Dave Matthews Band
Pepsi Arena, Albany, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

Warehouse (Stop time intro) *
Don't Drink the Water **
So Much to Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) * -->
Too Much *
Crush *
Butch/Roi Solo -->
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Two Step **
Rhyme and Reason
Jimi Thing
Last Stop **
Recently @
Crash into Me (Dixie Chicken) **
Drive In, Drive Out *
Christmas Song (Dave, Tim, Carter)
Tripping Billies *

entire show with Tim Reynolds
* with Butch Taylor
** with Butch Taylor and Bela Fleck
@ with Bela Fleck

Kennie B.
This wasn't the best show I've seen, but there were a few highlights. The eight people they had on stage at times (Tim, Butch Taylor, and Bela) was pretty cool, but it got a bit crowded at times. First of all, The Flecktones are a great band. You definitely should see them live. The bass player, Victor Wooten, is unbelievable. Dave also came out and sang with Future Man on "Communication".Now, onto DMB. Warehouse was a good opener, they started with the stop time intro, but it wasn't anything too special, just a good song. Then. they played all their singles, like DDTW, SMTS, Too Much, and Crush. Crush had a pretty good jam at the end, and Anyone Seen the Bridge? was good, but that's about it. After this, they had a little jam before Pantala Naga Pampa, in which Butch and Leroi jammed. PNP was pretty good, it's gotten better since I saw it in the summer. Rapunzel was good with Tim.Then they played a good Rhyme & Reason. Next was Two Step, which was one of the best songs. Bela! and Tim were both jamming with each other, it was amazing. Jimi Thing also had a good jam. Then they played Last Stop, which had the reprise outro, Bela did a good job there. Next came Recently, which is always great live. I remember someone saying once that Recently was their tightest jam, and I have to agree. Crash wqs OK, it had the little Dixie Chicken thing, but that's geeting a little old. DIDO was a good song to end the set. Dave sang something about having a tea party with god. They left the stage, and Dave, Tim, and Carter came back and played Christmas Song. THen the rest of the band with Butch and Bela came back out and played Tripping Billies. All in all, it was a pretty average show.
Scott, F.
We feel bad for all you that didn't see this show. We can honestly say this was the best show we have ever heard, tape or live. Knew it would be special with the Warehouse opening. Of course Dave joining Bela and the Flecktones to sing Communication was also a good sign. After Warehouse, DDTW was jammed out very well.Bela looked really good on that one. Then came the SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much collection. The bridge was absolutely amazing. Crush was standard but still excellent. Leroi soloed into PNP-->Rapunzel was dragged out a little too long. We pose the question again: Can they ever play a show without the DDTW or Rapunzel? Then came the greatest second half ever. Two Step was amazing. "Will you please Two Step with me?..." Tim and Bela went head to head again and we think Timmy took this round. Then came a big surprise: Rhyme and Reason. Dave messed up the second verse but still got it back. Great to finally hear this one but they missed a possible Timmy jam in the middle. Ji! mi Thing quickly followed that one and was standard concert style but always a great one to hear. Twelve minutes seemed to be a good length for this great song. The Last Stop had the crowd in a frenzy, including guy next to us who almost pissed his pants. Great song only made better by the excellent reprise outro. Dave waited for crowd to relax before he played the outro. Carter was on fire for this one. Probably best performance of the night. Then the first appearance of this song this fall: Recently. Great to hear this old classic which still is a pleasure to hear. Crowd didn't know this one too well. Crash followed that one. Everyone bitches about this song but it is still a great song. So what if it's on the radio. It is still a great song. Dixie Chicken only adds to the beauty of this one. Bela also sounded particularly well on this one. Drive In Drive Out was amazing. Carter had it all working tonight. He was on fire during this one. What a great way to end the show. Th! e encore opened with just Dave, Timmy, Carter, and Stefan which had almost everyone thinking IBYU. Well, Christmas Song was just as sweet. Dave sounded great on this one but Timmy seemed to take away from its beauty. 99% of the crowd didn't have a clue. Finally, Tripping Billies. Standard way to end it but the song was still amazing. Boyd went crazy for this one and it was jammed out very well. Boys looked excellent tonight. Don't think you'll find a better show this fall than this one and we think it compares to Irvine.
Matthew D.
My third DMB show. Overall pretty good although a little too commercial. Too many damn radio-fan songs. People actually sat down during a 20 min Two Step and 15 min Jimi Thing. Warehouse was a surprisingly nice opener. Drive In --> Ants would have closed it out better but hey we can't have Ants every show (it's too commercial). Dave and the boys played very well. Tim was amazing and busted out some nice jams...even on Christmas Song. He livened up Crush as well. Butch Taylor was awesome on the keys and certainly brought a delightful new sound to the songs. Crash------no, Dixie Chicken was good but.....a nice Lover Lay Down would have fit here better. Oh yeah and Billies was better than a Watchtower encore anyday. Great show. Two complaints: 1. There were too many released songs(although Recently and Rhyme & Reason certainly lightened my mood..until Crash...but then Drive In so it was all good.) and 2. The ushers on the floor were so unpolite and uncooperative. They m! ade my friend cry because she's on the short side and they wouldn't let her stand on the chair. She was just as tall as the kid behind her when she was on the chair but I guess she was "obstructing other people's view". No one from the crowd told her to move. Guess I had to vent. Anyway..awesome show can't wait til Dave & Tim tour. See ya'll later. (it's 2:15 am so if this isn't all making sense, forgive me)
Rick M.
This show was truly incredible. The acoustics were awesome and the whole esperience was good. It was much better than the Cincinnati show of two weeks ago. Timmy was more involed and Butch Taylor added a lot. Warehouse as an opener got things cooking, and the best DDTW I have seen in my five shows. Crush spotlighted Tim and Two Step was incredible with Bela. Jimi Thing had a duel between Bela and Tim that was remarkable. Recently was a nice suprise. The encores were the kicker. My first XMas song and the most ripping Billies I have ever heard. All in all this is definately a top three show for me. While the Cincy show disheartened me somewhat, this show really made me feel good. I am glad I went, it was a truly nice experience, even though the crowd lacks respect for music that isn't played in the top 40. That is really a shame. Oh well.
Steve W.
The least favorite of all the DMB shows I've seen. Half of the songs were singles considering Rapunzel might become a single. Overall a pretty disapointing setlist but I must admit there were some real tight jams. Could've done w/o Recently and Billies for a closer but then again I don't make the setlists. Really would've loved #41, LIOG, Ants or Seek Up. Oh and the Flecktones were amazing!!!(As usual)
Frank G.
this was my first show of the fall ,and i've seen over 50, and this was my first show with Timmy..all i can say was it was amazing.. My first Warehouse opener fav song ..i could go on and on..Last Stop was absolutely incredible with Bela..the lights were complaints..great great show...very tired now...getting ready for Worcester guys that have seen all the shows so far like Philly and MSG i envy you! all i can say again is wow! and the folks i met at the Nancie gathering afterwards : you guys are the best..Thanks for the pizza and the frosty ones..especially to the british gal from NYC and the dude from LA whose room it was..thank you bro! Hope you had a nice flight home..keep in was great to see Stof again and it was phat to finally meet you Shep..i've heard all the stories! Hope to see you in Worcester whoevers going...And to My buddies Adam and Mike it was great seeing you ..Adam we'll be chillin in Mass tomw and Tues.. Tha! nks again all sorry for not a more detailed review i'm sure it'll come soon...Happy Holidays to all! Frank
Brandon W.
I was the second one in the parking garage at 3:30 and tried to get in for sound check, but 'no soup for me!' First things first...I've seen Bela before and he impresses me more and more everytime I see him. Vic Wooten, the bassist, is one of the best I've seen. The rest of the flecktones were outstanding. So much better than the New Meanies at the 11/16/98 Montreal show. I had seats behind the stage so I knew this would be an interesting experience. This is how I saw it...(General Highlights) -->Warehouse was a great opener, very unexpected...Great jam on Rapunzel...Sick dueling by Tim and Bela on Two Step (about 20 min song)...The Last Stop was incredible(personal favorite)...Great to see Jimi and Recently, although 'Pretty Girl' outro never developed (I think Carter and Stephan wanted it)...CHIRSTMAS SONG!!...Crazy Billies as Boyd was chasing Dave around the stage for a couple minutes. -->Closing comments: Being behind the stage I witnessed the best drummer music has to offer. I would even mention him inthe same sentence as Rush's drummer. Carter is incredible. Dave smiled a lot and was full of energy. It was great to see. A little Davespeak, but the sound muffled it up. Great, Great show. See you in Worcester.
Wasn't the best show but it was good anyway. Bassist for the Flecktones had this cool duel with the futureman. Dave opened with warehouse, good version. But then it became radio time. The crowd was very mellow, well at least where we were siting. No big surprises other then the xmas song. It seemed like a mix between the 2 MSG shows. Good jimi thing in there
Matt S.
Warehouse...I wasn't expecting this but it was a pleasant surpirse Don't Drink The Water...I wish they would go ONE show without playing this song! Oh well, I still enjoyed it So Much To Say...Standard version, I knew it would lead into... Anyone Seen The Bridge...Very cool, Stefan was bouncing around and Tim added some nice effects, led into... Too Much...Another standard version, by now I was worried it would turn into an all out radio song show Crush...I was hoping to hear this, I could finally hear Butch's keyboard, Tim had a very nice solo Butch/LeRoi solo...Kind of a jazzy little jam, which led into... Pantala Naga Pampa-->Rapunzel...Very nice jam at the end, Dave really srewed up the lyrics Two Step...Yes! After hearing recent reviews of this, I really wanted to hear it, Tim and Bela amazed me on this tune, clocked in at 15 min. Rhyme & Reason...I wasn't expecting it but enjoyed it Jimi Thing...One of the highlights of the night, it was all Boyd! The Last Stop...Very nice, Bela joined in once again, reprise outro Recently...I really wanted to hear this one! My friend and I seemed like the only ones in our section that were standing during this tune Crash Into Me...This was the first song I sat down for, good song but way overplayed, Dixie Chicken was thrown in there so that was nice Drive In Drive Out...I was surprised that this was the closer but enjoyed it, lights were amazing E: Christmas Song...I really wanted to hear it, I thought we would either get this or I'll Back You Up, just Dave, Tim, and Carter for this one Tripping Billies...I never get sick of this song but it would've been nice to hear Ants Marching, Boyd just went nuts at the end!
Pete A.
This show was good - not great - but not bad Here's how it broke down: BF and FT - THEY RULE!! Jeff Coffin playing 2 saxes - insane and Victor went nuts on the bass - real great opening Dave played "Communications" with them On Stage: 8:12 Warehouse - GREAT OPENER - possibly in response to the fan club - Roi shined on this one DDTW - solid - Timmy makes this so much better SMTS->ASTB->TM - typical - timmy and butch made it so much more enjoyable! CRUSH - just get all the singles out of the way - but this was a kick ass song - real great jam - timmy, roi and boyd make this song - PNP->RAPUNZEL - good - not great - a little slow - Timmy and Butch were great as usual - Dave came up some alternate lyrics AGAIN!! love it!! TWO STEP - MY GOD!!! GREATEST VERSION EVER!!! 15 min - it was so good - timmy and bela and then everyone thought it ended - and it didnt - it was so great - R+R - solid - nothing great JIMI - so good - i love this song - dave broke a string and boyd just jammed a little longer because dave missed the lyric entrance LS - SO GOOD - this was special - it really got everyone up - Bela and Tim make this song as well - had Reprise outro and everything RECENTLY - YES!!! i love this song - really good CRASH - eh - bela and tim saved it DIDO - unexpected and it was good - solid finisher XMAS SONG - this was great - i love it BILLIES - INSANE - Roi started it, and Boyd ended - what a job Boyd did on this one - got the crowd into it - what way to end it All in all - a good show - the crowd was pitiful but there was lots of dave speak - out of 10 i give this show an 8
Ben C.
Just a few comments about the show: Bela and the Flecktones were a great opener, as usual... Highlights of their set include Communication with David Matthews singing a call and response with Futch. David didn't come out until about 30 seconds into the song, and the crowd got so loud that you couldn't even hear the Flecktones at the start. Sinister Minister was excellent and really caught the attention of the crowd. For those that hadn't had the chance to see the Flecktones before, I think they were able to realize the pure uniqueness of their music. They received a loud applause at the end of their set. First off, the scene at the winter shows is so much different than in the summer... there is just something about tailgating before a summer show that people sitting on their trunks in a multi-story parking lot doesn't compare to. For those of you that haven't been to Pepsi before, make sure that you don't sit in Section 222 - it really is impossible to see the band, and the whole section sat down for the entire show. I had to move into the aisles to stand up. It is nice that you can eat out front of the arena in the pizza place and the chinese restaurant. You've seen the other reviews, so i'll just make a couple of comments: Two Step was great - I believe it was just over 14 minutes long, with a great jam between Bela and Tim Reynolds. Tim had a great solo in Crush..... The Last Stop was the highlight of the night for me. It starts out so dark and ends up so softly - it is a beautiful transition. Close your eyes, and you can feel like you are in the building by yourself. The encore was pretty good, with David singing Christmas Song. Love, love, love. Can't buy me love, love, love. All you need is love, love, love. Tripping Billies just ripped the crowd up. The lights were excellent and Carter & Boyd just made this song. Excellent. I would rank this show 5th of the ones I have seen (Behind Pittsburgh Summer 98, Saratoga Summer 97, Darien Lake 96, Utica Winter 97)
Not one of the better DMB shows I have seen. It lacked something, maybe an unreleased song. I wasn't expecting a great show after I saw the setlist he pulled off at the Garden on Thursday, but was looking for something other than every radio song he has. Warehouse was cool, DDTW was the same as it was the first 4 times I saw it this summer, same thing with Crush. Highlights for the night was that there was no Stay. Two Step was amazing. The jams were pretty good. But my point was proved that unless Dave has guests onstage with him, he doesn't do extended jams. CHRISTMAS SONG was real cool but the crowd ruined it with clapping. Tripping Billies was a solid encore song, even though everybody in the place was expecting it seein they play it every show sometime in the set. Recently was definetly a bonus for the night, although everytime he is in the upstate NY area he plays it. Well enough of my rambling. All and all it was a fun night, went home with a good feeling that ! is what is important
John T.
Being a huge Flecktones fan, i would have gone just to see them open, so obviously a combination of 2 of my favorite bands made for a great concert. The Flecktones (with jeff coffin)opened with a great set of instrumental jams with several highlighted solos and a couple pop tunes from their new album, and it goes without saying that they were incredible. I got a sense that the crowd wasnt quite appreciative enough of the amazeing talent in the band, but Daves introduction and guest backing vocals on "communication" got the DMB fans into it. The Flecktones closed with their hit "sinister Minister", featureing great solos from all members, the most memorable being the bass solo from bass virtuoso victor wooten who played one of his characteristic amazeingly fast solos, while spinning his bass around himself. Over all they made for a great opener for Dave. Now to the concert, a good show over all, Tim and Butch added a great effect. opening with warehouse surprized everybody, an! d got our hopes up for an interesting set. they followed with dont drink the water featureing Bela, a great song, a little overplayed on this tour, but bela and tim made it interesting. they followed with some pretty standard tunes for this tour, all made better by solos from tim and butch. (tims solos on crush was very good) Butch and Leroi did an interesting introduction to pantala naga pampa. Next was what i concitered the highlight of the entire show, The 15 minute version of 2 step featureing a dueling banjos segment between bela and Tim. This was amazeing, both soloists got more and more elaborate as they went and it made for a very very cool jam. jimi thing and last stop were both good, jimi thing had a great boyd solo, last stop with bela was great. I was glad to hear recently for the first time on this tour, good the jam on that song. crash into me was a little disapointing, it was nice to hear but wasnt consistant with their so far very up-beat setlist.(plus they cou! ld go a show without playing ) Drive in drive out was a surprizeing closer, done very well. The encore was great, the christmans song was neat to hear live for the first time, and billies featured butch and a great boyd solo for a good finally. (personally i would have like to hear halloween) Over all a good show with a pretty interesting let list and a GREAT opening band!
Shawn L.
Fourth show of '98, and it was great. Timmy went crazy all night. The setlist was I thought a little out of the ordinary, but that also made the night great. Warehouse - A great all around song...stop intro was cool to get the crowd going. Don't Drink the Water- I don't care what anyone says, this song is awesome, and intense, my favorite kind of DMB. Tim and Bela added a ton So Much to Say- Granted, it was standard, but TIm threw in so real cool licks anf fills to spike it up. Too Much- Tim threw in the guitar lick like on Crash, real song. Crush- Everyone loved it, tim had some great soloing at the end, and Boyd,well......he was Boyd. Rapunzal- Cool slow jam to start, then Pantala, then som enew funky lyrics put out by Dave. The electric guitar added some cool stuff yet again. Two Step- Bela Fleck mine as well be a god. At the end, Timmy busted out one of the fastest coolest guitar solos I ever heard, but what does Bela do? Comes back and plays the exact same thing note for note on the banjo!!! It went back and forth for a while, it was the highlight of the evening. All props to Bela Fleck.. Ryme and Reason- First time I've heard it this year, it was great to hear it, and to see Dave get really inot it. Jimi Thing- Timmy and Boyd made this one. The Last Stop- Vintage agressive DMB...that is why I love them. Recently- A great surprise to the evening, I didn't hink, with Bela out there they would have played it, but it was great. Crash Into Me- The group of people I was with loved, it...but I personally burnt the hell out of my thumb with my lighter. Drive In Drive Out- Cool cool tune, left me wanting to hear DMB all night Christmas Song- Wow, I never thought in a million years he would have whipped this one out. It was the first timne I've ever hear it was great. Tim added some cool stuff. Tripping Billies- First of all, this is the greatest song ever writte, and Boyd is the man!!! Carter was phenom. and it was amazing. The band jams the best in this song every show. Awesome show.....Flecktones Rule!!!
Joseph Z.
I was absolutely amazed at what Tim Reynolds can add to a show. I wasn't a big fan of the setlist overall as I was really itching for a version of Seek Up. I haven't heard Ants Marching in my three shows this year and I was hoping to catch that once before year's end too. The thing is though the addition of Tim Reynolds for the whole show along with appearances by Butch Taylor and Bela Fleck made this show amazing to me. After Warehouse and Don't Drink the Water I was a little disappoined to hear So Much To Say but by the end of that I was happy to hear it with Butch and Tim. The jams were extended tonight and that made for a great show dispite the setlist. It just seemed that the band wanted to put on a great show tonight and did. It was a younger crowd and that played right into the setlist, but once again the jams more than made up for it. My seventh show, and this ranks number two behind Jones Beach 6/10/97 and in front of Binghamton 10/13/96.