Dave Matthews Band
Molson Centre, Montreal, Quebec
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The New Meanies

Seek Up
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge?)
Too Much
Don't Drink The Water
Dancing Nancies
Lie In Our graves
Crash Into Me
Proudest Monkey
Two Step
Tripping Billies
I'll Back You Up
All Along The Watchtower

Rob B.
I don't think I missed anything. It clocked in at 160 minutes (8:10 > 10:50). Seek Up in itself was 25 minutes and opened up the evening for many exciting possibilities. Then it became single time... Single after single after single after single. Since Seek Up dragged on (nicely enough, but it was loooong for those who didn't know it I'm sure), I think they felt the need to play some familiar upbeat tunes the next little bit. And they did. And they did. And they did... The only surprises in the setlist were Proudest Monkey (which I believe was the first time I heard that) and IBYU (though they've played it the last 6 shows or so now after not having played it in a couple of years). IBYU was beautiful, with Carter and Dave doing some beautiful harmonies and Tim doing some awesome licks. I'd never seen Tim perform with the band before, and he was great. The problem though with having 6 guys on stage is that it's easy for people to get lost in the mix. Sometimes the guys playing over each other worked really well, like the end of Rapunzel and Billies. Other times it just became noise (like my personal dishrag, DDTW). Despite the way-too-safe setlist, the show itself was great. The band was in tight form and having an awesome time. Molson Centre is a great venue (for an arena) to see a show at, if you're low enough anyway. Now I've just got to hope that the Dave and Tim tour stops close enough to here to drive to (unless they, gasp, were to play a couple of canuck shows). This was show number nine for me. It would rate somewhere around 6th. But I've seen some killer shows, so it's not really an insult to say that. It's just the set could have used a little more originality. I understand that they probably feel that Canadian audiences don't know as much of their material. But if they can play Seek Up and I'll Back You Up, they can get away with playing more than one song off of UTTAD
Chris R.
The trip from Massachusetts was well worth it. I do not remember the exact setlist, but I thought it was great. Opening up with Seek Up was a great way to go. Crush live is much better than on the CD. Stay was another one like that. I was glad to hear Dancing Nancies-"Could I have been lost somewhere in Montreal?" Lie in Our graves was incredible, especially with the Boyd and Tim solos. I'll back You Up and Watchtower were the encore and it was nothing short of incredible. I'll Back you Up is rarely heard until this week and it was a great surprise. Stefan's intro to Watchtower was great too. The corwd was a bit too lax though. I think we were the only ones standing in our section, which was right next to the stage. They were not as into it as I thought they may be. It was a great show overall and I am looking forward to seeing them in Worcester, minus Tim.
Bryan M.
A very solid show from the boys. The Seek Up was an excellent opener, over twenty minutes long and filled with good stuff. Tim took a short turn during the song, but the highlight was definitely LeRoi with a little solo towards the end. The Seek Up was very 1995-like, and I was hoping maybe we'd get a more 1995-like setlist (my favorite year) but next came the BTCS string. Following a nice SMTS>ASTB>Too Much (nothing spectacular, but pretty cool) we had about every BTCS radio hit. But, they got them out of the way early. Crush was solid, with more Tim and a great Carter closing. The only song they used to break up the BTCS tunes was nancies, which was excellent, starting with the Dont You Ever Wonder and finishing out with some unbelievable Boyd Tinsley. After Crash, things picked up. About the only Dave speak was "This is a song about being dead." which meant LIOG, with a cool Boyd jam and a Bela 6.8.97esque Tim reynolds jam. Proudest Monkey was a surprise, and they played it for a long time. The audience was surprisingly quiet for this one, and they hit some great points in the song moving from quiet to loud to quiet and finishing with a quiet jam. Two Step was great, with the cool vocal intro I wanted to hear so much that I dont know the words to (if it helps at all, it is the one that goes to the same tune as Tim's guitar part during Two Step at Dave and Tim shows). Two Step came to a sudden stop with Carter's bass drum, led into a Tim solo, and back into a really loud jam which was excellent. A very solid billies was to follow, closing out the pre-encore set with a bang. Encore consisted of IBYU, very good to hear, and Watchtower, in which Tim jammed it up (this was Tim's highlight) kind of like Trey on 2.24.95. All in all a good show. Everyone was pretty on, but to be an unbelivable show the setlist could have used some changes. Highlights were: Seek Up, Proudest Monkey, Two Step, Tripping Billies, and Watchtower.
Frank M.
I thought it was an amazing show. This was my 14th Dave show and it definately ranks in my Top 5. I was not expecting Seek Up as the opener. I figured that since it was such a diverse crowd from what he is used too and that he would open with a song that would be not as long and a little more up beat. Personally I think that Tripping Billies would have been the perfect opener because it is fast with a lot of energy. The crowd seemed to die out through half of Seek Up but it was still good. I liked the setlist. I thought they mixed it up nicely, going from slow to fast and so on. Stay was great. I thought it was better without the back up singers. Cruch was cool. It is one of those "mellow", where I could just chill and enjoy the show. Normally I am bouncing off the walls trying to get the crowd fired up. Two Step was another awesome suprise. Also Proudest Monkey kicked some serious behind. The one comment I got from everyone is "Why didn't he play Ants Marching and Satellite?". That seems to be the two songs that everone is famialiar with. Of course it would have awesome if they were played but the setlist was still good. The highlight of the concert for me was when Lie In Our Graves was played. When Dave said"This is a song about being dead", I went nuts. It is my favorite song and the added solos were great. I can't say enough about that song. Everytime I see it performed it has a different variation which makes it so much better. I like Before These Crowded Streets, but seeing it performed live increases my enthusiasm. Dave is one of the best performers of his time and I look forward to seeng many,many more.
Kevin K.
Overall it was a solid show. The band played great but I was a bit disappointed with the setlist. The crowd was really great. Everyone was excited the whole show but there wasn't any pushing and shoving like most shows I've been to recently. It did seem like a commercial crowd though, but at least everyone just enjoyed the music. Anyways, here's my review. Seek Up: Nice version. Over twenty minutres long and I loved every second of it. There were some nice instrumentals and Dave did some nice screaming at the end. Some people seemed to get a little bored so I new something upbeat was coming next, PNP---> Rapunzel: I'm not a huge fan of this song, but the band played this one really nice. It seemed a little more emotional than usual. Even though this was a new one, there were still some blank stares. So Much To Say: Time to go to the bathroom. Everyone there was happy except for me. I'm just reall sick of this song. The band did a great job, but I've just heard this song too many times live to get into it. Still a great job by the band. Too Much: Eh, not bad, but I started to see a trend forming. I honestly predicted almost every song after this one. I could tell that it was going to be a set full of his most popular songs. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I was hoping for something different. And here they came, song after song, after song.... Don't Drink The Water: I have to say that I think that this is the only song that I rather hear off the album than in concert. I love Tim Reynolds, but the really should have sat this one out. This one was by far the worst song of the night. Everything just seemed to clash to me and it sounded too electronic. Stay: Another single, but this one I enjoyed. the band did a great song and I love it so much more without those background singers. Dancing Nancies: Boyd Time. He's improved so much just in the last couple of years. he just tore up the stage. everyone loved this one. Crush: Not bad at all. I just kinda mellowed out and enjoyed this one. Even though it's there newest single, a lot of people didn't seem to know this one. It was kinda strange. Lie In Our Graves: I predicted this one. All Boyd. I wasn't overall impressed with the band on this one. Maybe that's just because Boyd went crazy on this one, who knows??? Crash Into Me: I hate the fact that I like this song. Everyone was thrilled (especially the teenage girls, like always). A nice relaxing version, but no Dixie Chicken. Proudest Monkey: THANK GOD FOR THIS ONE. I think about 90% of the people were totally lost with this one, but a was happier than a pig in, well, you know. This is one of the few songs that I haven't heard in concert yet. Nice version that was a little harder than most bootlegs I've listened to. Two Step: Pretty typical version. The intro was a tad different, but nothing else was too dramatic. Tripping Billies: i don't even know how many times I've seen them play this one, but this night they were unreal. The whole band was justr phenominal. There was a great Boyd solo, and Dave sang his heart out. What a great song!!! Encore: I was like, "wait, no Leroi, no Boyd---> It must Be I'll Back You Up" Nice song. I'm glad they brought this one back. Everyone calmed down for this one (except for some idiot girls behind us that wouldn't stop yelling). The place was practically silent. I was hoping for Ants, and then I heard the Stefan solo All Along The Watchtower: Not a good version at all. After playing unreal the whole night, I was expecting like a 20 minute version full of great solos. Unfortunately that didn't happen, oh well. So overall it was a great performance, but a really weak setlist. Maybe it was just because it was in Canada, i don't know. I'd have to rank this show performance wise on the upper half of my list, but setlist wise, somewhere on the bottom half. At least it wasn't the SPAC '97 show.
Eric P.
This show had a lot to live up to after Ottawa, and it didn't dissapoint. The biggest factor was probably my tenth row seat. Also the Molson center was cut in half which gave way for amazing accoustics. After four shows i finally get my Seek Up opener, YES, very well done and also very long. My first NANCIES; Boyd tore up the stage; he was incredible all night long. Proudest Monkey was a delight, totally unexpected, Leroi was excellent. As usual Timmy's guitar rocked our world (man, i can't wait to see my first Dave & Tim). All in all a very very high energy show. Crowd was great (its always great in Montreal) and all six guys delivered yet again the greatest live show on earth. If anyone taped the show, pleaaaaaaaase get in touch with me, i would love to set up a trade, i have over 20 shows to offer in return. i will be forever grateful. thanks
Dan C.
Seek Up- Didn't expect to get this, but it was major ass! The right speaker was a bit defective during this but my side was fine, an amazing 25 minute version IT's SINGLE TIME - the band was hot and especially Dave was sooo into it, but unfortunatley I have to admit this is exactly what my fellow Canadians wanted, so atleast the energy was kicking. Pantala Naga Pampa --> Rapunzel So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge?) Too Much Don't Drink The Water -very funky Stay Dancing Nancies- The highlight of the night for me!! One of my favs and this is DEFINETLY a live song! This was the start of The Boyd tinsley Show..he totally dazzled the audience. Anyone who didn't know much about the band and was a little skeptical about a violinist came out agreeing that Boyd is sick!!!!!!!!!!! Crush- very, very cool..Timmy Boy!! Lie In Our graves - Great jam in the middle as usual, boyd contunued to soar this is one of their best live songs Crash Into Me - Weak version, although I usually really like this song Proudest Monkey - Surprise! This was so chill! Amazing, big highlight for me. Two Step - great as usual, surprised to here this again Tripping Billies -SUCH HIGH ENERGY. Great as usual Encore: I'll Back You Up- so beautiful as usual, Tim, although unnecassary, definetly added a deep, pretty solo similar to his Spoon solo style All Along The Watchtower- They started it with this weird Goth music that was played pre-recorded, not by the band. I WAS PRAYING FOR HALLOWEEN. Or even ANTS which i haven't gotten to see yet. But of course Watchtower doesn't dissapoint with kick ass solos by Steffan, Plucking Boyd, Roi and Tim..oh, and Dave too. Although the slightly dissapointing setlist at times, hardly any UTTAD could really have heard a good BEST or TYPICAL, IT WAS AN AWESOME SHOW, SO HIGH ENERGY, SO EXCITING AND THE MUSICIANSHIP WAS INCREDIBLE. GREAT SHOW!
Jennifer P.
Great crowd, much more enthousiastic than in Ottawa! DMB seemed way more relaxed tonight! The new meanies where much more at ease and enjoyed as well.. The set was alright, i really think could i have been lost in montréal was cool... people went nuts over lie in our graves and tripping billies which was real nice! Security was unorganized at the entrance, i asked if i was alowed my camera (which has a huge zoom lens ) and they didn't know and asked what kind it was...and not to bother.. so i went through the other gate without asking....i developped them and they are awesome, if any one wants to trade for boots drop me a line.... I scammed myself into 1st row by the stage (section 102!!) (on boyds side) Dave actually posed once, he saw the long zoom lens pointing at the stage and smiled for a few seconds.. Dave had the dancing bug tonight, and i noticed in the pics that there where a bunch of rubber lizards all over the stage on the boxes around the drums.. Boyd was pretty tame tonight.. And tim, boy did he ever go shop in montréal, eccelctic!!!! He had the montréal spice girl boots tonight with crush velvet pants!! Proudest monkey was a highlight as well as dancing nancies I was dissapointed with watchtower as the encore ONCE again! I'll back you up was nice, All the spandex hair spray "ginette sprainet's" went nuts for crash... Overall, The Ottawa set was better, but the band (and the crowd)was much more at ease tonight!.. perhaps it was due to a little celebration in preparation.....
Alex B.
ONCE AGAIN, Dave and the boyz were there and they gave us a hell of a show. I'm tired of hering people say that they aren't playing enough of old stuff. We always get a chance to hear EVERYTHING from show to show... Anyway, it was my fourth Dave concert but it was the BEST so far. I know, it's the third time I say that (see review Saratoga 6/6/97 and Montreal 5/2/98) but they're getting better and better. Before the concert, I had the cahnce to have a sneek peak on the show, 'cause my brother brought me at the Molson Center (he knows a guy there) and I filmed the soundcheck. It was nice to hear Dave making jokes, chilling, and talking to everybody. Then, they played Recently and Too Much. Pretty cool! I have everything on videotape! Just before the concert, I was with a lot of my friends, and we were gessing the first song. At some point, I said "Wouldn't it be amazing if they start with a good old Seek up?" (it's my favorite song, IT IS A POWERFUL SONG). Guess what? We arrived at the Molson Center at 8h17, after the New Meanies (!), and at the precise moment I was at my seat (standing), the crowd began to yell very loud for DMB and for the beginning of... SEEK UP. I was.... I was.... anyway. You know. 25 MINUTES!!! The crowd was soooo much into it, they played for almost 2h45! Dave was dancing a lot, Boyd WAS ON FIRE, Tim gave us some WICKED solos ala Pink Floyd, and Carter, Stefan and Leroi were... AMAZING!!! The sound was perfect! Let's see the setlist. Seek Up: ... NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCE. You know. PNP --> Rapunzel: Pretty standard version but very groovy and very chill! So Much To Say : I like to hear the song that made me discover the band. It is a great rock song. (Anyone Seen The Bridge?): Excellent bridge, always good. Too Much: It was ok, but not as good as usual, I have no idea on why is that... Don't Drink The Water: I sat down during that song. I'm not sure about this one. Stay: The non-gospel version is, ONCE AGAIN, so much better!!! The whole place was dancing! Dancing Nancies: OH MY GOD! I was praying for this one!!! I know, everybody wants this song on their concert... well we got it!!! And it was TOTALLY AWESOME. Dave, as usual, sang a little "Lost somewhere in Montreal" and Boyd was totally NUTS!!! What a song!!! What a band!!! Crush: My favorite on the new album. A very long version, SOOOO GOOOD!!!! Tim gave us a solid solo. Lie In Our graves: "This is a song about being dead"... the best solo I've heard by DMB. I almost had a tear. It was at another level of music. Oufff.... Crash Into Me: Good version. The crowd liked it. Proudest Monkey: WHAT!?! Ok! Cool! But a little song for this soft song... Two Step: 12 minutes version. My 2nd favorite, a classic. It was CRAZY. Tripping Billies: Always good on concert, better that studio. Encore: I'll Back You Up: This song toutched everybody. It was so simple and so nice! I never thought I'd hear this one in my life... Magic! All Along The Watchtower: I would have liked Ants, 'cause I heard AATW two nights in a row (5/2 and 5/3) and I've only heard Ants once in concert. But AATW was very good as usual. That's it! What a show!
Spin D.
My humble opinion: Dave and the boys came on at 8:15. Tim Reynolds on electric guitar as well. They opened w/ Seek Up. Long Seek Up (it never ended. Too long in my opinEon) 25 minutes. Crowd was on its feet but sat down after the slow starter. I knew it was going to be an annoying night w/ Timmy on the Electric Guitar when he just kept jamming and jamming in the opener. Busted into PNP --> Rapunzel after that. People got back up and then didn't sit down until Proudest Monkey. Great pumper-upper song. During Rapunzel, Dave was dancing like mad...fancy footwork. You could tell that he was having a good time. The crowd was LOUD throughout. Maybe that's b/c it was inside, but nonetheless. It turned into a concert of Radio Songs...So Much to Say (the crowd sang every word) into Too Much. Great songs, but maybe he thought that the 'Canadian' (in quotes b/c it was 90% American College students) audience wouldn't know the old-school songs? Anyway, they rocked for these two and everyone sang both of them. Even the 40 year olds in front of us got up for these. Then DDTW. A must play, but I enjoyed it, surprisingly. Next was Crush. I think that the crowd liked this one more than DDTW. Great Boyd. Highlight of the evening (one of the three): Dancing Nancies. Was really surprised at this one. Great version. We got the "Could I have been lost somewhere in Montreal?" line. Everyone erupted. Only song off of UTTAD the entire night. Great Boyd JAM! He came up to the front of the stage and jammed for quite a bit. His hair flying all around. And great Dave growls on the last "And i LOOK UP at the MOUTH is openwide." Love that part. Then some more fan faves: Stay and Crash Into Me. Could have done w/o these (maybe play #41 --> Say Goodbye instead! Pretty much radio versions. Lie In Our Graves. Great one. Long jams for all the boys. But that reminds me, whenever Tim got a jam, LeRoi did not. During one song, I forget which one, Roi just left the stage. Like he was mad or something. And the Tim jams weren't that great, in my opinion. Hearing the electric guitar w/ dmb is weird. Crowd sat down for Proudest Monkey. Long drawn out, slow version. oOt a great concert song, but they usually play one or two slow ones. Could have really used OSW, Song That Jane Likes, or even Granny (i wish). Two step got people back to the land of the living, but the LONG Timmy jam in the middle has to go. Awesome closer (second highlight of the show): Tripping Billies. Great great version. Boyd really tore it up. He was "en fuego." Boyd and Dave would go head-to-head and face each other and play. They did that a lot more than usual. Dave did his little fancy footwork dance. He pretty much danced a lot the whole night. It was cool. GREAT ending. So loud, so much drums, Carter. Awesome lights. Rivaled and (I hate to say it) it was better than the final encore of the 7/28/98 Cleveland show. Was just great. Could have left then happy. But of course, there was an encore. Encore: I'll Back You Up (highlight #3). Was great. He came out and said that the band has been playing this as the first encore song for the last 4 or 5 nights and said that it was a quiet song. He was telling the psycho radio listeners (no offense some of you) to shut up and listen to the first song that he ever wrote. Was pretty good. It was just Dave at first and then Tim and Stefan joined in. Almost perfect. Only thing is that the girl behind me started screaching at the top of her lungs during the song. She ruined most of it. Random shouts for "Ants" were coming, as expected, yet they closed w/ Watchtower. Which is getting old, but still a good song. Great ending and screaming part. Long jams in the middle. All in all a good show. What a radio setlist, though, you think? Really could have used two or three more older songs. THat would have made it even better. #41 --> Say Goodbye or The Song That Jane Likes have to work back into the setlist on a regular basis, they rock. DMB rocks! 8:15 --> 10:50pm
Al M.
The thought of seeing Dave at a venue as large and gross as the Molson Centre had me pretty pissed, considering it was only a couple of years ago he played in clubs. But upon arriving, it was great to see he was using only half the arena, so it was alot more intimate than I expected. Excellent seats, about 8 rows up and directly facing the stage. Two moms in front of me (would they freak when I lit up?) and kids all around. But as it turned out, the crowd was great. Most reviewers so far have been dissing the New Meanies, but I thought they were solid. A little derivative, perhaps - you could hear the Black Crowes and Zeppelin quite often, but they rocked pretty well. The fans that saw them gave them a pretty good response. Crowd nearing a frenzy as lights go down. To do a 25-minute Seek Up to open - now that takes balls!! I thought it was phenomenal, but newer fans may have been growing tired by the end. They then went on to do a very hit-heavy set list, with emphasis on Crash stuff - and the fans responded with continuous dancing, singing and general enjoyment all the way. Some phenomenal work by Boyd throughout the show. Highlights for me included Two-Step (I had never heard it live before) where Dave was singing God-knows-what during the intro. It also went on for an extended time. My friends and I were thrilled there was no Satellite (we're so sick of it), and though we thought we were getting sick of Watchtower as well, it seemed to be changed around enough (especially the intro) to give us a thrill again. A Too Much/So Much to Say double was super-funky, and Graves is always a highlight for me. Thanks to Dave and the Band for really rocking all night, our new friend Slim who sat alone next to us (Good Luck on that music exam) and people in the row behind us who didn't show up giving us alot more room. I had a really warm feeling as I left the show, and I've still got it three days later.
Scott C.
It was 'Singles Night' at the Molson Centre. Look at that setlist. I know I should be really pissed off. But really I'm not. They wasted a perfectly fine Seek Up opener, that is definately true. They played Proudest Monkey? I know 'real' fans love to think highly of themselves for knowing songs the general public doesn't know but PROUDEST MONKEY? I love that Dave is pulling some lost stuff out, but come on... Nancies and LIOG were absolutely spectacular, and along with Watchtower, Back You Up, and THE GREATEST TWO STEP EVER, my night was made. I still had a good time even with all the flipping smokers(pain in the ass) Why can't people just come to a concert for the music... By the way...Can DMB EVER play another concert without RAPUNZEL or DON'T DRINK THE WATER? Somebody asked me what Dave was going to play before the show and I told him he absolutely cannot have a show without those two. COME ON DAVE!