Dave Matthews Band
Rose Garden Arena, Portland, Oregon
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Toots & The Maytals

Don't Drink The Water
Best of What's Around
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Leroi Solo
Jimi Thing
Dancing Nancies
The Stone
Drive In Drive Out
I'll Back You Up
Rhyme & Reason
Crash Into Me
Ants Marching

entire show with Tim Reynolds

Cathy H.
Can we just say it was a night of Leroi talent!? I think that it was a rocking show even though it was only a bit more than 2 hours long. Greet setlist, but I was a little bit disappoionted that there wasn't more variety. Did that make sense? Anyway, Dave and the boys really let loose on pretty much everything. Jimi Thing was like ten minutes long with some sort of solo from everyone. This was my first concert with Tim Reynolds in it and he is as fantastic as everyone says he is. I think that it was cute to have Leroi have the spotlight for the first half of the concert. It seemed like recently he hadn't been getting the same time as the others. I would have loved to see more of Boyd, but oh well. It was nice to hear Crash into me and Ants as the encore, but i was hoping to hear something I hadn't heard before. But I love Ants any way because it's the song that really got me into Dave and the boys. The crowd was pretty electric and there was a great mix of people there. Just goes to show that DMB ROCKS EVERYBODY!!!!
Bill K.
I recently moved to Oregon from Pennsylvania, so I was interested to see the differences between the different shows. Toots& the maytals were a good opening band. Dave came onstage to play "54, that's my number". The crowd went nuts when he came out. The setlist for tonight was AWESOME. If Dave would have added two step and taken out Crash into me, it would have been the perfect concert. Halloween and I'll back you up are two VERY rare concert songs and I was happy to hear them. Here's my review, song by song. DDTW-A good version, pretty standard. Dave had his growl working right off the bat. The lighting was psychadelic (spelling?), the only noticeably good lighting the whole night long. BOWA-I've always liked this song, standard version. Warehouse-Awesome. Boyd was trying to get into it, but nothing was happening. He would walk over to Dave in the center of the stage for their trademark faceoff, but Dave kept turning away from him. Boyd went about his music calmly for a few hours after that. Leroi was really into this one. Leroi solo-->PNP-->Rapunzel-Leroi had a great night tonight. I wanted to hear his solo but about 3 jerks near me kept yelling "Whoooo ROI!!!!". What I heard was good. Rapunzel was awesome. First song the crowd was really into. Seemed to me as if the crowd was dominated by radio listeners. Jimi Thing-WOW!! Different jam than I've ever heard before. Pretty long too. Crush- I like Dave's vocals in this song, but not much else. Leroi Has really been jamming since Warehouse. Nancies- I love this song. Boyd came back into the concert for this one, as expected. The little mid-stage duel between Boyd and Dave was in full effect. Dave made up a new first verse of the song "What if you could change, and rearrange......." I was bummed that he didn't say "lost somewhere in Portland" instead of "lost somewhere in Paris". Oh well. Stone- Really good version. Tim was especially apparent on this one. DIDO- Dave threw in a few strange lyrics on this one. "I'll find a new God and invite him over for a tea party of my own."----"...The voices speak in your empty head, do what you f^^king choose." I'm not sure how accurate I am on this, but it's close. THe people who noticed were all cheering for Dave in that one. IBYU- ???? What inspired this?? I was happy to hear this one, it's the first time I've heard it live. THe girl behind me started crying. Complete Dave solo. Rhyme&Reason- I originally thought that this was the last song in the show from the way Dave was acting. I like this song alot, mainly because of its variety. Halloween- AAWWWWW YEEEAAAAHHHH!!! I was hoping all night long that we'd get a Halloween, but didn't expect it at all. Dave was screaming his lungs out. I was so pumped up. I just couldn't believe it!!! (Side note-- The Haloween on Recently is far superior to the BTCS version.) -ENCORE- Crash- I was really hoping for 2step and Watchtower. When Crash started, the crowd went crazy, more proof that there was a radio crowd. A dixie chicken would have made it all worthwhile, but "what I want is what i've not got" Ants- 2 radio-friendly songs in a row made A great encore for the radio crowd. A great version of Ants, however. Boyd was really all over the place on this one, right up on the edge of the stage. Longest song of the night. The concert started out a bit slow, I must admit, and ended pretty early. But the setlist is by far the best I have ever seen. Now that there hasn't been a new album out for awhile, Dave can play his favorites. In a venue with better fans (Denver, Seattle, Montreal, Pittsburgh) The show would have been unmatched. Any tapes, e-mail me.
To start off with, Toots and the Maytals made a great opener. The highlight of course was when Dave joined them on stage. The lead singer had him doing a kind of call-and-answer thing which was fun to watch. DMB's set was only a little over two hours and there wasn't a whole lot of extensive jamming, but it was still a great concert. The energy was amazing and the band was obviously having fun. It was definitely Leroi's night--he got some long solos in on the first few songs, and we could see Dave signalling to Carter to let him keep playing. He even took off his sunglasses at one point! DDTW actually makes a decent opener. Dave's growl on "I live with my justice" etc. was perfect. It was great to hear BOWA; after that and Warehouse I knew we were in for a good setlist. Then they jammed for a few minutes, giving Leroi a long solo which eventually led into PNP and Rapunzel. Jimi Thing was excellent! All sorts of solos. I couldn't see my watch very well, but it was somewhere between 10-15 minutes. Crush followed the album version pretty closely but I was happy to hear it. I couldn't believe it when I heard the first two notes to Nancies! First one of the tour! Dave gave it a long intro, but no "lost somewhere in Portland." The Stone was a surprise--hearing it live really adds a lot. Drive In Drive Out was incredible. Dave didn't improvise many of the lyrics, they were mostly from the "Crash" version with a couple of exceptions: the second verse was different, something to the effect of "your riches won't get you anywhere" and we did get the Gods/tea party line. After DIDO Dave said something about playing one of the first songs they had written, so I knew we would either get I'll Back You Up or The Song That Jane Likes. IBYU it was! Dave, Tim, Stefan and Carter were all out on the stage for it, but it was all Dave . . . this is such a beautiful song. Rhyme & Reason was intense. I thought for sure they were going to end the set with it, but no, they pulled out Halloween! WOW!! Totally unexpected! I cannot begin to describe the emotion Dave puts into this song. Most of the people in our section looked confused. (It was definitely a radio crowd.) This seemed like a mix between the BCTS and Recently versions, if only because of the "chicken eyes." I was a little disappointed with the encore (not even a Dixie Chicken) but the rest of the setlist, plus having Tim Reynolds there, more than made up for it. Seeing the band live is an incredible experience!