Dave Matthews Band
Worcester Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

Seek Up *
Linus and Lucy * -->
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Don't Drink The Water **
Jimi Thing
Stay *
#41 @
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge) * -->
Too Much *
Drive In Drive Out *
Tripping Billies *
I'll Back You Up (Dave, Carter, Tim, Stefan)
Last Stop (reprise outro)**

entire set with Tim Reynolds
* with Butch Taylor
** with Butch Taylor & Bela Fleck
@ with Butch Taylor, Bela Fleck, and Jeff Coffin

Reade A.
First off, kick ass show which we witnessed from 50 feet away. This was Reade's first show, and Gamble's 20 something. OSW world was a good opener, nice way to start the show at one of the worlds biggest stages, and it even seemed like the older hippies enjoyed it. Rapunzel kicked major, and the 40 tease was fitting, the chatter after throughout the show was awesome and hilarious, "This is the part where I just cant stop smiling" Time of the season was a unexpectadly good. Hello Again was Gamble's favorite and Reade throughly enjoyed Robert Randolphs "Louisiana Bayou" which was his fav, even though he is a major two step fan. In regards always classic and never disappointing. Rhyme and Reason and Bartender are always classic. One disappoint was the shortness of the encore which could have used another song or extended jam. Overall fantastic show, good mix of classicss, and new stuff, not watered down with new material. Hopefully dave and the band will play 2 shows at bonnaroo 2006, but who knows thats just a dream.
Chris M.
First of all, I must say that Bela Fleck and the Flecktones are amazing! Though we missed the first 2 songs due to "pilot error" by the limo driver, who thought the quckest way from Portsmouth, NH to Worcester was through Boston! Luckly Coz caught it and we had him "spin that puppy around". Anyway they were intense! Because many floor seats were empty, we made our way to about the 20th row on Vic's side and were amazed! His bass solo was just as outrageous as all the hype I've read! Out of hand! I can't wait till Feb. when I see them in Portsmouth, we have 2nd row seats on Vic's side!! yeahhh. Dave came out and sang Communication with them, seeing him standing in front of a mike guitar-less was something different, and the song rocked! Bela quote: "Who was THAT?" For all those who caught the Flecktones on this tour, lucky you, for those who missed 'em, they are amazing musicians. Check 'em out when they come to your town. DMB came out about 8:15 or so, and they slowly grooved into Seek Up and played it forever! It's always a treat to see them open with that. Butch then had his solo spotlight and again went into the Charlie Brown Theme Song, yet not as long as Mondays version. Leroi took a little solo which led into PNP-->Rapunzel, which rocked as usual and pumped up the crowd. Next came Satellite, which I was pretty psyched to hear, seeing how I've seen the band 8 times and had YET to see it live. I can now scratch it from my list. A fantastic version of DDTW came next with Bela going off and Dave wailing as usual, cool. Oh yeah! Jimi Thing. Many lighters flicking on, but not in the air... An awesome version with Tim getting an outrageous solo! At the end of Jimi, I left the floor and hit Sec. 125 for an unobstructed view, and the next half of the show was intense! The band kicked into Stay, which was a great version and got the crowd all pumped-up for what was to come next. Dave brought Bela and Jeff Coffin onto the stage and the whole gang went into #41. Oh man, #41! I've seen this a few times and this was nuts! The version lasted over 20 minutes with all of them taking an extended solo, with Bela and Jeff jamming together backed by the band and going into Sojourn of Arjuna, what a sight to see, it was amazing. Next up came the SMTS-->ASTB-->TM segment which I could hear again and again. I think that segue is just so tight and smooth. I wish they'd do an extended version of ASTB sometime, such a groovy and fun tune. Next up was DIDO which just plain rocked the Centrum, loved it. Carter is the man! Tripping Billies, with the acoustic intro is also so cool. I love looking at the people around me who are unaware of the intro, and watching them EXPLODE when Billies starts. I get a big kick out of that. It's always a great choi! ce of a regular set closer (from time to time), and Boyd really went off. The encore choice, in my eyes was perfect. I'll Back You Up was a special treat to hear them play. Carter on back up vocals was very cool, and Tim had another great solo. Towards the end of the song, Stephan, Boyd and Bela came out to finish it up and then started fiddling around with their instruments and sound/effects. All of a sudden I knew what was coming and I was psyched! The Last Stop!!! Yes. This song, in my eyes was phenomenal as a closer. It has such a ferocious bite to it throughout with Dave screaming and wailing the whole time. All the musicians on stage were going OFF and so was the crowd. The lights were just as impressive during this song as the song itself, which went on forever. The Reprise outro was just such a cool way to end an amazing show. Going from the savage roar of TLS to the calm reprise is such an amazing thing to hear and witness. I also thought it was fitting playing The Last Stop since it was the last stop for Bela with the band on ! this tour. Now I've read that some people weren't impressed with the show/setlist. Too commercial and all. Come on. Crash Into Me wasn't played, neither was Crush. I don't agree. I thought it was an amazing 2 nights in Worcester, personally. 30 songs over the 2 shows with only 4 repeats, those being; PNP-->Rapunzel, DDTW, and Too Much; which I could hear EVERY show. For those who saw both shows, we really got our moneys worth. Recently, Nancies, Warehouse, R&R, Pig, 2 step, Christmas Song, Halloween, Seek Up, Jimi, #41, DIDO, I'll Back You Up, The Last Stop? Tim, Bela, Butch, The Flecktones? Sick! Oh yeah, and the limo brought us right home WITHOUT going through Boston...
Mike B.
All that I can say is #41, #41, #41. It was jammin and the Centrum was rocking. Jeff Coffin was unbelievable on sax and Bela was of course jammin out of his mind. My buddy Wobus and his gilrlfriend Susie drove all the way down from Vermont to see the show. We arrrived just as the lights went out and Dave came on. The only thing my buddy wanted to hear was #41 and we got a sweet one. I couldn't quite make it out, but by the end Dave was singing some really cool lyics that I had never heard. Other highlights were the I'll Back You Up and The Last Stop encore. I thought for sure that they would end with Watchtower because they hadn't played it the night before, but The Last Stop was a great closer. The song went on for days and Tim was producing some really cool effects. No real setlist surprises, but a very cool show. I can't decide if last nights or tonight's was better, although Dave seemed a little more into to it tonight than last night. But then again, last nigh! t's Lie In Our Graves and Two Step were out of control.
Jason B.
I am sorry, but this was the worst DMB concert i have and ever will be to. Can somebody say COMMERCIAL!!!!!! It sucked, in my opinion. I went with seven of my friends including my girlfrined of which I love more than anything on the face of this earth, and they all loved it. But the fact of the matter is that they are not true DMB fans. My girlfrined Michele is the closest of them all. The only good things were the opening with Seek Up, and then a few songs later Jimi Thing. Rapunzel was not bad, but the rest suck. I was so upset with the setlist I wanted to leave! Can you believe it?! I know it seems a little extreme but if you are a true fan of Dave, than look at this sucked. I am sorry if I have offended any one out there who was ther e and loved this concert, therefore feel free to Email me and tell me what was actually good about this show. You kind of figured that this being Bela's last show it would be incredible, right...wrong. Once again I am s! orry if i offended anyone, Jay....DMBoudge@aol
Jason S.
Not one of the best DMB shows for me. If I were a teenie bopper or loved radio songs then I would say it kicked ass. The venue kinda sucked. The boys had alot of energy and Tim Reynolds was amazing. I was Dissapointed that Bela was only out there for a few songs. Nice to see Jeff Coffin on #41. Highlights for me.....Butch Taylor had a great improv after Seekup and broke into the theme song to Charlie Brown. Bela came out for DDTW, left, had a kick ass #41 solo; very long, Left, came back for the Last Stop. Again way too many radio songs. I would say the best song that they played was the Last Stop. Many people were dissapointed with the encore song because it has a very long and developing outro. I think Butch was playing something for Bach that fit into the song. Tim Kicked so much ass. He had a great solo on #41 and I'll back You up. Well that's all there is for now. I can't wait for the Dave and Tim shows. I only hope that I can get tickets.
Titus D.
This was an excellent show and a great example of how the Dave Matthews Band can turn their more ordinary songs into extremely memorable live performances. The setlist was interesting; no huge surprises for me except the playing of The Last Stop at the end of the encore. This one song was definately propelled to legendary status tonight. It was clear that everyone on stage, especially Carter Dave and Bela were putting a lot of effort into making the closer unique and special. And Bela's improv soloing of "the more we are together, the happier we'll be" and some other tune that I recognized, was so sweet. Personally, i was a little disappointed that i didn't get to hear Two Step (that makes three non-two step shows in a row for me, some luck eh?) and other songs from my absolute favorites list (ie. Warehouse, Lie in our Graves) but this really didn't detract from the show, it just made me appreciate songs that I personally hadn't given enough credit to (ie. Drive in Drive ou! t, Stay, Too Much) I was really glad to see Bela and Butch jamming most of the night, but as a guitar player, I was THRILLED when Tim Reynolds came on stage right at the beginning, picked up his Les Paul, and went to town, adding SOOO much to the overall sound of the show, without stealing the spotlight from the others. His Jimi Thing solo was really something else, and the I'll Back You Up solo was pure passion. My first show with Tim being there and I was definately impressed. Another major highlight of the night, aside from that first sip of lemonade on my way out to the car after the show, was the 'Peanuts' improve led by Butch Taylor. Just shows that the band can still have tons of fun on stage after so many years and sooooooo many shows. And that's what it's all about.
Corey W.
First of all, Dave was insane tonight. I mean, my tenth show and all, and never have I seen Dave this nuts. Also, tons of guests, which was great during a song like #41, but way too convoluted during The Last Stop encore, which brings me to my second point. I'm psyched to see them finally mixing stuff up, and we don't need Ants every night in the summer and Watchtower every fall, but The Last Stop??? Nevermind the audiences utter disappointment, but the beautiful outro, at least 10-12 minutes long would have been a highlight mid-set, but to close the show, half the people were beginning to sit down. Big Bummer, even from a diehard like myself. Otherwise, great regular set, weak encore. Beautiful #41 w/ Leroi and Jeff Coffrin both on sax. Also, amazing Jimi and an always eventful tripping. Seek Up was the worst of the 4 I've seen, just a bit too long and slow, although Butch Taylor's piano was nice. Anyway, other than the encore I would've said 9 out of 10, w/ it 7 / 10, and that's from a huge fan of the Last Stop, just not to mellow out an ending