Dave Matthews Band
Worcester Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

Recently @*
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) @*
Don't Drink The Water @*
Butch Solo (Linus and Lucy) -->
LeRoi Solo -->
Pantala Naga Pampa @
Rapunzel @
Too Much @
Dancing Nancies -->
Warehouse @
Crush @
Rhyme & Reason
Pig @
Two Step @*
Lie In Our Graves @*
Christmas Song (Dave, Tim, and Carter)

entire show with Tim Reynolds
@ with Butch Taylor
* with Bela Fleck

Matt G.
The show was better then the MSG shows. It was less of a greatest hits show and more less played tunes. i believe the highlight for em was lie in our graves. this was spectacular. he jammed it out for 15-20 minutes, plating it up great. he doesn't play this tune as much anymore but it was a great finish. Two step, not as good as the 12/2 concert, but was still awesome. Bela and Timmy dueled in the middle of the song, which was great. Pig was a surpise since i haven't seen it played since the giants stadium show on 6/7. DDTW has to be dropped, it is now way to overplayed, and stay should have been brought in. Recently was a nice surprise, and a great opener forthe show, and then giving the little fans what they wanted with crash, even though it is still great. But the greatest was the encore with halloween. i've waited for this to be played and it was a great finale. Although expecting watchtower, this was a great substitute. Overall the show was good, and the setl! ist comprised of old favorites and new radio hits, and the bela was outstanding, people should really give him more credit. Taylor was great on the paino playing a jammin snoopy, and timmy was of course great adding exactly what needs to be done to every song. great show and can't wait for the acoustic tour. see ya all later bye bye!!! :) p.s. dave said on boston radio that two live albums will be released this year, one acoustic with dave and tim and the other will be a live band album.
Justin D.
WHAT A SHOW!!!!! I was very pleased right from the start. Recently was a great opener, eventhough no outros or lond jams. After standard DDTW and CIM, the Butch and Leroi solo was awesome....This show had many highlights including the encore....The crowd was very energetic...although it seemed like not to many people were singing along with the Christmas Song, like me and my friends. The show was great...maybe even better than 7/31 in Hartford..
Chris R.
Opening with Recently was great. Again, Dancing Nancies was great as usual and included the "lost somewhere in Worcester." Warehouse was great also. Rhyme and Reason was another great surprise from Under the Table. Two Step was a crazy version that included Tim Reynolds and Bela Fleck dualing solos. Most songs included Butch Taylor on the keyboard and Tim Reynolds played with them the whole show. Bela Fleck played on a few tunes also, though I did not write which ones down. The encore had a holiday theme with a great version of Christmas Song with just Dave, Tim and Carter. I thought the show was incredible and am looking forward to tomorrow night's show. If anyone has the show on tape or CDR, please let me know, I have much to trade.
Donny S.
Could I have been lost somewhere in Worcester??!! What a show!!! Unreal. 10 out of 10. Similar setlist to the Albany show I saw over the weekend, but with some kick-ass adjustments. I must say this was the best show of the 7 I've seen this year. Just like the Albany show, there was a slew of the most talented musicians in the world present tonight. The Flecktones were amazing, and Victor Wooten dazzled the crowd with his bass solo while throwing it around his back, over his shoulder and catching it without missing a beat. Unreal. Anyway, on to DMB. I had a schweeet view from the 14th row. The one and only disappointment of the night came right off the bat. They opened with Recently, which is usually one of my favs, but this version blew. It was only like 4 minutes long and no jam. Oh well, a nice Seek Up would have made the show flawless. Next was Crash, which despite everyone's complaining I still love. People, you can't hate a song that is truely beautiful ju! st because the Teeny Boppers drive you crazy. They drive me crazy, too, but the song is beautiful none the less. DDTW was pretty tight and sounded great with Bela and Tim. Speaking of Tim, he is one funky bastard. He looks so phat with the long hair and the 1960's outfits. He plays like a cross between David Gilmore and Trey Anastasio. Next up was something no one expected. Butch Taylor during his solo played the tune from Charlie Brown. You all know the one that Schroder jams. Next up was a sweet PNP-->Rapunzel. Got the whole crowd dancing. Dave was ripping it up on stage, dancing everywhere. Too Much followed and was also done well. Next up, aaahhhh, my favorite, Dancing Nancies (Seek Up is tied for #1). "Could I have been lost somewhere in Worcester?" Boyd took contol of the situation and went to town!! Awesome!! That led into a ferocious Warehouse. Unreal, one of the best I've ever heard. Leroy then took a pretty phat solo after Warehouse. I was hoping ! to hear Crush for 2 reasons, because the song kicks ass, and also because Tim's solo is incredible. Great version, and Timmy didn't let me down. He layed out a sick solo. He was grooving all over the place. He was out of his head, it was great!! Carter finished it off by going nuts on the drums. Carter is the best drummer out there. Rhyme and Reason was intense as always and got the crowd roaring. Pig, what a great surprise. DMB's only played it a few times this year, and I've had the privelige of hearing it twice (also 5/2/98 in Montreal). No one had a clue it seemed, but everyone seemed to dig it. What a great song. Listen up, tonight I witnessed THE best ever 2 Step. Everyone must get this on bootleg. 17 min. long. I know that for the past couple weeks they have been ripping out sick 2 Steps, complete with the Tim/Bela duel, but after the duel Timmy kinda went on for a while and was doing the funkiest sh*t with the electric guitar. He was jamming out all kin! ds of cool echos, similar to those during his solo in Watchtower on Red Rocks. The duel was great, Tim and Bela really get into it. After all of the jamming they jumped right back into the song and inished it off. Sick I tell you, SICK!! Finishing off the regular set was the sweetest LIOG you'll ever hear, EVER!! This was also 17 min. Boyd was a man possessed, he was on a mission. I feel bad for his fiddle, he ripped the sh*t out of the poor thing. He was all over the stage playing for every angle of the crowd. He was right up in Dave's face for a while, I thought Dave was going to lose an eye from Boyd's dreads swinging every which way! Bela also took a sweet solo. Even better than that at the 6/5/98 Foxboro show. Bela is incredible. I was expecting to hear The Christmas Song, or I'll Back You Up, and got the first one. Very nice, very beautiful, literally brought a tear to my eye. The final song of the night was the most incredible, unexpected surprise. I was! dead sure it was going to be Ants or Watchtower. I saw Timmy fiddling around with the effects on the electric before the song and figured Watchtower. The Carter slapped the drumsticks together to get the band on beat and then I had no idea what was going on. A couple of seconds later they busted out Halloween!! Yes, Halloween. I have never heard Halloween in concert. I was so excited, I couldn't believe my ears. Dave must have blown out a lung or 2. The whole band was so pumped. What a rare treat. Couldn't have asked for a better closer. All in all, everyone shone tonight. Dave had a huge smile on all night, and everyone else stepped up at one point or another. You really can't ask for a better show. I REALLY want to get this on bootleg, so if anyone can hook me up, please email me. I've got plenty to trade. If anyone just wants to talk about the show, definately email me, too. Also, after the show I went and talked to the 3 guys I saw taping the show. What a! bunch of ignorant bastards. I can't picture anyone being more rude. I could never treat anyone so rudely, especially a fellow loyal DMB fan. Anyway, 10 out of 10 on this show folks. I can't wait to see what tomorrow night has in store for us, other than contibuting to my not doing the 3 papers I have due this week. Tomorrow night's round 2! Long live DMB, and love to all of you loyal fans. C-ya.
Chris M.
I had some high expectations for the 2 Worcester shows, and so far I was right on the money! The first of the 2 shows was amazing! The boys came onstage at 8:10 to a roaring crowd, and after tuning up a bit, they went into Recently! OK, not a kick ass extended version or anything, but a great Recently all the same, and a great way to start up. I was expecting DDTW to open since Bela was on stage, so Recently caught me by surprise. Next to my surprise and delight, came Crash Into Me. It has to get played most nights and I was glad it was out of the way. A good version however. DDTW came next and a stellar version was played, very tight. This song is great live, especially with Bela. Unfortunatley, Bela left after this one. Next up was a Butch Taylor solo which was very cool. He teased us with a few keys, and then tore into a mean version of the Charlie Brown Theme Song. Very cool. The crowd could sense it coming and went nuts when he went into it. PNP-->Rapunzel go! t the crowd fired up even more with a killer light show, and dancing Dave! After a little pause they kicked into Too Much and gave us a tight version of it. I didn't see this one coming cause they went right into it without an ASTB intro, a surprise. After Too Much, Butch left and the Band treated us to a fantastic Dancing Nancies "...lost somewhere in Worcester"! At this point Boyd was on fire! He had a kick-ass solo and proceeded to duel it out with Dave, then Carter, Stepan and then back to Dave. What a treat! Not disappointing the fans, they tore into a stop-time-intro Warehouse that was out-of-control!! Unreal! Butch returned to the stage and continued the holiday/Charlie Brown theme by soloing into It's A Charlie Brown Christmas, very funny and entertaining. Was this a first? I haven't read of them doing this before... Next up, Crush which was stellar. Compared to Foxboro and Hartford, the crowd actually sang along instead of hitting the bathroom. Good for them, since they were able to witness a phenomenal solo by Tim. Man, HE can wail! Butch leaves the stage, and DMB kicks into Rhyme & Reason! Oh yeah!! I hadn't seen this one live before and it was nuts! Dave was screaming his heart out and sounded perfect! I couldn't think of what might follow such a rocker, and was psyched when they started Pig! They haven't played it much so I was pretty pumped (especially after seeing it at Nissan too), but many people sat down and were mellow. What a version, tight and perfectly done. Things were about to explode! Bela was introduced again, and Stephan began the bass intro to Two Step! WOW! Talk about an AMAZING version, similar to the recent reviews with them seeming to end abruptly, yet Bela and Tim dueling it out together. Unreal! Just as intense as I've read! I didn't time the song! , but I'd guess it to be around 15 min. or so. The band, along with Bela treated us to one of the better Lie In Our Graves to end the regular set. Bela went OFF during the middle jam, very impressive! An incredible regular set, one of the better I've seen with lots of variety. The encore was sort of a "holiday theme". When Dave, Tim, Stephan and Carter came out, I expected one of 2 songs, and we were treated to an unbelievably intense Christmas Song. The crowd was for the most part respectful and quiet during the song, except for the clapping during the "love, love, love..." part. the rest of the band came back out and my brother Matt and I wondered what might come next. We hoped it wasn't Watchtower since that was the encore at both Hartford and Nissan, and were given the "surprise of the night" when they kicked into Halloween!!! UNREAL!! What a song, what energy and what an incredible way to end a fantastic show!!! Dave was going NUTS up there, screaming and howling like a madman! All in all one of the better shows I've seen. Lots of surprises, great guests and jams and lots of dancing by Dave. Stellar performances by all of the musicians up on stage. I'll be heading back to Worcester tonight for my final show of the year in a super-stretch limo! I have high expectations seeing it's Bela's last night opening for them. I expect many suprises...
Mike M.
What a show! So much better than Foxboro last June, you could actually hear Dave speak this time. Recently was a cool opener, totally unexpected. Crash was pretty standard, everybody knew this one of course. Dont Drink the Water was pretty standard as well, not bad. Butch Taylor then took a solo and went into the Charlie Brown theme, very cool. Leroi then joined him for a bit. They jammed out for a few minutes before going into Pantala Naga Pampa. They went right into Rapunzel, much better version than at Foxboro. Too Much got a big response from the crowd. They started Dancing Nancies and everybody went nuts, at least the true fans did. They went right into Warehouse, I was really hoping they would play this, cool lights with Boyd and Leroi at the beginning. Crush was next, one of my favorites off the new cd, even if everybody knows it now. Rhyme and Reason was good, not as many people knew it which was nice. At this point the crowd all started chanting Two Step, seemed like a good idea to me. But not just yet. Instead:Pig, one word, AMAZING. I went nuts when they started. Most of the people around me didnt know it, all the better. From there they went in to Two Step, HUGE ! crowd pleaser, jams and all. Lie In Our Graves was the best version I have ever heard, Bela and Time dueling. Long version. The crowd was going nuts at this time. Dave, Tim and Carter came out for the Christmas Song, I liked it, but then again I knew what it was. I was waiting for Watchtower, totally expecting it. Then I heard carter start counting off 1,2,3 and i knew it wasnt watchtower. Halloween, i think the biggest suprise of the night. TOTALLY kicked, so much energy. Best concert I have ever been too, good crowd, good setlist. A few too many teeny bopper spice girl wannabes, but what are you going to do about it? Cant wait till they come back!!
Josh P.
First of all, the sound system at the Centrum is horrible. Half of the time, I couldn't even really hear Boyd and Leroi jam. Anyway, my review of this concert took three paths throughout the night: from mediocrity to incredible to what might have been. Recently was a good intro, but it wasn't jammed out. Then with Crash and the BTCS singles, it was a slow start. Then came the Nancies to Warehouse combo. Unbelievable! I never get tired of these two. Pig was a very nice surprise. Then Two Step which I'd been hearing about lately. It certainly lived up to the hype - Bela and Tim had a sick jam competition. Then came the highlight of the night - Lie in Our Graves. This version of LIOG was quite possibly the greatest live song I've ever heard. Just ridiculous! They just went on and on - I didn't want it to ever stop! I love encores, but in this case, I wish they just stopped the concert right here. Christmas Song is very nice, but not too good for an encore - Lover ! Lay Down or Typical Situation would have been better here. Still, I was anticipating either Ants, #41, Watchtower, or Billies to finish it up strongly. But then - Halloween. What an awful end to a concert! They didn't even jam it out at all. This song's alright, but any of the 4 above songs would have closed out one of the great concerts in history. Instead, "what might have been." Pretty much everyone I talked to in the parking lot after the concert shared my view on Halloween as the closer. An encore can make or break a show - in this case, it served as prevention of greatness.
Jacob W.
Recently - great surprise opener, but no crazy intro and short ending version, too... I was surprised to see Bela out so early. Crash Into Me - Keeping the audience happy... standard Don't Drink The Water - standard Butch Solo (Charlie Brown Peanuts song) - very cool, Butch was energized by the audience LeRoi Solo - Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... very cool, I wish the crowd would shut up for a soft solo, though... Pantala Naga Pampa - standard Rapunzel - long outro, great solos, excellent song Too Much - better than usual, no SMTS pairing lets Boyd really jam on this, this was more fun to watch than usual Dancing Nancies - Earlier on WBCN Boston, someone asked Dave if dancing was a metaphor for sex in his songs... he said "I guess that would make dancing nancy a whore, huh?" For the intro, he mumbled, "here's a song about a whore..." Song was excellent. Another great solo. Warehouse - glad to hear this again. Crush - good intro, great ending... very powerful. Rhyme & Reason - this was a bit of a surprise. Always fun to hear something you weren't expecting. Pig - this was pretty powerful. I was also happy to hear it because I've been to 29 shows, and this was the first time I've heard it... all I need to hear is Halloween and I've heard all the album tracks... Two Step - Much better Bela & Tim give & take (compared to last night of Phila.) Always a fun song. Lie In Our Graves - Awesome Bela solo. I love Bela. Song isn't that powerful for a closer, at the end, though, so I was surprised. Encore: Christmas Song (Dave, Tim, and Carter) - cool, but crowd should shut up for such a quiet song. It was awesome to hear it, though Halloween - This was it... I've now heard every album track. Overall a great show. Looking forward to tonight...last night with Bela Fleck, so I'm hoping for a cool #41 again. If you are going, GO SEE BELA & THE FLECKTONES... Dave sings with them, and they are unbelievable. On Kiss 108 this morning, Dave said he was going to play Granny tonight... hmmm... we shall see.
Nate S.
Well, this was my first DMB concert ever even though i've been listening to them forever. I enjoyed it tremendously! My top three songs of the night were Two Step, Dancing Nancies, and Lie In Our Graves. LIOG and Two Step were amazing. They each lasted between 15 and 20 mins and the jamming was incredible. With Boyd whooping it up on the violin all around the stage, to Bela and Tim having a "contest". Recently was a good opener and Halloween was a good closer since I understand that they do not play it very often. Pig and Rapunzel were good as well. Possibly the only weak point in the show was Crash and Don't Drink the Water which are overplayed. The crowd seemed really into it, and the band fed off the enthusiasm. At one point Dave broke into a cool dance and Boyd many times fed off the energy in his jams. All in all, I loved the concert and I look forward to going to many more in the future. Finally, if anyone has a recording of this concert, please let me know. ! Thanks.