Dave Matthews Band
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

Jimi Thing
Warehouse (Stop Time Intro) *
Lie In Our Graves *^
Minarets (Tomorrow Never Knows) ^
#41 (Sojourn of Arjuna) *^$
Say Goodbye
Drive In Drive Out *
The Last Stop *^
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
Don't Drink the Water *^
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
I'll Back You Up (Dave, Carter, Stefan, Tim)
All Along the Watchtower (Stefan Bass Intro) *@

entire set with Tim Reynolds
* with Butch Taylor on keys
^ with Bela Fleck on banjo
$ with Jeff Coffin on saxophone
@ with Warren Haynes on electric guitar

John R.
A little dissapointed with the setlist and the crowd, but there were some nice jams tonight on some of these old faves. They really took Jimi out into space, and Timmy showed his chops again tonight several times. "relax and float down stream..." intro to Minarets after the scats. Bela was at par with summer 97 Graves, and #41 was great with Bela and Jeff with them jamming into there own song, again similar to summer 97 and NYE 96. Not a direct segue into say goodbye, very normal on this one. Drive was as good as itcould be, and the Last Stop was nice, no reprise outro though, Bela took us down with some tune i can't place my finger on. Crash :-(, atleast we got Dixie Chicken, Don't Drink was good but i was hoping for something different to close the show, maybe Lover or Recently???? Rapunzel jam was taken very far, one of the best versions of this I've heard!! Back You Up was once again beautiful, and Carter's harmonizing at the end is great, Tim lets loose on this one too. I hate when Watchtoer is the last encore, cuz it's so damn predictable already, but this was a fabulous version with Warren and Timmy really getting into it. A real good show, but no real setlist surprises. Oh yeah, Dave did a face plant on stage when coming out for IBYU, got a cheer from the crowd. And to the guy behind me, I hope your EARPLUGS helped keep the noise at an acceptable level for you, and I hope u bought enough T-shirts!!! (Crowd around me was not rude or drunk , but not many people were really into the show)
Craig A.
OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOODNESS what a show!!!!!!!! and my friend got there around 6:30 as soon as they opened the doors...we had seats in the upper deck behind the stage .....THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN someone from dave's lighting crew starts walking to us and a few other people sitting there cuz it was so early and offered us 2nd row section 2 row B....2 ROWS FROM THE STAGE AND CENTER.....OH MY!!!!!!!! me and my friend were like huggin each other and screaming it was sooooo unbeliveable, it was like winning the lottery...the guy from the lighting crew says that dave reserved the first two rows and gives them away to people with rear seats..... Bela and his crew came on at around 7:30pm and dave came out with them at first and the crowd went bizerk!!!! then dave left and came back on to sing a song with Bela and his boys.....about 10-15 minute intermission and then Dave and the band came on around heres the list AS best as i can remember might not be in order..... .......i dont remember the setlist too well but it was awesome ...with rare songs like minarets and was awesome.....this was my first dave show.....but i've been a fan for years so it wasnt anything new to me.....songs like Repunzel..DDTW...OH for Say Goodbye everyone in MSG had lighters up it was so awesome to look at...Repunzel,DDTW, and the last encore Watchtower...these songs absolutely brought the house down everyone was dancing and u cud hear people singing the words it was great....AWESOME show ESPECIALLY from the 2nd ROW center dave was like 25 feet from me....AWESOME!!!!!!! great show BEST!!!!!
Brian G.
What can I say about this show? Absolutely phenomenal from start to finish (although I'm sure someone will complain in another review). This was the fourth show of the week for me and my dancing fool, Mike "Bake" McBride, and there was no better way to end the Dave marathon for us. We were hoping for the end-all be-all of Dave shows, and when he opened with Jimi Thing, we knew it would be a special one. Jimi was great with the usual extended jam, but we were all surpised with the follow up of Warehouse and LIOG, which had Boyd all over the stage and Bela jamming wonderfully as usual. (Am I alone in thinking Bela should just quit the Flecktones and join DMB?) By this point, I was hoping for a bathroom song (you drunks know what I mean), but a super-long jamming version of #41 followed by Say Good bye were just too awesome to even think of missing. What else ... Minarets was great...not normally a favorite, but so rare that I loved it, especially with Dave just voclaizing some weird shit at the beginning (which he usualy does for that song, which is the only way I was able to call it before anybody else). Now, everyone complains about Dave playing Crash Into Me and all I have to say is "Why?" So what if every teenager likes it...its still a great song, lyrically and otherwise. And it still gives me a chill to hear the place erupt whenever he plays it. Don't Drink the Water was standard, but Raounzel was a great way to finish the 1st set...can't ever hear enough of that song, and hearing it late in the show was a nice surprise. I'll Back You Up was superb as it has been at other shows. For the last song, Dave announced 'I'd like to bring up a friend ..." which made me think John Poppper was there, but instead it was Warren Moon (of Gov't Mule and the Allman Brothers). Watchtower was expected, but the addition of Moon's guitar solo followed by Tim's was excellent and made the song a great way to finish. The energy for this song was beyond unbelievable and I was exhausted by the end of the show. All I can sign off with is, if you have the means, I highly recommend seeing as many shows in a row as you can. It is so choice.
Brian G.
First of all I would like to say that last night was decent but tonight blew it out of the water. Sound:Excellent and very loud,the Garden is a great venue Fans:Corny and unfimiliar with older stuff Jimi Thing-I was very suprised with this as an opener and very delighted.The band had a lot of energy,allthough only 10:00 it provided a very good start to the show Warehouse-Wow,two awesome song in a row.This is basically a milestone cause DMB has not played two solid songs in a row basically all tour. Lie In Our Graves.Oh my god three in a row.This song lated about 15 min and was insane.Boyd and Bela really added some spice to this song.Crwod wasn't that into it b/c they didn't know it. Minarets-Something was hapeninng,was this the old DMB that I knew that played all there good songs,This song had an amazing intro and really rocked.Again many of the radio fans did not recognize it but it was a big treat for the real fans. #41-I was going crazy b/c this was the DMB I knew.They did a crazy jam on this for like 20 min.Bela was amazing and Dave was on fire. Say Goodbye-My personal favorite.Carter was banging away at the drums and I saw Leroi reach for the flute and I knew it was happening.Crowd really enjoyed this. Drive In,Drive Out-Still good but the frist okay song of the night.I have to admit that they did it excellent live. Last Stop-I thought on the album this song was ok but in concert it kicked ass.They added a little improv jam to it which made it very good. Crash-Of course it had to happen.But as Crash goes I enjoyed this version when Dave just makes up words on the spot. Don't Drink The Water-Again don't really love this song but It was very good.Much better then last night. Pantaga Naga Pampa ---> Rapunzel-I like this song a bit but it is very good live.All the radio fans enjoyed it. Encore: I'lll Back you Up-One of my favorites once again.Tim added a little flavor.It is a beautiful song that many did not know. Watchtower-They brought out Warren Hayes from government mule.The ground started shaking and they went inot Watchtower.They did about a 10 min jam.It was unbelieble Hayes made the song a lot better.Crowd really got into it. All in all a very good show and these days you do not get to many of these from DMB.I like how they played a lot of old stuff and they mixed in a little knew.Great show and I am looking foward to getting it on tape.
Michael M.
When Dave opened up with Jimi knew it was going to be a special night. 4th show in 4 nights...what a way to end it. Dave and the crew were intense...the crowed was energized...and the setlist kicked ass!!!! Almost had to believe this show was Dave saying.."Last night was cool and all....but I'm sorry for those who couldn't make it tonight cause we're gonna blow your minds away." Warehouse was awesome, Boyd was the man as usual on this song. Lie in Our Graves had the cool mellow extended jam in the middle. Minarets was a pleasant surprise...I really love this song..and you gotta love when Dave goes for a song off of Remember 2 Things. (Unfortunatly no One Sweet World or STJL, but I'll live, cause I'm sure I'll hear it the next time I see them). The next three songs were tracks #5,6,7 off of Crash( That's #41, Say Goodbye, and Drive In, Drive Out to you and me, Russ). All I can say is....WOW!!! The band nailed these songs and the crowd was nuts. Crash...well what can we say about Crash...a lot of people post and badmouth this song..Well, yes it's popular...yes, it's radio friendly....yes, it might have been the only song the girl in front of you knew....BUT.....It is a great song...both melodically and lyrically. LIVE WITH IT PEOPLE! (It's even better when you're dancing with THAT girl who only knows this song..but that's besides the point) Believe it or not..Last Stop might have been the highlight of the night. Dave played this song so intensely...and everyone around me in Sections 76,77,78 were going nuts..even the cute girl with the red shirt and nose ring in Section 122(right above us)front row who wouldn't dance the whole show was grooving. Surprised to hear DDTW and Pantala--->Rapunzel so late in tthe set...but Rapunzel is just too damn good not to enjoy. The encore was great, an especially intense and energized Watchtower with some guy who used to play w/ the Allman Brothers...Warren Moon or something. Don't mean to bitch... but if Ants ended the show..I might have lost it. 4 nights in a row...No Ants...but that's okay. Because they are the greatest live act going today. And I would pay 365 days a year to see them if I could. A goodnight to all the Garden folk and Dave fans evreywhere. Also a thank you to Dan who runs this page and has put up with my out of order setlist reporting and was nice enough to post my reviews the previous three nights. God Bless...and I just might see some of y'all at the Pepsi Arena on the 5th....then the Betty Ford Clinic =)
Peter M.
This is a prime example of why you go both nights to the Garden. I guess Dave wanted to get down but not the first night. When I say the setlist was tight I mean as tight as spandex on a phat woman. This was anti-last night. They only repeated three songs from the night before. Although I enjoyed last night, this show was unreal. The first eight songs was one of the best sequence I've ever seen. Jimi Thing was da bomb. Awesome new jam in there. Stefan actually got to show his skills. Even though they aren't anywhere close to Victor Wooten's. Then again who's are?? Next Warehouse. Who doesn't love this song??? Of course boyd was his regular amazing self. He jammed with Dave and proceded to strut across the stage and play to the crowd. The crowd loved it. Next they proceded to play every great song from Crash that we didn't hear the night before. When Dave said "This is a song about being dead" I went crazy because I knew I was about to witness not just a Lie in Our Grave but a Lie in Our Graves with Bela Fleck which was amazing! Minarets blew me away with the rap intro and Tomorrow Never Knows. Totally didn't see it coming. Lights and song were awesome. Then #41 with Jeff Coffin and Bela coming out. I didn't think we were going to get both but I was elated to hear it. Then Carter started up the drums and I knew Say Goodbye was coming. It was awesome. The crowd really enjoyed this one. There were actually more lit lighters for this song than for Crash Into Me. Drive In Drive was cool Carter got to show off his skills again. Then the Last Stop. The end of this great sequcence of songs. Crash Into Me, I must admit I do enjoy the Dixie Chicken. I can listen to don't drink the water with timmy any time. And a regular Rapunzel to cap off the set. At least I didn't have to hear "Make you wanna stay" 50 times like the night before. The Encore recaptured the fire of the beginning of the set. Dave came out and dove on the ground and said he was tired. I'm sure he was after an unbelievably energized set. I'll Back You Up was awesome to hear. It's such a beautiful song. It made me wish I had significant other. The Watchtower the best I have ever heard. They Brought out Warren Haynes who laid down some unbelievable solos. Boyd also added some great plucking. This si the best show i have ever seen. The band just came out psyched and played whatever they wanted or at least whatever I wanted. I thought the crowd really dug the show. They really appreciated ever song. I must have been in a good section. This one of those shows that makes you want to go see the band again and again.
Flecktones set incalse anyone cares: Christmas Medly Let Me Be The One Commuication (w/ Dave) Sinister Minister Review: In-FUCKING-credible....23 min LIOG....25 min 41...this had jams written all over it...VERY sweet setlist..only 3 songs from BTCS...and IBYU..I was the ONLY one sinigng. THe light show was remarkably facinating...during 41 it was like HOLY SHIT..and then jimi to open...who woulda thunk it..better yet.. LIOG --> Minarets..a VERY sweet seuge..somehting we were NOT expeckting..and then warehouse....LIOG was ALL boyd and bela...but then...I thought I heard the riff from minarets..and a VERY sweet seuge indeed. Then dave said that they would "keep adding people until the stage got full" sooner did Vic Wooten, Jeff Coffin and Bela come out along w/ Butch... HOLY SHIT!!! 9 guys on stage....a VERY sweet jam..not much of the Sojourn of Arjourna tho....then drums..could it be 36...noooooo LeRoi has his flute out...all the lighters go CRAZY and it was an awesome song and what's this...all of a sudden they switch from the last chord of Say Goodbye, right in to DIDO!!!!!!....IT was awesome except for the chick behind me who was like "I paid 200 bucks for these seats and they still havent played ants or crash yet"...then we heard Dave screaming/moaning...must be the last stop...and the light show was awesome again...NOTHING can describe it..and then all the chicks went crazy during crash..somethin about 20000 people singing along makes me love it. It was soooooo cool.....then intro tho...and all of a sudden I heard the guitar riff and LeRoi again...must be teh seuge into PnP and it was...timmy went NUTS on rapunzel and it finally ended w/ Dave. Timmy and boyd jammin out..then the WE WANT DAVE I see 3 guys come out...knew it was IBYU...and it was...I was the ONLY one even standing during it..then dave introduced a KICKASS guitarist (sorry, but I couldnt hear who it was due to the chick complaining behind me) and they went all out on was unbeleiveable..NOTHING can explain the feeling...all in all the show kicked major ass and is rivaling the 8/9/98 show and 5/20/98 shows for the BEST OF THE TOUR!!!! it was to bed for now....hopefully i get to skip school tommorw
Joel E.
Well, the fourth of the tale of two cities shows. Easily amazing!! This show had character just like the rest. With an emotional I'll Back You Up and a STRONG Watchtower this show had its own life to it. This enthusiastic life that was powered by #41 and Say Goodbye. Regardless of the specifics of the songs played, it was the GARDEN...nuff said. This is the best place in the world to see a show. Dave showed that while launching himself to the crowd and landing flat on his stomach. Just great. He said tonight (like many others) "Thank you , we hope you are having as much fun as we are..." What a thought. You could tell. Every night in this could tell. He loved it...every minute of that shit. So much more to say about this heavenly week. Email anytime , we can talk.
Ross D.
I thought the show started off great, and was very surprised with the first four songs. But as the show continued it seemed to loose its energy. Leroi did not seem very in to it at all. I was very surprised with the song selection. I overheard many (teeny bopper, skanktop wearing girls(that's for you Mike)) concert goers (I don't consider them as fans) whinning because they did not play many songs heard on the radio. Overeall I was not very impressed with this show.
Brad L.
Damn~what a sweet show! Been following the band since late '94, around when Ants Marching got popular-not too long, but longer than plenty. Anyways, after trading tapes for the past year and a half.. finally got a chance to see the boys myself.. and was NOT dissapointed... Flecktones did a good, not great job opening up~Big Country's a great song, and I never get tired of seeing Vic go nuts on Sinister Minister, but i find it hard to totally enjoy these guys when the crowd isnt real into it, which thy werent. Anyways, catch the Flecktones at one of their own shows, as i did last winter-you wont be let down. Me and five of my buddies had seats thirteen rows back, a bit to the right on the floor~damn good, if it werent for the people getting it on in front of us and the little girls behind us. but more on that later.. anyways, a sweet, JAMMING show.... An encore from heaven, too Ill do the song bit: Jimi-Thing: Damn!! With seek up the last five nights or so, was not expecting this... Sweet sweet very long version, too.. the boys went around in a circle, with everyone getting in their bit, with the exception of maybe Stefan, who jammed a bit with Roi-Boyd was the highlight, and Tim was pretty darn good. If that man isnt scary looking, i dont know who is~plays a good electric though. Lighting was kinda funky on this song, pretty cool. Warehouse: another song i wasnt particularly expecting to hear, and this song i love, too-nice intro, a bit static, although boyd got in a nice bit. the "I love you dave!!" girls behind us were pretty lost, but we were dancing it up Lie In Our Graves: phew! when dave called Bela out on stage, said to one of my friends- "wouldnt it be fantastic if they played Lie in Our Graves?"... and how sweet it was~Boyd TOOK OVER the first half of the song, stomping around the stage and swinging his dreads in the air. at the beginning i was a bit dissapointed, because i was afraid that bela might not get in a bit, and im a big enough fan of 6/10/97 to have high hopes~but once Boyd got going, there wasnt an unhappy person in the place, i swear~that man can PLAY. Then, lucky me, bela took over, and that was incredibly sweet, fantastic fantastic. Dont know what happened to boyd at this point, though... suddenly kind of held down his violin and pretty much fell asleep for a good hour and a half.. didnt see much of him until maybe Rapunzel. Bela was incredible, though... just seeing dave with this gigantic grin on his face while watching bela close his eyes and just play and play and play... they were enjoying themselve! s 41: Oh,man!! ! my favorite song in the world. When coffin walked out, me and my buddys started a quiet, whisper chant just among us... 41.. 41.... 41.... and damn, did we get what we were looking for. a good 25 minute version, and i was in heaven... Coffin had a big part just for himself... really really nice, when that man gets into it, he gets himself into it. Also a nice piano bit by Butch, nice to hear since i couldnt hear him much the rest of the night (nine guys on stage for this one!!)... i was loving it, my friends were loving it, dave was loving it, carter was loving it, bela was loving it.... If there was ever any doubt in my mind, this song convinced me i was doing everything in my power to get myself a tape. Maybe the only guy who wasnt loving it was Boyd-what happened to him? Anyways, such a sweet song, the boys went off, it was great, the highlight of my night with maybe the exception of Watchtower. Say Goodbye: Damn! another great song, soon as i heard the flute i knew... wasnt expecting it after 41, since the boys dont do that very often... wasnt fed right into from 41, either, like it is on the album, but who cares? pretty static version, but very very nice and intimate-can you say lighters? Pretty impressive looking around a darkened garden and seeing thousands and thousands... DIDO: Wow!!!! This song, even if static, is fantastic when played live... after say goodbye, this stopped the crowd from swaying and got us MOVING. youve got to be there for this song at least once- a hell of a lot of energy. Love the part dave does about Emptiness sounding so good with so many voices inside your head. Cant say enough good things about it. The Last Stop: Another great song live, and the first from BTCS-i was pretty psyched about this song~the lighting was great, added a lot. If DIDO started the crowd moving, this kept them moving. just a real good version, and long. Was hoping for the reprise outro, but the boys jammed so much at the end it was fine. Crash Into Me: yikes-did it get loud when dave hit the first few chords of this bugger. I personally think this is a great song and dont give a damn what people say about the radio fan issue, but some of my friends were upset-i just made them put their arms around each others shoulders, and we did the swaying thing. a nice mellow song, and it sure made the girls behind me happy, which was fine. I swear i was the only person screaming along during Dixie Chicken, which was fun. DDTW: hehe~ funny, dave did a big bela fleck and the flecktones thank you at the beginning of this one, at which point, persumably, bela was supposed to come out-after about a minute and a half of dave standing up there grinning, bela showed up, and the boys had a laugh. then they started to play DDTW- Not a favorite of mine, or my buddies. We sat down (for the first time of the show) at the beginning of this one, but bela had a damn nice part, at which point, i decided, screw it, time to get into it~and got back up. Certainly not a bad song, the crowd liked it plenty too. PNP-->Rapunzel: Big Roi intro, as always-didnt realize what it was until a good way into it, though. i beleive it was at this point that dave told us, "i hope you guys down there had as much fun as we have been having up here." Very nice version, a bit static maybe, but enough energy that i enjoyed myself like hell. Boyd showed up a bit on this tune (finally!)... A great closer, i think, and just a generally good time E: IBYU: after the chant of "We want Dave!" came up through the crowd (no, i didnt participate), dave and carter and tim came out for this incredibly sweet song... I love this song, even though it always comes out pretty static-with the exception of a very distorted Timmy part on the electric, which was neat. And, the person above is wrong, because i was singing along too . Stefan came out in the end for a bit. When it ended, we all knew something energetic was coming up... but who wouldve known... Watchtower: !!!!!!! Probably the highlight of the night for me. Me and two buddies ran up to the front of the stage and were 15 feet from the man himself. Dave pulled out the extra electric player, at which point, we figured out watchtower was coming-and HOW! The stefan intro was nice, damn, the arena SHOOK when he held that last bass note in the air. Then an incredibly fantastic watchtower~dave and boyd had a sweet part in the middle, standing next to each other and going nuts... Tim also had a fantastic part, looked like he was having a damn good time himself. Stefan played damn well also. I thought the second electric player added a lot, too~just a generally fantastic version, energy was through the roof, it got loud, i was dancing in the little space i had, and it finished the night on just the right note... Phew. If the night had been great before, it was even greater after this one. Hehe~that got long, but, MAN! i could go on for hours talking about this show. What a great night! the boys were ON! i am dying to get my hands on tapes of this show. If anyone recorded it or get their hands on it, if you could send me an email, id be grateful like nobody's business. Willing to do a trade or B&P or whatever the hell you want. Anyways, get a tape of this show, because it was amazing.
Tim W.
what a great show, I was thrown for a loop by the setlist, I mean every song until crash was great. I was so stoked to hear jimi as the opener, It blew my mind and really got the crowd going, he then led into real nice warehouse, this was a really steller version and got me dancing the night away, LIOG came and went and I loved every minuite of it. I have to mention a good friend of mine alison who loves dave soo much and was killing for a say goodbye, I was so happy that she got one, and I hope you loved it ali if you are readin this, well other highlights were DIDO, Minarets (for the true fans), I'll back you up, TLS ( which was so great live I couldn't believe it) and a really great watchtower that had me shaking my bones all over the garde. I'd like to thank the band for giving the true fans a night to remember, it would have been so great with out crash to take away all the energy. The one thing I thought we were gonna get and didn't was ants, 2 nights at the garden a nd no ants was strange, but whatever, I love dave and I hope he keeps suprising us into the future. "would you not like to be sitting on top of the world with your legs hanging free"
Ari J.
a'ight, a'ight, It was an unbelievable show!!! I started out alittle dissapointed at seeing the army of college kids with phish tees and so on, but hey... Anyway, the show rocked big time!!! Bela knew how to get the crowd goin, and I gotta say it was the most attentive crowd for any opening show that I've ever seen. The setlist was awesome, great choices, JIMI was an unbelievable opener, I'm glad there were enough real fans there to notice... I couldn't believe how good are seats were, my friends and I had beeen bitchin' cuz we thought we had bad seats but we were like 20 rows behind dave, so it's all good. I agree that Crash kinda' made me lose interest but I recovered. Great BTCS songs, they jammed real well on them. IBYU was really great, it was beautifully played, It was really great, but the hilight was still Watchtower, it was the most INCREDIBLE WATCHTOWER i've ever heard. It's only my second show but I've been tapetrading and no other show comes close. I was at the Gia nts Stadium show, and I understand that show was basically an intro to BTCS, but that setlist couldn't compare to this one. I love R 2 things, and you can hear how much they've developed since recording that. R 2 things was meant to be played live, and tonight DMB showed why...
Liam R.
I have to start off by saying, this was only my second Dave show, but I entered it with much skepticism. I have seen what has happened recently, with the "teeny-bopper" craze, and was a bit worried it was going to affect the show. and low and behold, IT DID! I didn't have the best seats in the Garden, section 308, which by the way, the sound sucked, I went down onto the platform, and it was so much better, which leads me to believe, that the people in the uppers, probably didn't even hear a thing.Very weak, for such a well known venue! Anyhow, getting back to the annoying, screaming, lighter bearing teens, I had 6 sitting right behind me, and if they knew 4 songs on the setlist tonight, that was alot. Twenty minutes into Bela's opening set, they asked me who this "asshole" was. I just laughed at them. They didn't have a clue. Getting back to the show though. Wonderful Setlist-Terrible Soundsystem. I was surprised as anyone to get the Jimi Thing opener, and when followed by War! ehouse, and Lie in our Graves, I almost wet myself, with excitement, then the intro to minarets, with a Beattles cover no less, "Tomorrow Never Knows", which I am sure hardly anyone even noticed. As far as for the rest of the show, can't they just act like Don't Drink the Water isn't on their album. It is soo overplayed, but I guess they have to please the radio listeners. Other highlights included, my personal favorite being played, "Say Goodbye", and a wonderful live song, "Drive In, Drive Out". Closing the set with PNP, and "Rapunzel", were also very appropriate, although not what I would have chosen had I been in charge.Would have loved to hear "Recently" thrown in, but hey, next time. The encore was par, "I'll back you Up" is a beautiful song, but I don't know if it is encore material, "Watchtower" certainly is, and they nailed that one, with excellent help from Warren Hayes.Overall, I could never say it was a bad show, cause it is the Dave Matthews Band. but the sound sy! stem really did suck, and those teeny boppers, who burned my sister with there cigarettes, and hounded my brother to death, could fall off a cliff for all I care. All I want to do is hear the music when I go to a show, not a thousand complaints because they haven't played "Satelitte" or "Ants Marching", two of the 7 songs these "radio listeners" may know. Umm.. and oh yeah Happy B-Day to my brother Doug, I brought him here, for his 28th B-Day. and he brought me for my 23rd.Any better presents around?? I don't think so.Thanks Dave and Crew!