Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Doyle Brammhall II & Smokestack

onstage 8:15pm
Seek Up *
When The World Ends *
Captain *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
Song That Jane Likes *
Tripping Billies *
Proudest Monkey * -->
Satellite *
What Would You Say *
Kit Kat Jam (with lyrics) *
Digging a Ditch *
Grey Street *
Lie In Our Graves *
Everyday (#36) * -->
Ants Marching *
Loving Wings (tease - first verse) *
Where Are You Going *
Bass solo -->
All Along the Watchtower *
offstage 10:44pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys

Larry H.
The setlist tonight was a little better than last night but still had issues. I was excited to get the Seek Up opener but was disappointed by the performance. Butch had a good solo but other than that it was slow, stale and mundane. Captain was great to hear live as was Jane. The croud really got into Billies. Kit Kat is great with the lyrics. Grey Street just keeps getting better and it is nice to see the crowd getting behind the song. LIOG was the biggest highlight of the night. Boyd's solo was just dank. Not the usual stale stuff. Butch took a good run too. Stefan's bass solo before Watchtower was better than I had ever heard before. It would have made Cliff Burton proud! Overall tonight's show was a little stronger than last night's. The abscence of anything from BTCS was very surprising. I was worried we would get the DDTW encore but was glad when Stefan started soloing into Watchtower. It seems the band didn't put anything into Seek Up tonight and that caused the first four songs to drag. Four fairly slow & mellow songs followed by two upbeat and then two slow songs just made the show seem to drag. Apart from Seek Up, the show was very well played but just a little low key and slow due to the setlist. A great show for enjoying as background music but nothing to plan to jam out with.
Craig R.
this was only my third show and HOLY SHIT! the boys were really feeling it tonight as was the crowd. I went to 2 out of the 3 shows at deer creek 2 years ago and I have to say that this one blows both of those out of the water! my brother and I had seats in the upper pavilion and wouldnt you know it we had the two tallest guys in the whole freakin place right in front of us (they moved halfway thru the show so its all good). before the boys came out my brother called pantala --> rapunzel first and I said seek up. then when dave started playing the opening line to seek up I knew it was gonna be a special night. SEEK UP - this was absolutely amazing, have always wanted to hear it live. WTWE - one of my favorite everyday songs - really wanted to hear it live. people say it sounds just like the album but I think its a lot better. Captain - this surprisingly is a great song live. Crash - pretty standard version, dixie chicken. Jane - "I got a sister named Jane." hell yeah, definitely one of the highlights of the night. Tripping - they played the little intro and I was like hell yeah. this is my favorite song and it got me and everybody within earshot dancing like a fool. Boyd absolutely tore it up. Proudest Monkey - not exactly one of my favorites but a great song to chill to and calm everybody down. Satellite - also not one of my favorites but it was better than I expected. WWYS - great way to bring the energy back up. Kit Kat - I really do like this song better with words. (did Dave sing something about plastic titties this time?) Digging - I have to admit this is the only time I sat down during the entire concert. good song but killed the energy a little bit. Grey St. - my favorite BS song, one the songs I had on my "wish list". absolutely amazing. Lie In - Boyd was OFF THE HOOK on this song. he was dancing, jumping, spinning, and fiddlin like a madman. Everyday - Boyd did this little "wa-wa" intro with a pedal which was pretty cool. not many people were singing the Honey, Honey part at the beginning but by the end of the song everybody was. Ants -as soon as as the closing line to #36 ended, Carter goes "crack...crack" and I just went nuts, I thought it had to be too good to be true. This is one of my alltime favorites and I didnt get to hear it last time. the boys played with so much energy and by the time the song ended I think that everybody that wasnt on an herbal high was on a natural one. Encore: Loving Wings --> WAYG - my brother and I both called the whole encore, but watchtower was almost a given since Dave didnt play it last night. first time Ive heard loving wings and I think its coming along nicely. pretty standard WAYG. Watchtower: OH MY GOD!!! first of all Fonz's intro was one of the sickest things Ive ever heard and he continued with it all the way up until Dave sang the first line. as for the rest of the song, its one of the best watchtowers Ive ever heard (Ive heard a lot of tapes). "No reason to get excited!" - couldnt have been farther from the truth. all in all it was a kickass show by the best live band on the planet. any show that starts with seek up, ends with watchtower and has STJL, TB, Grey St, LIOG, Everyday, and Ants in the middle has got to be good and this one was unbelievable. like I said the energy generated tonight was really special with the band really into it and the crowd singing every word to every song. glad the rain held off for all the folks on the lawn. sorry to all those hardcore tourers who go to lots of shows if my review seems a bit naive. Im one of the biggest DMB fans on earth but dont exactly have the resources or means to attend shows outside my home state. til next year! (I hope)
What an incredible show!!! Not as much jamming as last night but it was great. Dave opted to stick with the acoustic guitars instead of plugging in for the Everyday material. Seek Up was 25 minutes long and LIOG was over 30! Seek Up, Tripping Billies, Grey Street, LIOG, Ants Marching, and Watchtower were all just energy-packed. The Watchtower was very similar to the Listener Supported with Stefan taking the solo at the beginning. Only two duplicates from the previous night (Grey Street and Where Are You Going), which makes it even better. I would really like to have a recording of this show. If somebody would like to trade, please let me know. Happy DMB'ing, Jason
Corey B.
This show was for the people who complained the night before about not hearing enough old stuff. It was great, but nothing compared to 8-10 for me (see my review there and you'll know why). However, there were some awesome highlights. The boys must have been listening to Red Rocks, because everyday (#36) into Ants was awesome. I was screaming so loud! I just love a good transition. Hearing some of the "oldies" was a pure delight. Crash into me, Proudest Monkey into Satellite, and even LIOG. I have to say though, I wish they would have left KKJ off of BS beacuse now that Dave is putting words to it I think it will develope more. That is why I was all for Sweet Up & Down making the record, but that's why I am not in the band right? Oh' well it was still a good song. Watchtower...what can I is always good to hear that one. Thanks for two great nights guys!
Matt H.
The best way to sum up tonight is to say that Dave and company rocked the roof off of deer creek!!! The show began with a nice opener of seek up and then two songs later went into crash into me which has been a stranger this year and a nice dixie chiken outro. This was followed by the song that jane likes which is an amzing song and a nice surprise in the set. Tripping billies followed and was mind blowing because it was so early in the set, plus by this time in the show, the band was in the flow and they looked like tonight they were just going to give the crowd their all...and they did. After ripping the stage with Billies, and a few songs later, they played lie in our graves. Now this lie in our graves was mind altering. Butch Taylor did a fantastic job with the keys during the middle jam session and played to prefection. Although there were many people trying to talk the moment away during the solo, it was beautiful. It hit me the same way that jam hits me when Bela Fleck has played during that part. Perfect!! This was followed by Everyday, with a nice # 36 outro that the band played alot this tour, but this was aquite an extended jam of #36. Ants closed the set and by the time Ants came on, you could tell that the crowd wanted it, the band wanted to play it, but they were continuing to level the crowd with all the energy and spirit that came from the stage and their instruments. The encore was loving wings into where are you going, and then the ever popular watchtower which was great but i was hoping for an unusual encore since ants and billies had been played, and he played watchtower 2 shows before. However despite that, the band just jammed tonight. They were all feeling it and I'm sure this up coming break was nice and they wanted to end with a bang. I'm glad it was in Indy, the fans and the crowd were great through the weekend, thanxx DMb for an amazing show. See ya in Washington!!!
Tonights concert was so unbelieveable. Seek Up was a great opener, and Tripping Billies was possibly the best version of that song that i have ever heard. They jammed on Lie in Our Graves for probably 10-12 min. and it was great. And of course Everyday had alot of #36 with it, and the entire crowd sang by themselves, it was incredible. Also What Would You Say was really good. Ants Marching was out of controll, the place went crazy. The encore what awesome too, they came out with an intro of Loving Wings right into Where Are You Going. We were all yelling for Watchtower, and when Stefan started the intro, which was unbelievable, the place blew up. As well as with Tripping Billies and Ants, i have never heard a better version of Watchtower than what they played last night.
AWESOME! Simply AWESOME. Opening with Seek Up was all i could have wished for but then to play Crash, Where are you going, Along the watchtower, satellite, what would you say, proudest monkey, the song that jane likes, everday and many more, i couldnt have dreamed of a better night!
Chip H.
An excellant show! Certainly above par in my opinion. This was my 15th show and I would say possible the best. 36/Everyday straight into Ants was sweet. I especially liked its my birthday was awesome because it was my birthday. Ended on my personal fav, watchtower. Overall I give it a 9.5 I still got wood!
Matt L.
Night two at Deer Creek was merely a continuation of night one. Night one was pure energy. Night two was exactly the same. It was as if the band never left the stage. Seek Up opener was just incredible. Hearing Captain and Kit Kat Jam means I have now heard the whole Busted Stuff album live (plus Sweet Up & Down and JTR). The mid-set Billies just blew my mind. Carter was off the charts as was Boyd. The Song That Jane Likes was totally unexpected and so amazing. Boyd was insane on Graves, at one point he even did a little spin in front of Carter. Monkey-->Satellite was everything I thought it could be and more. Grey Street was a repeat but I'll take it anytime anywhere. I don't care if I hear this song at every show I go to from now on. I heard my first Crash Into Me in 8 shows and it was perfect. Everyday-->Ants. The end of Everyday went into old school #36, not the new #36 jam, I'm talking old school #36, like the L@RR version. Dave was singing back to the crowd it was amazing. Then right into the snare beat of Ants. According to it was the 700th Ants ever and it just set the crowd on fire. Then to close it off, Stefan's intro to Watchtower was unreal. It reminded me of seeing Victor Wooten when playing with the Flecktones. I usually don't care for Watchtower, but last night changed my mind. This show and the night before had a TON of hype, with the names Greg Howard and Dreaming Tree floating around. But this band didn't need Greg Howard, and they didn't need to play Dreaming Tree to make this weekend absolutely incredible. You can tell just by watching them play, how much fun they were having and how much they love Deer Creek. I think it was apparent too when Boyd put his arm around Dave while walking off stage after Watchtower how much they loved it. Hands down...these were definitely the two best shows I've seen or heard.
14th show, 2nd night of the 2 nights at Verizon..had front row center tickets...all in all a very good, mostly chilled out show..Dave came out dressed much like other Indiana natives...the whole band was in a great mood all night, laughing and having a great time...SEEK UP, my friend called it and i still agree with what i have said before, but it is the BEST opener to any show, it was almost 18 minutes and it was an emotional rollercoaster of the best kind, GREAT START..WTWE, pretty good song, helped consciousness after Seek up...CAPTAIN, hadnt heard it, very groovy, just like the album.. CRASH INTO ME, didnt need to hear it for obvious reasons but the chest voice screaming at the end made it worth it...TSTJL, sounds really good, every instrument sounded really tight..BILLIES, first loud song of the night and Boyd tore up the stage, dancing all over!!PROUDEST MONKEY, i love this song and im so happy i heard it despite most people sitting down during it only to get up when it went into SATELLITE....WWYS, definately couldve gone without hearing it but the solos were good as usual...i was anxiously awaiting to hear KIT KAT JAM live and it was AWESOME, Carter is an alien and the lyrics are awesome and different than Lillywhites...DIGGIN A DITCH, chilled things out again after kit kat, and then GREY STREET got things rolling again but it was no different han the night before..LIOG another highlight, Boyd tore it up again and got in Daves face going back and forth and then even Butchs before Butchs mellowing solo..during the intro to EVERYDAY Dave mouth the words and a lot of the crowd sang Hani Hani for 36, and then Boyd introed EVERYDAY with the wa wa and then EVERYWAY was awesome, crowd really got into and then it went into the36 outro with everyone singing and then went right into a LOUD and BLARING ANTS MARCHING to end the set...CARTER = ALIEN! I was a lil disappointed with the first encore...a LOVING WINGS tease into a standard WAYG but the FONZI took over and did a 4 or 5 minute into to WATCHTOWER which sounded like a electric guiatar and then some other crazy sounds and then a Dave the boys TORE through WATCHTOWER with Dave changing up how he sang it so that the crowd didnt join in too much...DAve was playing so hard he ripped a string and the mic even went out for a brief second on "the wind began to..." A lil disappointed with the second show being even a lil shorter than the first, but oh well, cant knit pick..ALL in ALL another B+ show but DMB proves once again that the dont only play new stuff and Dave didnt even pick up the electric..they can play anything at anytime and its all good with me...see everyone at TWEETER CENTER.
Well the boys hit the marks tonight. After being in Cincy on Thur and last nights show this one was intersting. Seek up --nice opener. WTWE Always like to hear that one. LIOG-- WOW. Billies really nice suprise and ANTS nice addition. KKJ-- I like it with words. Proudest Monkey --Nice rendition. Seemed to be radio friendly but a nice mellow show. The encore- WAYG nice but I dont thik that it belongs in the encore Watchtower-- Sefan was def. on it and that was an awesone way to end the night and the weekend in Noblesville. Can't wait to see the boys next summer!!!
Nick K.
What a show!! First off, the whole experience in Noblesville was amazing. This was my first time to camp out for a concert it was great. Hanging out with hundreds of other fans all day, with great weather, and with the theatre only 5 minutes away. Seek Up was a big suprise with it having only been played only 5 other times this year and only the second time as an opener. It was jammed out for over 20 minutes and set a great tone for the show. Crash is good to hear, and pleased all of the teenaged girls that came strictly for this reason....but now its quite a rare song so who can complain. Tripping Billies in the middle of the set was very suprising and really got the crowd going. Proudest Monkeys was the most mellow song I have ever heard in concert. Could have put me to sleep except for the fact that I was so excited to hear it. The show ended really strong with a great Grey Street, and a LIOG that was jammed to perfection by both Boyd and Butch. Boyd jammed for ever and was dancing in cirles until slowly moving towards Butch so that he could take over. They hugged after the song, letting me know that even they thought it was special. Everyday was amazing with the crowd into it more then ever. With the "Honey Honey, Come and dance with me" echoing throughout, Dave sang the first verse of #36 for us that made the place go nuts. Though many complain that Watchtower is to over played, and granted I've heard it about ten times, it was the most amazing version I have ever heard and for me the highlight of the weekend. Stefan jammed his solo out for well over 4 minutes, leaving Boyd and Dave standing off to the side to listen in amazement. Dave slowly walked to the mic. and seemed to be ready to start, but Stefan kept going so Dave backed away once again. The into seemed to go on for ever, and no one wanted it to stop. The song was jammed to perfection and was a great ending to a great weekend. I'll no doubt make the trip from Arkansas to Noblesville the next time around. Peace
Mark &.
Well, Smokestack opened the show. They would have been better suited opening for Lenny Kravitz then the Dave Matthews Band. After a few moments, the boys finally came on stage. It should be known that during the first 7 or 8 songs, LeRoi was not wearing sunglasses. The first surprise came in the show opener, SEEK UP. It was an uxepected surprise that indicated they would play more old songs. A nice LeRoi jam with a very solid opener. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS was played next, which didn't sound as bad as on Everyday because Dave played on an acoustic guitar. CAPTAIN came next, which surprised the two of us. We were looking for a pick-me-up song and got another mellow song. The extra verse was sweet and it is one of Eric's favorite songs. The next song had to pick up the energy, but too everyone's surprise CRASH INTO ME reered its ugly head. I love watching couples make out during the song, but I don't love the song. Think about it... it's about a stalker. By then, we were beginning to get disappointed in the show, until Dave said "I got a little sister named Jane. This is the SONG THAT JANE LIKES." We screamed our heads off because this song is beyond words. A very sweet version played well by LeRoi and Boyd. We didn't know what was next until Dave played the first chords of TRIPPING BILLIES. This was definetly the best performance of it we've ever heard. A great jam with Boyd who did interaction with Dave, Carter and Butch. The last two songs made us forget the horror of Crash Into Me. PROUDEST MONKEY came next which was a clue that SATELLITE was to follow. Eric has always loved Proudest Monkey and Mark has always loved Satellite. There was no intro, though. It was just two seperate songs. We were a little disappointed, though, with Proudest Monkey. We shouldn't expect as much out of the song. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY followed, which was nice, but nothing special. We were hoping for a jam song. But then we got KIT KAT JAM... with lyrics. The first verse we knew because it is from the Lillywhites, but after that it changed. Nobody around us knew the song, but they were probably high anyway. DIGGIN A DITCH was next which was a surprise. A very quite version that brought the show down. We wanted You Never Know throughout the entire concert and we thought this would have been a good place to put the song. Then the show took a new turn with GREY STREET. Every person screamed at the top of their lungs when they heard this song. Everybody was dancing and singing all of the words. This should be single, and if they don't make it one, they're making a huge mistake. We finally got the jam song in a tour rarity, LIE IN OUR GRAVES. It was spectacular, to say the least. Boyd REALLY got into this one and danced all over the stage and jammed with Butch, before Butch's jam. Dave stopped the song for at least 30 seconds before the signature finish. EVERYDAY started and everybody sang, "Honey, Honey. Come and dance with me," which is ironic because he went straight into Everyday. However, the song turned into #36 for a few lines and ended as #36 before Carter's signature snare drum hit indicating that ANTS MARCHING was upon us. We had not dreamed that this song would be played. Everybody screamed, sang, and danced their hearts out. The band left the stage for about five minutes, and came back to throw the last big punch. What could possibly top Ants as far as energy goes for bringing down the house? LOVING WINGS... that's what. It was just one lowly verse that no one could hear or understand and most people thought it was Gravedigger. We hoped and prayed that You Never Know might follow, but then it hit. They might as well have played I Did It, because the next song was none other than radio's own WHERE ARE YOU GOING. What a thorough disappointment!!! With WAYG out of the way, we knew it was time for things to come to a close. And what better way to start that close than with what we thought was the best Stefan intro that we have ever heard. With that, ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER kicked into high gear. It was a normal performance, and did get us more active than any other throughout the show, but all the same, we were rather disappointed to hear it for the umpteen millionth time as a show closer. So despite Crash, WAYG, and Watchtower, it was an incredible show that we can say was both our favorite. (Why does everyone want to go to Tweeter?) We'll see you in St. Louis.
Greg Howard was really good again tonight. I was hoping for Dreaming Tree since we didn't get it on sat., but I was talking to the woman selling his merchandise, and she said the band hadn't mentioned anything to him about coming out, so I kind of figured we wouldn't be getting it. Oh well. I did talk to Greg for while though-he was just walking around by the side stage-and he was really cool. He signed my set list notes from the previous night. We saw a bunch of people we knew, so we chilled with all of them for a while. Anyway, on to the songs: Seek Up- The forecast was for scattered showers all night, so I kind of figured that JTR would open, but my friend kept saying; "Seek Up. Seek Up" I'm glad he was right since I saw JTR open in Chicago first night last summer. This was an amazing version. I think it was close to 20 min long and it was amazing. Stefan had a really nice intro and Boyd had a great solo after the "fall back again" lines. When the World Ends- Very strong. I really like how they still cut it off at the end. A really powerful song. Captain- Just amazing. Really powerful rendition. Not very many 'Little Thing' references. I love this song. I think it's one of the bests off LWS/BS. Crash Into Me- Good song, but as soon as he started it, the audience just started screaming. You can tell this is DMB's most popular song with a certain group of listeners. The Dixie Chicken bit was nice, I always like that. Song That Jane Likes- I wasn't suspecting this at all, but when Dave came to mic and said; "I got a little sister named Jane." I just went crazy. This is my favorite song of R2T, so I'm really glad I heard it. Always an incredible song. Tripping Billies- Amazing energy throughout. I was so happy to hear this. Carter and Boyd really stood out on this one. Proudest Monkey--> Satellite- Just great. I really can't say much other than the fact that I love these songs. I figured this combo was coming sometime, so I wasn't surprised. What Would You Say- Standard, but still great. The crowd was into this song more then any other from both nights. You could hardly hear Boyd over the crowd during the "What Would you Say" lines. Fonzi really brought the funk on this song. Digging a Ditch- Good song, but I don't think this was the right place in the set for it. We had just gotten a couple of mellow songs (monkey-->sat) so it just brought the energy level down. Don't get me wrong a love this song, and this version was no exception, but the placement was a bit iffy. Grey Street- I love this song. I wish the lyrics hadn't changed so much, I think that the LWS version is better then the one from Busted Stuff. I love the line "...she prays to God most every night/although she swears he doesn't listen/there's hope in her that he just might." This is such an emotional song. Lie in our Graves- WOW!! That's about all I can say for this. I can't remember exactly, but I think this was about 17 min long. Everyone had some amazing solo's especially Boyd and Carter. During his solo, Boyd was all over the stage dancing by Roi and Fonz, then moving over to Carter. Butch's solo right before Dave ended was amazing too. 36/Everyday-->Ants Marching- This was just incredible. Dave started playing the opening part to 36 and the crowd picked right up singing the "Hani Hani" part. At one point the camera for the screen was zoomed in on Butch's face and you could see him mouthing the lyrics. The crowd was so into it they made Dave miss his cue into Everyday. Everyday was good, I think of all the DMB singles it's my favorite. Then Dave went back into 36 and Carter finished it up with a Drum solo, after which he started the snare hits for Ants. We were expecting Ants that night, but segue was from 36 was the farthest thing from our minds. This was a great version of this song, the crowd loved it. At times, they were singing louder than Dave. Loving Wings --> Where Are You Going- This was cool, I'd never heard this segue before, so it was neat. Full band was out at the beginning for the first verse. Watchtower- We were camping for the shows, and after the show people were talking about this all over the campground. Stefan's intro was just incredible. The song was incredible. Stefan definitely dominated, but Boyd and Butch did some nice stuff as well. Everybody had a great time with this song. Overall, this was probably the on of the best weekends of my life. Dave at Deer Creek both nights, camping, new friends, seeing old friends, and so much more. It was just great. See you in Chicago on the 29th!
Stephen P.
Seek Up was probably the best opener I've ever seen live. The only thing close would be Nashville 2001's Billies. WTWE was as usual, a really good song for early in the show. Captain was cool and mellow, I like it better live than on the CD. Seems like they are putting more into Crash now that it is not played so often, good to hear that one, especially for the girls. STJL, good old school. Billies was explosive, this is the beginning of Boyd taking over the night. Proudest Monkey was awesome. At the end, Dave was doing the chicken head bob thing chanting "money see monkey doooooooooo."--->Satellite (only chance for a pee break, didn't see most of it). WWYS was a bad ass jam, Roi was on it. Saw the 12 come out and thought probaby BEF since it wasn't played last night, but it was a seriously jammin Kit Kat Jam with what seemed like Dave freestyling the lyrics for the most part. Ditch was standard, that is to say it was very good. Grey Street, first repeat from last night, and again it made the crowd sound like it was a football game, lots of singing along on this one now. LIOG, everyone always talks about how Boyd tore it up. You have to. At one point he did a one-legged 360 degree spin in front of Carter. This was the baddest jam ever, any song, that I have seen. My girlfriend says, "Boyd is my new hero after that shit!" Everyday was the loudest sing along I've been a part of with the crowd singing Hani Hani and Dave singing, "standing in the corner by bout you, how bout you come and dance with me baby" a la Listener Supported. Ants was Ants, blew the roof off. WAYG was standard. Watchtower was great, especially Fonz's intro. Overall number 1 of my 13 shows, edging out Nashville 2001 and Woodlands 5-5-02.
After a very very stellar first night in Deer Creek, I had very high expectations for night two. And once again the Dave Matthews band blew me and my expectations away. Starting with an 18 minute Seek Up, was only the beginning. Mid-set Billies with the old school intro to go along with Crash, Song That Jane Likes, What Would You Say. Ditch brought things down like it always does, but it always serves as a warning of what is going to come. Grey Street rocked like always, followed by LIOG where Butch and Boyd made some sweet jams together, EVERYDAY followed that and then this is where the insanity happens......The #36 outro was old school #36. It was the first verse of the old #36 then as they are ending the song Carter continues on the snare into Ants. Yes people you read that correctly, #36-->Ants. Holy fucken shit. Am I Red Rocks in '95? It just does not matter right now. Closing with a rockin Watchtower in which the crowd sang "The wind begins to howl", this capped off a great 2 nights at Deer Creek and an even better roadtrip.
DMB was outstanding tonight. They showed an energy that I thought may have been decreasing in 2002. Opener Seek Up, an excellent jam as always; I love to hear that song. This was my first time hearing Captain and Kit Kat Jam live and they were great new additions to a setlist of DMB classics. Nice to hear STJL again. Boyd tore up the stage during Tripping Billies, he went absolutely nuts. Great that they brought back Proudest Monkey to which they jammed out the end. Dave let the crowd fill in part of the lyrics during WWYS. Grey Street had as much energy as always. LIOG was an excellent BT/BT jam, during which I unfortunately had to listen to idiots on the lawn asking when the song would be over. Everyday (#36), always makes dancing on the lawn fun. My first time hearing Ants Marching was everything I expected, the crowd went nuts. They love to play this song at Deer Creek. They hadn't played WAYG yet so I figured Loving Wings --> would be the first of the encore. It makes a nice quiet jam, although was disappointed he just teased Loving Wings. What could be better than a Watchtower closer with a phenomenal Stefan intro going crazy w/ the slide and all. Concerts on the lawn are the absolute best and it was great to hear a setlist that blended some new ones with the old favorites and had all the fun and intensity we love from DMB.
Matt S.
This was the first dave show that I went to and it was stellar. Seek Up was beautacious and so was Tripping Billies, Lie in Our Graves,and Ants Marching. The other were awsome. I liked how they played a lot of older ones. Watchtower I can't even put words to, it was perfect, nice and loud, except that his A string broke near the end but you coudn't tell it was if you couldn't see him. The place was jam packed, the lawn was full of lights from the people's lighters during crash and at the end. I was in the 9th row so i didn't have to bring binoculars and Verison Wireless Amp. didn't have the screens playing for them in lawn. And it was very different from seeing the band on a one dimention flat screen. Not to forget, the opening band, was sweet also. I think they were playing some covers from old songs.
I just got back from the two shows at deer creek and I couldn't have asked for more! The seconde night rocked! Best show I've seen. It was worth the 10 hour drive and the camping in 90degree weather! Seek up for an opener was awsome. I'd write a review for every song but they were the best i've heard of each. Crash and trippin billies stood out. Ants was great and watchtower blew the place up! All in all it was a perfect weekend with two great shows. I can't wait for alpine now!!!
Dan N.
This is the final review of my four show road trip that has taken me around 1300 miles in 8 days. An interesting note, I believe that Dave was wearing denim and sneakers something that I have never seen before. Although I was not as fortunate as the night before, and very far back in the lawn tonight. Tonight's show was lacking in energy compared to last night. Dave seemed tired and ready to go home. The saving grace of the concert was Boyd Tinsley. The show was definitely kept afloat by Boyd. He carried the concert with his magical violin. Highlights include Tripping Billies, TSTJL (which was a first for me), WWYS, LIOG, Everyday, Ants, and Watchtower. Dave was definitely resting his voice tonight. Watchtower and Grey Street were about the only songs that he strained his voice with. Thanks to Boyd this was a good concert, but nothing compared to last night. Rest up boys, and I will see you at Alpine. Later!!
well i must start out by saying any show i go to is great. i just love being there. this was my first time at deer creek and my seats were much better then expected. it just took us forever to get out of the parking lot. first the opening band played a song with boyd which was great. i dont know what it was called but it was very nice. anyway, on to the show. opening with seek up was awesome. LIOG was great too. i hadnt heard that live either and i am so glad they played that. i also hadnt heard STJL and that was a pleasant, pleasant surprise. PROUDEST MONKEY and SATELLITE also were firsts for me too. EVERYDAY was fun to sing along with (honey honey...) and the lighters in the lawn during CRASH was sweet. i was trying to figure out what the closer would be all day before the show because they played two step and wya the night prior. well they played three different closers in the middle of the set! WWYS, TRIPPING BILLIES (boyd went off on that by the way) and GREY STREET all were played, so i was bracing myself for ANTSand WATCHTOWER. and sure enough they played them (even though the girl next to me reminded me of DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT which would have been nice too) they didnt dissapoint either, they were both great. i'm glad they played loving wings even though it was a tease, i wanted to hear it. great night and many songs i hadnt heard live before were played. i cant wait to see them in st louis and then again in chicago. hopefully i can make it up to alpine valley too.
So the whole weekend at Dead Creek I was talkign about the only thing that I wanted to hear was a Seek Up opener and I never thought that I would get it since it has only been played one other time this whole year as an opener. So we get to our amazing pavillion seats and the band comes out and i was in heaven. SEEK UP-YES!!!!!!!!!My Favorite song and it was so amazing, clocked in near 20 minutes. WTWE-:(, good song but i was hoping for PNP-Rapunzel. Captain-Wow this song is amazing live also, Dave was so into as was he in.. Crash-This is always a great song to hear i know some people don't like it but its great especially with the dixie chicken outro. STJL-I have a little sister!! yes! my first time seeing this live and it was great, that jam it out a lot mor than on RTT. Billie-wow this had so much energy, the band was having so much fun, I couldn't believe we saw it this early in the set. Proudest MOnkey-A slow song but I still love it, very nice Leroi solo. Satellite-not to fond of this song. WWYS-I have seen this many times but everytime it makes me dance. KKJ-WOW! Can you say amazing live song, and had the plastic lyrics he has been using lately. DAD-nice spot for this in the set, beautiful song. Gret Sreet-last nights was little better but this still was wonderful. LIOG-wow damn near 20 minutes, great job by butch and boyd. Everyday-I love the crowd participation on this and i thoguht that it would end the set, but then... Ants-Carter kept the snare going and the crowd went nuts, a decent version. Not as good as 4-27-02. Great way to end the set LW-tease:( WAYG-:( WATCHTOWER-great stefan base intro, i love this song eveytime i hear it, great version. GREAT WEEKEND AT DEER CREEK, I FEEL VERY LUCKY!
Another good one for the boys! A much more mellow show than last night. Long intro into Seek Up. Captain is great live. Gotta love STJL. Billies was fuckin tight. Definite highlight of the night. Monkey and Satellite were pretty standard but ya gotta love em. WWYS got the crowd going. I really got into Kit Kat with words. I really would like to know those new lyrics though. Digging a Ditch was a surprise for me. Another great Grey Street. LIOG was 13 min. of pure bliss for everyone there. Crowd was really into it. Everyday was awesome. First time I heard it live and it too got the crowd really goin with the HONEY HONEY. Ants was the perfect end to another awesome set. The crowd went nuts for Ants but it was just uncontrollable during Watchtower. Pure Chaos! Of the two nights at Verizon, Watchtower had the best response. My last show for this year. See ya'll next year.
First off, AMAZING opening with Seek Up, something I did not quite expect from the band with the new album being released last month. With an opening like that, I knew the show would be full of surprises! Song That Jane Likes-HUGE surprise, as I wanted to hear this one off the first album, and because it's a personal fave. Kit Kat Jam rocked, especially with the lyrics (only heard on the Lillywhite Sessions). Up in the lawn, everyone was jamming when Ants Marching came on! Finishing up with All Along the Watchtower~tremendous build on this song, a fabulous one for the guys to end on! All in all, this is one of the best shows I've seen and a great exciting atmosphere at Deer Creek! Simply no other words than AMAZING!
Braden M.
WOW what a show the best ive seen out of 3 this summer. the energy was amazing it seemed to never end. every dmb fan at one point needs to come to noblesville for a weekend. ive been twice now & what an awesome time. curt & jeff sorry i couldnt get in touch & to nick & his crew from KY great time guys hope to see you in STL the 26th&27th. peace Braden
Matt S.
Well tonight was an amazing show, and very radio friendly. Last nights set had only one or two radio songs. As I was leaving last nights show I overheard a woman refer to Dave as a "one hit wonder" who didn't even play his one hit. I was so upset that she could be so ignorant about music. There were thousands of people both nights singing back his words, and yet she refers to him as a"one hit wonder?" Anyways on to the show! The show opened up with Seek Up which was a great surprise for an opener, this was another song I had yet to hear live! When The World Ends and Proudest Monkey were both shockers as well! As soon as the first note of Crash was played everyone was screaming their heads off. Satellite and WWYS were awesome as usual. The best song of the night had to be Lie In Our Graves. Boyd Tinsley, OH MY GOD!!! He was amazing! His solo went on forever and he rocked out the entire time. He was all over the stage and at one point him and Dave were staring at each other and starting going at it, just feding off each others energy. Everyday started out with Boyd playing his violin through a wah pedal which was a cool effect, and they went into # 36 which got the crowd singing along. Then Carter started into Ants Marching and the place went nuts! The last highlight of the night was Stefan's bass intro to Watchtower! OH MY GOD! I've never seen nor heard anyone play bass like that before, and then when the whole band came in they did the best version of Watchtower I've ever heard. I was once again blown away!
I'd like to first say that this was the 4th show I've been to and probably the 2nd best. 7-6-02 being the best probably. ok now for tonight, seek up was an awesome opener , probably lasting over 12 minutes,WTWE always great to hear, captain ,crash (dixie chicke)awesome,"I got a sister named Jane, this is the Song that Jane likes"graet - all I have to say about TB is-"check em out boyd", ya he went off,other highlites were Lie in our graves which Boyd went off again, Everyday(#36)right into Ants was sweet, little disapointed with WAUG as an encore but watchtower more then made up for it, all in all great night
Anthony A.
this was my second dave concert ever my first being one in chicago and i was way up in the seats so the sound wasnt all that great.. BUT this concert was moving...loved every second of it.. i went with my girlfriend and a bunch of my friends.. my girlfriend and i decided to roll at the concert ...AMAZING!! we were dancing the entire time while some people around us were sittin down now im sorry but really?? anyways thats them i had a up was a great opener gave me that "floating" feeling. proudest monkey was very unexpected but an awesome song...lie in our graves was something else ..get goosebumps just thinking bout it..they jammed out for days....then of course every other song in the setlist was mesmerizing...when he came back out for the encore he just walked around for a bit like he didnt know what to play ...i yelled WATCHTOWER and then after the first song stefan laid down this badass bass solo. anyways i could go on and on...very nicely done Dave and the Band right on.....have a good life
Joe S.
I was just coming back to to check out the list from one of the best shows I've been to by DMB. Me and my little brother went to this show and were front and center 9th row, making it the most intimate show I have been to. Openning with the 15 minute Seek Up was indescribable. This song really separated the crowd between those who enjoy the long jams and those who paid the $50 just to hear the singles. Other highlights included the band going old school with The Song that Jane Likes...Kit Kat is a sweet little tune...Everyday into Ants Marching was money too, cuz I don't even think the band was expecting it (when Carter busted in with just the snare part from the beginning of Ants, Dave pointed at Carter like "why you....") Anyways, Watchtower had the most energy of any song I've ever seen by any band...Dave broke his A string on that song....that was so money.