Dave Matthews Band
Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Maktub

The Last Stop
LeRoi solo -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Don't Drink the Water
One Sweet World (extended intro, Swim Naked)
Help Myself
Lie in our Graves
I'll Back You Up *
Jimi Thing
Tripping Billies
Tim Blues Intro -->
So Much to Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge) -->
Too Much
All Along the Watchtower (Stefan Solo Intro)

entire show with Tim Reynolds
* without Boyd and LeRoi

Chris T.
All in all it was a pretty good show. They started pretty early, 8:15, and ended pretty early, 10:30, so the fact that they started out a little slow wasn’t helpful seeing that they didn't play for too long. At first I was disappointed with the decision to open the show with, The Last Stop, however they jammed it out and in the end, it turned out to be pretty phat. However, the next half-hour of the show was really lacking enthusiasm. Satellite was lame, PNP>Repunzel was okay, but it wasn’t until Crush that they really picked it up, jamming pretty hard they brought it together. Help myself was all right but the Lie in our Graves was one of the best I've ever heard. One of my all time favorite, I'll Back You Up, was also great to hear for my first time. And I can't say enough about the Jimi Thing, easily the best I've encountered. I'm not a big fan of the So Much to Say>Too Much combo, but it was pretty rockin'. And off course a superb All Along the Watchtower, but don't you think its enough already, I mean find a new great cover, we've heard so many All along the Watchtowers. As I said, all in all it was a pretty good show, but I guess there were some things I was just hoping to hear and didn't. For example, Granny, Typical Situation, True Reflections, anyway I guess its personal preference. And also it was great to have Timmy there, he really just added extra spice to the show.
Tyler B.
Weird show....weird vibe. Really predictable, but a few nice surprises. First the 5hr drive down from Vancouver....ugh. Seattle traffic sucks. If only we hadn't stopped to buy the bloody Rusted Root CD in Bellingham. Maktub was kinda cool; played some nice soul/funk. He would have been amazing in a 500 person venue. It was a sea o' people at the show....the Tacoma Dome is LARGE. Last Stop: unexpected opener. Pretty good energy, got the crowd going.... Satellite: Beautiful, but why after a pumped opening song, break out something mellow? Roi solo => PNP =>: really pretty solo by Roi, nice lead in to PNP... Rapunzel: Fun, but standard, DDTW: Sorta bluesy, but I miss Leave Me Praying.... OSW: I went insane! As soon as I heard the first chords of the intro...yeah that was me screaming in the 12th row. Best song of the night without a doubt. Made the 5 hr drive and pitiful encore worth it. Crush: Nice jam, superb Timmy solo. Help Myself: Where the hell did this come from? Complete suprise. Cool to hear though...I don't think anyone else knew it around me (other than Dan). LIOG: Nice jam. Great to hear...14 min. Roi busted his reed, so he didn't get his normal solo, but Boyd & Timmy filled in superbly. IBYU: Sorta puzzled when Boyd & Roi walked of the stage, but then I realized what they were going to play. Beautiful. Jimi Thing: Awesome 16 min version. Crazy timmy solo at the end. Never heard a Jimi Thing like it. Billies: UGH! This was the worst billies. Not the usual energy from Boyd which was suprising. I definitely could have done w/out this. Maybe a nice Two Step or Typical or Rhyme & Reason or #41. Timmy Blues intro =>: Wicked. Best thing that's happened to SMTS in a long time. SMTS =>: Standard. AstB =>: Fun & very cool, but we all knew it was leading into... Too Much: Standard. Would've liked a better closer, but it was good. Enc: bass solo => Watchtower: Standard. Would've loved to hear anything else in it's place. This song really needs to go back on the shelf. Before the show we expected 14 songs and a 2hr & 15min show. That is exactly what we got. maybe it was 2:16.... Carter, Timmy & Dave were all really into the show, but Boyd & Roi, didn't seem too into it. All in all it was a good show, a little predictable, especially the ending, but hey it was Dave & the boys, so it was awesome. So happy about getting OSW & IBYU. They've got to get rid of the Watchtower ending.
[Name W.
First time seeing the band since May back in Red Rocks. All summer tour I've been kickin' myself for missing some pretty nice breakouts. I can't believe, really, that I'd be that excited to hear stuff that used to be the norm being brokenout. Where did they go?! Anyways, we figured it was all gonna be here tonight at the Tacoma Dome. We got it all right, but just half of it.

First thing, lemme tell you bout the Tacoma Dome: not really the place to hear a show. The acoustics are horrid. I knew this comin' in and I was bad I couldn't tell all the other 22.000 kids. The lights went down REALLY early which was kind of a suprise to us cause we were still chattin' with friends in the first coupla rows.

The band took up and wafted into The Last Stop. Par, but negitive points due to the horrid sound. I'd never thought I'd say this, but thank god I wasn't in the first coupla rows cause I would have never heard the band! By the end they kicked out a noteworthy jam with reprise.

Satellite got all the radio stars singing. This song never changes so it's always pretty damn great(just gettin' old).

I figured I'd see PNP>Rapunzel at every show I ever go to from now on and this didn't disapoint. Carter was all over this as par. FINALLY started to tinkle with PNP more!! That has some much room for a fully bloomin' jam..tonight they just played with it.

By DDTW we'd found our seeks back by the board. Nice view!! The lights are gettin' there!! I'm spoiled though cause I getta see Chris Kuroda do his stuff. So there is room to go for the lights but it was nice. Finally, a breakout, for me at least.

OSW didn't have a huge extended opening but it bloomed nicely. There are better versions but they are all good. Thanks for breakin' this one out over summer!!

Crush broke it open for me. The song part was so-so but Leroi took the jam to new places. That's what I'm after and it was all there.

For some reason, whatever show I go to has Help Myself. It's a semi-rare song so this suprises me. Of course I enjoyed it once more. Lemme know if you guys want a new tour sticker...I've had this in the back of my head: 1-800-HELP-MYSELF and then under it "Help the helpless come back into style".

LIOG's didn't do it for me as much as the Red Rocks version did. Still Boyd is a nut during this..again a steller hot version but I wouldn't call it an alltimer.

Back You Up!!! YES I hadn't hear this since 96 so I was jonesin'!! Excellent. For a first song ever writtin by Dave, I can't think of a more perfect song. Dave and Carter had the perfect harmonies goin' all night but this was unreal. Tim also had a short solo, but it was a bit choppy.

Jimi, Ok, by this time I was getting kinda pissed cause Portland was pretty much the same setlist!!! THIS HAS GOT TO END!!! They've got a million covers and their own songs..learn them, play them. I just heard in an interview that Dave was sayin' "what's #40?..why are they screamin' songs I don't know"(or something to that effect). Still Jimi with Timmy had it all. The jam consisted with everyone taken a chunky solo. Leroi's was the hugest as with Tim's.

No nature intro to Trippin'. Again, ok version. I knew that we were getting close to the show being over. It sucks..why are they doin' this!? Stagnet setlists, short shows? Great formula if you ask me.

Yet, SMTS had a fantastic tinker intro Blues jam. Not developed, but Dave and Tim worked it out wonderful. Dave smoothly lined up SMTS>Bridge>TM and knock'em all down pretty nicely. I couldn't hear the vocalization to much due to the horrid sound so I'm not sure if he tagged all the lines but it was hot as par.

Watchtower had another nice long Stefan jam intro. Semi Mellow jam, again Tim made it all above par!! NICE EFFECTS from everyone(Tim gets the MVP..but he has to share with Leroi).

That was that..not a great show by any means. 1-10...6(with sound improvements 6.5) It just wasn't there all night, but it had its share of moments.
Lorrie D.
It's so cool to have the chance to see DMB twice in one year alone. I actually enjoyed this show more than at the Gorge (5.15.98), just because it was a bit warmer and louder. At first, I was disappointed with my middle floor seat because it was hard to see over all those tall people, but then a couple of really kind people let my friends and me dance away by their aisle seats. The show really picked up for LIOG and afterwards. The highlight of the night was "Billies". I've heard it so much before on tapes, but everyone was so pumped and the boys so high-energy, it felt extra special. Timmy really adds a whole new dimension to the band -- a little more rock. "Help Myself" was the obligatory what-the-hell-is this-song? /bathroom break for a lot of people. Roi really jammed on "PNP", "Jimi Thing", and "ASTB". Boyd was spectacular during "LIOG". The lights really were awesome, too. I felt like one of the more enthusiastic people there, though. I could tell, after all those hours of listening to bootlegs, what songs were coming up. The crowd was really tame. I wished they played "Ants" or "#41" (my favorite), but that's okay. Some people were all upset they only played one encore, but I'm sure the band had their reasons. Overall, this was a really solid concert.