Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Doyle Brammhall II & Smokestack
When The World Ends
Stir It Up (instrumental, 2 minutes long)
You Never Know

onstage 8:08pm
The Stone *
Dont Burn The Pig *
Grey Street *
Drum solo -->
You Never Know *
Rhyme & Reason *
Grace Is Gone *
So Much To Say * -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
Bartender *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro) *
Fool To Think *
Dancing Nancies (Once In a Lifetime Intro)* -->
Warehouse (Stop-time Intro) *
Loving Wings * -->
Where Are You Going *
Two Step *
offstage 10:29pm
onstage 10:37pm
Gravedigger +
What You Are *
offstage 10:49pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Chris G.
This was my second DMB show and though this performance lacked the juice of the July 7th show at Chicago last year, it was simply amazing. You could tell that the band was really on fire tonight, they put so much into each song. Butch was unbelievable; he played every song but Gravedigger. Opening was a surprise with The Stone followed by DBTP. I was happy to hear Pig cuz Dave teased it a million times at Chicago last year. Grey St. was next and really got the crowd pumped. You Never Know is a good tune and has a lot of potential...sounded great live. GIG, what can you say about that song...awesome. SMTS->Too Much...classic. Bartender was next, and they all went nuts playing this song. One Sweet World was a treat for me. Fool To Think....yes this was the first Everyday song of the night...sounded great. Nancies, this song had everyone here going crazy. It was good to hear Warehouse and Loving Wings sounded good, can't wait to hear the final product. WAYG...of course. They ended the set with Two Step and an all out jam; very cool! Gravedigger started the encore on a slow pace, but they finished with a kickin What You Are...this song is rocking to hear live. DMB put on a great but a more mellow show tonight on the overall. They will tear it up tomorrow night for sure.
Larry H.
Tonights show was a great mix of old and new material. Stone is a great opener and Grey Street has gotten a lot better since DMB was last in town (2000). Grace was intense because the crowd was really into the show at that point. Dave dedicated Bartender to 'Little Eli' saying that he had lost a long battle and isn't with us anymore but that Dave hoped he was jammin' where he is now then Butch took a great solo at the end of a stellar rendition. The intro to Nancies was extra long and great while the crowd was really into the Nancies-Warehouse duo. Two Step was a great closer but Butch lending another great solo. Gravedigger was great and the intro to What You Are was longer than normal. I don't usually like going to sold out shows at Deercreek anymore and I was not looking forward to this show because we only had lawn seats. I was also a little jaded against the band for skipping over Indy last year. From the opening note, the guys reminded me why I come to these shows. The crowd was really into the show and wasn't as bad as last time I was on the lawn (are the frat boys growing up???). The show dragged a bit after Stone but picked back up. Hopefully the setlist is a little better tomorrow (#41, Seek Up). Dave was pretty into this show but rest of the band didn't seem to be as into it. Boyd especially seemed to be off tonight. A good show overall. A great Bartender and Two Step!
Robbie H.
I just got back from the show. I camped out after the show with all the Dave fans. He played an awesome concert for Indiana. I wish he would have played some of his older songs, but his new stuff it good too. He played Dancing Nancies which is an all time favorite for me, and i really enjoyed my self on that song. He also played One Sweet World, Bartender, Two Step(good one), Warehouse(this song rocked, he had the crowd going nuts on this song) and he played many other good songs. Dave was well worth it this year.
Great show with a great variety of material spanning the different albums. The Everyday material just sticks out like a sore thumb and I still don't think it fits the DMB vibe. Some incredible jams! Leroi and Butch jammed on Bartender (I couldn't tell if Leroi was playing a pennywhistle or a recorder, but it was great). Long Boyd jam on Dancing Nancies. Got to hear Gravedigger, an excellent but yet depressing song. A little disappointed with the encore. Really expected something big after What You Are and have never witnessed a 2-song encore from Dave. All in all, band sounded very good. They only lost the crowd once or twice when things got slow, but they would always rebound with something great. I'm going back tonight (20th row seats, can't wait) and will report it tomorrow.
Awesome show last night. The band played for 2:40, it was definitely top 5 out of 15, maybe top 3. They are on fire right now. Not sure if they can top tonights show tomorrow. Leroi had many solid solos. It was a solid show all the way through. If there was a low point of the concert, it was FTT. And yes, I like what you are as a closer!! I don't need to hear ants, Watchtower, bililes, to be happy. It is good for them to change it up a bit. Get a disc of this one fans. AWesome!!
Collin Q.
Great show yet again in Noblesville. The band put on a strong set last night with The Stone opener. Brought me back to 2000 when the opened with it on the first night. Tight as hell with Carter going nuts on the outro. Pig was great to hear again and kept the crowd going. Dave put on the 12 string and I called Grey Street and I was right. Powerful like always but much shorter. You Never Know followed and I was able to hear this at the soundcheck before the show and it was tight as hell then too. Rhyme and Reason brought us back to the old schools days and the song is still amazing. Grace Is Gone was beautiful like always and the boys really jammed this out at the end. So Much into Too Much was great like always and kept the crowd moving. Dave dedicated Bartender to a little boy named Elijah saying something about how he knew him and how he had passed on earlier in the year. They torn Bartender up and the outro was just amazing with Butch and Carter adding thier own fills. One Sweet World was great as always and before Fool To Think, Steffan was messing around with the bass riffs to Last Stop, which was pretty sweet. Fool was good, I think Carter or DAve had some timing problems in it cause it didn't flow together at first. Dancing Nancies completed the night for me and the drop into Warehouse was tight as shit. Bringing back memories of shows from '95. Great power and the crowd loved it. Dave had a nice intro into Nancies, messing around with the "Could I have been's". Loving Wings was a nice little jam but most people had no clue what it was so started talking relly loud. Very annoying. Where Are You Going was a good song to hear and had everyone singing along with it. Two Step tore the roof off the place and the crwod went nuts. I'm guessing the song lasted a good 15 minutes. Dave came back and played Gravedigger and really got into it. His raw emotions and power that was in the song was amazing. What You Are closed the show and marked another great Dave Matthews Band show in my book. Thanks again Dave, Carter, LeRoi, Boyd and Steffan. Deer Creek and Dead Creek Camp, I'll see you guys agian next year. Peace Collin
Corey B.
What a great show! The highlight for me, was when Dave dedicated bartender to my son, Elijah. If you were there, you know, and if you get a copy, I hope mine will be the first review here so you can know ahead of time to listen for it. If you want a full version of the story, I will will email you upon request. The guys were on fire all night. i heard a lot of complaints that they didn't play enough old stuff, but what the did was awesome. How could you not like DN with a Red Rocks into Warehouse?? Gravedigger is great! I know it may one day becaome a full band song, But I am glad I have some copies of it while it's still a is just more haunting that way. Stone is a killer opener, and What You Are leaves you begging for more at the end...especially when Dave does the "Pray down on your kness motherf****r outro. Oh, and by the way...did I mention I met Dave and Butch Taylor that morning??!! What an incredible experience. This will be a day long remembered.
Matt H.
After being on a leave of absense for a few years I decided to return to see DMB at Deer Creek. This night a few nice surprises. The first was Grace is Gone, which is one of my favorites off Lillywhite/Busted Stuff. The old SMTSinto Too Much was a nice return to the older shows as well. The shining moments of this show ere towards the end. The crowd was enveloped in the stop time into for warehouse. Every time this is played here the crowd is more involved in this opening part of the song than at any of the other shows I have been to around the counrty...nice job Indy!! Two step is always a nice set closer but unlike in cincinnatti, Butch decided to keep the solo mellow, which was great but it does affect the flow of the song from time to time. The highlight of this show for me was gravedigger. This song is just simply amazing. There is nothing else to say but amazing. Finally, What You Are, has to be one of the strangest closers I have heard in six years, but a nice twist and alot of nice intro sounds and buildup to the actual song.
Matt L.
I usually write a song-by-song description of the shows I go to but after that show there is no need to. The only word to describe that show was ENERGY! It never calmed down, not from the first note of Stone till the last note of What You Are. Even Loving Wings was kickin' it! They jammed out Grace is Gone for a good 5 minutes, Dave dancin' everywhere. Nancies right into Warehouse was definitely the highlight. The place was just going nuts! The intro to Nancies was also unbelievable, very old school. I could list how amazing every song was but they'd all say the same thing, ENERGY. You could just see how much fun the band was having, and how much they love playing at Deer Creek. The crowd was awesome, everyone was into the show. This was my 7th show and I have never felt the band with such energy. Even Fool To Think rock. Roi took a solo that just screamed. There was a ton of hype going into these shows and night one at Deer Creek lived up to doubt! I just need to re-emphasize what I think best describes this show...ENERGY, pure energy like have never heard before.
Scott B.
Excellent show...tons of 16th show and it made up for the last three that just weren't very good. Lots of radio songs, but those are easy to look by when they play Seek Up, Lie in Our Graves, Grey Street, and Watchtower. The early set Tripping Billies was kick ass. Boyd was on fire all night, probably the most I have ever seen him involved in a show. I was praying for Bartender all night, but since they played it last night...I figured I wasn't gonna get it. I was right. Nevertheless...hell of a show. Tons of energy....excellent place to see a show...always. I am out.
Chris C.
The 'if's' and 'what if's' from Thursday's show were put to rest tonight in one of the tightest DMB shows I've seen in 6 years. The Stone was a dynamic opener which led into a very high energy set that left most of the crowd breathless. Pig, a perfect second song, was probably the best I've heard- tight, soulful and loud. While I'd like to say there was a highlight, the next 3 songs- Grey Street, YNK, and Rhyme and Reason were all in about as top form as I've heard them. The rest of the show was great, though I thought One Sweet World was a bit misplaced, and Fool To Think following it was a bit of a letdown. However, a Nancies-> Warehouse remedy could make anything good, and Boyd rocked the place. Two step was very similar to Thursday's, only Boyd messed up the rhythm on the strumming at the intro when Dave started singing, and when Carter came in, he compensated between Dave's and Boyd's rhythms and made the overall tempo of this Two Step a little faster than usual. I think it gave it more energy. Nevertheless, a great closer. Dave's solo Gravedigger was stunning- honestly, the highlight of the night for me. The crowd was very respectful, and the sound in the venue was perfect. WYA was a great closer and Dave got really into it. Good set, great energy, a lot of Dancing, and great emotion. Not as long a set as Riverbend, but definitely a much tighter band tonight. The sound in the venue was remarkably good, and it sure shows that Dave's guitar makes these songs what they are. Too bad the sound was so bad at Riverbend.
For those of you who've never been to Noblesville (this was my first time), let me set the scene - We pull off the interstate into what looks like the middle of nowhere - all you can see is corn. Just down the road, however, is the place where Dave is to play. It was perfect - the venue towers above the miles and miles of flat land and cornfields, and is nicely tucked away from any sort of urban areas. At the base of the amphitheater was a large flat field of grass cut out of the corn with a sign reading "VENUE CAMPING". Hundreds of Dave fans were setting up thier camps (fires, grills, tents, - everything) The festivities were just beginning - picture hundreds of music fans sitting in little circles all working on their pre-concert buzz (one way or another) in the middle of the corn. It was perfect. As for the concert, it was the best I've seen in 10+ shows. The setlist clearly speaks for itself. The Stone is always a good opener - I think it gets Dave rowled up and ready for the concert. He played my personal favorite Ryhme and Reason. The band pulled out all kinds of tricks jamming out almost every song. We heard the Swim Naked intro, Anyone seen the Bridge Jam, and finally blew us away setting up Nancies with the stop-time Warehouse intro. The entire band has progressed and melted together to create a sound I have never heard from them in 7+ years of listening. The set, the performance, the atmosphere - - everything that makes a concert- was incredible. It was a hell of a bad ass road trip from Birmingham, Alabama. I will return to Noblesville.
13th show, first of a two night stint for me..good seats..Overall great-predictable show...opener:STONE, pretty good start..a nice tone...PIG, surprised to hear this early in the set, lots of energy..GREY STREET, good as always, didnt need to hear it, but cuz its Dave, it doesnt really matter.YOU NEVER KNOW..good song, very motivationaland uplifting, better in concert than on Busted Stuff..R&R, hadnt heard it in a while and Dave was screaming as hard as ever...GIG, sounds better and better every time they play it..SMTS>ASTB>TOO MUCH...pretty standard, ASTB was pretty badass though..i like what Butch has added to TOO MUCH..BARTENDER, Definately one of the highlights of the evening, was dedicated to someone, very emotional, i was literally shaking for minutes afterwards! OSW, pretty standard, but a nice chill song after the emotional ride of bartender...FOOL TO THINK, sounds way better than when i first heard it, Butch once again adds a lot and Dave sounds so much better on electric than he did at first playing of the Everyday stuff...the other main highlight of the evening, NANCIES, itw as just SICK, went on and on and got louder and then went into WAREHOUSE with the crowd was classic..LOVING WINGS>WAYG..i hadnt hard Loving Wings, and i liked it a lot, i wish people wouldnt have talked through it..WAYG, i could go w/o hearing that song again for a while i guess. But after WAYG was a DISGUSTING TWO STEP! It was at least 15 minutes and the solos during it were amazing, one of the best ever...great end to a set!first encore, GRAVEDIGGER..i was at the first ever one in Chicago and its better and even more powerful much energy for Dave and then an AWESOME long intro to What You Are which has rapidly become the best song off Everyday and a song i wouldnt mind seeing at ANY show..all in all a B+ show with a set list being consistent with past shows, but it doesnt matter cuz the band sounds so damn good, they can play anything!!
Les B.
A cool summer night, the Perseid Meteor showers overhead, crammed into Deercreek with 20,000 of my closest friends and Dave playing his ass off for the crowd. It doesn’t get any better than this. It was a great show Saturday night with Dave and the boys putting out an incredibly balanced mix of classics and new album material. I sat in the middle of Boyd Tinsley fan club and he rocked on the fiddle. Boyd even came out and sang a song with the opening band. Cool!…Stone was the ope! ni! ng song. Right off the bat I knew we were in for a good night. Dave was in good spirits, joking with the band between songs and also some of the audience in the front row. He threw in some scat singing as well, which is always pretty cool. The most powerful songs of the night were Grace and Bartender. Ever since Farm-Aid last year, I’ve been waiting to hear these songs live again. They are incredible. Grace got a great response from the crowd. The lighters came out and everyone was signing along. Bartender was dedicated “to little Eli, who had given up earlier in the year.” An awesome song, but the hicks in Hoosierland just didn’t seem to give it the proper respect tonight. Most of the lawn chose this moment to take a break from standing and start reviewing the concert up to that point….Dave kept it slow and easy for a time after that, finally bringing everyone around with SMTS! That was great! I’d never heard the song live before, but it was fun to scream “SUCK IT UP!” at the top of my lungs with the crowd! The band jammed out well over 15 minutes at a time with “Dancing Nancies” and “Two Step”. They closed with What You Are. I should have seen it coming, because it was the only time Dave actually picked up the electric guitar.! A nice change of pace for a closer, but without “Watchtower”, how do we know the show is over? It was a three-hour show, but all too quickly, the end came…..I missed hearing “Ants”, “#41”, and “Proudest Monkey”. Hopefully he’ll play them on Sunday. I missed Bella Fleck as well. I’m used to seeing Dave in Tennessee and Bella adds so much to the songs. Oh well, maybe next time……Deercreek parking sucks, but I have to tip my hat to WTTS, which had a 12-hour DMB marathon on the radio for us as we headed to the show, and as we left. It made dealing with traffic much easier.
Chap .
What a show! I knew it was going to be good when they opened with The Stone but had no idea it was going to be THIS good. Just look at the setlist, 18 songs in a 3 1/2 hour show, amazing. This show definatly had a certain tone to it. I would have to say it was one of the more dark and intense shows of the tour. Most of the songs dealing with either living or dying. I was glad to see the band stay with this theme throughout the show. As far as the music is concerned, Everyone had a chance to shine. Dave's voice was full of energy the whole night. Even Stefan got into it, which is always good to see. But the night belonged to LeRoi, he was on fire. Extended jams on Grey Street and Bartender just to name a few. All in all the best of the 7 DMB shows I've been to. Can't wait to get it on disc. Peace, Chap
Nick K.
A great venue and a great show. The amphitheatre is literally out in the middle of no where. Though in a suburb of Indy, the place is surrounded by cornfields and campsites making for a great atmosphere. There was never really a dull moment to the show. The Stone was a terrific opener that really got the crowd into it. The personal highlight for me was hearing Dancing Nancies in person for the first time since The Woodlands show last year....and though the setlist may not indicate, it was played into Warehouse. Those two songs played back to back made the place go nuts. Gravedigger in the encore was played a little differently then when I heard it at the Garden. Dave added a little twist with "Ring around the posies, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down." What You Are is a great song, and it has progressed greatly from last year into one of the best songs from Everyday. Was hoping for a different closer, but the Band had a great intro and jammed it out well. Great first night was tons of energy. I don't know how they do it
I was so excited when I found out DMB would be coming back to Deer Creek. I'd never seen them there before, but shows I've heard have all been phenomenal. I was really looking forward to checking out Greg Howard, I'd never heard the Chapman Stick alone before, so I couldn't wait. His set was amazing. It is an amazing instrument and everyone should definitely check out his other stuff. I wasn't very impressed with Doyle Bramhall II & Smokestack though, I don't know why, but they just didn't do it for me. On to the songs: The Stone-Boyd and Leroi had great solos. Very powerful. Pig- I absolutely love this song. I've been listening to it more and more this summer, and this is one of the best versions I've ever heard. Amazing, amazing emotion in Dave's voice, it felt like he was pouring his heart out to the audience. After this he made a comment about how nice it was to be back at Deer Creek Grey Street-Continuing the emotion from pig, Carter had a great part at the end You Never Know-Good, it's not my favorite song, but everyone was into it, so it made it better. Rhyme & Reason-Brought the energy level back up after a relatively mellow YNK. Great Dave soloing Grace Is Gone- I absolutely love this song. The lyrics are just amazing. Great Leroi solos, crowd was singing every word. I looked back at the lawn during this and it was just a sea of lighters. I got a camera into the show and took a picture; I hope this one turns out. So Much to Say--> Anyone Seen the Bridge--> Too Much-Just amazing. As soon as they started SMTS, I looked at Gavin and said; "ASTB--> Too Much". Really funky. Stefan shone on Too Much Bartender-Dedicated to someone named Eli, I don't know who he was, and neither did anyone around me. Seemed shorter than usual, but still good. Really slick jam between Boyd and Butch. One Sweet World (instrumental intro)-Very neat, I was hoping for this, I really liked it. Leroi had some really nice parts on the intro. Fool To Think-Real energetic, the whole band really played their hardest on this one. Dancing Nancies-Amazing. This was the one song I was really hoping to hear, when Dave first started it, the guy in front of me thought it was a tease, but I wasn't sure. Then when he Dave kept going, we all knew for sure. Towards the end the guy behind me said Warehouse and said no way. But sure enough. Warehouse- As soon as this started, the crowd went crazy. Everyone really got into the 'woo' part. Just amazingly played. One of my all-time favorite songs. Loving Wings--> Where Are You Going- I'd only heard Loving Wings once, so I wasn't sure what it was at first, but I figured it out. Great song. Roi and Carter really got into it. WAYG was standard, nothing too amazing. Two Step- Oh my goodness!! This was incredible. Boyd had some amazing parts. Butch's solo was really awesome. Great choice to close the set, really left the crowd hungry for more. Gravedigger- Incredible. This is probably the most intense musical moment I've ever seen or heard. The line "gravedigger, gravedigger, when you dig my grave/make it shallow/so I can feel the rain" was just phenomenal. There is something about a man (or woman) and their guitar that just is so amazing. No special lights on this one, just a spotlight on Dave, which fit perfectly with the song. I'd only heard the early, shorter versions of this song so to hear a full version was amazing. What You Are-This was good, but I don't care much for it. The band and the crowd really got into it, so it made it better then I thought it would be. This was a phenomenal show overall, it was made even better by the fact that it was at such an awesome venue as Deer Creek.
Tim V.
Ok what can I say, this was my third Dave show and it blew me away! My first was laster year in Nashville 07/25/01 and that 3 hour show was a great intro to his style of live performing. Then again this year I saw them in Nashville and I got to hear Crush and Two Step for the first time.....amazing! Saturday night's performance was near perfect. The setlist was great and included stellar versions of Bartender, Two Step and Ryhme & Reason. The biggest surprise though was hearing Dancing Nancies for the first time. I love this song and it sounded great live! Warehouse was also a truly amazing song to hear live; after having heard it on so many live discs! My only complaint about this show was the encore. What You Are just doesn't cut it as a closing song. It is a wonderful song but Watchtower would have been better. You can't end a concert with What You Are after playing such emotional ballads as Bartender and The Stone. The show needed a powerful climax....something explosive! Still though, I give him a 9.5/10. Dave keep perfoming and I'll keep coming!
Dan N.
Let me start off by saying that this was the absolute best concert I have ever been to. I originally had lawn seats, but through a friend and a good hearted stranger i was able to get my girlfriend and myself down to about the 30th row in the middle. It was great, the band was bigger than ants. This concert had a neverending energy. The crowd was great. Shout out to some fellow Chicago area Dave fanatics in the row behind us. You guys rock!!! Sweet pictures with your digital camera. On to the review of the songs. The Stone, Pig,and Grey Street started the concert off, and were absolutely great. Dave was on fire until he slowed it down with some Grace is Gone. The break was short lived as the crowd got fired up again with SMTS into Too Much. Dave got the crowd screaming as he did his patented DAVE DANCE (as i like to call it). Bartender, One Sweet World, and Fool to Think were very good. But next to come was the absolute highlight of the night. DANCING NANCIES was so hot. Boyd was tearing up the stage, facing off with Dave and then taking over the stage. If that was not enough, they finally did it this tour, they took it straight into Warehouse. The crowd went nuts as Stephan led us in the WOOOOOOS. A great experience. Dave slowed it down with Loving Wings and Where Are You Going. I think Loving Wings is going to turn into a great song. Another highlight was an absolutely sweet version of Two Step. Carter and Butch took the limelight for this song. Butch adds an excellent touch to the band. Gravedigger was a nice start to the encore. Another song that is going to be great in the future. What You Are was a good closer to an awesome concert that I will never forget. The only downfall was getting stuck in the parking lot for two hours. I do have to give props to the drunk guy directing traffic or else it may have been four hours. Thanks cops for standing and doing nothing. See ya tommorrow.
So I stayed at Dead Creek the whole weekend and let me tell you it was the best weekend of my life. Both shows were off the hook, but night 2 might beat night 1 just by a hair. The Stone-What a great opener and they practically bring the song to a stop before the loud ending. Pig-I'm so glad this song is back in rotation, very solid tonight. Grey Street-Wow! amazing live, I had never seen it before and the screams were amazing. You Never Know-Carter drum intro thing, amazing live. Rhyme & Reason-Band was really into it and dave was wailing, i think its a great live song. Grace Is Gone - Beautiful song, beautiful jam. SMTS=>ASTB=>TM - Never have seen this combo before and it is so upbeat I love it. Dave did some mouth noises in the jam but no little babies. Bartender-This song is already epic, it is up there with Seek Up in my opinion, Dave was wailing at the end, Pennywhistle outro was very nice. One Sweet World - Instrumental intro is so amazing, and right when the real song started the whole crowd was into dancing away. Fool To Think-There was a little Stir It Up tease before this. This song is great live and Carter goes nuts. Nancies-YES!!!My favorite song and I finally see it live, Boyd was dancing with everyone. Then could it go into Warehouse? i doubt it.. Warehouse-Yes! crowd was so pumped. WOO!!! Loving Wings-This song is turnign into a very beautiful song, nice leroi solo. Where are You Going-so whast next? TWO STEP-Simply amazing, the highlight of the night. It was near 20 minutes and was so intense, nice solos by everyone, even Dave. E Gravedigger-Ilove this song, gonna be great. What You Are-This has turned into one of the bands best live songs and it had the "on your knees motherfuckers" outro. Overall it was the best show i have ever seen, up until the next night.
Wow! What a show. This was my second show this year and sixth overall and I have to say the boys never cease to amaze me. Stone always tears it up. It was the first time that I heard Pig live and it was unbelievable. Grey Street, GIG, and YNK were great. You can tell the band enjoys the songs off of BS. SMTS into Too Much was awesome as usual. Bartender really got the crowd going and was dedicated to a kid the band knew who had died earlier in the year. OSW was great as always. Nancies and Warehouse were the highlights of the night. Loving Wings was a nice beautiful song. Two Step rocked out for the end of the set. On to the encore. Gravedigger was awesome but half the crowd just stood there lost and the other half, all of the actual fans, were going nuts. What You Are as a closer is awesome. It was the first time I heard it live and it was bad ass! See ya'll tomorrow night for day two at Verizon.
This show definitely is number one of my nine shows. My girlfriend and I were upgraded to ninth row center, and the entire night was perfect. Here are some highlights: - The Stone, Pig, Grey Street: What a great three song combination to open. I love the way that The Stone now fades away until the band jumps back in with the ending. Pig was the most energetic of the four I've seen, and Grey Street was great as always. - Grace Is Gone: LeRoi took this one over, and the boys jammed it out very nicely. Dave was all over the stage. It was great. - Anyone Seen The Bridge?: Not much dancing from Dave, but he did an AWESOME scat at the beginning. This was jammed into a very high octane Too Much. - Bartender: Dave dedicated this one to a young kid named Eli, and this version was incredibly emotional. Dave sang "I love you Eli" during his wailing. - Dancing Nancies >> Warehouse: Both songs were the best I've ever heard. Simply incredible, I couldn't help but shed a few tears of joy and excitement. - Two Step: Butch fucking rocked this song, plain and simple. A great energetic 17+ minutes to close the show. - What You Are: Dave sang some definite lyrics during the intro, and the outro was on fire. A great way to end an outstanding show. Overall, I give this show a 9.5 out of 10. It was really just one "rarer" song away from being perfect.
Matt S.
All I can say is wow! What anamazing show. This was my fifth Dave show and it was by far the most amazing! I heard so many songs for the first time live. The show started out with The Stone which was a bit of a shock but was beautifully done. I was so pumped when Grey St. started, and absolutley moved by Grace Is Gone. Bartender both musically and vocally was AMAZING! I heard notes that I've never heard come out of Daves mouth. The biggest shock came when I heard the first notes of One Sweet World! I did not expect him to play it, but he did! The show just kept getting better and better, it reminded me why I love DMB. Dancing Nancies was amazing as well! I had kept praying all night to hear Two Step, cause I had never heard it live. It was the one song i was really hoping to hear, and finally it happened! My wish came true and I was blown away! When Dave came back for the encore he played Gravedigger, it was an awesome and moving song. I was a little skeptical at first when What You Are began as the final song of the night, but oh no I was wrong! It was AMAZING! BY the end of the night i was drained both physically and emotionally. Like I said, WOW!
Joe L.
What can I say, I saw Dave and the boys in Phoenix and this show at the old Deer Creek, blew away that show. I knew the show was going to be good when one of my favorite songs opened the show, The Stone. Then Don't Burn the Pig, can't get enough, my favorite song off the new album Grey Street was solid, Bartender was dedicated to a young boy who passed away, a great jam that saw Butch perform the keyboard to perfection. Throw in Rhyme and Reason in there, great song, You Never Know, probably the best overall song on the new album. I love the trio of So Much to Say into Anyone See the Bridge into Too Much. Dancing Nancies, Wherehouse and Two Step, one word WOW. The long jam on Nancies was great Boyd and Dave going at it, with Boyd exploding, dancing all around. The energy the whole night was awesome, the band was definitly feeding off the crowd ans you can see in the antics of the bann. Dae doing all his crazy dances. The guys always had smiles on their faces. Gravedigger, I really dig the song. What you Are as a closer wasnt bad, I was hoping for maybe Watchtower, but nonetheless the show was one word awesome. Thanks DMB.
This was my first DMB show, I saw Dave Solo at Farmaid 2001. Deer Creek is a real nice Venue and have seen many concerts there. I had Lawn seats for this show. Now onto the Set... The Stone, a great opener I was expecting this at this show but not as an opener, wow it was amazing. Pig, nice to hear nothing to extrodinary about but definatly nice to hear it. Grey Street an awesome song couldn't waite to hear it, there was a nice jam in it real nice. You Never Know, wow what an amazing song live it kicked ass. R&R awesome song, the jam in it was good. Grace is Gone, very chill and nice kind of disapointed that stephan didn't play an Dobro for the intro like on the album but altogher a great song. SMTS-->Bridge Jam--->Too much, very nice loved the scat in b/t by dave awesome very excited to hear it live. Bartender very awesome they jamed out hardcore on this. One Sweet World, OH MY GOSH this was so nice to hear an amazing song loved the scat outro. Fool to Think very nice to hear live. Dancing Nancies, shit this song kicked ass they jamed a lot and then to make it even better right into Warehouse it was nice to hear the older DMB songs Then Loving Wings---> WAYG very nice to hear live Loving wings itself was like 6 min long, very nice chill jaming. Two Step, The highlight of the night this was the best version I have ever heard of this song Boyd went off and then Butch oh my gosh he was going wild on Keys this song was long and amazing jamming. ENCORE Gravedigger, very nice 1st time i had heard it, an awesome song then WHat you are awesome closer, very trippy intro but it was amazing. Overall an Amazing show
One word: WOW!! This was my first Dave Matthews Band concert and I was blown away. I think Boyd stole the show with his violin solos. He was amazing!! The setlist was also really good. A nice mix of new and old, fast and slow. Opening with The Stone was a surprise, but very nice. Don't Burn the Pig was, in my opinion, one of the best songs played tonight. Boyd really wailed on the violin. I was blown away by So Much to Say and Too Much...both were crowd-pleasers. Bartender was off-the-hook. Boyd was awesome on Dancing Nancies, and it was nice to hear Warehouse. I was impressed with Gravedigger, but was hoping for Watchtower or Ants for the final song of the encore, but was happy with What You Are. All in all, an amazing show. I wish I was able to stay for the second show. I will definitely be attending more than one show next summer. Oh, by the way...the concert review in Monday's Indianapolis Star ( said Dave was just average. Check it out at the website and voice your opinion to the writer.