Dave Matthews Band
Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Maceo Parker

LeRoi Solo -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Warehouse (Stop Time)
Don't Drink the Water
Pay For What You Get
Jimi Thing
The Stone -->
Drive In, Drive Out
Anyone Seen The Bridge -->
Too Much
Rhyme & Reason
Tripping Billies
Christmas Song (Dave, Tim, and Carter)
Crash into Me (Dixie Chicken)

Steve C.
Maceo was a decent opener, very comparable to Poi Dog for those who were at Alpine. Crowd Very Disrespectful, this seemed to be the theme of the evening. Dave came out, and they talked onstage for a LONG time...I really think that they were making up the setlist as they went along. The LeRoi jam came first, and I was kind of anxious to hear's really not too much different from the spring/summer versions of the small jam before PNP, but it was neat. Nobody knew what they were doing. Everybody talking. They kicked into PNP, everybody know is clued in...Rapunzel was a kind of slowed down version, but tight nonetheless. Included a decent Roi segment, after the song he was! futzing around with his sax, I think he broke a reed. Stay ensued, not my favorite tune, but I'd rather have this than Crash. Terribly average version. #41...thank you Dave. Decent lighting on this tune, but nowhere near that of Chris comparison whatsoever. A good version, topped off at almost 9 minutes. (By the way, the jam->PNP->rapunzel was roughly 10 mins.) One of the hilights of the evening. Warehouse absurdly long pause between songs. Definitely winging the setlist. Dave was strumming...a long time. I said to my girlfriend Jessica (yes, I did have to get her name in there...) "Either this is a song that they're pulling out of their ass, or I'd have to say Warehouse." Then it came. Excellent Stop Time Intro, and a good lights addition too. 8 Minutes. Good solos all around. Still waiting for Timmy's moment though. Don't Drink the Water---Blah. Don't like it. Pay 4---Wow. I felt real, I emphasize REAL Dumb at the beginning. Anothe! r long pause between songs, started to get annoying. The first notes, and I say, "X-mas???" Then he starts singing, DUH! Pay 4...A good version, sadly, lots of people sat down. NEWSFLASH---If you sat down, A)please don't buy tickets to the next show, I had really crappy seats, I want your floor seats and B)You don't know what you missed. Enough said. Jimi---Wow. A good stretch of songs. Perhaps the musical highlight of the night along with 41, Warehouse, and Pay 4. Excellent solo by Tim!!! Finally. At first, everyone was like, "HUH? Who is that guy?" What kind of pedal does that man use? whatever it is, I like it a lot. This version topped off at 13 minutes, very nice. Congrats to tim, again, I felt like the only person dancing in my entire section. Stone---Wow, first in a LONG LONG time. It was a good version, heard it at Alpine, but again, I'll take it in place of Satellite or Crash. Drive In---Another tight version, good Boyd jam, I think it was this son! g where he had to change bows in the middle because he was running out of strings. Decent but standard version. Then Anyone Seen the Bridge---What the hell??? Out of nowhere. Started with a 36-esque drum solo, I was so excited, then Stefan came in...OK, so they're gonna do ASTB?-->Too Much. A good Bridge, but another terribly average song, Too Much. I didn't mind it, but it was very average. Crush. I like the song, but it's a single now, so of course, it's everybody's fave. Good jam, 9 mins long, another excellent Tim Solo. Rhyme---another one out of nowhere. Before the song, Dave thanked the crowd like it was their last. I thought Crush would be it, but then he thanked us and did this...good version, another average tune. I thought this was, nature intro kicks in, BILLIES! Ok, maybe it was this one that Boyd broke his bow on. Probably. Good, tight version. As usual, the boys took their sweet time to come back out. I was hoping for X-Mas and Watchtower! , only got 1/2 that though...X-mas was good, a lot of people sat down. Disappointing. Stay home next time then. Then, the moment. Watchtower, COME ON!!! Please! But what? Oh no. Please don't ruin the ENTIRE SHOW!!!!! Yes. In my opinion, that's what they did. 41, Jimi, Warehouse, Pay 4, Rhyme, all down the tubes. Need I comment on the song? Dixie Chicken, big deal, nobody heard it. All in all, it was a tight show except for the encore. I was so disappointed, words can't express it. As for the non-Dave aspects, THE CROWD SUCKED!!! I swear, I couldn't hear half of Boyd's or Roi's solos because the damn crowd insisted on cheering every time Dave Danced, or Boyd stepped towards the middle of the stage. Two good examples---During Rapunzel, Dave did his first dance, everyone cheered. OK. Another quick move towards carter, more dancing. OK, more cheers. OK. Then, Dave finishes a verse and SIMPLY TURNS AROUND TO LOOK AT CARTER. NO DANCING. Everyone goes nuts. D! ave could pick his nose and people would cheer. Another example---During Pay 4, everyone sat down. I was one of the 5 people standing. That's sad, and then some smart-ass starts yelling "WATCH-TOWER!!!" With his frat friends in the MIDDLE OF THE SONG. Give me a break. I can't comment any more on this, it's too rediculous. In fact, the two girls behind me were having screaming contests in my ear to show their "love" for Dave. Spare me. Total lack of respect for music in general, and it really makes me sick. It's sad to see "talent" go to waste by such unappreciative "die-hard" DMB fans. So I've got DAUD1 copies coming, hooked it up with a taper. I know it's a mistake to post this, so I'm not gauranteeing any response. I'll leave it at that. But please, if you have to ask, please no "It was my first show and it was amazing" grovels, I can't stand them. PLEASE be creative in your grovel if you must. Just my .02, hope this gets posted. A Jerry Springer rip-off final! thought---PLEASE---if you are going to any shows remaining on the tour, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE respect the people around you. That's all. Thanks Nancies, you're the best out there.
Mark H.
Trivia question for you all: What do Rhyme & Reason, Jimi Thing, Crash into Me, PNP--> Rapunzel, Don't Drink the Water, and ASTB--> Too Much have in common. Answer: They've all been played for four shows in a row now, some of them longer. In the past I had been hesitant to say outright that the setlists needed to be varied more, but I'm going to now. Tonight's show was more consistent than the peaks-and-valleys Madison show, but I don't think it was as good. Madison offered the first PFWYG of the tour, as well as the first taste of #40 in almost four years. Milwaukee offered for the most part mediocre versions of album songs, many of them singles. The show started off well, with a LeRoi solo that sounded somewhat different than the last time I heard it, but went downhill from there. Rapunzel dragged, Stay was nothing special. I was ecstatic to hear #41, but I've heard better versions. Dave did some mellow improv in between tuning and the beginning of Warehouse that! I liked alot, and the song itsself was well done, but my joy quickly faded with the coming of the ever present DDTW. PFWYG is still fun to hear, but it doesn't have the magic it did when it was played for the first time all tour. Jimi Thing was pretty well done, though Tim's solo was shrill and dissonant, not at all to my taste. I enjoyed the Stone, but I fear that its coupling with DIDO will become as hackneyed as the Proudest Monkey/Satellite and SMTS/Too Much Pairings. The lights on DIDO were fantastic. ASTB was even better than on Friday, and Too Much was fun as well. I have nothing against Crush, but this is my third concert in a row hearing it, and I would just as soon take a break. Rhyme & Reason was lackluster. By far the best performance of the night was on Tripping Billies (Boyd needed a new violin midway through). The encore was what really got me. Christmas song was nice, but CRASH AS A SECOND ENCORE??? No rantings or ravings of mine would ever do justi! ce to what an enormous travesty that is.
Steve B.
"Very Very Smooth" quated my buddy Nix's. I thought so myself after reviewing the setlist over. Bradley Center--verynice venue! Security, not incredible too harsh. It's Wisconsin!! My thoughts go... Lerio had a very nice opening jam along with the rest of the band. Repunzel wasn't too shabby, thought it would be a Seek Up or OSW. Dave "hoped everyone was feeling fine this evening," after Stay. The Highlight--#41 and Warehouse, my night was complete. Warehouse was due! After DDTW, Dave gave a little mumble while sipping from a coffee mug. PFWYG-very nicely done, you would think he'd throw something else here after the Mad. show. The ending my have caused some confusion w/ Dave and Steffan, but they were totally kidding around with each other up there. Jimi was well done, but to surprise you all I thought Mad.'s tore it up. Timmy had a nice solo at the end, and following the song, Dave gave Timmy his intro. The Stone concluded with a respectable ending. DIDO w! as awsome, Tim had some awsome Psychedelic effects, and finally the light show picked up. Carter tore it up on the Bridge. Too Much had alot of electricity. Tim had a knee dropping solo on Crush. Sorry if it's getting abit long, but it's all about good notes, said the wise student. R@R could have done without but had so much energy. Billies was called and all hell broke loose. Boyd was on fire, breaking a bow and gettin close and personal with the crowd. It's always nice to see Boyd gettin a groove. Dave ended up breaking a string in this very high tempo tune. Xmas song was the first for me, I'll be the first to say I was hoping for a IBYU. He gave a nice intro though, stating the fact that "someone got screwed." I'll save the space for comments on the finale. Overall decent show, too many peats though, the band without a doubt had some fun tonight, see ya in shy town.
Allison M.
My 5th concert, and second of the week, and I was pretty disappointed with the setlist. The crowd was pretty mellow, it was only on select songs that they really gave a good shout. I just wish Dave would of realized that a good majority of the fans that went to Madison, would of been in Milwaukee. He played at least 4 or 5 songs that were the same from both shows. Dave seemed pretty happy, talking to Carter and Stefan a lot, and dave's feet were peppier then ever! Instead of dwindling on the negative aspects, I'm only going to offer my positive parts of the concert. My highlights... My 20th row seats on the floor! :) Warehouse: love this song, and it ended a long BTCS setlist Jimi Thing: The jam was amazing! It had to be at least 10-15 minutes! Tim rocked, and Boyd was finally stepping up. Is it just me or has he been kind of avoiding the spotlight? #41: YES! We had a poster for this one, and thank God he played it, because I wasn't about to hold that sign up forever! Tripping Billies: AWESOME! Love the song, and Boyd was on fire! He finally took the spotlight and showed us all how it's done. The crowd was crazy and finally showed the band some respect for their talent. X-Mas song: My complete highlight! I've heard all the songs he played in Milwaukee before, except this one. Dave said something like "This is a song about a guy who got screwed over for something he believed in." The Beatles outro was cool to "can't buy me love" and "all u need is love." I totally did not agree with the closer CRASH!!! Don't get me wrong, love the song, it's one of my favorites, but I've heard it 6 times in concert and let us go home with our ears buzzing and with dancing feet. I shouted out the lines to dixi-chicken and suprisingly I don't think I was alone! I'm just hoping Chicago gives us some suprises and I hope they come in the form of REMEMBER-2-THINGS!!!!!!!!
Chris K.
I'm a little bit surprised at what people have been saying about this concert. My friends and I all thought it was as good as the Alpine Valley show this summer and would have been better with a different second song of the encore, but still no real complaints about this one. The solo-->PNP-->Rapunzel got everyone going early. Roi seems to be taking a real spotlight with Maceo opening, maybe with another saxophonist around, he's showing off, the guy was on fire all night. Stay kept the crowd energized. #41 was a nice surprise and Warehouse next broke up the BTCS songs nicely. I haven't heard Warehouse live in a few years, so this was a real treat. Don't Drink the Water, sure it's a single, but it's so much better live, Dave always gets into this one. Pay For What You Get was great to see again. People sat for it, which I didn't notice in Madison Friday night. The Milwaukee crowd was a little weak, I thought, too much sitting down and the place was only half full for Maceo. I guess it just proves once and for all that UW is a better school than Marquette and UW-M put together. Jimi Thing, awesome. I love Tim Reynolds, I could watch that dude play guitar all night long. Stone into Drive In Drive Out was awesome. They finished Stone quiet and then rocked out the last few lines of it and went right into DIDO. Drive In Drive Out is one of my favorite songs live and Dave really changed the lyrics up. My friend Doug swears there was a line about Tim in there someplace but it was hard to hear with the girls behind us singing the album lyrics at the top of their lungs. Nice drum solo into ASTB. Best Too Much I've ever heard. Tim added a lot, making it sounded heavier than usual and different from other versions I've heard. Crush, always drags for the first few minutes in my opinion. Highlighted by another Tim solo. Rhyme and Reason was better than in Madison Friday night and I figured they were done, but Dave started strumming Nature. I was hoping for Billies to close since it always gets everyone pumped. The band was on fire and half way through Boyd's solo something happened to his violin, so he had to switch mid solo. He went up to the roadie, who had a second violin held out so Boyd could keep playing. Boyd tossed the crappy one and grabbed the new violin without missing a beat. I think this fired him up, because he finished the solo strong and it seemed longer than usual. Christmas song was cool and I was hoping to hear it or I'll back you up. Might as well left, though, since Crash is a crappy closer. Ants would've definately put this show ahead of Alpine, but even with Crash, I'd say they're even. I do have the privledge of having been at shows that closed with Satellite (Madison in 1995) and Crash. On second thought, I guess that might not be a privledge.
Gretchen R.
I'd have to say that last night was a bit disappointing. This was my third show and by far my least favorite. While it definetly had it's exciting moments and high points (what dmb show doesn't?), it had it's low points, too. The amount of annoying junior high girls screaming "DAVE WE LOVE YOU!" in unison DURING songs has increased, sad to say. Most people in the crowd were very unappreciative of the music, screaming requests during songs, and sitting through most of it. I felt like I was one of the only people feeling the music! What a boring crowd! The gaurds were ridiculously strict, making me show them my ticket stub twice to make sure that I belonged where I was sitting, and several people were kicked out for smoking. The set list was fair - not too many exciting numbers - although I was pleased to hear Jimi Thing, and #41. Granny or Seek Up would have been nice though. I was let down that the closer didn't leave everyone excited and happy - but instead slowed everything down, causing people to sit down (come on! during the ENCORE?!) I certainly don't regret attending the show - as any dave matthews band show is worthwile - however I was quite disappointed.
Joanna H.
This was a GREAT show! although its my first one, it was amazing. I have been into DMB since Under The Table came out, and I loved Crash, but I sort of lost interest until BTCS, and when that came out I regained enthusiasm quickly. I had seats up in section 401, not great seats, but actually not bad at ALL considering I got the tickets half a week before the concert. But you could see everything, hear everything, etc. The opening band was not too bad, I wasnt really paying attention, but I noticed it was very James Brown kind of stuff. After about an hour, there was a break, and the lights went out in one swipe; screaming roared through the stadium... PNP started, and everyone went wild. I am not going to talk about all of the songs, because that would go on forEVER. But I heard that they didnt play Crush at the MSG shows, and I was thinking they wouldnt for Milwaukee either, but when I heard that first bass line, I went nuts. The people around me thought I was crazy. When they played Warehouse, the lighting went really funky, and everyone loved it! I also noticed while they were playing The Stone, a lot of people sat down, maybe because they didnt know BTCS as well as the others... I never sat down once. Dave was Awesome-- he did a little dance every now and then and got the whole stadium going nuts about it. After about 2 1/2 hours, the band left the stage, and cheering and screaming went on for 5 minutes or so... Just before the encore, the whole frickin stadium almost simultaneously started chanting "We Want Dave!" until they came out and did an amazing encore- The Christmas Song- and Crash into Me-- which everybody loved! I am really upset its over now! But if you were there, you know it was a fabulous show!
Ryan S.
This was my fourth Dave show, and I must say I was really disappointed. They opened with a nice Pantala/Rapunzel that seemed to promise for a decent evening, but throughout Stay, I realized what the night really held in store. All the songs seemed to be slowed down quite a bit, and very lackluster performances. Dave seemed to depressed or out of it or something. Alot of the songs were off, and they didn't sound too hot. Finally with Jimi Thing, and then with Too Much, they stepped it up a notch. Too Much was definately my highlight because it seemed to be the only song that had any energy to it. Tripping was also well done, Boyd even broke his violin, and Dave broke a string. The encore basically sucked. It seemed that Dave didn't even want to come back on stage. Christmas song was good, a first timer for me in concert, but Crash was totally out of line. It was my first time seeing Tim, but to tell you the truth, it was a mediochre performance. The band never seemed to be in such a hurry to get off stage. The crowd was extremely rude. The tow people in front of me were grinding, and humping each others legs. If you are going to do that, give me your damn tickets, and I'll have some real Dave fans come. The security guard had to tell them to: "Cool things down a bit, you're getting us all excited over here." I went away from the concert a bit disappointed. I love Dave more than anything, but he just didn't have a very good night. All is forgiven, I was at Alpine......and that was f*ing amazing. Well, I'll see Dave and Tim in Indiana in Feb. Hopefully he has a better night.
Michael L.
Not to overlap with what the previous reviewers have said, but I do think that Crash as a last song is quite a bad choice. I also agree that the fan base at the concert was being quite rude, I couldn't hear any of Leroi's opening jam, and TR's solo was only barely audible over the wholesale screaming contest. This was my first concert, though I have been a fan through tapes for about a year. I, however, am forever spoiled. I originally had very nasty high and to the side seats, and about 30 secs before Maceo came on a lighting tech from DMB came up to me and my friend and gave us SECOND ROW TICKETS. Now I'd heard of this before, but, to me? Like I say I'm forever spoiled, but that's my problem.
Erik R.
Furious! That's the way I felt when I left the venue Monday night! Reasons are: No Two Step, weak opener, terrible encore - Crash, no unrealesed material, Christmas Song is getting old, jams were average, shorter version of Jimi Thing than usual, band's energy was uncharacteristically low, no Halloween, and again Crash as an encore - ughh! This was a show designed for the 'radio heads'. O.k. on to the few highlights: Loud crowd, decent indoor venue, good sound, addition of the electric guitar and the pedal effects by Tim Reynolds, Warehouse intro w/strobe lights, Timmy's solo on his knees during Crush, and the low beer prices. I'm sure a lot of fans might of enjoyed this performance and setlist. I thought it was very weak! The next night according to this Web Site they played Granny and also Halloween as an encore - awesome! Unfortunately this was my 15th show, and 7th of this tour and I haven't been lucky enough to catch them play Halloween yet. This is a great improv band and I expect a lot each and every show! If I made a tape of it, I would record over it with a future show. I would rate this concert a 5 out of 10. Got my fingers crossed for Moline & Chicago.
James I.
Overall I think that the cocert was good, but a little disappointing. The begining was amazing with Rapunzel, Stay, #41, and Warehouse. I was hoping for it the entire night and I got it- Pay For What You Get. Then there was Jimi Thing. It was amazing. Dave started to dance, but then stopped and looked at Carter and even then the audience cheered. He could have done anything. I didn't expect Drive In Drve out or Rhyme and Reason. Crush was excellent, it was one of the best I've heard. But then there was Trippin'. It was amazing. It was probably the best song of the show. Up until this point the show was really good, but then came the encore. He came out and talked for a little bit as if he didn't know what he was going to play next, but then played X-mas Song. It was great, but then came the disapointing part--Crash. The rarely play Crash in a show let alone an encore. They played it well, but as an encore NO!! Then suddenly he walked off and the lights went on and everyone was like What the F@%#! Supposedly he made a public appology for the encore on one of the local radio stations saying he was going to play Ants, the Two Step, and finish it with Watchtower because of a lack of time. I don't know about that. It wasn't as good as Alpine, but overall I'd give it a B+.
Alison K.
I'm rather upset that all people are doing is complaining about the concert. I thought it was pretty good. If you like Dave so much, you shouldn't sit there and rank on him. Did it ever occur to you that some people might like "Crash"? Or that everyone might not have seen every single preceeding concert like you have and heard some of the songs repeated? True, the crowd was pretty crappy, especially the people who clapped along to every song. But that doesn't mean it was a bad concert. My friends and I jammed the entire night and did not scream or clap at inappropriate times. Although the concert wasn't quite as good as Alpine Valley, people shouldn't make it sound like they were forced to sit through a Backstreet Boys concert.