Dave Matthews Band
Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The New Meanies

Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Jimi Thing
Don't Drink The Water
#41 -->
Carter drums, flute -->
Say Goodbye
Anyone Seen The Bridge -->
Too Much
Drive In Drive Out
Lie In Our Graves
Ants Marching
Crash Into Me
Tripping Billies

This show was a real let down to me. First, being in the crowd you'd think you were at a Puff Daddy or Backstreet boy concert!!! Jock infested, maybe they thought the hockey game was tonight. The whole crowd wouldn't shut up for 5 minutes, do they not realize that some people are taping?!?!? Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with showing major appretiation, but don't do it during songs and mellowed out jams. Opening with SATTELITE was really stupid, it just didn't get me pumped upat all. I also found it really cheesy to play #41 and then SAY GOODBYE right after one another. It was nice to hear JIMI THING and LIE IN OUR GRAVES but it would've been nice to hear SOME unreleased or even older material. Things like Warehouse, Nancies, BOWA were all totally left out. I really wanted to hear Granny or True Reflections again. The lights were pretty intense, I don't wanna give much away for people who are seeing him in the next month. The sound was alright, better than I thought it was gonna be. The solos were so-so as well. Boyd and Carter stole the show obviously but did anyone notice or even care that Tim Reynolds was on stage with them?!?!?! THIS IS TIM!!!! Only one short solo out of him. The biggest dissapointment of the evening was the encore, when Dave came back out I was totally ready for I'LL BACK YOU UP did the play it? Of course not, what kind of beer chugging football player would date rape girls to THAT song!?!?! They played CRASH instead and really won over the little girls there. The last song was TRIPPING BILLIES which at first was kinda loose and sloppy but became alot tighter at the end. I sincerly hope Dave knows that Canadians know a lot more material then just the album CRASH.
Matthews K.
I completely agree with Aaron. I've never seen so many kids (ie. under 19's) at a concert such as this. Dave just doesn't strike me as a kiddie singer. How many Backstreet/Spice Girls fans even know what a violin or saxophone are? The concert was good, but not a standout. As diehard fans we are overly critical of EVERYTHING, and I agree with Aaron's view that this was not the best show the band has put on. But I was in the mood for Satellite early on, and Lie In Our Graves was excellent. But here again, the screaming kiddies showed their ignorance. When the song mellows out, then fades altogether before the final stanzas, the people behind us kept screaming for other songs, obviously not knowing Lie In... wasn't over yet, and obviously not enjoying the vibe. The best shows are the ones where the entire crowd is "on the same page", feeding off of the band, who in turn feed off of the crowd. Musically solid, but not the best Dave show. 7/10
Ok. Dave Matthews Band, Toronto. Show #7 for me. Lets begin, shall we... The New Meanies. I read some previous reviews. Most people said they sucked. I didn't think they were that bad. First 2 songs were rockin'. Still would have rather seen Bela or AGR again. Rumors say M. Manson was at the show (he was in toronto that night to promote his new album at the HMV music store, and is performing on wed). I think the show would have better if he joined DMB on stage. Maple Leaf Gardens. The coolest looking crowd I've ever seen, except for saratoga this year. Maybe it's the indoor deal. The lights, the noise, and the vibe pratically took away from what the band was giving us. Timmy was chillin' out next to boyd. Unfortunately, he didn't have many solos. Can't wait to see him and dave together. I wish I could talk to dave. What the hell is the deal with the setlists lately. PLAY OLD STUFF DAVE. It makes for a better show. Don't get me wrong, it was a fun show. They all are. #41, Jimi Thing, Lie in our graves, and Too much (believe it or not) were the true standouts of the show. The rest of the show was incredibally standard. It was nice to hear drive in drive out and ants marching. I'm sick of 2 songs. Crash. My god, trash that song. If you're gonna play the damn thing, at least do it in the middle of the set w/ the dixie chicken outro, NOT the encore. Trippin billies was the last song. Good song, but i've heard it at every show. EVERY SHOW I'VE SEEN. God. Is it that much of a chore to play stuff that people actually want to hear? They get away with that song because of the monster light show they end with. The lights get the crowd going, but the song is still there. I'd pay more $ to know that songs like Watchtower, one sweet world, song that jane likes, Proudest Monkey, I'll back you up, #36, best of what's around, and typical situation would be played (at least a few of them). Overall, I rate this show 6th out of the 7 I've seen. Reason it wasn't the 7th - seeing Timmy for the first time, the crowd (good job ya'll), and #41. Maybe it'll eventually come time for DMB to start with the damn fan club like Pearl Jam does, so the true fans'll be up close. Oh yeah, toronto traffic sucks too.
Michael L.
This was my third show this year (ever). Only saw three songs that I hadn't seen live previously: #41 (my fave) Ants Say Goodbye On to the review! Lame opener (Satellite), wish they wouldn't play this at every show. I was sort of hoping for Seek Up, but it wasn't meant to be. Also didn't get and I'll Back You Up, wonder why? The few (very few) highlights were #41, an unbelievable Lie In OUr Graves, and Carter. He was leading the band all night, and was superb during the intro to Say Goodbye. Tim was good, but nothing special except during LIOG. Would have liked to hear more of him (he's amazing). Lame setlist, they played all their singles. Wished they would have played some other tunes from Crash and UTTAD as opposed to all the singles, and also only singles from BTCS. Also would have enjoyed some unreleased songs (#36!). I've also had enough of DDTW. Bring back Leave Me Praying!
John M.
The show was a great fest of good Jams. I made the trip from Jamestown NY, and it was worth the drive. The crowd really didn't file in until Dave Started, but the crowd was full of life the rest of the concert. The sets were very incredable.. Boyd worked the crowd on so many songs. He did his heel click many times along with Dave dancing feet. The show was one of the better ones that I have been to. The light show was just OK, It could use a bit more spunk....... Tim Played his guitar with his style and the foot pedles from hell, He jammed right after Boyd's set on Lie In our Graves, His hands were all over the Neck of the Guitar. Over all This show ranked well, I wish this show had more talking with crowd, what was said was not understandable. Also I would have liked Tim to Play more of a role in the Whole concert instead of just certain parts.
Timothy M.
What a weird show. Opening up with Satellite was unexpected, and pretty disappointing, even though I like the song. I should have known better when the pre-teen girls sitting next to me asked me if Hanson might make a guest appearance. As an American, I'm disappointed that there didn't seem to be that many true Canadian fans, only junior high schoolers screaming at the top of their lungs. But I digress. Things didn't really pick up until 3/4 of the way through the show. Apparently "Crash" must not be selling well up in Canada because they only played seven songs off of it. If I have to hear "Too Much" or "Crash Into Me" one more time I think that I'll shoot myself. Putting "41" and "Say Goodbye" together effectively turned the venerable Maple Leaf Gardens into a high school gym. "Tripping Billies" was a good song for the encore, but I wish it had been played first and then something else inserted (like "All Along the Watchtower", because my roommate complains every time that he wants to hear it) For me, the highlight of the show was "Lie in Our Graves," which sounded great and really showed how amazing DMB can be when they get into a song. "Ants" was good also, but I wish that they would have gotten the Garden rocking earlier in the night. Overall, I thought that it was an okay-good show, had the setlist been different it could have been a truly great show. One question, however, remains, what did Buffalo do to piss off DMB? It's been almost three years since they've played here, and the lack of quality music in this town is enough to drive anyone crazy. If you were subjected to hearing Ani DiFranco and the Goo Goo Dolls 24-7, you'd probably be as bitter as I am.
Benji T.
To be honest, for a Canadian show, it was pretty good. If there werent s may posers at the concert, it would have been much better. I dont think I've ever seen so many braces at a concert before. Just too many kids there. But I guess those are Dave's Canadian fans. Satellite was a huge surprise for the opener. I was hoping for BOWA or even Recently. Someone suggested Seek Up, which would have been nice too. As usuall, Rapunzel really rocked. Dave goes nuts with his feet and that song really seems to get the crowd rockin. Jimi Thing was nuts. It must have been close to 15 minutes long and Timmy had a solo. It was awesome. As usuall we had to be subjected to DDTW-- not a personal favorite of mine but as long as he sings it early in the concert, I have no problem with it. #41 followed by Say Goodbye was definetly the highlight of the show. Carter was absolutely brilliant. He had the two sticks going while one was in his mouth!!! What a talent that man is. I love Stefan bass in Crush, he rocked with that song. Too Much was great except for the fact that when they played ASTB before, these two 8th grade girls standing next to me screamed "It's Stay, It's Stay!" Luckily for me they went away. I guess it was past their bed time or something. I dont want to ramble on with all the songs but Drive In, Drvive Out was an amazing surprise-- great song and Carter once again was on fire! I finally got to hear Ants Marching and I was thankful for Tripping Billies as the encore and not Watchtower. It's not that I have anything against the song, but I've heard it as the closing encore every show. So it was time for a change. Overall, the lights were good, the setlist was great, but the crowd (children) really didn't add to the show. And Dave didn't say much. Maybe he didn't want to curse in front of the little ones!!!!
This show really tore me up. The band was great... they performed really well in my opinion. But, the crowd sucked, and the setlist did too. Leroi produced an absolutely beautiful solo between Satellite and Pantala Naga Pampa, which I am surprised that no one has commented on so far. I'm not sure if I was more impressed by his musicianship, or the lights though. It looked like the sun was rising behind him and was just SO beautiful. Wow. I was also impressed by Boyd, he stole the show if you ask me. What a wicked violinist. Cater too was amazing... his drum solo between #41 and Say Goodbye was so full of energy and effort. Again, wow. I was quite disapointed that Tim Reynolds didn't get more thime in the spotlight. I really would've loved to hear him do Stream. However, we were not so lucky... In fact I was really upset by the songs that we did hear. I mean, NO songs off the first album, NO rareities, NO Tim Reynolds songs, NO cover songs. What was up with that? As for the audience, a disturbingly large amount of people there looked like they were in Junior High. But really, it's not so much their age that bothered me as their attitude. The little girls wearing tiny, thin little t-shrits outside and complaining about how cold it was. I mean, Canada in November is cold. Any idiot knows that. Also, the question "What song is this?" being asked everytime DMB broke into something that wasn't off Before These Crowded Streets got really annoying. Anyway, next time Dave is here I hope that he gives us a bit more variety in the show... and that those kids either familiarize themselves with the music or stay at home. That is all.