Dave Matthews Band
First Union Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

The Last Stop **
Satellite *
LeRoi Intro -->
Pantala Naga Pampa * ->
Rapunzel *
Don't Drink the Water **
Lie In Our Graves **
Crush *
Stay *
Say Goodbye
Jimi Thing
Rhyme and Reason
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) **
Two Step ** (Tim and Bela Deuling Banjos in the middle)
I'll Back You Up (only Carter, Tim, Butch, and Dave)
Warehouse *

entire show with Tim Reynolds
* with Butch Taylor
** with Bela Fleck and Butch Taylor

Joseph P.
I was very happy when the show opened with Last Stop along with Bela. The outro was great and this was the perfect way to open this show. Then as happy as I was, I was soon unhappy. They had to go into Satellite. I did not share the same opinion as the rest of the crowd though as it seemed they had just won a million dollars they screamed so loud when the song started. Leroi started an intro for the next song but it wasn't anything special as they went into PNP and Rapunzel. Overall, a good song, a little overplayed in concert, but Dave decided to start doing his thing with the dance and talking with Carter, so it really sparked things. Bela came back on stage and I immediatel knew DDTW was next. A typical playing of the song, nothing extraordinary, but Bela always adds some flavor to a good song. He stayed for Lie in our graves, and here is where the jamming really began. Boyd started all over the stage followed by a Carter intro into a Bela solo that lasted a while and finished the song out. Good song to jam to, especially for Bela. Crush came next, I knew it had to come sometime. Tim showed his stuff here and jammed in the middle to add some spice to this crowd favorite. I was again unhappy with the next song as they went into Stay. A normal playing of the song, I didn't think Dave would ever end it though as he repeated the last line over and over again. Carter's next intro was easily identified as Say Goodbye which didn't last as long as it has been known to. As I heard Jimi Thing begin, the excitement level turned up another notch as this song really had some jamming to it. From Boyd to Leroi to Tim, everyone got a piece of this song. Very well played. Rhyme and Reason came next, pretty basic, with lots of energy, I was happy to see a less commerical song played here. Bela came back next and I was hoping to hear #41, but instead I got what I was hoping I wouldn't have to hear...Crash...Enough said about that. The closer was a very well played Two Step including a Tim/Bela duo at the end with both trying to outdo the other. Very populat song and a good one to close on. The first encore didn't feature Boyd or Leroi so IBYU was the obvious choice here. Judging on past shows, I was really expecting Ants here, but I got another UTTAD treat with Warehouse. Tough to go wrong with that song. Overall, a solid show. Dave was dancing all over, and joking around with Carter for a majority of the show... Bela was a treat and Tim always makes a show that much better. not the best, but not the worst either... tomorrow night should include some surprises
Michael M.
this is the first of four in a row for me, and it was a great concert. Tim and Bela add so much to each song and the entire band's energy level rises when they're jamming with those two. Another factor that made this a great show was that the guy we scalped from gave us front row side stage- Roi was practically sitting next to us..(I got a drumstick from Carter when they walked off after the encore, too ... Thanks Carter).Highlights of the show were Say Goodbye(Carter teased us with that pseudo #36 intro, and given the fact they soundchecked #36, I thought we might hear it)but this song made up for any slight sadness I had for that. Last Stop with Bela joining in was especially powerful, and even though they have played it quite a bit so far on the fall/winter leg, I'll Back You Up then Warehouse was a pleasant and fabulous encore. The greatest aspect of the concert was all the jams, intros, and outros they do when Tim and Bela are on stage. DMB is great by themselves....DMB is simply en fuego when Bela and Tim are with them. A goodnight to everyone who saw the concert and to all DMB fans. Hopefully I'll see some of y'all over the next 3 nights. God Bless....... Bake McBride