Dave Matthews Band
UMB Bank Pavilion, Maryland Heights, Missouri
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Corey Haris & the 5 X 5

onstage 8:16pm
So Much To Say * -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
Grace Is Gone *
Rhyme & Reason *
Kit Kat Jam *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro) *
Lover Lay Down *
The Stone *
#41 (Everyday outro) * -->
Say Goodbye *
Lie In Our Graves *
Satellite *
Where Are You Going *
Drive In Drive Out *
All Along the Watchtower *
offstage 10:29pm
onstage 10:36pm
Gravedigger +
Grey Street *
offstage 10:47pm

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Eric L.
After a great night one sitting on the lawn, I was looking forward to seeing DMB from the fourth row, center section, but also apprehensive about perhaps an Everyday-rich setlist, based on the night before's appearance of only three, without any of the hits (i.e. TSB, IDI or Everyday.) So, let me say with complete certainty that tonight's setlist was outrageous, a throwback to pre-Everyday Dave circa Summer 2000. Highlights were very spirited versions of Say Goodbye, #41 and a LIOG with a Boyd and Butch duel solo that was indescribable. When I kept on shouting out "Halloween," Dave gave me a nod as well as a nod to the people a couple of rows back who were holding up a spraypainted sign, but alas, no luck. Perhaps soon though. All in all a great show with a very excited band, but to close with my favorite moment...During AATW, Dave was so into the jamout segment that he popped a string and played well through it. The string was just hanging there and Dave just kept smacking it, eventually popping it again into two pieces, one which fell to the ground, the other which stayed attached to the headstock. Dave just kept on playing though, nonchalant as ever, perhaps a nod to the manner in which he and his bandmates had just won yet another crowd over.
Does the Dave Matthews Band not like St. Louis? First off, I want to note that 2000's second show in St. Louis was weak and it left many unfulfilled. Now, the second 2002 show in St. Louis was a complete repeat. The set may be different, and it's different from any set in three years, but it had the same result. The crowd was obviously disappointed and the set was like a show from 1996 or 97. It had a lot of old songs. And not only did this show poorly promote Busted Stuff (4 BS songs), but it showed almost nothing from BTCS. The 8-11-02 Indy show was worse with nothing from BTCS. But through it all, I feel like I can now shoot sets against the older fans who experienced nothing but Crash songs in their shows. Let's see, what came from Crash? SMTS, Too Much, #41, Say Goodbye, Lie In Our Graves, Drive In Drive Out. That's half the album. I was just flat out disappointed. I guess Dave won't be back for a couple more years, seeing how much he just does not like St. Louis.
J. L.
Well night 2, great set list, another great show, your opinion will be different if you only listen to your radio. Me and bro Bo, got there early tonight unlike last night when we walked in after 2 songs, so we rolled up at 4:30, the crowd was much better tonight by the way. Quick notes, BRIDGE- dave added some color to it. HALLOWEEN TEASE-DAVE he did it, and it was plain as day, really got our hopes up. LIOG- Boyd did "Joyful Joyful" and Butch did some song too, but I couldnt figure out the name. Great version though. #41->Say Goodbye, came out of no where, but enjoyed every minute of it, just awesome. Encore was great, this was our last show of this tour and we were saying we would be disappointed if we didnt hear Grey St one last time. hell of a way to end the night Overall, great show, hell look at the set list. One of the top 5 I would say. So God Bless Dave and the band for another great show, tour, and everything else, hope to see them in the spring. One last note- get this show, as always, DIDO-lyrics especially great at this show.
Wow, Tonights show was absolutely awesome. It was nice to go to the show and the band not having to promote busted stuff the entire time (as in last nights show). The energy the band gave was amazing. These last two nights were my first DMB live experience and after tonight it was just what I had expected. This show was so energetic by the band even though they were having a hard time getting some of the crowd energized. Side note real quick, don't go to a DMB concert and complain about the noise, the fans, and the jams because it can really make a true fan upset( i.e. the ladies in front of me and the girl to my right). Anyway, them playing all of their classic hits like SMTS, #41, Lover Lay Down (one of the highlights of the show), and especially Say Goodbye was like a dream come true. The ending of the regular set could not have been any better by steffan jamming on the base and then going into AATW. Overall it was a great experience i will never forget, I cannot wait until next time, Thanks guys!
WOW!!What an absolutly phenomonal show. Dave and the guys were definetly in JAM mode tonight. Last nights show was very jazzy, and played alot of newer songs, except for the unreal version of Trippin Bilies. But back to tonights show, we had lawn last night tonight sat right center row L. Enjoyed the music more without the distracting screen in the middle of the stage. GIG was awesome, and #41 jammed. No doubt the most exciting point in the show was Watchtower. I wasn't sure but it looked like Dave busted a string and kept jammin. To anyone that thinks you need only see one show if DMB plays back to back, YOU ARE WRONG, see them both. $90 total for 5-6 hrs of DMB is a special treat.
Meagan F.
Alright tonight's opener I loved. As soon as I heard the opening to SMTS I was thinking please go into ASTB! and sure enough keps on moving through to Too Much! Very energetic to start things off! GIG kinda brought the energy down a bit but quickly picked up with R&R which I was pleasantly suprised with. Then KKJ, this I wanted to hear soo bad and to see what kinda lyrics Dave could make up. Although the beginning gets me everytime when I start singing "Hey golden..." anyways then I think the show from hear started to mellow out a bit. not bad but a lot more slower,softer, a lot more jammier not a bad thing at all!! The end of stone was amazing. on #41 Dave screwed up the first verse and was saying something about a swimming pool haha. #41 was around 15 minutes and LIOG was around 17-18 if anyone wants to know some times. Satelitte was cool to hear for a first for me. Dave was a little off on his timing for some of the lyrics he loked like he was laughing about it. :) I love screw-ups in shows! then WAYG of course and then DIDO followed by Watchtower!! I wanted to hear DIDO tonight cause I love it live! I didn't know if they'd actually play another afterwards but sure enough Stefan starts. and I guess I'll add hear that either Stefan or DAve, i thought it was stefan played Halloween for a few seconds tonight!! so you folks that are going to the remianing shows may get lucky! Watchtower was soooo energetic. Everyone was dancing and going crazy! I actually think well kow this had way more energy then Grey Street in the encore. Gravedigger I figured they'd play one of the nights, sounded a lot more developed then Chicago obviously but I like the whole "Ring around the rosies" thing. and the Grey Street was very nice to hear again1 didn't mind at all, although I was hopeing for an Ants or Two Step finish but not a complaint! Overall only 2 repeats through the night WAYG obvious and Grey Street wasn't minded so two awesome shows from the boys! Hope Halloween turns up before the tour ends. oh and a cool note when DAve was introudcing the opener he mentioned something about Peace is always better than war! :) and Monday night he dedicated the show to Matt I think it was who was fighting Cancer for over 100 days now and his friend Stacy. some Davespeak for ya!
Patrick K.
WOW~! Coming from a Dave Matthews Band vet., i would have to say that the setlist from tonights show blew me away! The only thing that i would have changed about this show was the people with me who thought it necessary to talk during the amazing jamming that went on. Only attending Concerts since 00, I felt left out on the true DMB fanbase that was used to amazing improv jams by the band, and since the release of everyday, every time i would see that electric guitar move out with a stage hand towards Dave, i'd wanted to scream- But tonight consisted of NO Everyday songs, THANK GOD! Even though i say both "where are you going" and "grey street" the previous night, i enjoyed them, and finally felt as if i fit in with a vet. fan of dmb shows expiriencing only the classic songs from Crash on earlier.(except for stone, which is an amazing song and i was more than happy to hear it)I finally have realized that the band is aware that people love the classics, and that's what they played. A previous review had a girl upset because they didn't play enough bftcs,everyday, and lillywhite- and this is the only problem i have with attending these shows have all these ignorant girls showing up to hear only "space between" and "where are you going"- I actually talked to a girl between watchtower and the encore who said these exact words " I only came here to the concert wanting to hear Everyday songs, and maybe "where are you going", but all he has played are songs i've never heard of, and i've only reconized 2(omg) songs from the setlist so far." i realized this by her constantly asking me what song was being played and remarking about how the albums were released years ago and he should stop playing. IGNORANT! So to these people, i beg you, please do not attend the concerts anymore if you seek only these songs, you truely do not understand this band for the talent it has.
What songs on this list were not amazing! This is the first time i've respected Butch Taylor with the Dave Matthews Band for his amazing jams during #41, lie in our graves, and watchtower. While hearing his inspirational movements on the keys during #41, i felt almost as if i were at a Greatful Dead concert. This also is another first timer for me, until now, i've never enjoyed Lassards intros to Watchtower....but DEAR GOD did that bassist have skills last night. I enjoyed how he was constantly messing around between songs while Carter and Dave were talking, it just felt as if he really wanted to be there and play. During "Drive in Drive Out"- Dave through in some new lyrics with the only ones i remember being "Gunna make this song a new one and mess with ya'll"- and i have never heard alternate lyrics to #41, which has been a song which i must have heard 30-40 differnt versions of. #41 was the highlight of the night, which was on an equal level with watchtower. The seemingless(and hopefullness on my part) endless jam to #41 followed by the everyday outro was AMAZING! And Watchtower, wow......i thought i was dreaming. Oppose to what few people have remarked to me today, i enjoyed "gravedigger" because Dave was just amazing. I know my writing in this review makes me sound like a 12yr girl as appose to the 17yr male journalist i am, but i just can't put into words great this concert was. For those who only went the first night, you missed out.
Travis A.
nite two, could it get anybetter then the last! one song say good bye never heard it live -warehouse cd,great drumm intro, then the watchtower, kit kat jamm!!!!!!!!!!!1 drive in drive out was out of this world, once again no partying people in mysection but it will never phase me!!!!!!!!! ths show rocked as usual it seems like every time the keep gettin better and better will it ever stop?
J.P. W.
For my very first DMB show ever, I was blown away!! I was so happy to hear a lot of older songs, compared to the newer songs. I couldn't believe how many Crash songs were played. #41 totally blew me away, along with Lover Lay Down, Lie in Our Graves, Say Goodbye. I was hoping to hear Proudest Monkey, but was totally pleased witht the other songs. I took a buddy with me, it was the first for both of use. We were really pleased and can't wait to do it again. Also the crew members were awesome, got to go backstage to see how they did there sound...didn't get to meet the band, but oh well. I just don't understand how there are people sitting during the concert, I couldn't help but stand up. Awesome show...that's all I can say, one of the best setlist this year!
Lee D.
Much better seats tonight but because of traffic didn't get there until the middle of the second song. SMTS- Sounded good in parking lot. TOO MUCH-Same as above. GRACE IS GONE- I really like this song but it doesn't do it for me live. R & R- Heavy everyone got into it. KIT KAT JAM- I like this song better with lyrics. For some reason I started getting the songs confused here. ONE SWEET WORLD- Great intro and as usaul lovely song played live, but in the intro I thought it was LOVER LAY DOWN- I thought this was Say Good bye which comes later. Wish I had someone of the female persuasion to enjoy this song with. THE STONE- Really wanted to hear this song and I called it earlier in the day. Then out no where comes #41- Very long jam by all, awesome. Then SAY GOODBYE- Sounded wonderful. LIOG- I love to hear this song live, lot of energy and jam sessions. SATELLITE- WAYG- These two kept the radio fans happy. I could've did without them. DIDO- Carter went wild and Dave went mild. AATW- I didn't realize it till I heard Stefans intro jamming which was amazing, but I wanted to hear them play this again. I got the chills when Dave went into his first huge howl. Awesome closer tonight. Luckily the break wasn't as long as last night and Dave came with a solo GRAVEDIGGER- I really like this song. First time hearing it. I was a little disappointed with GREY STREET- Don't get mw wrong a great live song but I was looking for something different. It was a very good concert. We got no Everyday's tonight and only two repeats from the night before. I love the fact that I got to hear some songs that aren't played as much tonight. The Everyday outro was also here but I don't remember which song, crowd didn't get into their part though. One other note, lay off Mexican food before a concert.
I wanted to go to both shows, but was only able to make it the this one. I have several friends who attended both shows and said that this one was the better of the two. I enjoyed the show, but wish that I knew more of the new album. He played a lot of old songs which was nice, and I especially liked Lie in Our Graves- it was amazing. I wish that I could have heard some of my other favorites, Pig (which I heard he played the first night) and Two Step, but was suprised and happy that he played The Stone. Dave always puts on a great show and I will forever be a fan. What amazing talent, wonderful lyrics/songs, and crazy energy!
Once again another amazing show. Highlights for me were SMTS>ASTB>TM to open (a much much better opener than last night), KKJ, OSW, The Stone, #41 (esp. Butch's solo), Gravedigger(outstanding live). The two best songs of the night for me were LIOG, with an incredible jam, including a ridiculous Boyd solo and a great Butch solo, and an awesome reworked DIDO, one of my faves that I never expected to hear. I found LLD and Satellite to be incredibly boring, but I've never been a fan of either of these songs. Also Grey Street to close the encore was expected, but I would have liked Rapunzel or Two Step instead. All in all a great show. Not as good as last night on the whole, but excellent just the same.
Josh H.
No Everyday songs, no Glen Ballard. (i'm sure the teenie boppers were disappointed). I've waited 2 years now for that to happen and i got to be there when it did. Phenomenal show. Attended Hersheypark on 7/21 and also Mondays show at UMB and as usual the Everyday songs killed the crowd enthusiam. Tonight that never happened as the only lull in the crowd occured during Kit Kat Jam. Finally got to hear Gravedigger live, an outstanding song already and the band hasn't touched it yet. The band came to play, they joked on stage with each other and with the crowd and brought a remarkable amount of energy both nights. Probably because of the two week break in the tour before Stl. Hershey Pa was the worst Dave show i had ever seen or heard as the bands energy was seriously lacking. Last night and tonight restored my faith in this band. Oh, and did Boyd come to play or what. No complaints, how often can you say that?
It was a great show. Unfortunately, I only get to see one or two a year and I wish I had seen the show from the night before, as well. The set list was terrific...Gravedigger was phenomenal. To hear Dave solo is amazing...the sounds that come from one instrument when he plays... The song that Butch played, by the way, was Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. Very very cool. Love the idea of Bach, Beethoven, and, of course, Dave. Doggone's beyond words to see people play with such passion. It was worth the long trip and the hotel room that made my allergies go into overdrive. Grey Street was a perfect end to a great night.
Mike H.
Fantastic experience. Music rocked and I am glad the show featured many older songs. Drove to show from Virginia and had DMB tunes in my head all the way home. Venue sits with lawn facing a three way intersection, noise and lights from traffic were a constant distraction. I vote we outlaw cell phones from all concerts! Loved the extended intro to All Along the Watchtower with Butch on the keyboard. Thanks for the third time this year DMB. Well done.
This show and last nights shows were 2 of the best that I have seen, and they were my 11th & 12th shows! Everybody has already posted my same thoughts on the positives; except for one... and I cannot believe that this has not been brought up... it's not even listed as an outro on the setlist. Did you all forget about the Everyday outro, I can't remember which song but sang half of Everyday, my personal highlight of the show.
Lisa E.
Tonights show was absolutely amazing! Last night I had 6th row and tonight row MM and it was even better. The crowd around me was so into the music. Everyone I spoke to and icluding myself especially enjoyed all of the older DMB music, Sattelite, Lie in our Graves, Lover Lay Down, and most of all #41! That was so great. The newer music was really great too. THe whole band really got into the songs and rocked out. And then All Along the Watchtower totally completed the night. The song was so energetic and the crowd really got into it. The song selection was overall really good tonight and it was a really great concert. Like I said, the older music was really nice to hear. The fans still enjoy to hear them.