Dave Matthews Band
Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The New Meanies

Two Step -->
Don't Drink The Water
LeRoi solo -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Lie In Our Graves
Drive in Drive Out
Drums -->
Say Goodbye
The Last Stop
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Jimi Thing
Tripping Billies (Nature)
I'll Back You Up *
Ants Marching

entire set with Tim Reynolds
* without Boyd and LeRoi

Tyler B.
Ahhh...a show that doesn't require a 5 hr drive, what a treat. High energy show, setlist was a little boring, but all 6 of the boys were on tonight. Vancouver, where did all these fans come from? The Vancouver fanbase seems to have tripled in less than 5 monthes...not that that is a bad thing. The New Meanies....decent opening act. Sorta Black Crowes-esque. Best part of their set was the reference to The Railway Club. :) Heard before the show, Dave was sick & his voice was gone. Dissapointed since it meant no Haloween, R&R, or 'rets, but it did result in more solos by other band members, so no worries. Two Step: Got the crowd going early. Great energy. DDTW: Defintely could've done without this song. Roi sol => PNP: It's nice to see the band expanding Pantala Naga Pampa; Roi was showing off his skills. Rapunzel: Standard fun version, but was missing the usual Dave grunts. LIOG: Smokin' version. Boyd was on fire as usual. Recently: Old school version. No intros, no outros, just a kick ass 12 min version. Definite highlight. Crush: Standard version; this is a great live song, high energy. DIDO: High energy. 5 min Drum solo: Carter went off!! For about 30 seconds I thought we were going to get #36. He teased at it and then teased Halloween (which Dave shook off fiercely and gave Carter a dirty look) and then I saw Roi pick up his flute, which meant... Say Goodbye: Damn. This was the highlight of the night for me. Roi's flute was awesome. Last Stop: Standard. Crash into Me: The girls behind me went insane. I don't care how much it's been overplayed in the past, it's a pretty song and is always great to hear....especially with Dixie Chicken :) Jimi Thing: Same jams as the night before. Great energy, by the boys. Billies: Boyd ripped shit up! The Nature riffs are suck a tease at the beginning. They need to bring back the full cover. IBYU: So pretty. Timmy had a nice guitar solo. ANTS!: First time for me (in 4 shows). I was worried we'd get Watchtower, but when the tech took away Stephan's bass, I was relieved. No snare intro, but a great finish to a great night. Great night. All the guys were on tonight, especially Boyd. Nothing special in the setlist (the boys defintely need to work on song rotation), but it was great all the same...
Andy A.
This was the 5th time that I have seen the band, and I must say they just keep getting better (either that or I keep getting more obsessed). All in all I would have to say this show was much more solid than the one in Tacoma the night before. Most of this is probably due to the crowd in Vancouver being way cooler and far more respectful. The band also seemed to be having a far better time. It's cool to finally see Tim play with them, he really adds to the sound. All the songs were different in some way, without listening to the recording its hard to remember everything right now (its been 2 days), so I'll give a brief overview. 2 Step: LeRoi is amazing. Great opener, got the crowd into it. DDTW: I really like the way the band is playing this now, it has much more of a groove to it. PNP/Rapunzel: The usual, they should play around with PNP more, lots of jam potential. LIOG: This is one of my fav. songs, the place erupted, those still sitting were on their feet. Recently: I think that not a lot of people were familiar with this song, as the screaming teeny-bopper girls behind us finally quited down, excellent song, perfectly done. Crush: The more I hear this song live the more I like it, the live ending is really incredible. DIDO: Cool new lyrics after 'god has all but left me behind' he changed it to 'but I have no worry/I'll make up my own god/have a little tea party of my own'. Say Goodbye: We saw LeRoi with his flute and were hoping for #41, then Carter started with the drum intro... it would be cool to see them play #41->Say Goodbye The Last Stop: Standard Crash Into Me: Of course everyone was happy, especially the girls behind us, Dave sang the Dixie Chicken part though, caused mass confusion among the less faithful. Jimi Thing: In my opinion this is the best live song that they do. It was like 17 minutes long..absolutely incredible, Dave was growling the lyrics in a voice that reminded me of Tom Waits.. words can't describe. Tripping Billies: Boyd was way more into it tonight than he was in Tacoma. Good way to end the first set. I'll Back You Up: Far better than Tacoma, you could actually hear the song over the crowd. Dave came out onstage first and said that this was one of the first songs that him and Carter ever played, this got the attention and respect of the crowd. Everyone was quiet through it, really impressive song. Ants Marching: Dave was going nuts. I have never seen him so enthusiastic onstage before. He was dancing like a madman. The whole band was really having fun tonight...Tacoma was a little bit uncomfortable. Well, time to counts the months until the next tour (hopefully Dave and Tim stop up here sometime soon