Dave Matthews Band
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

Seek Up * -->
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Satellite *
Rhyme and Reason *
Don't Drink the Water *^
Typical Situation *^
Too Much *
Crash Into Me *^(Dixie Chicken) **
Dancing Nancies
Stay *
Crush *
Tripping Billies *
Christmas Song (Dave, Carter, Tim)
Two Step *^

entire set with Tim Reynolds
* with Butch Taylor on keys
^ with Bela Fleck on banjo

Prasad S.
Do NOT let anyone tell you that dave was not UP TO IT ALL. TONIGHT My friends and I saw compassion, flare, enthusiasm, and best of all, that ass kickin two step that dave is famous for amognst us. When he came out on stage in his hunter green Cargos and his drk. blue cuffed short sleeve shirt the crowd went absolutely wild. (hey it is new york after all[the best city in the WORLD!]) and so he commented that he would be back after bela fleck! From that point on everytime dave was on the stage and in between songs, when it was relatively quient my friend and I let out a holler of "TWOOOO STEPPPPPP" from atop the 426 balcony. After losing 5 voices, maybe because of us, maybe not:) HE ENCORED amazingly with a great violin/gutiar duel b/t him and boyd. With my binoculars in hand, i could see daves foot shuffles livelier than ever and boyd's nifty outfit(something like the long suit that dave wore at the mtv video music awards). realizing that the show was sold outof the 19,000 seats but then seeing a few empty seats here and there made us think. Dave, from up close is the most amazing thins anyone has ever seen, if u have deified him as mot probably:) but we got down stage side!!!! empty seats in front of the equalizers!!!!! My friends and I also had a sign which read "NJ LOVES (really a heart) DMB [and the whole sign was half blu and half red with the heart half and half toolike the crash album minus the heart~) so then this sign, about 15 feet by 10 feet, brushed the heads of those under us when we hung it over the balcony, we lifted it but still over calculated the size. after a little rouughing up from the guards not only did we escape to closer seats but heard dave's comment about the NY Christmas tree. (he played the song because the tree was being lit that day).,. and we went home contented, not complaining about hings that could have been better, but rejoicing in the great dave spirit that flooded 19,000 people.
Michael M.
3rd show in 3 nights.....liver fading.....need help....... A solid show, but the only songs that they played that weren't on the previous two nights were Typical Situation, which was awesome and had a great jam in the middle then sequed right back into the chorus of the song, Dancing Nancies, a song that Boyd shines on, and.......Christmas Song, which was especially appropriate since I believe tonight was the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. The rest of the songs were great, but the main difference b/t last night and tonight was the lack of jamming during and in between songs. Actually Dave and the crew might have been a little tired from last night's Philly show. The crowd at the Garden was rearing to go, and Rapunzel, Tripping Billies ,and Two Step didn't disappoint and proved that 20,000 15-30 year olds under the influence look as funny as I do dancing....but it's so much fun, which is the most important thing. Well, one more to go...then off to rehab with myself!! Hopefully tomorrow will be as the end all be all of Dave concerts....but either way, I am gonna have fun. Hope to see some of y'all out there. Peace...Bake McBride
Irene W.
Well, this was my 10th show and I had a great time! I was a little bored with the set list....satellite, crash into me (although this was a goodie). If the encore wasn't CHRISTMAS song-------->a philly topping two step, I may have actually left dissapointed. The band did have some great energy! The tim & bela jams were intense. I never heard such beautiful music come out of an electric guitar. My friend who had never seen them was really impresed, so that's cool. My biggest beef is with some of the underage drunks that go to these shows to fight with their boyfriends and talk. These girls behind me didn't know christmas song and preceeded to talk about how boring it was the whole way through. Overall, a very good show. I am looking forward to one more MSG and Pepsi!!!!
Morgan H.
AMAZING!!! that is the only way to describe it.. I called the opener in the train on the way up and once we heard those chords, we knew we were in for a night to remember. Le Roi was on FIRE for the first part of the show, then after DDTW it kinda shifted over to Boyd, who was reamarkable during Typical and Nancies. Typical was nice..almost 20 mins jammed out with Butch doin some major shit on the keys. Crash was normal..but everyone didnt know the dixie chicken part. Nancies..WOW..could I have been..lost in New York City? Crush was ALL TIMMY..he was THE MAN, and Billies was pretty standard. The light show was awesome..and then everyone started to chant.."WE WANT DAVE!" So...dave, tim and carter came out and I was like "I'll Back You Up!!!!"...and then it came from dave...."this is not a song about religion" and we were in shock..could it be...the Christmas Song, we didnt think so until it started..and then it was another case of HOLY SHIT!!!!..we were speechless, and the only 3 out of 20,000 that were singing along..and to close it out, we had an awesome version of Two Step.....VERY SWEET...during the intro Bela kinda ran out onto stage..he joined in and it was over..and then it started to fade back in..Bela and Tim went at it for like 5 mins..and then the best thing happend, the whole band was at the climax of the jam..and bela was just doin his own thing..and then he realized it and then they went back into the Two Step jam, and finished up at 11:15. See ya all tommorw at MSG again..
Joe G.
For those interested in Bela and the Boys, Dave came out and sang Communication with them, Victor was amazing as always, a great opening band. It was a good show with a lot of help from Bela, Tim and Butch. The sound was great and the band jammed for quite a long time. Here is hoe the songs went: Seek up- Great opener, had a lot of electricity. They jammed it out to the capacity. Pantela--Rapunzel- A good version thanks to Tim and Butch. A overall good song done very well Satellite-A song I don't care too much for but with Tim it was great. It revamped the song. Ryhme and Reason-A nice bonus that I didn't expect. The band went crazy on this and it sounded very dark with Tim's addition. Don't Drink the Water-This disapointed me the most. It sounded straight off the album with Tim and Bela. There was noDdave solo outro. Typical Situation-Probably the best version I have ever heard. This will be a version to remember. Extremely powerful and jammed for a long time. Bela was amazing on this, reminded me of his New Years Eve 96 jams. Too much--I was expecting an Anyone Seen the Bridge but it was a fair version without "Can't smoke enough". Crash Into Me-Sounded very good, Butch did an excellent job of sparking it up. The Dixie Chicken outro was a nice to hear and makes the song more than just a 14 yr old favorite Dancing Nancies-A good version, but he could have played with it a little more. The intro was weak. He said "Lost somewhere in Manhattan". Disapointed with the lack of Nancies---Warehouse. Stay--Good, Dave asked everyone to help join in? Crush-Amazing version. Tim had an amazing solo that blew my mind. Tripping Billies-lways a good way to end the set. Sounded good. ENCORE ChristmaS Song-What a shock that was. Dave said he did it because of the Rockalella Christmas tree lighting. Very calm and smooth with some nice outros. Two Step-Insane, best version I ever heard. Halfway through Carter slammed the drums and Tim and Bela Dueled in out, each with crazy jams. Left with a good feeling about tommorrow night. Points....Whats up with Tim, he looks like hell. Only fourteen songs but they were jammed out long. I couldn't asked for anything more than Tim, Butch and Bela.
Lenny C.
First off... Bela Fleck & the Flecktones are awesome in my book. Their bass player is unreal. Also, Dave came out to sing Communication with the Flecktones. Now to the DMB show... Seek Up-- For me, this was unexpected. After the band played it last night in Philly, I was not expecting to hear it. When the song started I went nuts. This is the first time that I heard it as an opener and it really gets the show going. PNP--> Rapunzel-- Very good. For the few that didn't like Seek Up, this got them into the concert too. Pretty much a straight album version. Satellite-- BOO! Rhyme & Reason-- I already saw this performed live in Philly on Nov. 30th. This version was much better. Alot more intensity to it. Boyd had an amzing solo. DDTW-- I saw it coming a mile away. No outro that I personally like ot hear, but not too bad. At least it was out of the way. Typical Situation-- Great! I was hoping to hear this song and I got to. There was still one other song that I had my heart set on though... Too Much-- Very nice. After a mellow TS, this really got the crowd right back into it. Crash Into Me-- Much like Satellite, I'm sure that the radio listeners enjoyed this one. Dancing Nancies-- Amazing! I've been waiting a long time for this one and finally I got it. Boyd stole the show. A fabulious night just got alot better for me. Stay & Crush-- This great night just lost a little something. But, to be fair, Dave has to please the radio listeners too. Tripping Billies-- I hear it all the damn time and I still love it. Most people think that it is overplayed and actually, it is, but I still look forward to it in concert. Christmas Song-- The group of guys behind me and my friends were screaming for this all night. I'm glad that they got hat they wanted. Dave really screwed up the lyrics, but like he said "it's been a while... I'm still a litte rustic". Two Step-- For all of you who think that you've seen the best Two Step ever... you haven't! This closer was nearly 25 minutes long and it was unreal. Tim and Bela were dueling forever and I loved every second of it. Carter was going nuts on the drums and Boyd stood out once again. Meanwhile, Dave is dancing like a mad man. So much energy was given off during this song. Highlights: Seek Up, Typical Situation, Dancing Nancies, & Two Step. This night was amazing and it was the greatest DMB show that I have ever been to. Nothing was wrong with the show. Even the radio songs weren't that much of a pain in the ass. Lowlights: None! I've said it before and I'll say it again... "DMB rules!" You can't do any better then a DMB concert.
This was my first Dave concert and it fucking rocked. The light show was amazing and Two Step, my god, awesome jammin, *ahem* stand off. They were wailing against each other my god. The crowd was real psyched, maybe it was from the cloud of smoke that settled over the people that got everyone into the mood. Satellite, old but great and everyone had the lighters up, really cool. Great show, must go to see the one in Feb. at the Beacon.