Dave Matthews Band
Polaris Amphitheater, Columbus, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Doyle Brammhall II & Smokestack

Grey Street *
You Never Know *
When The World Ends *
Captain *
Bartender *
Song That Jane Likes *
Proudest Monkey * -->
Satellite *
Rhyme & Reason *
Dancing Nancies *
I Did It *
What Would You Say *
Loving Wings * -->
Where Are You Going *
Jimi Thing * -->
Ants Marching *
Gravedigger +
Everyday (#36) *
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Glenn S.
The set and the show were solid but the energy from the crowd wasn't there. Granted, the band was mellow tonight, but it was still really bad. No one even sang the #36 intro to Everyday! The only time they really cheered or sang along was when a radio song came on. Still, the highlights of show were Dave screwing up on Grey Street, Bartender, Dancing Nancies, and Gravedigger. I'm sure tomorrow night will be more energetic.
Highlight of the show came before the first note was played, when Dave induced a pretty senorita standing at the rail into flashing her boobs. She was rewarded with a pair of Carter's sticks and a guitar pick. Interesting set list, with an emphasis on older tunes, and only one appearance by the eletric guitar. Fun night.
Ryan Z.
I think I set some type of record or something.... this was my 6th show tonight and I saw SEVEN songs that i never seen before, and had an Amazing time with My mom and a good buddy (and yes... i did take my mom to the concert :). GREY STREET- I think this was a great opener, it def. got me dancing and i even liked hearing the 3rd verse twice because of dave screwing up a bit but hey.... he's human lol. YOU NEVER KNOW - This is one of my favorite songs right now and it was amazing tonight. Absolutely loved the little solo by Carter in the begining and the rest of the song just flowed great. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS- This is the one song that never changes, i've heard this a few times now and it sounds just like the album every time, but still a nice little jam. CAPTAIN- I've gotten a couple tease's of this so it was nice to hear this tonight, Suprisingly this was one that my mom really liked... A dancing machine i tell ya lol. BARTENDER- WOW... So much emotion behind this song, and to hear it and see dave screaming just gave me goosebumps, def. an amazing song.... Leroi was amazing with his penny whistle, to think a tiny whistle like that, how much it adds to a song, amazing i tell ya !. SONG THAT JANE LIKES- ahhh!! i loved it! waited so long to hear it and i'm very glad its back in the rotation, its a song that should have never left. PROUDEST MONKEY- i'm not really a fan of it but it was great to hear. Its one of the songs i've never heard before so it was good to hear and add to my list of songs. SATELLITE- It might of been just me but i thought it sounded a little different, sounded great but i thought there was a little change... well played. RHYME $ REASON- Eh... it was alright, seemed to get the crowd going a little bit. DANCING NANCIES- YEAH BABY... VERY GRRRR :) simply amazing, a freind told me that its one of the best songs to hear in concert and man was she right. I got the biggest smile when it came on, and let me tell you... I don't know how some of the people could stand getting all the teases of this song a few shows back... How could dave do that to ya! I DID IT- very good! All you people hate this song but then when its playing your all dancing and chearing. Its an awsome jam with that eletric guitar so let the boys enjoy themselves ! WHAT WOULD YOU SAY- haven't heard it in a while.. Very nice, nice jam in the middle. LOVING WINGS- only disapointment of the night. Dave seemed to forget the little amount of words to the song and it was so low so you couldn't hear much. But it is very catchy and looking forward to hearing it further on down the road. WHERE ARE YOU GOING- Sounded good, very basic but it was a good one for the crowd. JIMI THING- BOO YA! very nice boys..very nice , and i loved the jam at the end, sounded very jazzy, a beat that will just make you dance like hell! ANTS MARCHING- Another good one, you can't go wrong with this song. It pumped up the crowd so much that we were still yelling 10 min. later after it was done till dave came out(took him a while for some reason) GRAVEDIGGER- this has come along ALOT and i love it, awsome tune. EVERYDAY(#36) Personally not a GREAT closer but still nice to hear, Boyd with his WA WA pedal was awsome. Wish everybody was a little louder with there "Hani Hani's" but waht can ya do :) But overall a Great show! Can't wait till tom. and beleive me.... it will be a show you'll want to get!
Joe P.
wow,definitely an awesome show, the first 4 of 5 songs were off busted stuff, grey street was a good opener, bartneder,dancing nancies,and dave's solo on jimi were among the highlights. very radio friendly show with wwys,ants, and i did it. crowd was a bit quiet for many of the jams but oh well, dave still rocked as always
Jason V.
Great show!!!....i thought the energy through the crowd was great....nice start with grey street nothing special tho. Kind of a slow start playing alot of the newer stuff but very good versions of each. Great version of song that jane likes kind of a surprising pick but great anyway.Good versions of rhyme and reason and and satelite were in their to. Picked up quite a bit when they played dancing nancies very good version of that. Decent version of i did it but theirs not much special you can do to that.Then he played a new song "loving wings" and it was good but i couldent really here the lyrics but none the less a good song.the crowd went crazy when he played jimi thing...........really good long jam with the band then went into antz marching...always great. I enjoyed the encore with the song gravedigger and everyday. All and all it was one of the best shows ive seen them play...they seemed pretty solid and really enjoyed themselvs........cant wait for tommorow night but the boys are gonna have to play to top tonights show......if any of you have any comments IM me on crashjbv
Matt M.
Ok first off, I have to say that of the seven DMB shows I have seen, this is by far #1. The boys came out to an insane ovation and Dave just kinda stood there with his hand over his heart sayin' thanks. Then after he gave some girl a couple drum sticks and a pick, he busted out Grey Street which was totally amazing. He started singing the last chorus in the wrong spot and just kind of walked away from the mic in the middle of it (pretty good cover). Up next was You Never Know which is slowly becoming one of my favorite tunes by the band. When the World Ends was pretty standard, but I was diggin' how they got really quiet during the "we'll be burning one" part. Captain followed and I couldn't help but think that the song reminds me of 80's talk show music, but it's still groovy as all hell. Bartender.....WOW. I have never seen Dave go off like he did at the end of this. I also was diggin' his litte drunk walk up to the mic before it started. As the song began to fade, I started talking to the people around me, but suddenly stopped mid-sentence when I heard "I got a little sister named Jane...." After six shows and I finally heard this!!!!! It was amazing, and Dave started singing the wrong verse in the wrong spot again and just kinda rolled his eyes and moved along. He seemed to be in a great mood tonight. Up next was a song I never wanted to hear before, but man I am so happy they played it. Proudest Monkey into Satellite was amazing and totally full of emotion. Rhyme and Reason was a suprise to hear, but didn't even hold a candle to what came next......"Could I have been a parking lot attendant?" HOLY SHIT.....NANCIES TOTALLY ROCKED THE HOUSE. This is definately in the top three with LIOG (7-5-00) and Minarets (6-4-01). I was hoping they would go right into Warehouse ala Red Rocks, but nosir. I Did It was standard (and the only electric song....WOO HOO!!). What Would You Say was great and seemed to be jammed out longer than usual. Loving Wings kinda lost the crowd, but Where Are You Going kinda broght them back. Jimi Thing was also quite groovy and as soon as the last note was played, out of nowhere Carter started in with the snare. I was hoping they would let the crowd sing (who were pretty into the show before dissapointing me...that comes later). Overall though Ants was amazing and Boyd's solo was toally sick!!!! Encore break was extra long, then Dave comes out and plays Gravedigger about as eerily beautiful as a song can be. I thought they were going into Long Black Veil next, but it turned out to be Everyday. Amazing version, but the crowd, who had been totally into the show DIDN'T SING HANI HANI......what the hell was that all about? However Dave covered their asses and ended the song with the first verse of #36 (very similar to Listerner Supporter version). Overall gotta be an 8.5 out of 10 and if they continue the trend of the tour, night two should be nearing the perfect 10 category........We can only wait and see. Until then......Cheers
Ok, I must have been warped back in time for part of this set, cause I thought that I was on the Under the Table and Dreaming tour or something. 6 tunes off of UTTAD. Amazing. Plus Proudest Monkey, Gravedigger, and The Song That Jane Likes. Honestly, I thought it was a great set, the sound was great, the band was on, and Dave couldn't get the damn words out right. Hey, it happens. He has a lot of words up there in his head. The only complaint is that there was NOTHING off of BTCS. This has been a complaint of mine a few of the times that I've seen them. I really don't know why they don't play stuff from that album. But, other than that, there's no complaints. It was a great show.
As noted, the energy just seemed to be lacking tonight, there were great moments but I just couldn't get into it. The setlist was an interesing choice, but I must say it was one of the finer ones I have had in my 7 shows. A lot of songs too. Nancies was awesome, as was Ants, Jimi Thing, WWYS, the list just goes on. Can't wait to hear what he pulls out tonight. In all, I thought the show was going to be a bust, but then DMB redeemed themselves and pulled out some great tunes like The Song That Jane Likes!!! And for my money Boyd stole the show as he usually does live.
ALl that I have to say is "wow!" That was such an incredibly show by the boys. The first ten songs were absolutely incredible. Grey Street was an incredible opener. Then the band did STJL, Proudest Monkey, Satellite, R&R, and Dancing Nancies. Incredible. It was also funny because on the first song, Grey Street, Dave mixed up the lyrics and when he did he kinda looked back at Carter and smiled. It seemed like the guys were into it and it was a really great show.
Awesome night!! Don't know how the energy was in the back but from the front row it was amazing. Yes some girl flashed Dave for a pair of drum sticks..whatever. Bartender was the highlight of the evening. Watching Dave really get into the song was awesome. Finally Dancing Nancies back in the setlist. Finishing the evening with a little of #36 was a great way to end it, can't wait for tonight!!
Wow. Last night at Polaris Amphetheater, I saw Dave Matthews Band perform not for the 100th time, not for the 20th time, but for the first time in my life. I've been an avid follower of the band for awile, but last night was the first time I got out to see them live. Even though the setlist was mediocre compared to some of the others, it was truly an awesome experience. A group of my friends and I had lawn seats, and we got to the place really early and grabbed a prime location. Soon, the opening band came on. They were fairly uninteresting, but I felt sorry for them because the whole crowd was totally ignoring them. Boyd came on for one song and after he left, the guy asked, "Are we accepted now?" It was really funny. After a little wait, Dave came on. We were discussing openers, and I was thinking either Grey Street or Seek Up. Well, it was Grey Street, and a sweet version at that. Dave screwed up for part of it, though. The crowd was relatively pumped. After this he played You Never Know, which mellowed us all out. Its an amazing song, but the crowd didn't really dig it. When The World Ends was next, and that added to our mellowness. Its an ok song. After Captain, the crowd was like molasses. I was hoping for something to liven us up...low and behold..Bartender. Not the most fast paced song in the world, but its so POWERFUL. Dave's growl got the crowd yelping, and I loved every second of that song. The group jammed as the sun set. STJL was next, and I was the only one of my friends who knew this one. It was a cool song. It led into Proudest Monkey, which again mellowed everyone out. I like the song, it just seemed like the band didn't put much energy into it. It was funny when Dave made a sound like a monkey, though. This led into Satellite, which satisfied the crowd. It was cool. Then, R&R, which got some people dancing. Then....Dancing Nancies! Yes! I was hoping for this one! Boyd went nuts, moving around the stage. It was the first time that I saw this, and it might have been the highlight of the night. IDI next. Yep. The crowd dug it, and everyone sang along. It was fine. WWYS was next, complete with a groovy jam. Loving Wings totally baffled the crowd. They had no idea what was going on. It was nice, but we had heard one too many slow songs that night. Come on, Dave! WAYG got the crowd semi-interested. Jimi Thing, thank God! I love this one, and the crowd loved it, too. Long, long jam....oh yeah. It led into Ants, and the crowd went completely nuts. It was so great to hear 10,000 people yell out the lyrics. The jam always gives me chills. For an encore, I was hoping for Watchtower, but no such luck. Gravedigger is a downright amazing song, and even though none of my friends had heard of it, they still danced around a little. Everyday was a pretty good song to end the night with, but the crowd was clueless and didn't know the "Hani, hani" intro. They figured it out for the outro. Getting out of the park was complete hell, but overall, it was a joyous night, indeed. I just wish I had tickets for both nights, cause I know tonight will be better. Thank you, Dave.
Last night's show at Polaris was quite good, even considering the low level of enthusiasm that the audience portrayed (At least in our section). I am sure tonight (8/6) is going to kick ass. A great setlist was played, and making it even better were the small screwups that the boys made in Grey Street and Bartender. Never heard YNK live, and it was amazing as well... Great energy from Dave on this. It was also the first time I had heard Gravedigger and Loving Wings so that made for an awesome night!
13th show overall and what a show it was. despite getting into a car accident on the way to the show, i didn't miss anything:) personally i LOVE grey street as an opener so from there i though we'd be in for a strong show. after ynk, wtwe,captain and bartender, i was starting to wonder if we would ever get some old school dmb. as soon as dave walked to the mike and said 'i gotta a little sister...' i knew the show would take off. proudest monkey is awesome. i'm so glad it's back. other highlights were definitely dancing nancies. i thought this song was strong on saturday, but it was nothing compared to last night. pure energy-boyd tore it up.jimi thing was also nice to hear and you can't go wrong with ants as a closer to the set. gravedigger is getting better each time i hear it. i knew we'd get everyday as the closer as soon as i saw the pedal on stage. a solid version though. the crowd sucked around me and had no clue as to the hani hani parts, but it was alright. despite the repeats from saturday, this show was still awesome. see ya'll at riverbend on thursday:)
great show...very mellow setlist to start things off, which was very pleasant. It would have looked better if YNK was would have been played in the dark (the neon lights on carter's drums would have been plush on the intro). I love that song though. i'll take it anywhere. It did seem like the crowd was a little quiet, but i've got no complaints. This was my eighth show and i was still able to see some new tunes. STJL and Captain were first timers for me. Every show seems to be better than the last. I've got high hopes for tonight.
I thought the setlist was great last night. I really liked Grey Street as an opener, and to hear some of the newer songs in with the old! The only thing that bothered me at all was the lack of enthusiasm in the crowd. By the end of the concert, the people standing around me were more concerned about who was driving home then what was happening on stage. It was still a great concert and I can't wait until I see them again!
Joe M.
The sound for the show was absolutely horrible...try turning up the volume tonight boys! half the songs were hardly audible..good mix of old and new ants rocked, grave digger & everyday were both pretty poor closers. i expect better tonite! crowd was weak as well not into it at all..easily the worst performance from this band i have seen in my 10+ shows!
first off i thought the show was amazing. grey street was a great opener, it got everyone dancing. bartender was amazing to hear live. my highlight of the night was nancies. it kicked ass and everyone was going nuts. jimi thing rocked especially daves solo. ants was great to hear. gravedigger sounds pretty good so far. everyday sounded good to but i dont think its a closer. my only disappointments were the lack of btcs songs. where were they? i was also having some trouble hearing dave. i couldnt make out anything he was saying between songs. but it was a great concert and i wish i wouldve got tickets to tonight also. but ill see u all next year.
My 2nd DMB show, and this one totally blew the last one away. I haven't seen them since they came to Polaris 2 years ago, so I was due. The show was oversold, I think. Parking lot was full, and people were just pulling in wherever there was room for a car. I managed to find a good spot on a hill next to the woods. As a result of this heavy traffic, I unfortunately missed GREY STREET and YOU NEVER KNOW. As we walked to the amphitheater, we heard WHEN THE WORLD ENDS. My friend likes that song, so he was pissed off. We walked in on them playing CAPTAIN. I dunno....this song doesn't really make it for me. We spent most of this song finding a good spot in the packed lawn. BARTENDER was amazing...just gotta love it. SONG THAT JANE LIKES...I didn't know this song, but I liked it. By the time they started playing PROUDEST MONKEY (not the most exciting song to me), I began wondering if this show was gonna get interesting. He answered my question with SATELITE, RHYME & REASON, and a mind-blowing DANCING NANCIES. Very nice. I DID IT was a good crowd pleaser, as was WHAT WOULD YOU SAY. Next came LOVING WINGS. I didn't even hear this song at all. People on the lawn were talking so damned loud. A bunch of college girls were next to me and my buddies, and they didn't like the fact that someone was paying attention to someone besides them....even if it was Dave Matthews. So I didn't really hear this one. WHERE ARE YOU GOING was a good song for me and my girlfriend, we kinda danced to it. JIMI THING just kicked my ass, and ANTS MARCHING picked up what was left of my ass and kicked it again. 6 UTTAD songs in one night....amazing. The encore left a lot to be desired...I didn't really know GRAVEDIGGER, so I just sorta stood there. EVERYDAY (36) is an awesome song, but not a good closer. I give the band a B+, and the audience a C. PS- If they pull out LOVER LAY DOWN, SAY GOODBYE or #41 tomorrow night, I'll be pissed. My girlfriend really wanted to hear that song. I was disapointed in the lack of CRASH and BTCS songs.
Inasmuch as I've only seen 3 shows (including this one) I have to say I've never seen as much energy, synchronicity and receptiveness as Monday night's show. It's like we were all in a friend's backyard enjoying ourselves. Carter was hot, LeRoi was smoooooth, Boyd was wailing, Stephan was swaying and Dave Took A Solo! It was the single most joyful night that didn't involve birth or marriage. Thanks to The Band and my 23, 000 best friends.
Josh A.
My 16th show, and finally got front row!! The guys were great as usual. Was surprised to see Dave mess up the first song which is usually so solid. Had a lot of suprises tonight-Proudest Monkey, Song That Jane Likes, Rhyme and Reason. Loving Wings was weak, Gravedigger was mediocre, overall an great show. HIghlights were Ants Marching, Where are You Going, and by far the best i have ever seen JIMI THING, daves solo was incredible.
Phil B.
This show totally rocked. Best of the 5 I have attended. Very good mix of songs old & new, fast & slow. I'd say the show had a mellow vibe but I was loving it! A couple of highlights would have to be...Song Jane Likes-pretty strict to live form but glad to hear it, very diff. from a lot of the bands newer songs. Boyd definitely ended his solo at the beggining a couple of measures early. What Would You Say-good LeRoi jam. Good to hear You Never Know, such a well written song. Bartender wailed with tons of intensity. JIMI THING-Best Song!! Rocked so hard! LeRoi's solo at the end where the song breaks down into the groove was just so nice and so funky. And Dave lit it up with his solo. I never thought a finger picking solo could shred so hard! But it did and I was there. Everyday...obviously not many people would choose that as a closer, but it was perfect for this show..mellow. It ROCKED! Too bad I'm not going to the 8/6/02 show tonight! : (
What a show!! We drove from Toronto to see this show and happy we did. Emphasis on older songs mad the trip more than worth while. Overall a tremendous concert but highlights were without a doubt Song That Jane Likes - so rare and sooo good; Proudest - mellow but nonetheless amazing; Nancies - it's all about Boyd; Jimi Thing - WOW and finally an amazing ANTS to keep us begging for an encore. Dissapointment of the night = Crowd. Is there something in the water in Columbus that makes them so quiet and reserved? And who let in all the drunken high school kids that don't know anything beyond I DID IT and WHERE ARE YOU GOING? But hey, who complain with a setlist like that???? ;-)
The show was really something special tonight. The band was into the show right from the start. The first few songs were wonderful and seemed like a warm-up for the rest of the show. When Dave stepped to the mic and said "This is a song that my sister Jane Like's" The show took off from there. How could you not love the set list? Nancies, satalite, Jimi, What Would You Say, Rhyme Or Reason. It was like a UTTAD tribute. I did not think this show could top the one last year which had a mix of Lillywhite and Everyday but it sure did. It was nice to see the band knows that there are people who have listened since Remember 2 Things. All and All I had a wonderous time DMB never stops amazing me. $46 is a small price to pay for what I recieved.
Ryan M.
The First out of the two night set at Polaris was very mellow to start off. Don't get me wrong, the show was well done, but it was really mellow. I would have to say that the highlight of the night was Jimi Thing. It had a different jam I have never heard before out of the 7 shows I have seen. I was impressed by the funk groove Steffan was in and then Ants hit and it was over. The whole crowd finally got into it and the place was bouncing. I feel that the crowd did not know/care about anything other than the radio hits. I was satisfied, but it seemed that not many were. Good first night. Cheers and see ya tomorrow!!!
Drew H.
DAMN THAT SHOW WAS GOOD!!! Too bad the crowd felt a little flat. I do know that my friend Dan and I were cheering our asses off!!! I lost my voice for a little and he, having a cold, is still raspy. This really strange guy in front of us called the opener, GREY STREET... which was very good, not as good as the 6/19/00 version but pretty damn close. You never know was great, and when the world ends came on, i just chilled out, since i banned EVERYDAY from my CD collection. Captain was awesome, i think he sang the "Same old song..." part a few too many times. Bartender was alright until the end when ending jam was amazing. Leroi and Carter rocked then, so did Boyd. The Song that Jane likes made me go crazy... i love the song and it was one i had never heard in concert. I think from the outro jam from Bartender... all the way to dancing nancies... the show just took off, i was hyperventilating. Proudest monkey, satellite, rhyme and reason, all were great. At the end of Dancing nancies, Dave ended it with his fingers set up on the 9th fret as if he was going to play warehouse. When he switched to that electric guitar for I did it or aka I SHIT IT, my friend said, "dave ripped out my heart while saying, 'you won't be needing this anymore'" What would you say was alright, but i wish everyone around me would have just shut up so i could hear loving wings. Where are you going was alright, but Jimi Thing was awesome. DAVE was thumb-picking his guitar and it was more amazing that anything. I had never seen him solo like that. Ants marching had the crowd in it finally, but by then it was too late... the set had ended and all that was left was the encore. Gravedigger was awesome... i love the song. Everyday was made special by all the #36 splicing into the beginning and end of it. So props to the band... it was a good show and I feel better about going to concerts again after the disappointing gund arena show 4.24.02.
A solid first night of two great shows in Columbus. Tonight was a much more mellow show with little energy from the crowd, and a setlist that was not jammed out like it could of been, but certain songs such as Nancies, Jimi Thing and Ants were inncredible. A great opener in Grey Street to get the evening started and a nice treat a little later in an old favorite of mine in Song That Jane Likes. Enjoyed hearing Dave's great vocals in Bartender, and even though Boyd was great on the violin in Nancies would of loved to hear it go into Warehouse. Finally as a fellow guitar player it was a sight to see Dave jam in Jimi Thing to a sweet solo. I am surprised the strings didn't break off he was plucking them so hard. Best Jimi Thing I have ever heard. Then to end the show with the best song ever with Ants was a fitting end to a fun drunken stoned night!!! I give it a 8/10, points off cus my car got towed at Steak and Shake.
Justin S.
This was my second show of the year and it was an all-around good show. It was my first time at Polaris, after a long drive from South Carolina to get there. Grey Street was a great opener and is by now my favorite live song off the new album. Captain was groovy and what a treat to here Song That Jane Likes and then Proudest Monkey into Satellite, a great combo! The best part of the night though was hearing Dancing Nancies for the first time! It was awesome!! Overall the show was really good. My only complaint was the crowd was annoying where I was on the lawn. Hopefully it was just some of the people I was around, but of course they didn't get me down! Good show but now it is time for night 2 at Polaris.
Sam M.
If you just look at the setlist you might think that this this sounded like a pretty decent show (lots of under the table...) However, if you were there and are a real fan of the music and not just "dave matthews" the "rock star" then you would know that this concert along with most of them from the past 2-3 years are going downhill. This show was my 31st and I'm very disappointed with the way things are going. If you're going to a DMB show anymore then you might as well be going to see N'sync or something. >From the teenie bops to the frat boys and sorority girls to the band itself. Nobody's into the music. Girls just want to scream at dave and the frat boys just want to see how drunk and annoying they can be with their stupid abercrombie outfits (is it just me or does everybody at these shows go shopping together before each concert) The band just goes through the motions. Not one ounce of improvisation amongst them. I might as well stay home and listen to the cd or better yet turn the tv on and catch them hanging out out with the MTV cheese balls and Carson Daly. Bottom line: shows are getting shorter (no jams...), ticket prices higher, and what was at one time the best live show around with potential to be something very special musically, as turned into a media produced, radio friendly, money hungry, pop band. If Dave's struggling with writing music and lyrics I'd rather see the band disappear for 5 years (it's not like they need the money) than become a slave to the over-produced music industry. Rediscover your roots guys and you'll gain back a lot of old fans that are worth more than a million of the band wagon fans you have today.