Dave Matthews Band
Assembly Hall, Champaign, Illinois
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Maceo Parker
Lie In Our Graves
Two Step
So Much To Say (very brief #40 tease) -->
Anyone Seen The Bridge -->
Too Much
The Stone
Don't Drink the Water
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
The Last Stop (Reprise outro)
Tripping Billies (Nature)
Christmas Song (Dave, Tim, Carter)

entire set with Tim Reynolds

LIE IN OUR GRAVES SATELLITE...I actually missed these two songs because I was taking a final, and let me tell you, it's a long run from the Quad to Assembly Hall TWO STEP..awesome, as usual..I was catching my breath during this song..Tim did a solo, but couldn't help thinking about Bela up there with him, oh well ;( SO MUCH TO SAY...I actually heard a #40 (about 3 seconds of it) when Dave was messing around during tuning, but it turned out to be SMTS -->ASTB-->TOO MUCH...pretty standard, I love dancing to ASTB THE STONE..I'm not sure if I really like this song, kind of creepy, but cool anyway #41...doesn't compare to what I saw in Cincy 11.21.98, but cool..Boyd and Leroi both did a solo, Leroi's being pretty impressive DON'T DRINK THE WATER...I live with the notion, that they have played DDTW every show this tour girlfriend's favorite, good song/sing-a-long GRANNY!!!!!!!...I'm not sure I can put enough exclamation marks next to this one, my girlfriend and I heard it during tuning, but didn't believe it until they started playing it. LOVE! BABY! There were 2 guys behind me LOVED every second CRASH(dixie chicken)...I don't mind this too much after Granny, I think I was still recovering from shock THE LAST STOP(reprise)...much better than in Cincy, long jam even after the reprise. Dave didn't sing the BTCS lyrics during the reprise, and it was too loud to understand TRIPPING BILLIES(nature)..great closer, that's about all I can say..Carte Beauford on the Drums, Carter Beauford on the Drums! ENCORE: CHRISTMAS SONG...Dave brought out one of those red santa hats, but took it off before the song started...he said "this is one of the first songs we ever played, just TIm and Carter with him. Real quiet during this one, really cool to have 16,000 people listening to Dave attentively HALLOWEEN!!!!...thought it was ants at first, but the holiday encore instead, Gregorian chants and all..ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH FUCKING!! Off Stage: 10:55
Tony K.
First of all, oh my happy. Maceo Parker had the funk. It was a great warm-up. Parker started early. DMB took the stage around 8:35pm LIOG-- Right from the beginning, I had a good feeling about this. Boyd played a BEAUTIFUL solo that had me ready to rock for the rest of the night. Being my favorite released song started this night out right. Satellite-- Normally, not one of my faves, but the lighters in Assembly Hall made the audience look like the stars, so it was a cool symbolic thing goin' on. Two Step--- The crowd loved this song, especially the end. A LOT of people seemed to know it. SMTS-->ASTB?-->Too Much--- Eh, what can I say? Great songs, but they never have done it for me. The Stone-- My favorite song off BTCS, so I was getting giddy. #41-- LeRoi decided to check in with a pretty sweet solo. DDTW-- knew it was coming, love the song live, so I was diggin' it. Crush-- IMHO, the best love song by DMB. So beautiful, and it had a nice Timmy solo. Ok, here's where I freaked out. I had been hoping against hope for Granny, and when Dave switched guitars and started strumming, I heard the Granny chords. Granny--- This song made my night. My second favorite DMB song. Chills, euphoria, whatever you want to call it. I can't even begin to explain this song. Crash (Dixie Chicken)-- I don't hate this song, never will. It was pretty. The Last Stop--- the crowd LOVED this-- they really seemed into it, and the song lasted over ten minutes. Billies--- Boyd opened and closed the show-- he was en fuego. Encore: Christmas song-- at first I was thinking IBYU, because Stefan came out, and Dave said "This is one of the first songs we played together" And then Stefan left, and they played Christmas song. Halloween-- great closer. No words needed--- I know how fortunate I am. Email me if you want more info-- it was a great show, and I thought the crowd was great-- made me proud of my school.
Ryan T.
Traveled from Dyer, Indiana 130 miles to see Dave at Assembly Hall at the Univesity of Illinois. This will be my second Dave show, and I think it was better than the first one. On this date, they played LOT of Crash songs (7) total, which is good, because that CD is by far the definitive Dave album. The songs that they jammed on for at least 15 minutes each were LIOG, TB, LS, and TS. Crush was a crowd favorite, but they played it at a slower tempo than what we are used to on the CD. It was OK, but I wish it was played normal. Granny was a huge surprise. No one knew any of the words to it, but it is such a great concert song. The only words I could make out were 'Love' and 'Baby'. Lie In Our Graves opened the concert and boy did it start things off with a bang. I thought Boyd was going crazy, he was playing the violin like he was possessed, playing to each part of the audience. The setlist was very good, but I think a couple improvments could have been to replace The Stone and Too Much with a couple of songs off earlier albums. I would have liked to heard a Best of What's Around or if we were lucky Dancing Nancies or Jimi Thing. For the encores, I knew that Christmas Song was going to be played, and I predicted that Halloween would be the closer. Before Christmas Song, Dave put on a Santa hat and started to give off some ganster signs for a short time. I don't think alot of people are not VERY familiar with Halloween, but it was the perfect complement to Christmas Song. All in all, very good concert. The placed was sold out with mostly U of I students who have finals all this week....They deserved a much needed break..
Curt O.
If any other band had come to Champaign during finals week, there would have been a plethura of unsold seats, but not this band in this campus town. Dave Matthews and company rocked a packed Assembly Hall, which was in fact completely full, EVEN BEHIND THE BAND. Yes, people wanted to see this show so badly that they bought tickets behind the circular stage, but who can really blame them? Well, first off, Maceo Parker was excellent, probably the best opening band I've seen in a while. Then DMB came on strong with a long Lie in our Graves (love the violin solos that Boyd has been pulling out this year). Unfortunately, the crowd was slightly dismayed by an out-of-context Tim Reynolds solo, which turned out to be one of the themes of the night. Sometimes Timmy just doesn't do it with the rest of the band. Next came Satellite and Two Step, and the Stone, STMS (with a brief #40 tease, but not many people caught it) and Too Much. #41 was excellent; it was interesting because Carter didn't play the customary "reggae beat" during the violin solo, and Roi skipped the flute solo altogether, but rocked with the sax, one of the better #41s, I think. Dave also pulled out Granny, but not too many people on the floor knew the words and I felt like an ass singing by myself. The Last Stop was also particularly good, with a nice long, pounding jam at the end. During Tripping Billies, the whole place went nuts, with Carter chopping it up, and Dave and Boyd doing their customary jam dance. I wasn't sure how people were going to react to X-mas song, but it was really cool that everyone shut up and kept standing for such a quiet and slow song. Then, for the closer, I was sure they would pull out Watchtower, Ants or Warehouse, but all of a sudden out of nowhere comes Halloween! That was a real treat because it was the first time I had seen it live and they really played their hearts out for this crowd. All in all, the concert kicked ass, but Dave was quieter and more subdued than usual. He didn't really interact with the crowd at all or introduce the band members, merely saying, "thank you very much yow!" in his Dave way. The only thing that really urked me was the fact that they've played Rapunzel at every show this tour EXCEPT THIS ONE! ARGG. Guess I just can't win, so I should go study for my biology final that's at 8:00am (about five hours from now). Can't wait for saturdays concert at the United Center!
Best show. That's a good way to describe this show, if you ask me. I'll go song by song, but i'll be short and sweet: -Lie in our Graves: this was my second guess for an opener, behind two step. I don't think it's a great dmb opener, but when they are playing as tight as they were tonight, and Tim does a distorted bad-ass solo like he did, they can play any song to start it up. Great version, with Boyd doin' his thang, and doin' it right. -Satellite: a little early to go slow...but tim played the accompanyment beautifully...i was pleased. -Two Step: clean, with good solo's all around, and a spectacular ending. A little different than what i've heard from them in the past. -So Much To Say: there was really no #40 tease, just a C chord that dave was playing with between songs. He simply moved the bass down the string, making the familiar #40 riff sound for a split second. So Much was alright, kind of average, but there's not much you can do with it... -ASTB?: goodness. I think dave had a guitar problem for a second or two, but they fixed it. -Too Much: "Fuck it up, fuck it up!" That's dave trying to save an average song from being boring. It works too. -The Stone: Tim made it sound even better than usual...good version, with no real problems. The music flowed. -#41: i thought maybe Say Goodbye would show up here, but i've seen that a million times, and #41 is always nice to hear. Once again, Tim was appreciated. Roi lit it up also... -DDTW: yeahyeahyeah.."cause you're all dead now" i like the ending to this song. -Crush: fantastic. A very tight version, with everything perfect. The stop time at the end was great also. Tim enjoyed some space to play around also. -Granny: wow! didn't think this would come here. Only the second time i've seen this, and i was going nuts. A nice treat, and a good solid version. -Crash: Dixie Chicken was cool. I yelled out loud when he did it, and everybody looked at me like i was stupid. It was still neat, though. -Last Stop: Perfect, except at the end, when i think Boyd's violin part always sounds offense or anything to him, but the note just sounds horrible to me. -Billies: Always a good closer for a set. Nature intro and all. Tim was playing beautiful electric harmonics during the main riff. -Christmas Song: never seen it live before, and i loved it. Dave came back out on the stage and put on a santa hat...i thought he might wear it during the song, but he took it off, and got some boo's for it. Never boo dave. Tim was more prominent here, and he gave the song a nice complete feel. People who tried to clap a beat during this song were very stupid indeed, and i wish they would die slow deaths. Perhaps i'm being a little, definitely not. -Halloween: i did not deserve this. No one will ever deserve this. The holiday theme encore blew me away. My guess for the first encore was x-mas, but i would never have thought that Dave would be so kind. Halloween was powerful and spectacular. There is nothing i can say to describe the goodness that happened at the end of this show. If you were there, you were blessed.
Jeremy A.
Lie in Our Graves: Defineately the right opener. Boyd kicked my ass on his solo. This is one of the best jams ever created and they milked it tonite. Satellite: Tim did his nice riff. Carter rocked out and it was amazing. 2 Step: Boyd Tinsley on the violin all night long. The outro jam was as good as I've ever seen or heard it. SMTS->ASTB->TOO MUCH: I love knowing that they do this. So much to say was awesome and anyone seen the bridge was one of the highlites of my evening. The second show, the 2nd time they did it and i'll never complain. Stone: Forget all you who are sketchy about this song because i absolutely am craaaaazzzyyyy about it. 41: was on the top of my wish list tonite. Carter was key, as was tim with a nice solo, post Roi, of course. DDTW: Not as much as intensity as I saw in May, but still, this song really kicked my ass. Dave is really just the man. Crush: I loved hearing this. Boyd was key, as was the jam at the end. I love the new ending jam. Granny: This song really made my evening. Oh man did it kick ass. MMMBADDAMMMBADDAMMMBADDAMMMBADDA BABY! Crash into me: Awesome job. they needed to play it. lighters looked cool, they rocked out...done. Last Stop: Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who loves this song. I was crazy about their "Everything will be alright" outro. The best 7 or 8 minutes of my life!!!! I'm serious! Yes! My new favorite outro!! Billies: Great closer. Amazing jam. really blew the roof off the place. i love these guys. Encore: XMAS song: Dave sported a santa hat which was really cool. I was hoping for a Dave and Tim version of I'll Back you Up or Ants, that would have been cool- but this song was really great. Halloween: I think it rocked. Carter Beauford on The drums!!! and so on. I love the bible-esque vocal adlibs. go you, dave. They taunted the crowd (that's what me and my friends perceived) with the first chord of Ants after the held, firmata-ed, ending, last chord of Halloween. It was very Dave. Very sly coz he's just that cool.
Brian J.
Crowd was full of radio listening ugly girls and fat guys. Not usual people that you see at a dave concert. Maceo opened up and he is a mix of Kenny G and M.C. Hammer but over all the band was pretty good. All i got to say about them is "Pass the peas!" LIOG - great opener, really got me pumped up, everyong was in a good mood, good jams from timmy and boyd, made me think it was going to be a good show full of jams. Satellite - not something i wanted to hear but i guess its a ok song Two Step - one of the highlights, great intro into it, tim jammed out a little bit. SMTS - trendy ASTB - very cool, leroi did his little thing Too Much - trendy also but always seems to get my blood moving Stone - not one of my favorites but had a real cool jammed out ending #41 - cant go wrong here DDTW - seemed pretty normal, not one of my favorites, tim puts a nice change on it and leroi did a little something different so it made it ok. Crush - pretty cool song, tim went crazy towards the end, he is one ugly mother f*cker but he can jam. Granny - dissapointed me how many people just sat down or just stood there and didnt move, good song, dave changed up the lyrics a bit from just screaming love, was pretty cool. Crash - nothing to say here but i didnt want to hear it Last Stop - one of the best songs live, very cool song, tim jammed out again at the end. Tripping Billies - tendy song also but gets me jumping around Encore: Christmas Song - very slow and quiet and dave gets to singing, very cool and chill, was kinda nice to hear. "keeping witht he holiday theme" Halloween - well after i heard carter tap his foot on the drum i had to clean up my pants. was damn cool to hear, ive wanted to hear this for a long long time and got to. was disappointed there was no drum intro or outro from carter but it was still great. dave sang some weird stuff for awhile that no one could understand but it doesnt matter it was cool and psycho. "YU"
Jeffrey B.
I thought I would not just give a run down of every song but more so a critical analysis of the show. Although it was not the best of the five shows I've seen in the past few months, it did seem to come off as a great experience for those who have never seen the band. By opening with Lie in Our Graves, the band got the crowd involved early, something that seems to have been lacking from the few previous shows. In addition, it seems the recent crowds haven't got into the shows as much lately, but tonight, the band had the crowd at their fancy and could have probably played anything without losing much of the crowd. That probably explains the success of Granny and Halloween, and if my brother's homework is up to par, that's you Tim, that was the first time Granny has been played this Fall. Tim Reynolds, this guy doesn't get enough credit, had some great solos starting early by coming out in the spotlight for Lie In Our Graves, a fierce and wicked solo in Two Step, and of course the patent ending of Crush. I also noticed Tim was using a black guitar instead of the normal orange/red axe he usually sports. The Stone and The Last Stop added much flavor to this show, along with the songs mentioned before. The outro for the Last Stop lasted at least five or so minutes (Dave couldn't quit dancing and smiling). Tim also played some funk in there, even covering some of Bela's work from the studio version. #41 was also nice to see again-one of the highlights of the evening. Oh by the way, Carter was showing his stuff all night by throwing sticks behind his back into the audience while keeping the beat. I think Dave was impressed with the audience; many seemed into it. The lights were great, as usual, and no screw ups by the band. Solid musicainship, great vibe, and lots of dancing in the Assembly Hall isles.
Ben J.
Highlights: Two Step-the crowd really got into this song...whoever wasn't excited already was by the time this song was over. Tim laid down a great little jam, and Dave started doing his dance towards the end of the song, beating out the chords. Crush-my favorite off BTCS, and there was no disappointment. Boyd's solo was great...he diverged a bit from the album's solo, which was good. Tim played a good-sounding solo during the outro to the song Granny-at the start of the song, no one knew it, but as Dave played, more people started dancing around. The guys seemed to pick up on this - the "love baby" section was about twice as long as on any other recording I've heard. The Last Stop-This song gets better and better each time I hear it. It's got some of everything...the beginning's pretty raw and furious, and it calms down...the outro was almost surrealy calm. Nature->Tripping Billies-this was the crowd favorite along with Two Step...lots of dancing, the Dave/Boyd jam was great, and the lighting was perfect for the song. The encore was a study in contrasts. I know Christmas Song actually brought tears to some people. Then Halloween, in a "Recently" EP style, which is always preferential to the BTCS version.
Mike A.
Well, we are here in Champaign expecting the show to be show to be a Crash and Satellite show. Dave proved us totally wrong. Granny, Halloween, Stone, #41, and Christmas Song, come on!!!! It was pretty dope, pretty dope. Well, LIOG was good, Boyd jammed from the left side of the stage, over to the middle and worked his way all the way right. First time I have seen him do that. Satellite -- it sucked, but then again, doesn't it always? 2 Step, pretty average. SMTS --> 2 Much, well. The guy that wrote the review is right, I did hear a few cords from #40. The Stone, are you for real? It was really good. Then #41, Dave, come on, this is great. DDTW, good thing the boys played that since, ya know, it's only been played at every other concert this year. Crush was good. Good Tim and Boyd jam. GRAAAAAAAAAAAANY!!!!! Oh lord, I lost my mind. I had to lie down on the floor after the song, I couldn't handle it, toooooooooooo gooooooooood. This is Champaign, what is Dave doing, I thought he would play Crash like 7 more times. Crash, Dixie so all right. Last Stop was good. Billies was good with Boyd all over the stage. During the encore, the crowd was great, screaming, "We want Dave!" Then we had Christmas Song!!! SOOOOOO good. So, what will he end the Champaign show with, HALLOWEEN, are you FOR REAL!!! I totally think Dave thought he was on the East Coast. It was sooo great. All in all, a great show. I really had the worst expectations for this show. So glad it turned out so good. Dave never lets us down. Off to Ames. Three more to go.
Scott B.
LIOG- I can't believe they opened with this, i was goin nuts to start off!! Boyd had an awesome solo as always, right on the edge of the stage, it was so awesome!! Satellite- Nothing special... it was a little better with tim, i could have done with out this one, especially cause they better play it at the UC, or else Arpan will die in a bitter rage against dmb, for not playing his song!! TWOSTEP- Awesome as usual, it went on for about 11 minutes. The end was really long. Everyone else, at one point thought they were done, but i could still hear the bass going on, then timmy broke out his best solo of the night by far! it was great! (3 sec. #40 tease....)- I really don't think so... i heard it, but i though it was Angel from Montgomery, if they would have played that, i would have died an gone to heaven... I heard two chords played, and really, i don't think it was number 40, but it was right before... SMTS- nothing special, could have just listened to the album... ASTB TOOMUCH- OK, agian, nothing special... STONE- Pretty damn good, though i've heard it 3 times now, i was really starting to crave PNP and rapunzel by now, which they didn't even play... my only regret of the evening... #41-- Beautiful, long, DDTW-What the hell, they've played it at every show this tour.. it was inevitable Crush- awesome with timmy, he made a big difference, but becuase him and boyd were jamming at the end, Roi didn't even break out his flute one time.. a little dissapointed in that... GRANNY--Holy Shit!! This is 3 times in 4 shows! I must be one of the luckiest sons of bitches around for that one!! My roommate John and i were going nuts during this one... i think the best part of the show was when the girl behind me tapped my on the shoulder and asked me what album it was on.. and i had to tell her it wasn't on any of them, and that it was an old one... I love being able to appriciate the music more than most of everyone else!! I feel so special that i can sing along and they cant!!!! CRASH-- Well they got there revenge i guess....I guess dave knew that most people wouldn't know granny, and can't totally piss off the crowd, so he had to play crash... i didn't mind it too much, Runner453 really wanted to hear it.. so i'll let it slide.. at least he did dixie chicken... LAST STOP-- definately not one of my favorite songs, but its great live with the lighting. This was the longest song of the night clocking in at just under 13minutes.. OK, i think i've heard it at every show so far, so i hope they dont' play it at the UC.. Tripping Billies-- I heard dave strumming the nature chords before the song, so i knew it was coming, so i warned everyone around me, so i looked smart when the finally broke into tripping billies. It was great as usual. this is one i could hear at every concert.. i live to see boyd go insane!! Encore.... XMAS SONG!!!-- Dave came out wearing a Santa hat, which as cool, then he was just walking around stage, and finally threw it off infront of the drums... then he said that this is one of the first songs they'd ever played together... i almost thought it was gonna be IBYU... w/o the santa hat, but sure enough, it was a really cool... quiet xmas song... i loved it... then.... Carter started pounding on the bass drum... and i turned to john and just shook my head... i was finally stumped.. but i did manage to get it before they actually started... HALLOWEEN!!!-- hell yeah!! I couldn't have dreamed of a better closer, besides maybe watchtower... but they'll be other chances for that... how often do you get to hear halloween??!!! it was awesome.. I still haven't completely gotten my voice back yet from it!!! it was a hell of a song!! Well, this was probably the best concert i've been too, besides maybe alpine.. but timmy had some say in that...
it was a great show. it was my first time seeing them inside. the seats were better and the lights looked cool reflecting off the wall inside. but the atmosphere really did not seem the same as a dave show outside. the opening band was good. stephan can up on stage and sat on a speaker in the back(so no one would see him) during one of the songs. the setlist was good, the highlights were satellite when the crowd was filled with lighters and how quite it was during x-mas song. not much dave talk. the same old same old, "thank you all for coming out tonight" and "thank you very much." the highlights were after granny,"thank you very much, that song was granny" and at the very end before leaving the stage, "thank you all very much, sleep well!" as we headed back to ISU, we saw the tour buses and trucks. as we pulled next to them and beeped we saw dave watching TV, until he closed the blinds. it was a night to remember! :)
Brian M.
This was my fourth DMB show, and my first indoor one. I went my good friend Jeff who I will probably make several references to throughout this. We got there and had marvelous seats off of LeRoi's side in the C section. Maceo Parker was good, but I just wasn't in the mood to hear him. I had been craving Dave all week. So I'm hoping to pay more attention at the UC on Saturday. Anyway, Jeff and I laid out what we wanted to hear. Jeff wanted the Stone and Jimi Thing. I wanted Jimi Thing, Granny, #40 (I can dream right) and #41 into Say Goodbye. Anyway, the band came out after Assembly hall had been entertained by Brickhouse, and the Shaft Theme while they were changing the sets. LeRoi was wearing a bright orange shirt that looked like one of Stefan's. Boyd was in some black button up shirt that made him look like a character out of The Nightmare Before Christmas at times. I need to preface something: In my mind Boyd Tinsely is God. He is the reason to go see DMB live. But tonight, the show was stolen by Carter. He was like a general, ordering out the troops based off his drum rolls, cymbal crashes, etc. He was out of his mind and that made the show all worth it. Okay, song by song: LIOG --> I wanted to hear Bela so badly on this, and maybe someday I will. But Boyd filled in nicely. His solo was very slow and beautiful. Tim Reynolds started to jam, and this is where I started to dislike having Tim there. But also in this song, Carter was filling in on some great rolls. Satellite --> Really didn't want to hear it, but everyone at Assembly Hall took out their lighters. The seating was in a perfect circle and it looked beautiful, like a night sky. Dave was taken back a little and I could see the smile on his face all the way back where I was. Pretty decent version of it. Two Step --> Good god! What a fantastic version. It kept building, and building. And then they stopped it and let Tim do an overdone guitar solo. Don't get me wrong Tim is great, but this was horrible how they stopped the energy and let Tim posture as an Aerosmith like guitarist. But LeRoi saved the song with a nice bari-sax rift to get the whole band back into it. Stefan laid down that bass line I love, and then Carter when crazy again. So Much To Say --> A fun one. Everyone was singing and Carter... Good god, he just kept getting better and better. Anyone Seen The Bridge was very nice, except Stefan slipped at one point. Too Much --> Everyone was signing and going nuts, and the lighting was starting to shine through here. The Stone --> Jeff went nuts. I was happy too. First time on this leg of the tour I believe. Really good version, and the crowd actually quieted down (some people took their bathroom breaks) and we got to enjoy it. Boyd was beautiful again on violin and Carter, well you should be getting the point about now. Lighting again was beautiful. #41 --> I was estatic. I haven't heard it live since the very first concert I was at. So very great. But, I kept waiting for Leroi to pick up the flute to go into Say Goodbye, but he never did. DDTW --> Good version, except they didn't do the cool ending like they did at Alpine this year, and the sound guy had Stefan's bass down too low. Crush --> Beautiful. Boyd rocked the hiz-owse, and Timmy's solo was okay, but it was a little too rock based, and not enough blues. Again, LeRoi didn't pick up the flute and that made me pretty damn sad. Granny --> Jumped high into the air and almost fell down the stairs. Jeff and I were loving it. You could really pick out the true fans. Crash Into Me --> Ehh... what do you say about this song? Overplayed and it was screeched at by all the teeny-boppers... The low part of the show, but then... The Last Stop --> THE VERY BEST PART OF THE SHOW. I can't describe the energy. Carter was gone. Dave was gone. Boyd was gone. The reprise outro, it was so loud, but so mellow, but still so overpowering with energy. On one of "This is the last stop" parts, they killed all of the lights in the place, and then flashed them back on. I nearly had a heart attack. One of the top 5 DMB performances of any song that I've heard live. Tripping Billies --> It was impossible for the energy not to carry over. Got a great Dave dance, Boyd was fantastic and Carter somehow managed to be even better. Christmas Song --> Never heard it live before. The crowd was really good about it. Halloween--> I was expecting something to fire everyone up. Like Watchtower or Ants. This really didn't sit well with me as a closer. It was cool to hear Halloween live, but it was the crappy BTCS version without the Carter drum solo. With Carter being on as he was tonight, they should have used the Recently version, or given Carter #36 to play around with. Again, not the best show, but it had it's moments. Carter was incredible. Can't wait for Saturday!
Suzanne W.
This was the first time I saw the band indoors. The Assembly Hall is round and has a high, fluted ceiling, reminiscent of a European cathedral. The lights playing off the ceiling were grand. Following are the highlights, not listed in order of presentation: This is the first time I've ever heard of them opening with Lie In Our Graves. It featured the solo which Boyd has been perfecting over the summer months - pure and sweet sound. Tim (who was on stage for the whole show) followed with another solo. For most of the night, Tim was satisfied with providing echoing background sound. Granny - first time I've heard it live. It was funny to hear many "What's that?" comments around me. It makes you feel special, like getting an inside joke. I know that many are bored by the combination of So Much To Say-->ASTB-->Too Much. I enjoy it because it's always sure to get Dave dancing, and it did. #41 was another high point; Tim and Leroi jammed. Leroi's solo was melodic, with sweeping runs. I don't care if Crash Into Me screams radio, I like it. Finished off with Dixie Chicken. Tripping Billies - Boyd - Boyd - Boyd. Don't Drink the Water was played uptempo, which kept it moving along. Carter was especially playful during the show. He was flash and kept adding little bits of this and that. When he was all poised to start this song, Dave said something to him, and he totally cracked up. He had to count to ten and start over. I may be losing my mind, but I was sure that the tease was Minarets before The Last Stop started. I think this was the high point of the show, emotionally. Dave sang it full out. I remembered it later when I saw the tv news about Baghdad. Now for the strangest encore combination you could imagine. Carter, Tim, and Dave came on stage. I hoped it would be Christmas Song, and it was. Then, Carter started a roll on the bass, first soft and then growing and growing in volume. What is this? HALLOWEEN! Dave sang with passion and vigor. WOW! That's what makes DMB great, the great contrasts: soft and loud, tender and fierce, slow and fast. It was all was there in the show.
Chris P.
lie in our graves---a much longer version than on crash, and carter was really filling in on those odd time signatures. Satellite--pretty standard preformance, but the lighters in the dark arena were pretty spectacular. Two Step---all I can say ios wow, super performance by the whole crew, with an amazing solo by Timmy. So much to say---pretty standard version. Too much---could feel a little more energy than on crash, and youy can't forget to "f--- it up, f--- it up." The stone---my brother's feelings were that no one likes this song, but it sent a cool dark vibrance through the room and I loved it. #41---A song that I am starting to love, with a great tim and dave preformance not to mention leroi's solo. Don't drink the H2o---a song I feel they could've done w/ out but was cool to hear live anyway. Crush---Tim, Tim, Tim. That song really couldn't have been any better--although I felt carter should have had a solo somewhere that night. Granny---the first time i ever heard the entire song, I was asking people around what it was. But it was really great w/ boyd and roi yelling LOVE--BABY!! Crash into me---the girls seemed to have liked it. The Last Stop---My favorite of the whole night. I felt like going on stage and jamming with them. The ending was amazing, with tim on electric doing the riff that Bela fleck did on BTCS, which added about 4:00 to the song. You could tell dave was loving it with a grin on his face and that graceful leg dance he does. Tripping Billies---Great closer leaving the crowd begging for more--check em out BOYD!!!!!!!!! Christmas song---calmed the crowd down, even though the crowd was perfect the whole night. Had a great feeling to it. Halloween---Got everyone up and jamming. And with me inhaling the crack the girls were smoking behind me I was bound to go insane! By this time I was on the edge of my seat for a carter solo. But an overall amazing performance by the greatest band alive.