Dave Matthews Band
Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Maceo Parker
Best Of What's Around
Don't Drink the Water
Jimi Thing
Crash Into Me
Too Much
LeRoi Jam -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Lie In Our Graves
Say Goodbye
The Last Stop
Rhyme & Reason
Christmas Song (Dave, Tim and Carter)
Two Step

entire show with Tim Reynolds

[Name R.
This was the first show I've ever seen, and I really enjoyed it. Dave was quiet, but he danced all over the place. Place went nuts over Carter's Vikings jersey. Sound wasn't the best, though - kind of echoey. And the crowd was young - mostly Crash-heads, but they were cool, and seemed to stay still and standing for the long jams. Excellent solos by Leroi, Boyd and Tim on Jimi Thing. Jam on Rapunzel started off kind of awkward, but Tim pulled it together in the end. A very long Lie in our Graves with Leroi tearing it open with a wicked solo. Excellent Last Stop; it just kept building and building. Same deal on Stay, but that started to drag a bit, toward the end. Dave introduced the Xmas Song as "a seasonal song...about a guy who got screwed for his beliefs." Very nice. Two Step was a great closer, but the sound seemed really garbled, and the crowd didn't get into it very much, which was disappointing, because it's one of my favorites. Lot of radio songs, but hell, Too Much is great, and Crash got takern care of early on. Anyway, it was a great performance, decent set, guys were in top form, etc..
Samuel E.
i went for one reason tonight and i wasn't expecting Too Much from the show...i enjoy the old tunes much more than the new stuff so i wasn't expecting a rockabilly good time...however, i got to hear Christmas Song w/ Dave, Tim and Carter (...Beauford on the drums!!! Carter Beaufofd on the drums!!!)...that was the reason i went and it lived up to expectations...the opening of the show was decent...a surprisingly large amount of UTTAD...(BOWA and Jimi were solid)...the last third of the show lost me (my buzz wore off and i got tired...finals week and the stomach flu will do that to you)...but i toughed it out for my little sister's sake...(this was her x-mas present)...the show had a surprisingly large amount of the Crash album in the setlist but none of the really really good stufff from yesteryear...Two Step was very lackluster (the jam was actually borderline boring)...not a good way to end the show...oh well, i got what i wanted (X-mas song!!!)...p.s.---where was Boyd tonigh! t??!! He was on stage but he really wasn't knockin' my socks off...oh well, i shouldn't complain Too Much...a disapointing Dave show is still better than the most productive night of studying...everybody take care and have a good night.
Chadwick F.
One word for this show... Potential. DMB had skipped over Minneapolis during their last few tours and I was really psyched up for what could have been a great performance. Maceo Parker opened and had a stellar show. Unlike the Kohl Center show, the crowd was having a great time with them. About 8:13 DMB came on the stage. I was pondering about the opener... Could it be Two Step, OSW, or Seek Up? The answer was Best of What's Around! A unique opener, it really got the crowd pumped up. Tim Renyolds came onto the stage then. A few guys sitting next to me asked if it was "that guy from red rocks" and I nodded my head. The rest of the show had a large BTCS flavor. A unique twist came in Rapunzel where everybody just became dicombobulated on stage. This segued into a 10 minute jam just trying to get everyone on the same page and they covered their tracks quite well.The other interesting twist to the setlist was LIOG. I was very happy to hear them belt out that tune! At! this point the crowd was going nuts, but they were also sobering up (Because they stopped serving beer at 5 til' 10). Other songs that stood out were Last Stop, R&R and Crush, the band did a good job on those. The encores were great except the crowd kept on clapping during Christmas Song. The last song of the night was Two Step and I must say that is a fine closer for me. Timmy sequed into a few riffs from "Stairway to Heaven" like he had during Watchtower at recent shows, it was a nice change. Overall, the show did not produce the kind of memories I would usually gain from a DMB concert! I was wishing for a great show (# 41, Pig, Granny and Recently) but the show I saw was outstanding in quality and hopefully the next few shows will transgress my dreamset.
Carl M.
Well when the band came out at 8:20 the crowd errupted immediately when they saw Carter wearing the Cris Carter Jersey(Go Vikes). I will say one thing about the Target Center, the sound sucks. Best of Whats Around: A sweet opener, you really couldn't tell what dave was saying, but the sound did improve slightly as the show went on Don't Drink the Water: One of my favorites live and it did not disappoint however there wasn't the repeated "and I live with my hatred" line Jimi Thing: Didn't expect this song, but I loved it Boyds Jam was good but this was the first song tim got to really solo on and he is a funny looking guy who really kicks a$$. Crash Into Me: I really didn't think they'd play it as it was played in Madison the show before, but I loved it pretty standard, with the Dixie Chicken. Too Much: I really thought that they were going to play WWYS after the first note, because they didn't play the Bridge Pantala-->Rapunzel: This was pretty standard until the end of the 2nd verse when they just pretty much stopped playing Rapunzel and then just kept jamming for a solid couple of minutes, It really sounded to me like a perfect segue into Ants and hopefully they will at sometime as it would rule, but then they just jumped back into Rapunzel and finished it off. Lie in Our Graves: Boyd. He was moving all over the place, I don't know how he does it but he plays the hell out of that song. Say Goodbye: Last time I heard it this summer they started the Jam with LeRoi so when Carter started it off by himself (Dave, Tim and Boyd were laughing about something on the Left side of the stage) I really thought that they were going to play #36 but the LeRoi picked up the flute and then you just knew, I think the entire crowd almost creamed when they played the first chord. The Last Stop: You can tell by the first note that it's coming, and it never disappoints, the lighting on the Last Stop is unbelievable. Crush: Again you can tell when Stefan hits the first note that its coming and it was another sweet song Rhyme and Reason: Another of my favorites, and I definately didn't expect to hear it it was so cool and really suprisingly most of the crowd did know the words. Stay: Another song that I wanted to hear and it was the bomb. Before the concert I really wanted to hear one song and it was Christmas Song: Dave said something to the effect of " This is a song about a guy who had a lot of great ideas, and then got screwed for them" You've got to admire dave for playing this one live, a lot of people sat down, but more than half stood up singing the "Love" chorus. A guy who was with us had never been to a concert and his favorite song is Two Step, and I felt kindof bad because I didn't think they'd play it to end the show, but when Boyd put the violin on his leg you knew. It was so awesome and I have to say for some reason this song sounded louder and clearer than any during the night, I really wish they could have cleard up the sound before the encore.
Derick L.
Maceo Parker was a descent openner, his best was a rap- funk song featuring his son on vocals. The crowd went nuts when Carter came out wearing a Cris Carter jersey. Dave started out with Best of What's Around which was smooth. Don't Drink the Water was next with Boyd finishing with an unbelieveable solo to finish things off. Jimi Thing brought the house down and was a definite highlight. Other bright spots were Crash (Dixie Chicken), Crush, Stay. The encore was phenomena! Maybe his most beautiful song, Christmas Song was right on, Dave, Carter, and Tim just clicked. Everyone else came back for a long version of Two Step to close. The energy was down at some points but overall, how can you complain about a Dave show? It was great
Michael J.
I saw the show on 5/30 in East Troy, and I must say this one didn't match up to it. They did play alot of radio songs, but left out alot of crowd favorites like "What Would You Say", "Satellite", and "Ants Marching". I understand this is not an earlier tour that would feature these songs, but the crowd was very young and probably not real experienced Dave fans. Dave and the guys didn't seem to have alot of energy, and just seemed to be out there because it's what they do. The solos, while good, dragged on and were mistimed. People seemed to have trouble staying into the concert because of this. It really had no flow to it. A first timer might be misled by this concert, and although DMB is a jam-band, they usually have more fluidity to it. I would've given the East Troy show an A-, and this show deserved a low C-.
Noah J.
The show opened with BOWA, which is one of the best opeaners possible. The ccrowd was really into it and very loud which just rocked. What was terrible was Tim Renoylds on some of the songs. When the Band let him go and just play, he sounded like a bunch of noise. Other then that, there were some awesome solos by all the members of the band. I was really impressed with Last Stop which is usally not one of my favorites but the band just kept building and building and it an awesome song. As for the encores, Christmas song was great but Encores should be fast and awesomes songs. Dave did it well, but the crowed was just nor into it. As for 2 Step it was a good song, a little destortion and Mr. Moore came back and it was just awesome. I have a copy of this show if you are intrested please E Mail me at
Mark S.
I thought It was good show. It opened amazingly with an unexpected Best Of What's Around. It the best opener in my opinion. Next they played Don't Drink The Water which also very good. The crowd began to get roudy when dave played Jimi Thing third. It was a great ten minute version filled with solos. Next was Crash which the crowd always loves. I could have lived without it, but it was good anyway. Too Much came next and it was definetlely the most energetic song of the night. The crowd was going absolutley crazy and it was amazing. Next came Rapunzel whichj is always enjoyable. Lie In Our Graves was unquestionably the best version I have ever heard of it was amazing. . They slowed it down with a great version of Say Goodbye which was well appreciated. I ussually am not a huge fan of The Last Stop, but it was incredible live. The crowd got really into it. Crush came next and was perfect as usuall. Ryme and Reason followed Crush and was terrible. It totally too! k all the enery out of the crowd. The song definatley put a major dent into this great setlist. Stay came next and was awesome too. It was a great song to play at the end of the set. The crowd remained extremely roudy while waiting for the encore. The first song of the encore was The Christmas Song. It was just as bad as Rhyme and Reason. It is a good song, but it was played a horrible time. The crowd lost all the enthusiasm that they had from Stay. They ended the show off with Two Step which was good, but is much better when played during the main set. Boyd and Timmy were jamming and it was truly incredible. Overall, I really enjoyed the show. Although, Dave really needs to find a spot for the Christmas Song and needs to get rid of Rhyme And Reason all together. Watchtower, Tripping Billies, Dancing Nancies and Lover Lay Down and Warehouse were badly missed.
Nathan C.
I was at the Madison show also and the crowd was ten times better in Madison. I saw DMB at Deer Creek in Indiana this summer and the crowd and the show was better. Both the Madison and Minnesota shows had bad crowds. Madison was the first and the crowd stood and danced but clapped along with the beat which made me feel like I was at an Elton John concert. The clapping would go on and when solos would swich to another member, the clapping would get off beat. Set list was all right in Madison but a lot more fun then Minnesota. At the Target Center, the crowd around me was sitting down and my friends and I were the only ones dancing. The girls behind us only stood up for Crash and Stay. The people next to us left after Crash. It was really hard to get into it with our surroundings. The band played really well and Carter had a hell of a night, despite the Vikings jersey. Two Step was awesome and probably the best I've heard. It was great to see the Christmas Song since! they don't play it that often. I think they messed up in Rapunzel because Dave and played an extra note which caused confusion and the Tim started a little solo to save it. Most people didn't notice so they recovered really well. Might have been something they practiced during sound check that day. Lie in our Graves was unbelievable, like usual. All in all it was a damn good show and would have been one of the best if the crowd would have been better. It's too bad that the little kids that want to hear Crash have to take away tickets from the fans that enjoy all the songs.
Peter L.
Amazing show. The best I've seen so far. Carter and Roi stole the show all night. The highlight would have to be Rapunzel. Going out of the first "I think the world...." part, Carter messed up and went back into the pre-verse a measure too early, it threw the boys for a second, but they didn't get off time. They tried to get back into it, but they were off a measure again. Then they said fuck it and made up this incredible, jam that words cannot describe. They eventually went back into the third verse and then did the end jam. It was amazing. The whole show was high energy and you could tell they were all psyched to be playing. Christmas song was so sweet. Great tune. That's all I got.
Garth G.
BOWA was a great opener, and they kept it short, unlike most of the rest of the show, which was mostly long jams. The atmosphere at the show was not as intense as other dave shows, but it was enjoyable anyway. Most of the fans around me seemed to be know jack about any dave stuff, and few of them stood at all during the entire concert. I got pretty annoyed when a guy asked me for the title of the song they were playing during Rapunzel. In any case, I enjoyed the setlist that they played; they seemed to balance the "popular" tunes with ones I wanted to hear. Rhyme & Reason was awesome, especially with Tim Renolds, and the Christmas Song was a suprise to say the least. Two Step was a great closer, but I think it was too late to really get the crowd pumped. My friends who were at Madison said this show was better. It was definately missing dave speak. Could have done without some of the morons, but overall the show was great, even with the more relaxed feel to it..
Scott N.
This is the only the second DMB show that I have been to, and I thought it was a really good show. There were certain songs that really made my night. I was completely surprised when they started off with BOWA, and couldn't have been happier. Jimi Thing was the first song that made every cent I paid for my seat worth it. Boyd and Timmy both had solos that made it my favorite song of the night. Knew Crash was coming and was just praying that it be Dixie Chicken, and what do ya know, it made the song. Got a little confused in the middle of Rapunzel but the jam really rocked, and made it one of the best songs of the night. I always love the jamming in the middle Lie In Our Graves, great concert song (Boyd really put on a show here, walking back and forth across the stage). I was really happy to hear Say Goodbye, didn't expect it. The Last Stop really blew my hair back, that song always impresses me live, the stops and starts make it an outstanding song. The encore was unexpected but definitely not disappointing. When Dave, Tim, and Carter came out I thought for sure they were going to play I'll Back You Up, like during the beginning of the tour. Then they played Christmas Song, which really made this a great show. I knew they would play something that rocked next, maybe Watchtower, Tripping Billies, (I was really hoping for Halloween, but knew it was a long shot), and got Two Step. I have always loved this song and I thought they jammed the roof off the Target Center (even though the sound is not the greatest there). Dave was rockin' and so was everyone else (although there were some idiots sitting down in front of me that I'll never understand) and made it an unbelievable closer. Overall, a great show, the setlist varied and Dave's feet were dancin' (although a little more Dave speak would have been nice). Maybe in Moline, see ya there...
Mike B.
Maceo rocked, though he is much better in a small venue and only really gets going after the first hour. See 'em whenever you can. Now on to Dave. First, the band WAS low on energy. Nonetheless it was a good show. The thing I really need to comment on was the total fuck up during Rapunzel. Sure they pulled it out of the fire, but man, they royally blew it on that song. Almost the whole band was laughing about it on stage, especially Tim, though Dave looked shaken by it. Almost asking, what do we do now?? They brought it around though. Highlight: Say Goodbye. Peace!
Chris S.
The aura of excitement hit everyone as fans littered the arena, taking there seats. I was fortunate enough to have 26 row on the floor. Maceo Parker, the opening act, did their best to inspire the crowd with what would be a good show but everyone was just too pumped for Dave. When the lights went out, I could hear the cries of every individual for dave to come out. As he emerged from the tunnel, the crowd got even louder. To this Dave started jumping up and down, pummeling the air with a grin that stretched from ear to ear. The opening was a nice "Best of What's Around" followed by a plethera of new songs. Say Goodbye had a famous Carter Beauford solo to begin with. Beauford was wearing a Cris Carter jersey for this occasion in MN. By the end of the concert I had counted six songs off "Before these crowded Streets" which i thought was way too many. But I was happy that he played a nice soft "Crash" to ease our minds. Jimi Thing had to be my favorite because at the part where he sings really high, "Lately I've been feeling low and. . ." he sang, "Smoke Away" After cheering for what seemed a good hour, Dave and company finally reappeared to play and unexpected "Christmas Song" It was so ironic because my friend Ryan had just learned to play it on guitar and was becoming one of our favs. After Christmas, he ended with Two Step, a song that makes a better opening than encore, but I'll take it. A nice little Tim Reynolds solo at the end. Overall, a typical Dave show, but the experience makes it worth while-solid performance, though. Some older songs like Warehouse or Satellite would have been nice. Maybe a Minerets or One Sweet World. Oh well, if I want to hear those, i guess I just have to keep going to shows until I hear them.
Jonathan S.
For my first concert this was outstanding. The band did a great job of mixing the old with the new. Minneapolis responded well to the variety of songs because a variety of fans were there (radio fans, old-time listeners,etc...) BOWA was a surprise opener filled w/energy. After what seemed like 6 minutes or so the band launched into DDTW. Well, without going through song by song, the group seemed to be a bit mellow yet they did have energy. It was interesting to see how they took care of a minor screwup in rapunzel but I enjoyed the "never before heard" jam. The group seemed to do a lot of that which was great: known songs with new twists. Before the concert started, I especially liked Dave's reving up of the croud by coming on to stage running and jumping in the air. Anyway, all in all this was a good concert, for Minnesota listeners.
Brandi M.
This was the fifth time that I have seen the band and thought it was one of the best shows that I have seen so far!!! Tim Reynolds was incredible and added a lot to the show!!! I thought that the setlist was a good combination of old and new and I LOVED the Christmas Song!!! The only disspointing thing was that Dave doesn't seem to be talking as much to the crowd anymore. But overall it was one of the best I've seen!
Steve K.
Maceo Parker was the opening act, which was alright. The band contained the old saxophonist from James Brown. Dave Jammed on Lie in Our Graves for at least 20 minutes. Two Step was a great finish for the show.