Dave Matthews Band
UMB Bank Pavilion, Maryland Heights, Missouri
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Corey Haris & the 5 X 5

What Would You Say *
Grey Street *
Dont Burn The Pig *
Dave Improv
You Never Know *
Captain *
When The World Ends *
Dancing Nancies * -->
Warehouse (Stop-time Intro) *
Crush *
Bartender *
Fool To Think *
Jimi Thing *
Loving Wings * -->
Where Are You Going *
What You Are *
Digging a Ditch *
Tripping Billies *

* with Butch Taylor on keys

Dale P.
This was my second concert, my first being in Antioch this July. I must say, the clarity and the sound quality tonight were exceptional, but the lineup of songs was like a dream. There was quite a bit of Busted Stuff played. . .Grey Street was exceptional, as was Captain. Crush was good as always. . .I was disappointed by the lack of Crash material, but Tripping Billies for the encore was fantastic. The content from Everyday was done well too, When the World Ends was great. . .this is coming from one of those guys who doesn't much care for Everyday. Let me get down to it though. . .Dancing Nancies and Warehouse back to back was. . . like something out of a dream. . .then to have Jimi Thing as well. Most of my personal favorites were covered. The crowd was great, the sound great, the performers above and beyond, the jams and solos were stellar. . .even though I've little to compare it to personally. . .I say it was wonderful.
In a word, this show was ridiculous. Great energy; great set; great jams. Many songs were first-timers for me. By far the best of the three I have seen. The one big achilles heel was WWYS as an opener. Good song, bad opener. The highlight of the show came with the Nancies, Warehouse, Crush, Bartender stretch. esp. the little jams to end Crush and Nancies. There wasn't a bad song in the set. Even WAYG and FTT are good live, and I was really impressed with the full-band Loving Wings and the Jimi Thing. The topper was the Billies closer, which we didn't expect at all. The rest of the songs in the set speak for themselves, IMO. We'll see what they do to top it tomorrow. Til then.
Michael H.
Tonight was a fantastic, energetic show - the first show in 15 days, so the boys were aching to bring down the house. I drove from Lawrence, KS all the way to St. Louis to see the guys and they did NOT disappoint. i just got back to KS and here is the review: The band entered the stage and Dave played the the opening for **WWYS** - and the crowd ate it all up - the band continued through the song with a great couple-minute jam in the bridge. A fantastic open. the guy behind me called the next song: **Grey Street**. this is just a great song. I'm still getting used to the Busted Stuff lyrics from how they used to be a couple years ago, but i can't complain. The song was pretty standard (a little fun at the end of course). Next they played **Pig** - i like this song. I loved hearing it live, it felt very real watching them play it and singing, "Love! love!? what more is there? We need the light of love in here..." the boys took there time, shuffling about between songs, not in any kind of rush. they played a little **improv jam** - started with Dave, then added Carter and Stefan, and finally LeRoi and Boyd to become a fun little diddy. they quieted and bromke into **You Never Know**. I appreciate this song. the guitar sounded great and of course the rest of the band did, too, but it was not too different from the CD the way that the boys tend to make their shows. (i still liked it). **Captain** was pretty much like the CD (i like it the Olde Dave and Tim acoustic way or Lillywhite Session way better than the new mix... Next came **When the World Ends** which I enjoy - this song is intense live, moreso than on Everyday, it sounds pretty much the same, but it felt so different (the boys have done a good job getting this one out of the studio). Now we get into some old school original goodness... two beats from a G Chord...dropped back to an F# and a little "Could I have been.." and **Dancing Nancies** had the warmest welcome yet (it is good to know that there are plenty of REAL DMB fans out there and not just these 12 year old girls who want to hear "where are you going" b/c it is on the radio) It was an awesome song - played very well - Boyd rocked all night long. i'll say it again: boyd rocked all night long. this was SO his night...(i will say it again later...) they transitioned from Boyd's final violin scream into... **WAREHOUSE** (i love this song!) It was great. i really enjoyed the stop-time intro, but i hate the "woo"s that the crowd adds in b/w the guitar. But i love watching Dave's hands go to town on this song - really smooth... then the bass line kicks in some **Crush** and all the girls go crazy (ok so did I!) i like it and danced hard (and called my girlfriend to let her hear it). it was great work - good to see it having come together, working out. It was good, and cracks me up how dave can never seem to remember all the verses, but i guess he has the freedom to choose how to sing HIS song.. :) So throughout the night, dave switches his guitar between almost every song. and whenever he'd grab his 12-string i'd beg from **Bartender**... Here it comes... BEAUTIFULLY done. i am still amazed that after 3 years the simplicity of this song is hidden by its beauty. the voacls were great, the drums, everything, the jam at the end for several minutes...MMMMMMMMMMMMM, good. another guitar... an electric... (ok that narrows it down to the Everyday CD...) - they come in together playing *Fool to Think** a song i have liked, but never appreciated until tonight. This song was great. i really enjoyed this one. it sounds SO MUCH better than on the CD which sounds ok to me. i have heard that the band has done a lot of work on the everyday songs, but this is beyond what i had expected - i loved it.

and now...the HIGHLIGHT of the evening: **JIMI THING** - OH MY GOSH - this just rocked. the volume on the intro was nice so you could actually hear the opening riff. pretty typical as Jimi Thing goes, but it was just cool (a great song to hear) they jammed for a while with it, giveing the band some time to shine..(boyd doing his stuff again - he's so cool) and dave stepping out of the light off of the stage for a little bit while the rest of the band keeps the momentum building. after a couple minutes, Dave comes back to wow the crowd with an acoustic guitar solo (with drums and bass keeping the beat and music moving). it was fun to watch (he fumbled i think once or twice, but he could have meant to do that...) and it helped me to dance :) after this they played one i haven't yet heard: **Loving Wings** I thought it was going to be Where are you Going? but it wasn't...they played it for a while and some folks seemed to know it, but after the band played the same stuff for several minutes, folks began to sit down.. i figured they were trying to segue into *Where are You Going?** but they couldn't seem to make it happen, so dave mumbled something, they stoped and THEN went into the song. it was a crowd pleaser. i liked it, but I like YNK better. He closed the night with **What You Are** off Everyday. yeah this one was kinda cool (sounded better than the CD, but i am not a huge fan of this i went to spend $28 on a Tour Shirt) We had to EARN our encore. it was rough - the guys didn't come out for like 10 minutes or something rediculous, but we needed more. We got *Diggin a Ditch** (yeah, fine) and **Tripping Billies** which i love, but i was going to the parking lot like a little heathen just to beat traffic, but hey, that's how i got back to Kansas so fast. Overall - the show was GREAT - very powerful - a lot of favorites but missing some more (no #41 = BOO!). One song I am DYING to hear is Recently, but we'll see if he plays it in KS on 9.3.2 with some other stuff like Two Step or Ants... tongiht 8.26.2 was a great night - a lot of energy a lot of dancing, a lot of fun. And I have to go to bed so i can go to class in the AM.
Steven, U.
Wow guys; my first show, and well worth the wait (3 years)! First off, the lows: UMB sucks. The traffic to get to the concert was normal concert traffic, but UMB needs to figure out how to expedite traffic (gotta love 101.1FM play'n all DMB though, need to hear more of that.) The only other real "low" was that I was sitt'n right in front of a speaker, so I'm half deaf even now, and the sound quality definitely left something to be desired; not a serious complaint though. The setlist: WWYS: Great because I was with two radio friendly people, though I was hoping for Greystreet. At least most people there knew this song. Not very much dance'n or move'n in my section (throughout the entire show really.) I was hoping to see John Popper come out on this one (he had been in St.Louis this weekend) but no dice :( GreyStreet: I had called this one as the opener. 2nd's close, right? ;-P I had been hoping for this song, however, it seemed like the sound people were still trying to set levels because it sounded like krap where I was sitting. If i didn't know the words, I wouldn't have been able to hear them at all. Very powerful. Dave Improv: I don't know what was up with this (I haven't heard any other 2002 shows) but I've never heard it before. Something about "The world is blowing up" and I don't remember what else. REALLY tight acoustic, just dave, one verse, lasted like, a minute and a half at most. Captain was great, WWTE was standard with the exception of taking out "we'll be sweet make'n love" and replacing with "we'll be smoking it up" or something. Nancies: WOW! THIS is where the show started. He played the first two notes and i went nutz! The people directly behind me, very front of lawn left center, THANK YOU for helping me get people yell'n. I was just pray'n he wasn't going to tease it. He drew out the little intro quite a bit and that was cool, but I was SOO paranoid we were going to JUST get the intro. AWESOME solo by Boyd; everyone's going wild, then, voulah, Warehouse! I helped my section get into the "Woos" and such, that was cool, more great jamming. Crush was a sweet sweet surprise that had the entire crowd going crazy as far as I could tell; I didn't think I'd get to hear this one tonight. More GREAT jamming. Bartender was superb; SOO poweful and 100 times better LIVE. Fool to think was the biggest "downer" in the setlist as far as I was concerned; just not a big fan of it. Jimi Thing was a SWEET SWEET surprise but pretty standard IMHO. Loving Wings was "pretty" and WAYG had the place a fire hazard; nice songs though. What You Are was incredible and was dedicated to a kid named "matt whose been kicking cancer's ass for the last 100 days." I was VERY dissapointed with the crowd on this one; this one was rocking IMHO. The encore break seemed like it took FOREVER, but we got it! DAD was a let down, I was hoping for Aint it Funny or waste or something acoustic, but DAD was nice. Billies was good, but it should have been in the set list. I was hoping for Ants or Watchtower; oh well, there's always tomorrow night, and no complaints at all about the setlist tonight! (other than FTT.) Lawn seats for the next show, see if they can top this set list! Great show!
Phil M.
The boys came out for this show full of energy and ready to kick off the last leg of the summer tour. They pulled out a good handful of jam songs that made for an excellent 2 1/2 hour set. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY-good opener, got the crowd right in it. Leroi had a nice solo which got the crowd excited. Saw him pull out the 12-string and knew he was going into GREY STREET. Excellent version. Steffan and Boyd took over and really kept the crowd on their feet. PIG-WOW!!! First time I've seen it live and worth every minute of it. The boys sounded really tight and the lighting was awesome. One of the best songs of the evening. YOU NEVER KNOW-Dave had a little improv before Carter's drum solo intro. An excellent live song, definitely a future concert staple song. CAPTAIN-sounds much better in concert then the studio version. A slow mellow song, the crowd didn't respond so well to it though. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS-standard version got the crowd back into it. Then heard the opening chords for....DANCING NANCIES. AWESOME..turned into a giant sing along, got everyone on their feet. Boyd tore the roof off the place. Knew they had to go into WAREHOUSE and sure enough they did. Another great song. Excellent version nice jam at the end w/Carter doing his scat vocals. Then between songs...ANYONE ELSE HEAR THE HALLOWEEN bass line tease by Steffan? That would of brought the crowd to their feet, but CRUSH did a good job in and of itself. Very beautiful version with the lighting and lighters in the crowd. Stefan and Boyd took over at the end with a nice long jam, along with Carter's drum solo. BARTENDER....possibly the best version of the song I have seen. Nice long intro by Boyd, Butch had a nice solo placed near the end before Leroi's flute solo. Clocked it at over 14 minutes!! FOOL TO THINK-standard song...good Everyday song live. JIMI THING-got the crowd back on their feet...giant sing along again. At least 15 minutes long with a nice long guitar solo by Dave. I liked the jam they did at the end, a funkier version. LOVING WINGS-I really liked this song. Most people had no idea what it was. They were respectful though so you could hear the lyrics, nice jam at the end going into WHERE ARE YOU GOING. Sweet, standard version got the crowd back on it's feet. Saw him go to the electric and figured it was WHAT YOU ARE. I really like this song as a closer. Much better performed live on this tour then last years. Tons of energy...Dave's wailing and the lighting for the intro had a nice vibe. Since at this point we had yet to hear anything from Crash..I was thinking Two Step as the closer. They came back after a long break with a sweet mellow version of DIGGING A DITCH. The turquoise and purple lights set the mood. Expecting TWO STEP, but they bust into the opening chords for TRIPPING BILLIES. A great closer, full of energy, the lighting was awesome. Boyd and Carter stole the song from start to finish. Overall great show, looking forward to the weekend shows at Alpine Valley.
J. L.
FIRST OFF- TRAFFIC WTF!!! We came up from Nashville for this thing and it took nearly as long to get in the venue as it did to drive to St Louis. The worst layout possible. The venue itself was very nice though. The crowd--sucked ass, were horrible, the guys were really really trying to get the crowd into it and when they jammed out Nancies some people actually realized they were at a DMB show. Getting back to the show itself, due to traffic we walked right up into the middle of PIG, (it took us 2 hrs to drive 3 miles) so we missed WWYS and Grey St. Then Dave played what they are calling DAVE IMPROV, little short and sweet, we think its the new song everyone is buzzing about. YNK- great great version. really happy to hear this tonight. CAPTAIN- very good version, the crowd was a sleep though, 85% of them hadn't heard IDI so they felt out of place. WTWE- solid version, really didnt see it coming, crowd really liked it. (THE HIGH PT OF THE SHOW) NANCIES->WAREHOUSE-old school style folks, and me and my bro Bo called this, NANCIES was unreal, BOYD was going NUTS!!! cant explain, just amazing, then WAREHOUSE, Boyd goes nuts again!!! the whole place was going insane. CRUSH- Stefan was really gitty the whole night on bass, and he fooled us all night by laying down licks between half the songs, anyway, the highlite of CRUSH was instead of "drink some wine till we get drunk" he said "burn some grass till the next song" pretty cool, someone needs to ck that for sure. BARTENDER- great as always, FOOL- personal favorite from EVERYDAY. JIMI- damn boyd was loving it, great to hear, everyone had a great little solo. LW- first time this was JAMMED out, LeRoi was nuts on this, made a great song much much better, I hope they do this in shows to come. WAYG- good version, all the teen Boppers loved it. WYA- AWESOME Dave came to the mic and said something like "Our good friend Matt has been kicking cancers ass for 100 days so this song is for him and his friend Stepahnie" the intro was alot longer than some from earler, and it rocked, amazing version. ENCORE- BO and I are swearing on this, and we hope we aren't dreaming this- Stefan teased w/ Last Stop alittle bit, we went nuts but Dave stepped in w/ DAD, good version but we really really wanted LAST STOP. BILLIES- good version, Boyd was right on it tonight for this song and all songs tonight. All in all, I give this show a 8.5, would have been one of the best I ever saw if the crowd was there. Better luck for night 2. BUT GET THIS SHOW!!! great set list
Before I get into the review of the main act I need to say something about the band on the side stage; Carbon Leaf. These guys were amazing. Check them out if you get a chance. On to the main event. Last nights show was a good. Not great, but not to far away from it. The opener was definitley a suprize, but nice. The highlights for me were Nancies into to Warehouse and the Halloween (before Bartender) and Last Stop(at the encore) teases from Stefan. I don't know if you would actually call them teases, but he was definitely playing them. Oh, yeah, and the "Dave improv" was nice to. Anyways, I don't have many complaints about my 15th show.
Chip H.
Last Nights show at UMB was one of the best shows that I have ever seen. This was my ninth show and my third at this venue and it totally kicked ass. The traffic getting ito the concert took nearly 2 hours, and I ended up missin WWYS, but I hitailed it in there to catch the middle of Grey Street, what an awesome song, and the crowd really responded to it. There was a slight lullin the mood at the show until they played Dancing Nancies, the energy that the song created was unreal! What better of a song to go into next other that Warehouse, Oh My God!!! The best part of the entire night was hearing Bartender, what a great song to hear live. Even though there was not much of crash played tonight the band really came to play, like they had something to prove. Stefan was really into the show as he had many litte improve solos, and especially leading into Crush, the place erupted when they heard that first bass line intro. It was also great to hear Dave playing solo on guitar, man did he jam. Carter was smiling lke he always does and looked like he was just out to have a great time. Boyd rocked the house in Nancies and Warehouse. It was awesome seeing the energy from these guys. LeRoi also really seemed to be in his groove playing a few long jams giving the crowd a chance to rest there voices. All in all an awesome show and I can't wait t see what they can do tonigt to try and top last night, should be tough. Thank you DMB!!!!
because at the last minute my man rick came through with a 6th row seat dead center. the set was great, JIMI was so energetic, and i knew they would finally play DANCING NANCIES for me. i love it when they lead into WAREHOUSE. that improv was cool, i dont know what it was and the shout out for mike (i think that was his name) was very cool. i just cant say enough about the show because this was the closet i have sat out of all the shows i have been to. great great show tonight.
Kevin L.
This was my third show and I think it was the best. That's saying a lot since I saw the performance at the New Orleans Jazz Fest last year with special appearances by Lenny Kravitz and Paul Simon. But the 8/26/02 show was great. The guys seemed to be playing with so much energy. The highlight was Dancing Nancies into Warehouse. Also last night, Boyd totally stole the show. He played the hell out of that violin. Great show, hopefully I will get to see them again soon.
Ok, I thought the concert overall was pretty good. First though, I missed the first few songs cuz of the parking problems which was terrible, and I missed Pig which I have been wanting to hear live for so long. Came in on Captain and it sounded like the Cd, and the crowd seemed pretty relaxed, i guess they lost some energy fast. But it was pretty nice and mellow. Then When the world ends, it was pretty tight, i think everytime you hear it, it gets better. Finally, some OLD DAVE THANK U. Dancing nancies was given some big cheers as soon as the first few notes were played. i had been praying for them to play this and for a red rocks kinda jam. surely, boyd starting stealing the show right here. man did he kick ass along with carter, the end of that song is so powerful. of course, they went straight into warehouse which was amazing also, and it was fun to hear some "wooo's" in the into from the crowd who were all on their feet and pumped up. then, someone next to me said they were playing Halloween but i couldnt hear it. instead came crush, damn it sounded good. i havent heard this one live yet and wanted to hear the jam and i was surpised to hear it soo good. everyone was dancing and singing. bartender, probably the longest jam was nice to hear but people began to sit down in the end with lerois sweet little solo. fool to think was much better than ive ever heard it. the next song had to be loving wings, which ive never heard and it was hard to hear cuz of some disrespectful people talking amongst themselves as loud as possible just cuz they havent heard the song. the best song of the night besides dancing nancies had to be jimi thing... which keeps getting funkier and funkier. everyone soloed and daves acoustic solo was so tight, all funky with some big old triplets along with carter that made the crowd explode. where are u going was predicted and sounded just like the CD but was a break to relax. it was about the only song the girls in front of me knew and they sure did explode and had to call their friends to tell them. then dave pulls out the electric so it had to be what you are, and yep, and it was again the best ive ever heard an everyday song. dave sure went crazy and the crowd liked it alot. then the encore seemed like forever, maybe 10-15 min. at this point, i was totally thinking something crash, like two step, to finish off the concert and otherwise, watchtower. suddenly, steffan begins Last Stop for a few measures but it was a tease. instead, more busted stuff with diggin a ditch. it was sweet but i was expecting to hear cry freedom cuz he had been playing lately. surely then, two step? nope, tripping billies but no bother, this song blew the roof off with BOYD GOIN CRAZY. it finished off a very solid concert with a fair crowd and some good sound. hope to go to KC in a week.
Jason C.
Tonights show was so awesome. Dave matthews you have done it again. I have been to so many show and have left everyone thinking that it was the best I have ever seen. I took my three year old boy tonight and had the time of my life. He loves the song Drive in and Drive out but dave said that he wasn't going to play it dave And I went out to dinner two days before the show and I told him to play DIDO but he thought that I was takeing my boy on the second night and that is when he playedit!!!
Just got back from tonight's show, which was pretty good. Opening with WWYS would have been awesome if it had been a more energetic performance. And while the next few songs were enjoyable, the crowd just wasn't in it. I heard somebody behind me complaining that the crowd wasn't making enough noise. The energy began building around dancing nancies, warehouse was good as always, and crush is always a crowd pleaser. Bartender was awesome, not the best i've seen (i.e. the July 5 show), but still intense. the crowd really started getting into the show at this point, which compensated for the nonparticipation of the first half. Loving Wings was cool, and WAYG was pretty good, too. DAD wasn't the best choice for an encore, it seemed to really slow things down. Tripping Billies as a show closer is always fantastic and explosive, if used too often. Nonetheless, it was the highlight of the show, followed up by Bartender.
Meagan F.
Tonight definitely had a lot of energy! I didn't care for WWYS as an opener but thats alright still a great song! then I saw the 12-string and knew it had to be Grey street! I LOVE this song I was going crazy. Pig was amazing to hear again for me. This improve I had no idea what it was but it shortly ended and YKN took over. This song ranks as one of my top DMB songs. Next Captain was VERY nice to hear live having not heard it yet. WTWE haha Dave after burning one said something about smoking it up with the band was all quiet but of course the crowd was screaming so I couldn't fully make it out. then DN!!! OMG I wanted to hear this song soooo bad and then it came! I was in to dazed that they were actually playing it to understand what Dave was saying before he went into the song and during the middle I told my friend I will die if they go into warehouse then there it was! The Whoo's didn't seem as loud as I've heard em but the crowd was definitely into it. Crush and Bartender nice to hear again live. last time I heard Crush there was no jam on the end but tonight it was nicely jammed at the end so very cool. FTT alright. Jimi Thing ahh I love this one I was going nuts although I dont think it can beat Chicago's with Dave doing that dance he did but it was still awesome. LW had never heard so it sounded good...WAYG, screams came, not exactly from me but then WYA I LOVE this song the ending and beginning has made it one of my favorites. Quite suprised to hear DAD in the encore but it was my first time to hear it so it was alright and then TB! This was nuts me and some people in front of me were dancing all in the aisles going crazy!! definitely brought the energy throughout the whole night into one song! crowd at least around me was very cool some fans dancing and loving every minute nice to see and also seemed there weren't that many radio fans screaming for only WAYG so that was good! oh and I swear I heard Stefan start Halloween for a few seconds.
Travis A.
it just keeps getting better every show does, the band was so on the mmoney it was not even funny i was dissapointed with the fans around my section they sat throught alot of the show, well anyway nanncies,warehouse combo hair was raising everywhere. what you are finnishing off the set with that extending singing, then trippin billies was the perfect way to end it out F****** standing
This was my first ever DMB concert and it was just great to go see the band perform. You could really tell the boys were happy to be back on the road and finish a great spring and summer tour. So now into the review....WWYS, what a great opener...great energy from Boyd and you would see it the whole night from him...GREY ST...this was awesome great energy still from the band...good yelling from dave...PIG...this was kinda supring to hear this was great to hear it..but it seemed like the crowd really wasnt into this one...YNK...carter had a great intro to this one...crowd got more into this one than Pig..this sounded really great tonight...this one was Carter's...CAPTAIN..LeRoi was great here and so was Stefan..Carter also shined on was typical though...WTWE...this was average...nothing really special about this one, but it was nice to hear..first Everyday song of the night...DANCING NANCIES--WAREHOUSE..this had to be the highlight of the night..dave did the talking heads intro to this..Dancing Nancies was just unbelieveable it was mouth-dropping..then for Warehouse..Boyd had some nice plucking in this...CRUSH..these three songs in a row were just amazing...Crush had some kind of feeling in it that just wanna make you get up and was really great to hear these three songs in a row...BARTENDER..not much dave yelling in this was cool to see..a very mellow jam...FOOL TO THINK..this version was not a big fan of this song..this really quieted the crowd down..suprisingly because its an Everyday song...JIMI THING...tonights Jimi Thing was mind boggeling...Boyd, LeRoi, and Dave all had great solo's...the jam was just great in this one...LOVING WINGS---WAYG...Loving Wings killed the crowd..there were a lot of lighters in the lawn so that was cool to see...when WAYG started playing the crowd loved this one...i thought both these were ok...WHAT YOU ARE...this version was cool...most people didnt get into it, but I think that this is one of the better Everday songs...some people were really getting into probably is the most progressed song of the tour...Now just for the encore break...this was as long as a song...the boys must of been gone for about 10 minutes...DIGGING A DITCH...was pretty predictable...nothing special about it...TRIPPIN BILLIES...this was a huge suprise...Boyd went nuts here as did Dave..this was a great ending to what was a great concert...see everyone tomorrow which i hope will be a great concert
Lee D.
This is my fourth and my first review so bear with me. First off let me say the traffic situation was horrible. I know there were people still out on the road trying to get in when the show started. Didn't have the greatest seats, Far Left. The venue needs to cut their tree on this side because it partially obscured the screen. There was a ton of energy from the band and this was one where Boyd stole the show, he went off. WWYS-Got the crowd into it right from the beginning. GREY STREET- Very good version. PIG- Love to hear this song live, just awesome. Dave Improv here but I couldn't quite hear it. YNK- Pretty much studio version, but I like it. CAPTAIN- My friend loves this song, like studio version. WTWE- This song is much better live than in the studio. They seemed to be losing the crowd here as people had been sitting for the last three songs, then they brought the crowd to its feet with DANCING NANCIES- First time I have heard this song live and it was just as I expected, the crowd had a great big sing-a-long. They went right into WAREHOUSE- I thought Boyd was going to tear a rotator cuff or something in this part of the show. These two songs were the highlight of the night. CRUSH-Long jamming session but I've heard it longer. Then right here I froze. I thought my dream had come true. Stefan teased Halloween. My friend heard it too so I knew it wasn't my imagination. BARTENDER- Great live song. I love when Dave steps back about two feet from the mike and lets it rip. FOOL TO THINK-Much better live than I thought it would be. JIMI THING- You gotta love this song live. LOVING WINGS- First time for this song and I really didn't get to listen. People were talking and I kept fielding questions about what this song was. WAYG- Kept the radio people happy. WHAT YOU ARE- My favorite off Everyday. Dave lets loose on this song. Then a freakin longggggg encore break. Didn't think they would ever come back. Good 10-15 minutes. When they came back out I wasn't sure but I thought I heard a little of The Last Stop, maybe my imagination. DIGGIN A DITCH- Good mellow song. I was thinking either Two Step or TRIPPIN BILLIES- Satisfied my friend and Boyd and Carter played like it was the last song they would ever play. Overall it was an excellent show almost great. This was Boyd's show.
Ali R.
Yes...very 8th show. We drove up from Dallas and it was definitely worth it. First of all Dave improv was sooo cool. Songs that I hadnt heard like Captain, Nancies, Loving Wings, Digging a Ditch, and Fool to think..were niiice. The band was totally on. You know they're on when Boyd is running all over the place and Dave is dancing like crazy. Dave tore up Jimi Thing at the end. What you are as a closer was badass. Everything about the show was great, awesome crowd and even nice weather. was worth missing the first two days of classes. ok..take care..buh bye.