Dave Matthews Band
United Center, Chicago, Illinois
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Maceo Parker

Onstage 8:19 pm
The Last Stop (Reprise Outro)
Don't Drink the Water
#41 *
#40 Tease (first verse) -->
Lie In Our Graves
What Would You Say **
Tim solo -->
Roi solo -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
The Maker @
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Jimi Thing
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
Christmas Song (Dave, Tim, Carter)
All Along the Watchtower (Stefan Intro)
Offstage 10:51 pm

* with Vic Wooten
** with Maceo Parker
@ with Vic Wooten and Mitch Rutman (DMB caterer)
entire set with Tim Reynolds

Jason S.
This is my 6 1/2 DMB show. I saw the whole thing live on the web and I would like to be the first person on the Tour Archive to submit a review from cyberspace. This was truly a great show. It was even better than the one I saw second night at the Worcester Certrum a couple of weeks ago. The guests were amazing. Well let's get it on! Highlights: THE LAST STOP kicked so much ass! Dave said it was the last stop for the band and the crowd went nutz. #41!!!! The biggest surprise of the night was the appearence of Victor Wooten. He tor shit up on his bass with a nice long jam on this song. He is a bass guitar god. Not to take anything away from Stephan. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY: Maceo Parker came on for this one and did a great job. It was nice to hear this oldie but goodie. THE MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god I went nutz when I heard this! They had Vic come on for this. The crowd was very quiet for this one. Gee, I wonder why? JIMI THING rocked with one of the best Tim solos I have heard in a long time. THE CRISTMAS SONG: Dave speak, "This is a song about an amzing man who got SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!!!" Beautiful song. WATCHTOWER: What a great way to end the tour. It was got me groovin' in my seat infront of my computer screen. Don't get me wrong folks, I do have better things to do on a Sat. nite than sitting infront of a keyboard, but this was the last show of the year. I can't wait for the Dave in Tim tour. Now if I can only get tickets............. Well that's all from this man and his keyboard. Keep well y'all!
I had the privelage of watching this concert in my own home, thanks to the first ever Dave Matthews Band webcast on the internet.. Don't know if it counts or not but I was "sort of" there.. in the virtual sense, and saw the whole thing from my bedroom. It was an excellent show! Vic Wooten guested on the bass for what I'm sure was the entire show.. Opened with The Last Stop (after Dave mentioned,"This is our last stop.. Chicago!" DDTW seemed standard but Tim added a little flavor with his electric sounding riffs.. after #41 I swear Dave did another little #40 tease right before LIOG but I can't be sure because there was some net congestion during the webcast..and Maceo Parker came out during What Would You Say for his little sax solo.. next was a little jam into Pantala Naga Pampa into a pretty decent and jammin' Rapunzel. Stay came next, and I was a little dissapointed to hear this one, though what came next hit me happily! They played The Maker! It was jazzy and included some of the guests.. very different sounding than it was in the old days but it was awesome! Crash Into Me after that, with dixie chicken (which saved it) an awesome Jimi Thing and its famous jam was after that, SMTS --ASTB and then Too Much closed it out, leaving room for the beautiful encore of The Christmas Song and Watchtower. Excellent concert, and I didn't have to fly to Chicago to see it!
Michael F.
This was a strange, strange show. Just got back from the webcast, and what a show. It may not have been quite as amazing as the hype leading up to it, but it was a very good show. There were some definite surprises, like Victor Wooten and the mysterious guitarist whose name Dave mumbled. Also, the maker was a wondeful surprise, and in my opinion, the best song of the night. It also sounded like there was somebody playing keyboards in the background, but it also could have been my speakers. It seemed as if the band started off strong, then lowered the energy quite a bit (especially in Rapunzel) and brought it back up for the end. Some highlights were Tim's and Victor's solos, Dave continually strumming chords of #40 throughout the night after he sang the little tease, and Boyd fingerpicking his violin at All Along the Watchtower. Out of the two shows I've seen (the other was 10/27 at the Great Western Forum) this was somewhat worse than that show. I just couldn't get into this show as much as I could in the other one. This was still a great show, though, and a nice way to end the tour.
Lenny C.
Onstage 8:20 The Last Stop (Reprise Outro)- Last stop of the tour... The Last Stop was the opener. Not very suprised. LeRoi was on during this song and was on all night. DDTW- No live outro, but well done. #41- Very good. Very,very good. #40- Just a tease, but I like even the tease of it. LIOG- Always very good. Boyd and Tim both had great solo's. WWYS- Never saw it live before... did now. Maceo Parker came out. PNP-->Rapunzel- Same old Same old. Still like it though. Tim and LeRoi played very good on this song. The Maker- Nice treat! Very excited to hear it. No one around me knew what it was... they were all asking eachother. Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)- The song is really getting old. Jimi Thing- Good live song. I like it for the most part. So Much to Say--> ASTB--> Too Much- I really like ASTB. Short but sweet. Christmas Song- I saw this at MSG and it was very rusty. Much better tonight lyric wise. All Along the Watchtower- Good closer. Alot of energy given off. Tim and everyone else were really on tonight. Tim was amazing. Better then ever.
Michael L.
Well, wow. I must confess, I wasn't actually at this show, I watched it over the web, but based on the quality of the sound I was getting, I feel compelled and qualified to review. At the start of the concert Dave mentioned that they were sending this concert over the internet and made typing motions whilst Stefan broke into a "It's a Small, Small World" tatoo. Victor Wooten of Flecktones fame sat in whith the band on most of the pieces after Lie in our Graves. He added a lot to the solo dimension of the songs. After hearing this concert I like Crash Into Me again, it was unusually emotional. The Maker was a first for me, I like the Deadish aspects of it. Jimi Thing was amazing with an awesome TR solo. The final combo was a bit hackneyed excepting a good scat solo by Dave on SMTS, but Watchtower! Oh Lord! Right before the song Dave thanked his "baddest fucking road crew." It was amazing, a rangey Stefan synth intro, a Boyd synth pizzicato solo, a TR solo and a nice finish. All and all a far better concert than I saw in Milwaukee, and a great end to the tour. I see 2000 live album possibilities for this one.
Keith P.
Well, it was an amazing night and i will never forget it at all. First of all, my friend Matt who runs Ziggy's DMB Cavern (by the way this is CyRiZ/DMB Explosion) and his friends brought a big sign that said #40, and of course, when dave popped on stage he glanced at the big sign which was awesome. But, Matt wasn't the only one egging Dave to play that beautiful song. Someone was smart enough to print out #40 on a piece of paper, copy it many times and hand it out to the crowd in front of the stage. Dave saw all the #40's and after #41 broke into #40 for about 30 seconds. It was amazing. After #40 he quickly transitioned into Lie In Our Graves and turned to Carter and specifically said, which my friend and i saw, the following words..... "#40....i had to play it (pointing to the crowd)." Dave saw all the hype of #40 and had to play it. I freaked out when i saw him say that and im happy that Dave played a bit of the song. The rest of the concert after that was really amazing. Vic Wooten was awesome on #41 and Maceo rocked on What Would You Say. They both really added a great touch to both songs. I was freeking balling to hear The Maker and the caterer and Wooten made the song awesome. It definately has a different sound then the earlier versions of The Maker on the early 90's bootlegs. I personally like it better. Anyways, the concert was extremely loud and the crowd was into it. I almost got attacked outside the stadium after i bought my scalped tickets but i ended up sitting 20 feet away from Dave and it was one of the most amazing nights of my life. God bless all and take care. I hope everyone enjoyed the webcast that couldn't be there! Thanks!
Steve L.
Ok Ok even though i didn't actually go to the concert, I did see it online. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA but still it was awesome. I was leaving the room when the Maker came on so, i cheered in my seat. Then got up and left. Came back with a snickers and a coke, when crash came on. Which was ahhhh why didn't i leave during that. But it was still cool. Especially the jam on Jimi, I must say again that TIM is the man. I was disappointed with the encore except for Christmas Song, i bit my little bro it was going to be Christmas Song and it was so i won a buck. So that was cool. Well hopefully they will put another concert over the net for me to watch. Till then see yall around.
I've really kind of grown to like Maceo Parker, although they did the EXACT same set and wore the exact same clothing for all three shows. "Uptown Up" is a pretty good tune, along with "Elephant Stepped on my Foot." They played for 45 minutes all three nights. Be sure to check him out on The Late Show next week (12.30.98 I think?) THE LAST STOP (REPRISE): Dave says, "this is the last stop of our tour..." Fitting song. Right before the "Hey" line when they do the 2 second pause, they all lower there heads, then raise them when they start again. They did that in Champaign also, lots of fun. DON'T DRINK THE WATER: the did the "live with" outro, unlike Moline. #41 (with Victor Wooten): Dave said Victor was in town, and he really surprised me. Cool to see Victor again up on stage...he played a similar solo to what I heard 11.21 in Cincinnati, although this #41 didn't even come close to comparing to the infamous 30min #41. The solos went from Boyd-->Leroi-->Victor DaveSPEAK: Dave talks about how they are on the webcast, and procedes to act like he is typing....then he said in a screeching voice "I'm so excited to go on vacation!!" #40: there were tons of signs for it,and I think someone was passing them out on the floor, so Dave honored us with a 25 second version with 2 verses. I was hoping for a full version of it, but happy to hear anything at all. LIOG: Boyd and Tim both did solos during this tune...I really enjoy anything Tim does. Boyd traveled all the way across the stage, just like Ants in Moline, smiling the whole way. WWYS (with Maceo Parker): heard this last night also, but cool to hear in concert...seems a lot more energenic than the UTTAD version. PNP-->RAPUNZEL: Both Tim and Leroi did solos here, making the the time before PNP started the longest I've heard on any '98 show I've heard. Is it just me, or does Rapunzel seem slower in concert than on BTCS? STAY: makes ya wanna, makes ya wanna THE MAKER (with Victor Wooten and ?????): Wow, very surprised to hear this. The other guest was someone my girlfriend and I talked to before the show in Moline by the buses, but I didn't know who he was and couldn't understand Dave when he introduced him. They sat down in groves during this one...I think Dave and the boys all enjoyed playing for a quiet audience. It sounded MUCH different than the old ones with Peter Griesar on organ. It almost sounded strange w/o the organ. CRASH (dixie chicken): Just like after Granny in Champaign, they appease the other 99% of the crowd and play this after a rarity...I like to hear dixie chicken. JIMI THING: cool tune to hear..Leroi did a little "nani-nani-boo-boo" during his solo, kind of funny actually..Tim did a solo here as well. SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much: Dave did a very brief #40 tease during tuning...I guess he likes to mess with our heads. This really gets the crowd on their feet. ENCORE... DaveSPEAK: "I don't care what anybody tells you...We have the baddest crew in the fucken world." He goes on to intro to Xmas Song by saying "This is a non-denominational tune, it's just a song I wrote about an amazing guy who got screwed." CHRISTMAS SONG: Nice to hear, although no Christmas hat like in Champaign WATCHTOWER: no much to say here except "No Reason to get excited!!!
Doug D.
Thiis show seemed extremely normal. I was watching via the internet, and I thought i could pretty much stick in the cd's and hear the exact copies of each songs. There were some exceptions, The Maker for instance(where did that come from?), what would you say wasnt too popular in this fall tour and it sounded well with maceo on sax. Jimi Thing is always a pleasant surprise, but otherwise this has been the generic concert as of late, the band is constatnly repeating dont drink the water, crash, pnp, rapunzel, stay, and the once great so much to say-->anstb-->too much trio is getting as predictable as dixie chicken is on crash. I hate to sound pessimistic or down on the band, but it seems like theyve been makin copies of the setlist from novembet to december and playing the same damn songs over and over again. Now pretty much ansyone who reads this page is well educated with the band, and seeing as there are alot of well educated fans, I think dave can "go out on a limb and play something the average high school football player and his girlfriend dont know.
Jeff M.
I did not actually go to the show tonight, but I watched and listened to it over the Jam TV webcast, and I was amazed at the band's performance. I've been to 6 shows this year, and if the DMB wanted to make a statement to finish off it's tour, they definitely delivered. Opening with the last stop got things kicking from the start, and DDTW was a great follow up. Dave was into it from the start even though he was a bit under the weather according to the Webcast, and he was screaming during DDTW. #41 was next, and that was a great version with the amazing Victor Wooten of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. A surprise came next as Dave played a verse of #40 into Lie in Our Graves which was one of the best versions I've heard. Boyd was going nuts from what I saw and heard over the choppy webcast video. What Would You Say followed with Maceo Parker, and I was happy to hear it because I've never had the privilege of hearing it live. After some sweet solos by Timmy and Leroi, the boys ripped into a rocking version of Rapunzel that lasted forever when they got into the jam at the end. Great tune live! Stay was next, and it was a standard version, but what came next made my year. They broke into the rare song, and one of my all time favorites, The Maker. What a beautiful song, and the electric sound was amazing. Jimi Thing was great as usual, and the So Much to Say >ASTB> Too Much is always a crowd pleaser although I would have liked Two Step as a closer. Both were great versions, and Stefan was having one of his best nights and it showed on those songs. The encore was appropriate for the season as Dave played the Christmas Song in which he said it was about "an amazing guy who got screwed." A beatifully played song, and with Watchtower bringing the roof down in Chicago most likely, and myself bouncing around my computer room, it was a great end to a memorable tour. Thank you to Jam TV and Rolling Stone for providing this great Webcast. I had my doubts, but they put on a great show! Thank you to the Dave Matthews Band for this great tour, and I'll see you all at the Dave and Tim shows this winter. Peace out.
That's it! It was truly the last stop for the boys! And what a great opener!! None of us saw it coming, we all thought of it as a possible closer! But great none the less! The smell of pot was in the air, and the video camera's provided great pre-show entertainment! The crowd was ready to go, from the Dave chants to the Wave with 20.000 participants! So... my sixth concert, and third in the past two weeks! Dave was in TRUE rare form!!! His dancing included MUCH MORE pelvic action, and he was just NUTS!!! He was pretty talkative and seemed pretty happy on stage, especially with the guests! MY HIGHLIGHTS... 40 TEASE!!!!!!!!!! What is with Dave???? Give us the whole thing baby!! We want the full monty of #40!! But, I'll settle for about 5 or 6 lines like he did tonight. I almost thought he was going to do the whole thing, but LIE IN OUR GRAVES was a good way to lead into it! What Would You Say w/Maceo Parker: My first time hearing this one live in concert, very cool! Added another guest to the list making it four! Crowd loved it! THE MAKER!!!!! Traders were all singin' to this one, and I was one of them! I kept shouting out the name of the song during it, so people would get into it, but nope. People around me were really rude while it was on. A real treat, and sounds great with the whole band as opposed to just Dave and Tim. Ok, I know, I know, So much to say and Too Much are played a lot, but I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Anyone Seen The Bridge intro! It's soooooo money, and I'm always jumping up through the whole thing! X-mas song... always a treat, but the crowd seemed really bored and rude with it. To bad because it rocks!!! I loved the "All u need is love" and "Can't buy my love" outro!! Dave said something like "This is about a man I really admire and he got screeeeeeeeeeeeeeewed over" Watchtower: I called the encore! So, i earned my friends respect for it! At first I thought it was Halloween because Stefans solo was soooo creepy, not your usual Watchtower intro, he also had an orange light on him! Love this song, and it totally kicked ass! I think more people wanted a Two Step or Ants closer, but this ended it with a bang! Dave thanked everyone on the crew and said that the band had the "best fucking crew ever." Typical setlist, but great none the less, had a blast and it was great to see Dave and the boys close it in my hometown. What a year!!!! Can't wait for Dave and Tim!
Steve B.
WWWHHHATTT WOOULLDD YYOUUU SSSSAAAAYYY? I'd first say thanks to the boys and crew for making all this possible! From the very bottem of my heart, God Bless All !! With out any doubt I"d have to say that we were simply spoilled. For of course this elustrious tour, which I prey my fortune, and many others as well, continues for the next few months. I'll state from the get go that i'm jealous of Moline's spectacular show. But we must move on, they say. Very nicely done, nearly standard set tonight! What whould you expect. All in all, everyone simply enjoyed it, except for the guy gettin beat up by two women after the show. As we "step into the light" I'll bring to the forefront the PHAT four song jam, starting with #41and working its way too WWYS. The Maker added some spark for myself also. As much as I have heard it, and grin to say it, the SMTS - BRIDGE - TM duo is absolutly nuts. The place simply erupted. Never expected a Tower, and I will not hesitate to state the fact that the tune selection was only alright here. I felt and others as well, that we might get treated with a triple encore. I'll still live! Everyone simply jammed tonight, Boyd was a blast, i only prey my shots come out. The internet huh! Hope you all enjoyed it. In my parting ways I would like to apploud this web site and its founders. You made the band come alive for everyone who cares to know! Dedication, thank you. For the band and everyone else I wish you all the best throughout the holidays and New Year. "with an open mind; you will be open hearted."
Last Stop- good intro figuring this is the last stop for the tour for 1998 DDTW- it's a great song, Dave really got into it toward the end #41- calmed down the crowd Lie In Our Graves- wasn't expecting this one, turned out to be a crowd pleaser What Would You Say- great song to play, one of the many highlights Pantala Naga Pampa\Rapunzel- one of my favs off Before These Crowded Streets, crowd still wasn't into it Stay- this was the breaker, crowd went nuts singing and dancing The Maker- not everyone was familiar with this Crash Into Me- good song to play because you could tell Dave needed a little rest Jimi Thing- this was the start of a wonderful thing, Dave went nuts onstage So Much To Say- crowd was louder than ever, we really wanted them to play another hour Too Much- started with the ending to SMTS, these two songs were the highlight of the evening Chrismas Song- this was the wrong song to play to open up the encore, they went nuts for three straight songs and then calm the whole crowd down, would've been a good place for Ants or Tripping Billies All Along the Watchtower- nothing else to say but awesome closer This was my first time seeing Dave and all I have is praises. Certainly won't be my last time seeing the band!!!
I personally thought Last Stop should've ended, not opened for DMB. However, I do have to say, it sounds much better live. I didn't like it on the cd, but last night I did. DDTW was all right. Nothing spectacular. #41 was awesome. Everybody's jammin in their seats. #40-now why couldn't he just play the whole song? What a tease. LIOG-at first I didn't know what it was because of the intro, I love this song live. It sounded really really good. WWYS-now I was really shocked to see that they played this. Wasn't really expecting it.Maceo came out on this one. Tim and Roi's solo were fantastic. I have never seen Tim live. What a treat. PNP-this sets up Rapunzel quite nicely. Rapunzel-This song had so much energy in it. What's not to like? Stay-anybody else wonder how many times Dave sung "makes me wanna, makes me wanna stay"? goodness, kept anticipating the end, made the end sweeter though. the maker-I have never heard of this song. I liked it though. Crash-well you know they were going to play this. Sounded excellent. Lighters were up. Jimi Thing-now I don't care if this song is live or not. It rocks. This has got to be a DMB classic. SMTS-Haven't heard this for a while. Pretty cool.Too Much- Am I the only one who finds Dave's growling amusing? Lots of energy. The encore. Christmas Song-Dave, where was your Santa Hat from Champaign? I really like this song. AATW-This was definately a good choice to end on. The crowd loved it. The whole concert was awesome. Everytime I see Dave he gets better and better. I would have liked to hear Ants or Satellite, but that's is okay. Dave was pretty funny last night. "...We have the best lighting crew in the whole f*cking world". What was with his freaky voice last night? I think Dave was slightly intoxicated. Oh well, great show. See you in the Spring!
Jason A.
Alright im going to start off by saying that #40!!!!!!! was played again, I really wish he would play the full song though I think that he doesnt know that people love the song. He said this ones #40 and i think i almost died. It was a pretty cool intro to lie in our graves though so I'm still really impressed. I thought the crowd was really into the show and i was happy to have a good crowd around me. The Maker was also another highlight and i called it coming off of stay he need to slow the pace down a bit and this was perfect. The crowd was pretty disrespectful for this song. Lots of people sat down and were talking, If your going to sit please at least give some respect and not talk. SMTS-->TM was cool also good way to end the show. Christmas song was cool with nice Dave speak before it i was so happy to hear it and everyone around me wanted christmas song. Watchtower was such a good way to close the tour. Pretty standard version though. THe show was very fast paced with little slow songs. Best of all no crush or satillite. Peace all everyone have fun at dave and tim.
Mike D.
This was a tremendous show and I viewed it from my phatty leather chair in my computer room. AHHH Webcast is nice!!! The first Dave Webcast and the last show of the tour,....great, great finish boys. Well first, Maceo rocked and if you aren't familiar with him you should be. OH, if ya buy the Dave webcast shirt you get a free Maceo Parker demo CD (just got mine). A solid Last Stop opened the Dave set. DDTW. Next was 41 and oh my! Vic Wooten pops out and slaps his bass all over that stage, he is the bomb. Then I nearlly soiled myself when I heard the start of #40, keep and mind this is just me and my friend watching this via webcast on a cable modem, so we had the 12 Heinekens and kind....awesome so far though not being there. LIOG cool. WWYS with Maceo, awesome..Maceo tore shit up quickly. Tim then did his "now to be expected" guitar solo that only he can play. PNP-->Rapunzel, expected it. standard. Stay. THE MAKER...HOLY SHIT! This was the one song that made me pi! ssed I wasn't in Chicago...New York didn't cut it for this one. Crash...BOOOOO! Jimi Thing. nice. SMTS real phat. Too Much Got me dancin like an idiot....heineken now gone. Silly encore with Christmas Song--->Stefan Intro---->Watchtower. Christmas Song makes my tummy warm. Stefan had one of the better solos I've heard from him. Final Note: WEBCAST KICKS ASS......DAVE PLEASE MAKE EVERY SHOW A WEBCAST!!! Peace Out.
Erika S.
the show is a little mixed. A lot of radio songs, but some good true dave fan songs. When Dave first came onstage, he was in a great mood. He was talking all night and it was great. The last stop/DDTW opener resembled New World in May, but the last stop was great because he played the hidden track on BTCS outro. #41 was amazing, I love hearing this in concert. #40 tease-I experienced this earlier in Madison, and it was just as great last night. LIOG was amazing, they jammed the hell out of it. WWYS- a great treat, never neard it in concert before. Could have done without PNP/Rapunzel. Stay- great in concert, loved to hear it. THE MAKER!!!!!! wow. I thought that maybe, just maybe he would play this because I know he had like twice a couple shows earlier, but I had no idea that Christmas would come early. What a treat! People didn't really know it, and they were sitting down, but it was phat. Crash, i don't want to talk about it, as well as SMTS, ASTB, Too Much. Dave just let me down with those. Jimi was only good because everyone was so into it. XMAS SONG!!!!Santa does love me! GREAT. Watchtower, like in Madison, yet it was a great way to finish the night. The whole crowd was into everything dave did, so that made it so much better then Madison. It was one of the better concerts!
Jeff A.
As Inot, but perhaps not as knowledgeable as most, but I will do my best. This was the second best show of my Dave fandom, second only to Alpine this summer, but I have my own reasons. What can I say, these boys can put on a show. I think this LAST STOP was the best I've seen. I loved the mellow outro beginning, then bursting into it full-scale. It almost came out of nowhere and I felt that familiar "is there a better palce to be? Hell no!" smile creeping across my face that always seems to show up at dave shows. DDTW was great live, as always. IT's always intense, even without the BTCS banshee wail of Alanis. Loved Vic Wooten's solo on #41. This was also the first time I heard #40 live (a friend has a boot of it), and I can say it could very well be one of my favorites already. I really love the laid back romantic Dave songs. Those who knew it went wild, and those who didn't were listening for Crash. But most of the show I heard earlier at the U of I show. I was pleasantly surprised at The Maker, as I had never heard it before anywhere. It was one of those moments where the crowd was quiet and it was basically Dave up there singing a song he loved. It always gets me that some folks claim to be such huge fans, but choose rare and wonderful moments like this to go take a whizz. Of course, following suit from U of I (after Granny!), they played Crash. Ahh, the screaming satisfaction of the masses! Jimi thing was a very pleasant surprise as well, since I'd been wanting to hear it live for the past three years. Dave was so damn intense in the chorus. I saw veins, people. Just a totally awesome version. Xmas song I liked here even more than U of I, and it's been playing on my stereo ever since. Again, a great laid-back tune with a great riff. I was a bit disappointed with it at first, hoping it would be IBYU or 36, but they started playing and I kicked myself for being such an ass. But the biggest kick of the night was Watchtower. What can I say? From start to finish, one of the the greatest performances they've done. Stefan's intro sounded so unlike a bass until I saw him in his little white sweater plucking away. It was some of the coolest stuff I heard that night. Stefan is, I think, the most underappreciated member of the group, so I love it when he gets to do what he does, cuz he does it SO well. Watchtower was amazing. I loved the energy and intensity they gave it. The jam portion was great, I loved Tim's solo. When they finally managed to bring it back around to finish, I was gone. An amazing show, truly worthy of a webcast (and an unfortunately too early sell-out of commemorative shirts). I can't wait until this summer...
Dylan S.
This show was like a rollercoaster with terrific highs but horrifying and depressing lows. First off, a few general comments. the United center isn't the best place for a concert, the acoustics were a little bad. Secondly, the crowd absolutely blew. This was my sixth dave show and this was by far the worst crowd. Too many adults and little 13 year old girls who all sit down to songs like #40 and "The maker" and "Xmas song" That was no good. Highlights: The Last Stop opener was great, especially with the secret somng off BTCS as an outro. #41 was amazing especially with Boyd's solo. #40 was also great while it lasted although no one except my sister and our frineds had any idea what song it was. LIOG. This was the best version I've evr heard, even better than the Bela versions. Timmy and Boyd had amazing solos and the whole song lasted about 15 minutes. The maker was also amazing, first time I'd heard this in concert and it was incredible, once again many people sat down though. Xmas song was beautiful, also the first time I'd heard this one,. Lowlights: Way too many radio songs: DDTW, Stay, Crash, Rapunzel. The worst, however, was the SMTS into Too Much. I've heard this every time I've gone and it is way too overplayed. All in all an okay show. I sat down a lot, mainly die to the last few songs on his setlisr, but the songs in the beginnig were amazing, I just wished he had kept it going throughout the night. Thanks and peace.
Darin H.
Well, I thought this was a great concert, although I was a little disappointed in the setlist. I was hoping for Two Step and Maybe Ants but I was denied both. Last Stop was a spectacular opener. Took a piss during DDTW. #41 was alright, I really liked the Bass player. #40--LIOG was the highlight of the night for me, I was going nuts during this one. WWYS was nice to see back in the setlist, and it had a rgeat jam.Rapunzel was disappointing to hear, especially since they play it every night, and this one was really slow tempo. Stay was normal, then it came. THE MAKER, THE MAKER, THE MAKER!!!! I was screaming the whole song. Kind of expected it since they played it in Iowa, though, but still spectacular. Crash-Radio, could care less if they played it. Jimi thing was sweet, and SO-Much ASTB TOo Much wasn't enough for me. The jam was great, but I was still ohping for Maybe Two Step. Christmas song was awesome, and I've heard watchtower one too many times before, so it was nothing special for me. It was a good show, but only 14 songs and no 2Step, Ants, Crush, IBYU, or Warehouse. Very sad for me, but I enjoyed it alot. They know how to put on a show.
Jeremiah S.
This was an awesome show.Notably for the first song he played last stop(because it was the last stop on the tour. Specific highlights include Jimi Thing,which they played for about 15 minutes, What Would You Say,which was performed with Maceo Parker,Lie In Our Graves, which featured a solo from everybody in the band.Another highlight was Tim Reynolds shiny pants and his solos were awesome too. All Along The Watchtower was cool because it had so much energy and when Boyd Tinsley played his violin like a guitar.Also I was on the Jumbotron twice.
Matt L.
After driving 375 miles from Carbondale, IL i waas hoping for a hell of a show. They played 10 of the same songs as they played at St.Louis in the spring. I waas very,very pleased to hear THE MAKER. I was the only one in my section that knew it and everybody looked at me funny while i was signing it.Timmy jammin on the Guitar was awesoome as well. Nobody knew who he was either and when "Yea Tim" i got weird looks again. I saw alot of young kids, like 12 years old. What the hell? All i know is those kids thought they were bad as shit and need ed a good kick in the pants. I am also ujpset that i had tickets to the show at champagne and couldn't go and they played GRANNY. The one song i want to hear for Vhristmas and they play ti were i am not at. I guess it's just my bad luck. Everythong was preety basic, but i was surprised to hear 41 which was good. The Maker, as i said earlier. And The Christmas Song was just awesome. I loved every second of it. All in all a good show for all those teenage girls watching in the united center and on the web but average for a major dead head.
Jared G.
(A pre-review note---Victor Wooten is now my idol. He defines excellence in musicianship and made effort to come out and see dave and the boys play the same ol' songs worth every minute...also Maceo Parker and his band was great...I wish the crowd would've given them more respect. ah well...on w/ my review---) first off---can you say "11 minutes of bliss in the form of "the maker"?---and can you also say "god damn! stop playing radio songs---please!"? well I can...and I'm about to--- Last Stop--->decent opener. I don't care a whole lot for this song...especially as an opener. but it's a good tune and I'll give the audiance credit for cheering for it. DDTW--->the pain begins...I really like the old version "Leave Me Praying" much more...but oh well. #41--->DMB is redeemed, in the form of vic wooten. he layed down a bad jam on this track and so did roi and boyd. it turned out to be one of the best jams of the night. Hold Me Down tease--->great tune. hadn't heard it since the Dave and Tim tours of '96 and '97, and since I didn't get to go to the earlier shows of the month it was nice to finally hear this one, even if it was just a little tease. LIOG--->well, well. this show is turning out ok, I thought anyhow. great jams all around, although still standard jamming. I really wish DMB would expand to new chord progressions in the middle of such songs---they have the talent obviously. but anyhow it was a good song and overall I was pleased so far w/ the setlist. WWYS--->the suffering begins...if I was to say I truly dislike one of DMB's songs, this would be it, no doubt. Maceo spiced it up a little in the break, but nothing short of maybe bela, trey, vic, and timmy could save a song like this. Pantala--->Rapunzel--->the pain continues...although I do dig rapunzel it just gets old to hear it every concert regardless of what the mood is. oh well though. Stay--->uhh....please...Mr. Jared...fading... The Maker---> YEAH! 11 minutes of bliss! and w/ vic wooten and some guest I didn't know...but nevertheless he was a pretty good guitar player. I was confused for a few seconds but I figured out what that repeating bass line was after a while. I'd heard that they'd played it on 12/17 so I crossed my fingers for one like this and I got my xmas wish. thanks fellahs. especially victor. Crash--->I really despise this song. every 12-40 yr. old fairweather fan in the joint screamed and acted discraceful when those opening chords started up...oh well though. they can't play it forever, can they? Jimi Thing--->Great version of this tune. dave went nuts on "I don't care if you do or don't like it" and funktafied the crowd, to be sure. great playing all around...especially roi. SMTS--->Anyone?--->Too Much--->Pain, Pain, Pain. I love anyone? but the songs it connects are heard too often anymore. really hurt cause I knew that they would close w/ this. ENCORE: Xmas Song--->Gorgeous tune. I really do love this one and it did put me in the xmas spirit, to be sure. Watchtower--->hopin' for ants, but this is close. this real *smart* guy in front of me who must have been about 20 kept saying "it's jimi hendrix, it's jimi!" and I was like "dude, not it's dylan." and he was like "nah dude it's hendrix, I know, I'm a music freak!"...and at that point I just let it go. no point in wasting the dwindling amount of patience I had for the crowd anyway. And that's the show folks! could've been, should've been, might've been, but wasn't. hoping for better, but I forgive them just cause I've loved em since 93 and in the words of dearly departed John Lennon---"Nothing's gonna change my world. Nothing's gonna change my world."...not even 19,000 screaming BTCS fans. until next time---stay naked.
Bill W.
Had a good time spending the weekend in Chi-town...I came up from Atlanta. I was pretty pleased with the show overall, although I thought it could have been a little louder. Dave and Co. were tight, yet they seemed ready for a break...Dave even said he was ready for a vacation. Plenty of dancing both on stage and off. The setlist lacked some of the older stuff I was hoping for like Minerets or Warehouse. Highlights include The Maker...haven't heard that for years. Same with What Would You surprise. Tim and Victor just blow me away time and time again. What amazing talent. Thought I heard #40 there for a little bit but it turned into of my favorites. The Christmas Song was very nicely done...the crowd quieted down a bit to listen after they realized what it was saying. Jimi Thing complimented my buzz nicely. All in all I'd say it was a decent ranked pretty low compared to the 16 I've seen but was good...tight. Looking forward to the acoustic thang this winter. See you there...
Jeremy A.
LAST STOP: Dave said they picked this to open w/ coz it's their last stop on the tour. I was so pyched to hear this again (i saw them on the 15th, too.) I'm all about the reprise outro, which gets better every single time the play it. I love this damn song. DDTW: It was great. Very intense. Some people don't like this song and I can't figure out why. It was great tonite. #41: This song was so key to the night. Though some of it was spent sneaking past security to better seats, it was still great. Lie in Our Graves: I was so crazy when they started playing NUMBER FORTY!!!!!! Nobody around me knew what it was, but it was so great! I appreciated the tease. Then, Lie in our Gravessssss, being one of the best pieces of music I've ever heard was ofcourse wonderful. I love when Boyd walks across the stage during his solo, not to mention when him and Dave rock out together. What Would You Say: I was a little suprised to see this one, due to the fact i read an interview where Dave said he doesn't like doing this song. But I love it. They brought Maceo out for the Jam and it was so great. He can rock and the band is just cool. Panta-> Rapunzel: After Tim and Roi soloed for a bit they broke into Panta which excited me and that was great, however the only thing lacking in rapunzel was speed. Why did they take it so slow???? It was the only thing that could have been improved upon. Stay: How glad was I that there were no back up singers??? Dave does it better on his own. This song rocked! The Jam at the end was pleasantly long! The Maker: YEAH! I love when they do this. I'd never seen it live but it was great! Again, I was the only one around me who had any idea what was going on. Crash into Me: It was great! The only slow song in the set, so it was welcomed with open arms. I love holding up the lighters. The song's cool too. Jimi Thing: THANKYOU! I've been dieing to hear this one live! I loved it. The Jam was absolutely amazzzzing. Had to have been 10 minutes easy. It was so great. I love that song. The Band went all out on this one. So Much to Say-> ASTB-> Too Much: My 3rd Dave show, my third time hearing this combo. I totally love hearing it! It could be the best combo they do. So Much to Say was amazing, and ofcourse, nobody around me knew what this 'Littl Baby, Little Baby, Little Baby' jam was doing. "it's going into Too Much! right.... now!" "Whoa, how'd you know that?" I love these guys. I love Too Much, too. Great song. Underrated. Encore: Want to know why Dave's the man? Coz before playing his encore he took time out to thank his entire staff for putting together a great tour. "No matter what anybody tells you...we've got the baddest crew around." -DJM XMAS Song: I love this song live! Carter and Tim complement it nicely. It was great and the crowd loved. A nice soft one.... what will they close with???? Ants? Two Step? Tripping Billies? Watchtower? All Along the Watchtower: Yes! After Stefan's solo, dave started foofling around with the Watchtower chords and it was amazing. The Mid song jam was long and sweet. Boyd made his violin sound the best I'd ever heard it and did a cool little solo. Roi rocked out. What a tour. What a show. What a band. Possibly the best show I ever saw now that I think about it. I love this game.
Jim W.
I've been to 12 shows over the past few years and it was one of the better ones (didn't quite top last night in the Quad Cities, though). I'm at the point where I really don't go to hear any particular song, but instead just to enjoy the amazing musicianship of these 5 (plus another one or two sometimes) guys. Saturday was a perfect example. They played enough old stuff to please those of us who remember, and some new stuff for those who want to hear that. I'm sick of people knocking the new songs. People loved "Leave Me Praying" when it was unreleased. Now that others are "in on the secret" the song isn't that good anymore? That doesn't make sense. Everyone pays the same price for a ticket and the boys understand that. You play what the people want to hear. Besides, in a few years everyone will be whining because they don't play "Don't Drink The Water" anymore. Anyway, obvious highlights were the #40 tease before LIOG, #41, the great outro to the Last Stop and The Maker with Victor and the caterer. Anytime you can see Victor is a treat. Where was Bela, though? Also good was the new song with the Tim and Roi solos (I can't get it out of my head) and WWYS with Maceo Parker. All in all a great show in my hometown with a lot of energy to end the year. Can't say a bad thing about that! Here's looking ahead to 1999 and Happy Holidays to all.
Kirsten .
This was my first DMb concert, so of course I thought that it was awesome. The whole night went by so fast, and I had good seats. Maceo was okay, but me and my friends got bored after a while. Here's what I thought: The Last Stop: got the crowd going, i thought it was great DDTW: sounded standard, I wasn't looking forward to it, but it was okay #41: WOW!! I was not expecting this, and it was amazing! I loved it!! LIOG: Great jam on this one. People who aren't used to the long jams got bored, but I didn't. It was great. WWYS: It was just named as buzzworthiest, and it was great live. Everyone was singing along. PNP->Rapunzel: Knew this one was coming, and it was pretty standard Stay: Great live and without the divas. The Maker: It seemed like no one knew what this one was. I didn't. It went on for a while, and I just kind of stood there, other people started to sit down, but Dave seemed to enjoy singing it. Crash into me: Pretty great. Everyone knew this one. I loved it. Jimi Thing: YES!! I love this song, and was waiting for it the whole night. When it came on and the crowd realized what it was, everyone started moving and sang along. the long jam on this one was great. So much to Say: another surprise that was excellent. Too Much: On the ride there, i mentioned how great it would be to play this one, and when they started playing it, I was so happy. Christmas Song: Great as usual. This one I was expecting the whole night. All Along the Watchtower: Everyone loved this one. It was a great song to end on. I thought the concert was amazing. The lighting was great, the sound was okay. I just wish that they had played more old stuff, though, like maybe nancies or Granny or Recently. But since they played Jimi, that made my whole night. If anyone has a bootleg, please contact me!!!
Chris S.
For those who did not have tickets to the show, like myself, it was refreshing to hear it over the internet. Broadcasted by, it was exciting to hear a live show without being there. The monitor came in a little bit scrambled and blurry (it was like watching HBO scrambled at times) but the music came in crystal clear. Last Stop was a good opener in the fact that it was their last stop of the tour, but i would have much rather of had a Seek Up or something that builds the energy gradually like musical foreplay. The setlist was rather similar in his last shows, but a nice Maker was awesome to hear. at first i didn't recognize it because it has been forever since they've played it. The little peaceful jam before Pantala>Repunzel is the same thing they did at Alpine Valley this summer (5/30/98), but it was still a nice little peaceful; jam that almost eased me into sleep (that glorious green makes you sleepy!!!). Christmas Song was very predictable when only the three came out on stage for the encore. The little bass solo was very similar to that of the show in Madison that segued into Watchtower. It took a while for the crowd i think to know what the song was, but i could hear dave (with my finely tuned ear strumming Am, G, and F, the main chords to the song, before the crowd even heard the opening riffs. Nice ending to a great tour. But how 'bout mixing it up a little bit more next time. Not many unreleased songs or R2T songs. Overall, it was awesome to attend by just listening and viewing over a computer. it was like standing outside and just hearing the music (the viewing quality was not very good). Now its off to see Dave & Tim. See ya'll in Indiana!-)
Luke E.
This show was a very different one for me, my 6th of the year, I have never had good seats, didnt have em here, so I decided to sneak up and thanks to some of my freinds I was equivalent to first row. What a different experience. The best part about this show? The crowd. First five rows everyone had a sign with #40 on it and these dudes behind me had a giant one beggin for the same song. I was convinced it was going to happen. But we got teased like a 38 year old at a strip joint with money fallin out of his pockets. Wasnt exactly an energetic setlist (no tripping billies, two step or warehouse) but the crowd was allover everything except Maker. I guess I will just rate each aspect on a scale of one to ten based on my own perception as a commited and knowledgable fan- Venue-8 (cant complain about the sixe cuz I was right up front) Setlist-6 (not much energy for a tour closer, but a funky Maker helped) Jamming-8 (maceo, victor wooten of the incredible Flecktones, tim and the cateror, boyd was quiet tonite, leroi was dead on) Davespeak-8 (comments on the tour and the xmas song and a well needed vacation and the internet) Crowd-9 (Chicago always is great to the band, not as great as alpine this summer but beat the crap out of lexington with bela) All in all solid show. some new guests I havent heard, my only complaints? setlist and the case of #40 blue balls it left me. Oh well. I still had a blast
Scott S.
Suprisingly enough being that concert having a theme THE LAST STOP did not suprise me. #41 Got the entire place screaming at the top of their lungs it waas the best I have ever seen it. #40-a bigsuprise but was only a single verse. Lie In our Graves was amazing every member of the band had their own solo and Boyd and Dave jammed like they always do! What would u say Maceo joined the stage and had a nice solo. PNP, Repunzel were a typical concert song. Stay seemed the loudest I have ever heard it at one of his concerts it was nice to hear as usual. The Maker was also a nice suprise for people that have heard it before. Crash was unexpected but cool. Jimi thing was nuts Boyd went nuts as usuall and most of the band had a solo. So Much to Say and its usual fallow through Too Much were nice because it was upbeat and the crowd went nuts. I have to be honest Christmas Song dissapointed me for a concert like that it kind of made the crowd die out but as usual he git the crowd right back up with Watchtower and it was AMAZING the entire jammed one last time to conclude the tour!
Jeff H.
This show rocked, but wasn't quite as good as the one I saw in Alpine Valley back in May. It was great to see Tim Reynolds there as Dave and him prepare for their tour. The crowd was really into the entire set except for The Maker and the Christmas Song. Most people didn't seem to recognize these two. However, the United Center was rocking for Last Stop, Lie in Our Graves, and Jimi Thing. I was hoping to hear Crush and Ants Marching for the finale instead of Watchtower. They played alot of stuff off of Crash which I didn't mind because I had never heard them play Crash, Too Much or SMTS live before. Between the two shows I saw, Alpine and this one, I think Dave only played 3 or 4 of the same songs. Therefore, I was able to see this great band play almost every song they have. Thanks Dave and looking forward to your next trip back to Chicago!
Nathan Y.
Is anyone else out there under the impression that the excitement around going to Dave's shows is becoming, well, a little stagnant? I've seen four shows in the last six months and I've heard DDTW, PNP=>Rapunzel, Stay, and SMTS=>Too Much EVERY time, and Crash and Last Stop three times. Enough is enough already, we know your new album is great, everyone that goes to the shows knows that it's great, let's hear some older stuff. How 'bout a little One Sweet World, or Jane, or Granny, or even Nancies for God's sake. Please. This show was great and all, but there's just something missing. Granted, Last Stop is GREAT live and I think it is a great opener, but in my opinion it isn't nearly as good as Seek Up or Two Step for a starter. I'm not a big fan of DDTW and I'm still not after this show. It was a surprise to hear #41 which was incredible, and WWYS was surprisingly good, but the highlight of the night had to be The Maker. Having never heard them play this Daniel Lanois gem live I went understandably apeshit when it began. If only they could do more rare stuff live... Crash was pretty standard as was SMTS=>ASTB=>TM. Then Dave pulled out a beautiful version of Christmas Song (which I'd never hoped to see live again), which, understandably, made me long for the days of a more diverse setlist. Watchtower was watchtower as usual, and, as again usual, he ended with a Thank y'all very very much. I love the music, I'm just a little tired of the repetition.
Andy J.
I figured since there were no reviews for this show, I'd make a larger one. Let me start out by saying that the United Center has always been known for it's poor acoustics. This was in evidence Saturday night, but it wasn't too bad. Dave was really talkative tonight, the most I've ever seen him on the winter tour. He said something about this being their Last Stop, and that it was being broadcast out on the internet. They then kicked into: The Last Stop: Kickin version, with alot of energy. Dave had some dancing, and the Reprise Outro was nice with Timmy filling in. Don't Drink The Water: Pretty standard, without the opening middle eastern teaser at the beginning. Just went right into it. Nice to get this one out of the way early. #41: "I'd like to bring up a real good friend of ours..." Vic Wooten! All I have to say is that the man is a Bass Stud. He had about 3 minutes of solo that had people going nuts. This fed into... #40: YESS!!! (15 seconds later...) NOOOOOOOOOOO! don't end it there again! I thought that after teasing us at madison, they might finally pull out the whole song. Oh well, LIOG made up for it. Lie In Our Graves: Boyd, Boyd, Boyd, Tim, Boyd. That's all this song was. Boyd going Ape Shit, Tim Going nuts. Beautiful. What Would You Say: Maceo Parker can play the sax. Nice to hear this one again. Been awhile. PNP -> Rapunzel: Great energy, with Roi doing his solo thing. Threw in a little Na Na Na Na Naaaa Naaaa there. Rapunzel had the never ending jam, with Dave going nuts. Stay: Standard version, with the boys jamming it out. Had the never ending jam, version 2 at the end of this one. The Maker: YESSSS!!! Never heard this in concert before, and with Victor Wooten nonetheless! Needless to say, this made my night. It was beautiful. Crash: From high point to low point. Oh well. After the maker, they could have played a Vanilla Ice song, and I wouldn't have cared. To it's credit, it was played well, and my girlfriend wanted to hear it so... Jimi Thing: 3rd show on the tour for me, and the 3rd time I've heard it. Don't get me wrong, I love this song, so it was great. Tim Reynolds was in prime form, up there looking like Joey Ramone up there with his glitter shirt and pants combo on. Great song. So Much To Say: Decent version, not much energy here, but this led into a great Anybody Seen the Bridge. Too Much: Powerful way to end the 1st set. Dave went nuts, and the crowd was groovin. I miss the way Dave used to jump at the end of this song. Christmas Song: Beautiful. Just Beautiful. All Along the Watchtower: Yesssss. Stephan is the man. His into kicks ass. Then, with Boyd plucking away...and then Timmy ripping it All in all, I'd say the show was an 8.5 out of 10. Crash was a minus, and I was hoping for recently or Minarets, but the Maker was a winner. Thanks guys, see you all in the spring.