Rapunzle. At least those for the whole song. But when Dave's legs went crazy in So Much To Say, wow!!!!!! Didn't know legs could move like that. The whole show was sweet. Every song was amazing, they had so much energy. You could tell that they enjoyed it because fonzie came out for the encore jumping across stage waving his hands in the air. Oh man!!!!! Awesome show.
Dan N.
What's up everybody! First time reviewer here. A virgin to Polaris and I was very impressed with the venue, it was awesome. Overall this was a pretty good concert. My biggest highlight of the show was Say Goodbye. This was the first time that I had heard it. I also heard The Stone for the first time. #41 was another highlight. The Everyday outro was very cool. All I can say about Lie In Our Graves is Boyd is the MAN!!!A super long version of LIOG. Thanks DMB. Grey Street is quickly becoming a top 5 song of all time for me. Love it. What You Are has emerged as the best song off of Everyday. I love how Dave just goes off at the end. If anyone knows what he is saying, please clue me in. The only downfall to an otherwise great concert was the encore. Not a big fan of Diggin A Ditch. Definitely not a fan of Rapunzel as a closer, but Dave likes it so I will deal with it. See ya in Cinci.
Hayley B.
AMAZING! I have been to 3 DMB shows this year, and this was one of the best. It wasnt just b/c of the incredible set list also b/c dave did so many special things. The night was perfect, it was just the right temperture for jamming. And Polaris is a really nice venue. To start it off hearing Boyd sing with the opening act was awesome! Okay so me and my friend dumm were think which song was he gonna start with, we kinda got off the subject but started talk about Dont burn the pig. So then dave comes on and plays first Dont burn the pig. Its was absoulty crazy. Then came Dont drink the water, we absoulty fucking jammed out, the first live for me too, That song was perfect. Next was grace is gone- very niice cuz its one of the better songs on Busted Stuff. And they jammed it, it was soo cool. Then came one sweet world which was really great, first time i heard it live. Then fool to think.. i donno i cant really remember to much from it, we were probably passin a jay durning it, so that was amazing! THEN CAME #41. ive never been so Shocked in my life. I just stood there like omg this isnt happening. It was the best 6 or 7 mins of my life. And once again first time heard live. Then he went right into Say Goodbye, that was one of the best points of the concert, really unexpected. Sometime around this time Carter did an absoulty amazing drum solo, the guy is a genuis, enough said. The next 3 songs were just Nothing but dancing around singing ever word.-So much to say, then right into Too much and then Lie in our graves. Then he kinda toned it down a bit with The stone, Grey Street, Loving wings, and then where are you going. They were all perfect. The next 2 songs were like nothing i could imagine. Kit kat jam was great he has played it at all of my concerts ive been too. Then came What you are. I swear to god i havnt listened to that song the same way and i never will. he just gave his fucking all. UNREAL. Then the encore with Diggin a ditch. i just watced boyd most of the time with his voilen.. i loved it. Then Pantala Naga Pampa- Rapunzel. Its was awesome, 2nd time ive heard him do that as the last song. Well that concert was everything i could have asked for and more. but a lttle watchtower would have been nicce. But i have not one complaint. I dont think ill ever see a concert as good as that one. Thanx DMB, a couple of people around here and me are some of the truest dmb fans around. Peace, Hayley Reefah This ones for tara dumm, the bald guy we met who we passed a joint with, and the old backstage guy who talked to us- yeah we were very very close to getting backstage.