Dave Matthews Band
Hilton Coliseum, Ames, Iowa
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Maceo Parker

Roi solo -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Rhyme & Reason
Don't Drink the Water
Anyone Seen The Bridge -->
Too Much
What Would You Say *
The Last Stop (Reprise Outro)
The Maker
Jimi Thing
Crash Into Me
Two Step
Ants Marching
Christmas Song (Dave, Tim, Carter)
Tripping Billies

* with Maceo Parker
entire set with Tim Reynolds

Mike A.
After you just read the setlist, keep in mind, that the show was in AMES, IA. Come on, The Maker, in Ames? Anyway...the show was pretty damn good. The Boys looked into it; they all got jammin time. Rapunzel was good; Rhyme and Reason, as always, was amazing. Guess what? For the two thousand and twenty-sixth time they played DDTW. ASTB? was good; glad the SMTS didn't accompany it. Pig was a surprise, but nearly as much as WWYS? with Maceo -- he rocked. If you gots the time, you should check him at Moline or Chicago. Last Stop, RO though, which I kinda dig. THE MAKER, THE MAKER, THE MAKER, THE MAKER, THE MAKER, THE MAKER, THE MAKER. Sorry about that, I'm still a little incredulous. I dunno when the last time THE MAKER was played with the whole band and not just D/T, cause I know they played it in 97, but off the top of my head, I think it's been since 93 that DMB has played it. Jimi had an excellent jam. (Sometimes I take a Taxi). Crash sucked. Some dumb girls had a huge sign with 'Crash Into Me' written on it. I'll just pretend it never happened. Two Step -- Carter was going craaazy on the drums. Ants was a pretty big shock as well. Dave sang with the crowd at the end. We were hoping for an IBYU or a Spoon or a Typical since Xmas was played two nights ago, but hey, it got the job done. Some more dumb girls were yelling for IBYU during Christmas Song. Dave oughta say something about how it's a quiet song (like he used to) so peeps will shut the hell up so I can listen. Billies was OK; kinda gets a little old in the opinion of this DMB fan. Great show; our destiny now brings us to Moline, so we'll check you all there. Have a good evening.
Chris W.
This was a very nice show with a few surprising songs on the setlist. It was good to have a 5 min walk instead of a 6-7 hour drive to get to a show. My seats were right by the stage 6 rows up, and from there it looked like the band was having a good time. First time for both Pig and WWYS and both very solid. Dave did some funky singing during Pig and Maceo Parker's solo during WWYS really got the crowd going. The Last Stop was once again a good performance and I noticed some cool bass work towards the end by Stefan. Just hearing The Maker made my night, I have no idea when the last time they played it was. The crowd didn't know it and many people sat down, but I can appreciate them bringing out rare material. There was good jamming during Two Step and Ants Marching electrified the crowd towards the end of the show. It was my second Ants of the year and I feel fortunate because they don't seem to play it as much lately. The Christmas Song as the first encore was fitting and tastefully played. Before the song Dave leaned back and said that this was a song about a guy that got srewwwed! Tripping Billies is one of the better closers that they have, I love to hear Boyd jam and he does it well. This show rose above my expectations and I can't wait until the next tour.
Elizabeth J.
OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! To say I had the best time of my life would be an understatement. Ok, first off, I REFUSE to comlain about all the teenage-radio-Dave-fans because let's face it, we need them! Plus, if you pay attention to the music, you don't even hear them crying for a diaper change! On to the music...Dave gave 100% of his pidgeon-footed self during the 2hour 45minute show. The guys took the stage at about 8:30 to a packed-to-the-roof show. (I should know, I was right near the roof)Dave was wearing his signature laid-back-wear, Carter in his leather cap, Boyd in his beautiful red, shiney, long tailed jacket, and knee high black boots and I could be wrong but was Leroi sporting TOMMY jeans!!??? Hmmm....Does anyone else feel like they went to the show hoping to hear a few specific songs (ie. #41, Let You Down, Stay, Proudest Monkey) and the guys teased us with them but never actually played them! Kinda irritating, but I must say when they played Two Step and Crash back to back, it NEARLY made up for not playing my favorites. Plus, during What Would You Say, Maceo Parker (or was it Maceo Parker's son??) Came out and played sax, which was very very very cool. Another very cool time came during Tim and Dave's duet, Christmas song, wow! It was beautiful. I wish the sound at Hilton was better because it was hard to hear Dave's between-song babble. The guy sitting next to me commented that it sounded like the teacher from Charlie Brown when Dave would talk with the audience, because his voice was so muffled. Also, right before Christmas song, Dave said something like: "This song is about a guy who got screwed for his beliefs." I only knew that this is what he said because he's said it at EVERY concert for a month! But, hey, it Dave, so who am I to complain?? Overall, the concert was UNREAL and basically the best night I have had in a long time. I hope everyone at future concerts has a similar experience. And, I hope Dave brings out some old songs and entertains us with them in the near future. Peace to all! Happy Holidays!
Ryan O.
All in all, a very good show. Not the best by far, but a good show nonetheless. Crowd was way into it, although the screaming took away from all the Dave speak that went on. But enough with the crowd... Highlights included an awesome What Would You Say with an unbelievable solo from the man who taught James Brown how to funk, Maceo Parker. To give you an idea of Maceo's talents...during the song Leroi just sat back and watched. Moving on...two words: THE MAKER!!! Unbelievable, although the crowd was a little dumbfounded and mostly sat down and talked. Played DDTW for the seemingly twentieth straight show. Recycling of songs is starting to get to me. Tim impressed on Jimi Thing. Dave acknowledged some luscious chicks sporting a Crash banner off of Boyd's side of the stage and gave them what they wanted...very disappointing upon review of the past couple setlists. Again, if I could have one thing for Xmas it would be...VARIATION IN SETLISTS!!! Come on guys, you've got plenty of songs, you don't have to play the same thing over and over...Anyways, good encore with Xmas Song, but the constant clapping and screaming kind of took away the emotion to the song. Oh well, I had a good time and The Maker in itself made it a great time. Look forward to seeing everyone in Chicago!!!
Jessica M.
Awesome show. THE MAKER!!!!! Need I say more? It's been a while since they've played that one. IT was a little heavy on BTCS and radio songs, but the energy level was good, the crowd was good (other than the guys yelling for Watchtower and everyone clapping during the Christmas Song). Dave was dancing around and making his usual silly noises, but not a lot of Davespeak. Boyd rocked. He really got a chance to shine tonight. Maceo Parker sat in with the boys on WWYS. Sorry this review is a little out of order, but it's 2 a.m. and I just got done driving 2 1/2 hours...:P Peace!
Jeremy H.
This was pretty exciting for my first DMB concert. I decided to sing along to every song, I'm sure I was annoying the hell out of everybody around me, but whatever. It was interesting seeing Maceo Parker play with the guys on WWYS. But the real interesting part of the concert was that they played The Maker!!!! Everyone decided to sit down, because it was obvious none of them had ever heard this song before, but I was standing and singing the whole time. According to the DMBTA stats The Maker hasn't been played since 7/13/97. Christmas Song was played during the encore with just Dave, Tim, and Carter. I knew it was coming since it was played at the last few encores, but it was still great to hear. As usual, I was the only one in my section singing along, and one kid leaned over and asked me "What song is this?". I'm sure there were many others who were just as baffled as he was. Well, that's all I can really recall from the concert right now, as it is 4 in the morning and I'm pretty tired from the 4 hour drive both ways. But this was definitely one of the most exciting musical experiences in my life!
Ryan W.
This show was the best that I have been to this year. It may have been the fact that we were in the second row right off the stage on Roi's side (in my opinion the best seats in the house). The boys were tight all through the night. Over all I would say the setlist was decent. As always they have to play the groupie songs for all the jr high kids (Ants, Tripping Billies, and Too Much), but then they go and make up for it by playing the MAKER!!! I was in complete shock, I could not even figure out what song it was because I was so stunned to hear it. Finally it clicked and then I just took it all in. I was very happy to hear that song. The crowd was a little impatient at times chanting DAVE...DAVE etc. during the breaks inbetween songs even heard some folks chanting during solos. In my opinion that is just plain rude! The boys looked as if they were in a good mood. All the solos by everyone were just completely amazing, Tim is GOD in the guitar. I can't wait to see them on the acoustic tour!! See ya'll there!!