Dave Matthews Band
Rupp Arena, Lexington, Kentucky
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

The Last Stop *
Lie In Our Graves *
Crash Into Me *
Don't Drink The Water *
Jimi Thing
Leroi Solo -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Proudest Monkey
Two Step *
Anyone Seen The Bridge? -->
Too Much
Tripping Billies

* with Bela Fleck
entire set with Tim Reynolds

Jaret B.
This show was absolutely awesome!!! The crowd was into it, more than I have ever seen!!! Everyone was dancing, the entire show... and I mean the entire show!!! Dave was having a great time... The band was so "ON" and i was lucky enough to witness it from the third row... Last Stop -- Good opener wasn't expecting it Lie In Our Graves -- Unbelievable, one of the best versions I've heard... long jam... Crash -- Crowd loved it, but it's not one of my fav's Don't Drink The Water -- The facial expressions were great, Bela really added a lot here Stay -- Best i've heard it played Crush -- Stefan was awesome Jimi Thing -- This is where things started going crazy, Boyd and Tim had amazing solo's This was the first time i'd ever seen tim live and he blew me away, the man is unbelievable PnP --> Rapunzel -- Lot's of Energy Proudest Monkey -- A little suprised, but it was very mellow and it sounded great Two Step -- By far, this song made the show... 20 minutes long... after the singing of the song was completed Bela and Tim dueled it out in the middle of the stage for about 10 minutes, riff by Bela riff by Tim... UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! Dave and the rest of the band could only smile and listen, this is 20x better then any other two step i've ever heard!!!!! Too Much -- Great Closer before the encore, Lots of Energy crowd went crazy Encore: Satellite -- dissappointed me a little but it was played very well Tripping Billies -- Great Closer
Rob B.
Last Stop as an opener was awesome, as they didn't play the usual mideastern tease at the beginning, and just kicked into it without warning. It was weird to see Bela out there at the beginning of the show, as he usually comes out later. After that as an opener, it didn't matter what they played the rest of the night. Lie In Our Graves was great with Bela playing the solo through the bridge, but it seems like Boyd was kinda mellow the whole night. Crash was classic, but no Dixie Chicken. When you listen to Jimi Thing on cd live, it kinda drags to the point where it's boring, but it's much different when you're there. Pantala's intro (the part where Dave plays chords bakc and forth) was longer than any I've heard, with the whole band playing along with him. Rapunzel was up to speed. It has a tendency to drag sometimes and lose energy, but it was fine tonight. Proudest Monkey was cool to hear, but I don't like the song one bit. It's much different when you're there, especially for the first time. You find yourself dancing to songs that you really don't like at all, this was one of them. Two Step lasted forever. Tim and Bela dueled for about 3-4 minutes when it really seemed like the song had ended, then Bela played a solo for a couple minutes more before it ended. As much as Dave dances when he plays, he danced by far the most to Anyone Seen the Bridge, which led into a good Too Much. The encore would've been disappointing if I had gotten this in a tape trade, but like I said, people can bitch all they want about what they want to hear, and what they don't. When you're there and into it, it doesn't matter. So a Satellite-Tripping Billies encore was fine. Plus they haven't been to Kentucky in a while so I figured it'd be a radio heavy show, with the mixing it up tomorrow night, as they always come to Cincinnati.
Clint H.
Bela Fleck and The Flecktones were all business, despite the crowd, which seemed only to be waiting for Dave to play. I was looking forward to hearing more selections from their old stuff but was impressed by the jamming they did. Jeff Coffin, a virtuoso on the saxaphone, is a great addition to Bela's band. Needless to say, if you wonder why Dave would associate with the likes of Bela, just check out some of his albums (i.e. UFO TOFU) and you'll see why. Very suprised to see, The Last Stop as the opener. This song set the tone of the entire concert. The crowd, which seemed laid back initially, erupted with this selection and continued, through a beautiful version of Lie in Our Graves. With Bela playing on this song, you have to wonder what this song was like without him. Crash opened up softly and built up to Don't Drink the Water which showed how good of a song that really is. The crowd again got a jolt of adrenaline with Stay (Wasting Time). Although the back up singers were absent, this song still rocked, as the crowd responded well. As Stefan opened up Crush, the fans and I were pumped to hear this one. I feel bad for anyone that had, or will have to, esperience this song on the radio or MTV, because you miss the best part, the ending. Jimi Thing divided the set and kept the fans on their feet. Although it was obvious Pantala NAga Pampa and Rapunzel were going to be played on this tour, I was glad to hear both with an upbeat tempo. I say that because some of the live versions of these two songs were a bit slow. Proudest Monkey, which I though was initially the weakest song on Crash, was nice. Dave's vocals were dead on, which gave the song an added lift. The highlights of the show were Two Step and Anyone Seen the Bridge. The funk they laid down on The Bridge led perfectly into Too Much, which brought a big crowd rise. The encore consisted of Satellite and Tripping Billes was decent. I guess it wasn't surprising that they played Satellite, but as the encore it was nothing speacial. Tripping Billies opended up with the nature intro which rocked and finished the show on a high note. Dave didn't say much during this show, maybe because he hasn't played here before. Oh well, Kentucky, what can you say?
Chris C.
Well, this was my sixth show and I don't really know what to say about it. The setlish was for the radio fans, but so it goes. The band was in tight form and unlike the last show that I saw in Raleigh this Aug, they seemed to have a setlist together and there was very little dead time in between songs. They opened with The Last Stop which was very nice and got everyone up and dancing right away. Lie in our graves came early, and it looked like a great setlish was unfolding. Bela had a good solo in place of Boyd's or Roi's here. Then came the singles parade. It was a Crash with no Dixie Chicken, Bela left and then it was Stay that actually sounded pretty nice. Crush came with a great Tim solo (he finally came out of the shadows). Even though Crush is a single, it seemed to have a nice freshness about it (I guess since it's not played out yet. Jimi thing was good and boyd got into the act and got the crowd really hype. Roi had a solo with Carter and Dave that lasted about 3 minutes and they went straight into PNP-> Rapunzel. This was pretty standard, with a good jam at the end. Finally we got a break from BTCS with Proudest Monkey which was really nice. Dave's voice was at its best here and it sounded nearly studio like. Two Step was probably the best song I have ever heard live at any concert- any band. Bela came back and they had a pretty standard Two Step with Stephan doing the slide solo at the beginning. Then it seemed that carter ended the Jam prematurely and after the crowd stopped screaming, Dave and Carter were keeping up the beat. Dave retreated over to the left side of the stage with Boyd and Bela and Tim faced eachother and had a solo competition. It lasted for almost 8 minutes and it was nothing short of unbelievable. Dave and Boyd stood back in awe as T and B matched eachother almost note for note. Incredible. Dave got danicing into ASB and Too Much was standard with a great groove. Carter was showing off in ASB tossing his drum sticks up in the air and mixed with Dave's crazy dance, it made a pretty wild scene. I prediced the encore right off. Dave screwed up Satellite at the beginning (he started in the wrong key) and played it off pretty well. Then they went into TB with the nature intro. Boyd finally woke up and got crazy for the solo here. The venue has pretty bad acoustics, but it wasn't too bad. The band was in tight form and even though the setlish left something to be desired, the show was pretty good. Tim and Bela were a great addition (Tim had some great fills). All in all, I enjoied it even though I'm sure some "real" dave fans didn't. I'll see y'all tomorrow in Cincinnati.........
Brian E.
Pretty energetic performance tonight. Sound wasn't the best I've heard (I still think the outdoor amphitheaters make for a better sound), but the crowd's energy brought out the best from the band. Last Stop- Good opener. Got the crowd moving early. LIOG- Boyd's first jam. He was on fire tonight. Long jam- best LIOG Ive heard. Crash- Typical radio version. Could have used a Dixie Chicken outro. DDTW- Bela Fleck added a lot to this one. Stay- Better than this summer without the backup singers. Crush- Stefan's shining moment Jimi Thing- A long jam- Boyd, Leroi, and Tim mixing it up. PNP --> Rapunzel- Standard version- got the whole crowd moving. Intro solo by Leroi. Proudest Monkey- Blindsided by this one. Kinda killed the crowd after Rapunzel. Two Step- Had to be the greatest ever! Tim and Bela: dueling banjo vs. guitar. Simply amazing! The band just stood back and watched. At least 20 min long. ASTB--> Too Much- Got the crowd really going! Great finish to the main set. Encore: Satellite- Standard version. Tripping Billies- One word: Boyd! Unbelievable! I thought Rupp Arena was coming down after this one.... All in all, good show. Could have used a few older ones, but there is always Cincy tomorrow!
Jason R.
First of all, it should be said that DMB has wonderful opening acts and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones was no exception.Their funky and folky jams were a wonderful way to start the evening.DMB blew it up from the beginning with a surprising intro, Last Stop.Let me say that you must experience this song in concert!Graves was next, another wonderful surprise in my opinion.Bela Fleck had a great solo during the jam at the end of the song.Crash was next to the delight of the mostly UK crowd. Water, Stay and Crush followed satisfying what might be called a "new" DMB crowd.I could not believe how many people I saw sitting down at times during this concert.Usually during long jams, my favorite part! Jimi Thing was next,WOW!As usual, this song blew me away.There was so much emotion and energy in this song that I nearly cried, it was amazing.Thank you Boyd for such wonderful solos. I have forgotten exactly where Roi's solo was, but it was beautiful,real mellow.I also want to say that it was a PRIVILEGE to see Tim Reynolds perform, the guy is UNREAL!I thought that he was going to fall over at certain times he was jamming so hard!Monkey was next, another AWESOME surprise.I was speechless throughout the song and I still am.Rapunzel was next, great tune, tight as usual.Two Step ruled, I swear it seemed like it went on for a half hour.Dave, Tim and Bela (brought back out) exchanged solos throughout the jam portion of the song.By the way, it was unbelieveable how fast they were playing that song in the beginning.Dave's right hand was going a mile a minute.Bridge and Too Much was a great way to end the concert.No matter how many times I hear this song in concert I cannot get tired of it.It grabs a hold of you and just throws you around.The first encore was Satellite, once again to the delight of this crowd. Let me say this about DMB, they are all about their fans.Sure, it may be redundant for them to play some of their better known songs over and over again, but they do it for their fans, new and old.After the crowd gave Satellite a roaring reception, Dave gave a smile that said, Thank YOU for coming to see US.Tripping Billies ended the show like it began, powerfully. I feel that everyone was in TOP form tonight which made this just another great performance by DMB.I cannot wait to see them in Cincinnati tonight!
Jeff H.
WOW!! What a show, this is my fifth time seeing Dave and my first inside and what a excellent time!! The setlist was quite different...on the drive down from good old UD we talked about how we thought the show would be wierd, and wierd it was. The opener, Last Stop set the tone right away, what an upbeat opener...and the lights rocked inside. After LS, Lie In Our Graves was wonderful, what a great Jam and Tim and Bela added to the tune. Crash was well, turn the radio off and keep with the upbeat Jams!! I was hoping they would keep up the beat, add without Dixie Chicken, this was quite down. But, of course Dave and the band picked us up with DDTW, this was a great jam and the crowd got into it! Stay was good, compared to the summer with the singers in the background, I think it was better!! Stefan opened up Crush, nicely as usual, great tune, needs to be appreciated before it gets over played!! Jimi Thing was wonderful, solos by the whole band, and the song rocked 15 minutes or so. After Dave said they were going to slow it down a little, LeRoi opened up Rnp, and Repunzel very nicely, great solo. Then they really slowed it downed with Proudest Monkey, this was my first time seeing this live, and although the crowd lost it a little, it was a good song to hear live. Two Step, as usual was unreal, great solos by Tim and Bela, as they battled note, for note and it was crazy!!! What a jam that was, by the far the best I had heard live. The next two, songs Too Much and Satellite, which are not my favs, were actually good live...Too Much rocked the house and the radio listeners got back into it!! I thought the band was in a great mood, and really on, LeRoi was a little out of it and Boyd as usual rocked the house...Tim and Bela added a lot of fine tuning and I wonder what some of the songs would have been like without Tim on the electric guitar. Dave was wild and was all over the place...what did he say about Thanksgiving week, we are trying to figure that out??? With all of this, I for sure thought we would hear Watchtower, or ANTS, but Tripping Billies was a great Jam and the the roof was a about to fall in as the fans were nuts!! Great show and have fun in Cincy!!
Kyle S.
This was my 4th time seeing the band, but this time I got to sit in the third row thanks to some pot smoking guys who got kicked out of their seats (Thanks guys!). My first observation I made sitting that close was that Tim Reynolds is short. I thought he was taller than that for some reason. He must have been like 5-1 and his boots were about 4 inches high. But anyway, on to the setlist highlights. Last Stop- surprising opening, good jam. LIOG- one of my favorites. This jam is unbelievable. I will never get tired of this song. I missed it at my last show. Crash- I don't care if they play it on the radio alot, I love this song. It's a great song. Standard version, no Dixie Chicken :( Jimi- I heard it first live in Aug. and this time was even better. The solos rule. Monkey- I never thought I'd here this live. This was the only song they played I hadn't heard live and it was a treat 2 Step- Tim and Bela tore up here. Amazing song w/ great energy. Encore- The only reason I rate this show a 9.5 instead of 10 is that they didn't do Ants or Watchtower. But Billies had a lot of energy Good things: Tim, Bela, my seats, the sound. I can't wait for Cincinnati.