Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Landmark Theatre, Richmond, Virginia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Don't Drink the Water
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
Deed Is Done
Two Step
Jimi Thing -->
What Will Become of Me -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Dancing Nancies
Stream (Tim solo)
Crash Into Me
Lie In Our Graves
I'll Back You Up
Recently (Some People Do)
So Much To Say
Too Much
Letting Go (Tim solo)
One Sweet World (Swim Naked)
Tripping Billies
#40 -->
Typical Situation
All Along the Watchtower

Jay B.
Tim Reynolds - WOW! I've seen Eddie Van Halen, Kenny Wayne Shepard, and many other premier guitarist go off but Tim was just unfuckingbeleivable, man I can't get over it. Venue - excellent, great acoustics, great sight lines, no beer (bummer, always like to have a sipper when watching dave). Crowd - toooo many loud, abnoxious, rude fans. Dave could not get a word in between sets b/c the crowd would not stop yelling 'Dave this' 'Dave that' 'play this' play that' 'I love you'etc........ At one point Dave begged the crowd to be quiet for one minute so he could talk, didn't happen so Dave proceeded to tell them they had way too much fucking energy and maybe when they go home they should paint their nails, put on some womens deoderant, reach around and masterbate so that they could chill and not have all this fucking tension built up. Setlist - what more can you ask for? Well it is the 4th or 5th show in a row that I haven't heard Say Goodbye but I'm not complaining. And fi nally Dave and the show as a whole, lets see if I can put this into words " " I can't, you had to be there to understand.
Sean P.
First off, if you ever get orchestra seats at the landmark theater don't be too excited, the whole bottom floor is the orchestra, that's ok though I don't think there was a bad seat in the house. This was an unbelievable show from a music standpoint. Dave didn't talk as much as he usually does, I was expecting him to go off on a few tangents…never happened, but it didn't take away anything from the show..........Let's get to the music..........They opened up with a pretty standard DDTW, this was my first time hearing it acoustic (not including 'Leave Me Praying') and I was amazed at how good it sounded..........Rapunzel - I had been waiting to hear this acoustic since I saw Dave playing it by himself on the Ultrasound show on MTV and it didn't disappoint..........The Stone - another song that sounds great acoustic, the outro to this song was awesome..........#41 - always one of my favorites, very similar to the Luther College version except for the outro..........Deed is Do ne, wow, first time hearing this since 96, sounded great - can't wait to hear this one on an album.....By this point in the show it because painfully clear that the people behind me weren't going to stop talking....apparently they were supposed to meet at Applebee's on Broad Street and the one girl didn't get off work until late - what? not interested? Neither was I....Note: to anyone who isn't familiar with the whole Dave and Time thing and you're thinking about seeing a show - DON'T talk during the songs and DON'T scream 'who's your daddy' when Dave asks for silence..........Two Step, different intro riff by Tim, this is such an awesome acoustic song - love the ending to this song..........Jimi Thing-->What Will Become Of Me-->Pantala Naga Pampa - if anyone didn't know that PNP came from What Will Become Of Me now you know - Jimi Thing was decent - WWBOM was awesome - and the girl behind me sounds just like Dave (not really but apparently she thought she did)..........Danc ing Nancies was pretty standard, another one of my fave's..........Warehouse - they went straight into it, didn't do the intro I've heard in the past - Dave switched the second and third verses, I don't think this was by design but they pulled it off fine..........Stream - Tim is amazing..........Crash Into Me - 12 year old girl intro (you know the one where all the 12 year old girls scream) - first time hearing the Dixie Chicken Outro on a Dave and Time Crash - also did the 'Swimming In Your Seas And In Your Oceans' (which personally I like better than Dixie Chicken)..........LIOG - and out come the dancers - pretty standard version..........I'll Back You Up - I was blown away by this one - even the people behind me stopped talking to hear it. This was one of the best songs they played all night - Tim's solo was unbelievable, you could've heard a pin drop it was so quiet in there..........Recently - pretty standard, sounded good - Some Do, Some Don't outro (apparently peopl e smoke weed in Richmond, go figure)..........SMTS and Too Much - they were alright - nothing spectacular - Tim goes off during Too Much..........Letting Go - again Tim went off - If you thought Victor Wooten was good on bass then check Tim out..........OSW - swim naked outro, this song just sounds awesome..........Spoon - Again, I couldn't have imagined how awesome this song was going to be, my first time hearing it live (since it's only been played 2 or 3 times) - it was unreal..........Tripping Billies - standard acoustic version - Tim makes this one worthwhile..........#40??!! First time in what? 3 years? This is a beautiful song - I almost hope they never put it on an album so it doesn't become the next Crash - this was a real treat that led into..........Typical Situation - pretty standard..........Satellite - enough said..........Watchtower - This was a nice way to end the show..........Highlights of the night were IBYU, Spoon, and #40..........All in all it was an ama zing night, I guess any concert you go to you're going to have to put up with loud people, but if you're planning on seeing a show PLEASE try and be respectful of those around you..........and to those people behind me (ORCH E CC....you know who you are) I missed some of your show because those two guys on stage were being really loud. Thanks to everyone who has ever written a review, I check them out daily....
[Name R.
Wow. Tonight was probably the best Dave show that I've ever seen. Great acoustics and awesome setlist made this definitely worth the drive from Washington DC. The crowd had a ton of energy; Dave had to say "SHHHH!" plenty of times just so he could talk. Dave and Tim started out with a nice Don't Drink the Water that stirred up the crowd pretty well. The Stone was excellent. The crowd fell hushed during the mellow parts, which added a real neat feel to the song. He slipped in a few lines of "Wise Men Say" in the outro too. Tim had great solos in Jimi Thing and Warehouse. Overall, very impressive show. Dave played for a full 2 hours 45 minutes!!! Next stop: Va. Tech. P.S. - Hi to Tricia (from Philly and U. Richmond) who sat behind me and made fun of the "sombrero boys" in the front. :)
Neal S.
Great show as always. Couple of interesting things - Dave's hair is longer and Tim's grown it way long and dyed it reddish I think. Anyway, they didn't seem to respond to crowd requests at all -- just kept to the setlist that was on the floor in front of Dave. It was nice to see an older crowd tonight with very few junior high school girls screaming for Crash Into Me. Dave didn't tell any long stories, so I guess his carpal tunnels isn't bothering him so much. Nice to hear acoustic versionos of some of the newer songs, and Tim's revamped his songs too.