Dave Matthews Band
Crown, Cinncinatti, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

Seek Up -->
LeRoi solo -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge) -->
Too Much
Don't Drink the Water *
Lie In Our Graves *
The Last Stop *
Crash Into Me
Rhyme and Reason
Tripping Billies
Spoon *
#41 ^

* with Bela Fleck
^ with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

Rob B.
It's debatable whether tonight's Lie In Our Graves was as long as last night's Two Step. They both went on forever. Bela played on Lie Our Graves, but Boyud took the solo. As it faded to where it picks up again with lyrics, they started the jam segment again, but this time Bela took the solo. I'm guessing that it lasted at least 15 minutes. However, this really means nothing because when the Flecktones came out for #41, it had to go 25 minutes. Legitimately. Everyone on stage took a decently long solo, starting with Boyd, then Victor, then Leroi, then Jeff Coffin, then Tim, then Carter jammed for a little while, I was hoping that it would lead into Say Goodbye, but the show would've officially lasted 3 days if it did. I haven't heard a tape of the Dallas show from earlier this year, so I haven't heard Spoon live yet. It sounded almost exactly like the album, with Alanis, and Carter fairly hyper on the drums. All in all, from the time that they took the stage with Seek Up, to the time #41 finally faded out, it was about two hours and 45 minutes. Maybe a little longer. Much, much better setlist than last night, but the accoustics were worse.
Michael T.
First off, we gotta give props to Bella and the boys for opening up. They're pretty darn good. Bella's so good that they "named the the band after him" -Kauffman (sax player) I must say that this show was must beter than last nights'. More energy, better sound, better get the point Seek Up Think Red Rocks...with a longer intro. Very delightful suprise, and more energy than all of last nights set combined. New Jam Thingie I heard this for the first time last night...sounds like they're workin on a new song featuring Leroi. cool, eh? PNP->RAP Pretty standard for this song...always rocks. Crowd Pleaser, great way to break into the new album. So Much To Say -> Anyone Seen The Bridge? -> Too Much SMTS was very unexpected, we havetn' heard all three together since last summer. When they combine all three of these and play for like 20 minutes straight, it really gets everyone going. Some people sat down for ASTB, but then they started jumping again. fun DDTW When they black out the lights and start this one up, the effect is great. The tempo is a little faster than the album, but it really adds to the song. Nothing else changed musically, album version. Last Stop One of those songs that I've heard everytime since BTCS was released. Great dance tune, kind of miss Minarets though. Crush Everyone really seemed to get into this one. Fairly textbook version. One big happy feel good song. Rhyme & Reason Haven't heard this one in a long time. Very suprising, nice to hear some tunes from UTTAD. But "my head won't leave my head alone." Crash (not the Damn Dixie Chicken Version) Mike Hogan went to get cokes while I sat down. I would love to hear Say Goodbye or I'll Back You up instead. All the 13 year old girls screamed though, so I guess it's a hit. Tripping billies What a great song...What ever happend to the old exteneded intro though? I think someone stole it. (Boyd is the man) --Encore-- Spoon Where did this come from? I thoght this would be a Dave and Tim tour song, welcomed with open arms anyway. Dave seemed to forget the words and played a little mix and match with the verses. I guess he was tired. #41 (Extended Pirate Jam Version) Ok, you're all probably wondering where the pirate jam came from...well we made it up on the way to the car. The song lasted over 20 minutes. The entire enterage of the Flecktones came back on stage for this one. Everyone took turns playing a little solo in the key of #41. You could just see that they were having fun. About half way through, Bella was doing his banjo thing and he started playing this melody. Pretty soon the bass picked it up, then saxes. Pretty soon everyone was playing this theme and variating on top of it. And to tell you the truth, we like the name pirate jam, so there. Oh, if anyone knows what happened at the very end, let us know. Dave talked to the instrament tuner guy, pointed out the audience, walked to his microphone, then shook his head and left. I'm confused?
Michael R.
Sat down right at 6. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones came out at 7. They were great, the crowd was into them, they played some off their new album, they played for about 45 minutes. Dave and the Boys came out at 8:20 played right up till 11. I'll just get right into it. Seek Up - classic opener, always a great show when you get it first, i think the crowd was stunned by this and kind of mad that it was a fantastic 17 minutes. Leroi Solo -->PNP --> Rapunzel - great jam at the end, Boyd and Carter lit it up SMTS --> Bridge? --> Too Much - great energy, Dave was screamin DDTW - Bela comes out, pretty standard LIOG - great Bela jam, Boyd also went nuts, he was dancin on the front of the stage, he was pumped Last Stop - Carter was simply amazing, he was so pumped that he half way jumped out of his chair during his jam at the end Crush - standard, Tim went crazy at the end Rhyme & Reason - the first surprise of the night, very nice Crash - bring out the lighters, the girls were screamin (thats for Ross) Tripping Billies - excellent closer, WOW!! boyd was great again Encore: Spoon - them playing this blew my mind, I was in total shock, this song is excellent live, Bela was out for it and tore it up #41 - TEN MEN ON STAGE!!!!!!! 29 MINUTES LONG, the most amazing 41 I have ever heard, they jammed this out for so long, whenever I thought they were done, they just kept going, I can't say enough about this performance, simply amazing
Dan S.
what can i say? dave and co. were on fire last night at the rupp and just carried that into tonight! seek up: wow! was just saying in the car on the way that i'd love to hear it. dave came through! long jam at the beginning! PNP-->Rapunzal: standard but really got the crowd into the night. smts: i was suprised at this one. not sure if that's a good suprise or a bad one. it was fun to dance, but might rather have had something else in it's place too much: pretty much the same as last night. it's a crowd pleaser though. and pleased they were i guess. DDTW: i'm not a fan of this on the cd, but live the song just kicks. love the lights at the end as the crowd is slowly lit with red as dave sings "there's blood in the water"! so much passion in this man!!!! LIOG: nice jam in the middle, kept us guessing when dave would sing the last part of the song. great jams from boyd and bela. bela is just amazing on this part. he demonstrated it last night and proved it tonight! The last stop: i love this song. especially live. great opener last night, btw. crush: the ending is the best. the four minute radio version sucks! got to have all of it. rhyme and reason: good stuff. pretty standard though. crash: a song to please the ladies and their fellas. i know many people are sick of hearing this song. but you have to admitt dave demonstrates he is a poet on this one. the words are exactly what people feel. perhaps i'm partial though because my lady was their with me. tripping billies: good set closer. not as good as last night encore when boyd was on fire. still great at getting the crowd pumped. Encore: spoon: VERY SURPRISED. i have to say what's up with dave playing slow songs. at least it wasn't satellite like last night. spoon is a great song, but i wasn't sure of it's placement. #41: i think this was about 30 minutes long. all of the flecktones were on stage. after dave finished with the lyrics, they just went back and forth in a giant jam session. it was great! finally dave and co. went back to jamming instead of just playing the singles. at one point during the jam, i think they were playing a completely different song because the many rift of 41 was nowhere to be found. i loved it. some people i think were getting bored. if they only knew that this is what dave has been all about for years, they have just heard the watered down radio version. this is dave matthews at their finest. all in all, a good show. lights were spectacular, especially making good use of the crowd behind the stage. oh yeah, major thanx to all at the crown. me and my people had behind the stage seats. we get there and find that our seats are nowhere to be found. they were non-existant. i guess that dave had so much crap backstage that they couldn't pull out the bleachers all the way. they gave us in exchange, awesome seats about 10 yards away from the stage 5 rows up from the floor. i've never seen them so close. we got hooked up! that's about it. see you in the winter for dave and tim.
Chris C.
This was a strange concert. I predicted Seek Up as the opener and it was pretty standard. Dave's vocals were great and the band (as they were last night) were in tight form. Carter kept up the beat into a Leroi solo that only meant that PNP-> Rap was next. It sounded great and Tim's fills sounded just like they do on the album. This really got the crowd going and Dave himself was going nuts on the stage. Energy was everywhere. After Rapunzel, Dave acted like he was going to play WWYS but he went into SMTS which sounded great and I hadn't heard it live in a while. Anyone Seen the Bridge went right into Too Much which was a big crowd pleaser with the lights adding great effects. Then Bela came out and Dave switched guitars so I knew DDTW was to come. Bela and Tim make this song even better live and Carter was smoking the groove. I didn't expect Lie In because they played it last night, but it was a nice addition. Dave said " This is a sond about being dead." Boyd and Bela had great solos and I think the entire song must have gone about 15 minutes. Dave teased us with a little intro to TLS which was loud as hell and sounded great. Dave's vocals were amazing. The crowd was obviously a seasoned crowd because it was totally silent in the venue when dave sang "This is the last stop!" Bela left and Stephan began his little bass intro to Crush which was nice and Tim had his only real solo here. I thought that it was about the same as it was last night af Rupp. After Crush, Dave started yucking it up with Carter and they kept giving eachother these silly gestures. This went on for about a minute and Dave said "Me and Carter were tripping for a minute." Rhyme and Reason was a nice UTTAD addition. Crash was next and the place sang so loud I could barely hear Dave. I figured that he'd end the set with Tripping, which he did (nature intro) and Boyd went wild as hell. He was alot more featured tonight than he was last night. I saw Leroi pick up his flute as they were heading off stage and I predicted a Typical Situation-> Watchtower encore or maybe Ants but boy was I in for a surprise! Spoon? What the hell. People around me were bitching that it wasn't Satellite, but I was enthralled. Bela was great and did a solo almost like the album. It was a great groove and I was almost too much in shock to enjoy it. Then the surprises continued when Dave called all the Flecktones on stage for what looked like a sure fire Watchtower. And then they launched into #41? It lasted for nearly 22 minutes with some incredible solos by the Flecktones' Bass Player and the Saxophonist who had an astounding performance. Finally the show ended after a total jam session that nobody knew how to end. Carter kept on playing and the Flecktones' drummer (on the drum machine) did some quiet little dueling and the show ended very quietly. Strange but very nice. There was more jamming tonight than I've ever seen at any concert. It was really like going to a club and seing a big jam session with different musicians sitting in on each song. Anyway, the Crown was the loudest venue I have ever been in. The acoustics were terrible (you could barely hear Boyd half of the time) and the overall crowd noise was deafening. Yet the crowd was enthusiastic and pretty well behaved. Tim was sort of in the shadows and didn't have much of a chance to show off. Dave was in a great mood and everyone seemed to be having fun. I was dissappointed with the 8 repeats of last night, but the band was so psyched up and just totally focused that they impressed me again. That's my last show of the year. For those of you who haven't seen Tim and Bela on the stage with Dave, you are in for a treat. It's been a good weekend. take care everyone. See ya next year!
Matt H.
This was my third Dave Matthews show. It was very good, but the encore was pretty unusual. Here's a brief rundown: (it lasted about 2 1/2 hrs) Seek Up - very well played..lots of wailing and jamming PNP/Rapunzel - they did a neat little intro before PNP, and rapunzel was smokin as always. I like how it's slower live. SMTS-astb-Too Much - Standard versions of these songs, but real crowd pleasers and very well done. Don't Drink The Water - too much like the album version for me, but bela's banjo added to it. No solo dave singing at the end. Lie In Our graves - Oh my lord. 20 min + version, with a killer boyd solo and a bela solo that was beyond belief. One of the best songs of the night by far. Last Stop - really cool tune, w/ very cool lighting and lots of energy. The crowd wasnt really too into it tho Crush - Good version with a very nice tim solo. the man can jam out. Rhyme and Reason - I was a little dissapointed by this one..pretty standard. Crash - Sounded exactly like the album - but lighters went up everywhere, which was cool, and the lights were cool. Tripping Billies - All i can really say about this song is Boyd is the man. Very kick ass version. Encore Spoon - totally unexpected, but very cool...great drumming by carter on this tune. #41 - for this song, dave introduced and brought out all of the flecktones. I was confused, because I had never heard of this song being used as a closer. With all of the musicians out there, i figured they were gonna jam it out a little. They played this song for HALF AN HOUR. There were 5 or 6 solos, and I've never heard anything like it. As it was windin down, dave said thank you and goodnight and all that, and when carter got done with his little drum solo, they all left the stage and the lights came up. Overall, the show was very well played, dave was really into it and talkin to the crowd a lot, and the crowd was insane..very loud and lots of grooving. However, the encore left me unsatisfied, but it was definetly unique. One final note : the flecktones were great..they really got the crowd ready for DMB.
Erik L.
Coming off of THE energy show of the year in Kentucky, this was the perfect show to follow. Really mellow. Whatever happened to varying the setlist I don't know, but other than that, the show rocked. First off, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, especially Victor Wooten (bass) are unbelievable. Got to meet them in the mall in Cincy a few hours before the show. Just ran into Bela and Victor. Shook both of their hands and got Victor's autograph. I was flying high after that. The rest of the evening was just icing. Their set kicked ass, almost better than the Dave set. Not kidding. OK, here comes complaint time, ready? Two shows, two songs off UTTAD and two off R2T. Total. Four. Unreleased songs? None. Covers? None. What is going on? Don't like the old stuff, what is that? Just hearing ANYTHING off the first two albums is now a "treat". I like the new album a ton and Crash is good too, but fellas, how bout a couple for the old fans. My list of songs they didn't play. Warehouse, Dancing Nancies, BOWA, Typical Situation, Recently, I'll Back You Up, What Would You Say, Song That Jane Likes, One Sweet World, Minarets, Granny. Too many good songs to choose from to do nine songs two nights in a row. Frustrating. With that said, it turned out to be a decent show. Very chill which was great following Kentucky's craziness. Quick run down: Seek Up: Yes! First time as an opener for me. Set the mood beautifully, hoping for more older stuff. PNP -> Rapunzel: Once I heard the Leroi solo I knew it was coming, definitely needed after Seek Up, so no complaints. So Much 2 Say: Whatever. Why not Song That Jane Likes, both short songs. Why not just throw it in there. Not gonna call 'em sell-outs, but based on these two concerts... ASTB: Awesome. Great funk jam. Phatness on a stick. Too much: Predictable, better in Kentucky, didn't fit the evening. DDTW: Once Bela came out, obvious. Why does Dave like this so much? Not a terrible song, but why every concert? LIOG: Awesome again. Didn't think it could get better than Rupp Arena, btu I was wrong. Bela is the man. One of the highlights. Last Stop: My second favorite song (behind Jimi Thing). So powerful. Crowd wasn't really into it (mainly cause it hasn't played on the radio yet. Crowd sucked tonight). Crush: I love this song, like it a bit faster though, cool ending. Rhyme and Reason: Definite highlight. Well done, and just nice to have something from UTTAD for a change. Crash: Crash. Same thing every time. Good song, but why can't the crowd go nuts when they hear Rhyme and Reason like they do for this one? Tripping Billies: Great song. Boyd rocks. Time to put this one to bed though. Encore in Rupp, closer here. Ugh. Playing for the radio crowd. Encore: OH MY GOD. After Seek Up, this night sucked. Same setlist, bad crowd, real bummer. And then, the encore. Bela comes back, I say, maybe they'll pull out Spoon. My friend laughed. Then he started playing it! Didn't use my lighter for Crash, I used it for this one. Such a beautiful song. VERY underrated. I was hoping I'll Back You Up, but this was just as good cause it was a surprise (and cause I made the call). Then, all the Flecktones came out. Now that's a super band. Ten of them up there. Very impressive sight. Everyone thought (including me), Watchtower cause they didn't do it the night before or maybe Ants? #41. #41? You gotta be kidding me. They jammed (everyone had a turn) for about 40 minutes. I don't think that's an exaggeration. It was like nothing i Had ever heard. Some people left, but I was groovin the whole time. Best encore since, Granny-Stir It Up-Watchtower. The encore saved the night. What a treat. So Mellow and so good. So that's it. Crown, by the way, great venue. Could see from anywhere (sorry to those behind the stage though). Good sound, nice seats (didn't use them, but they were pretty). Nice long concert, terrible crowd, but the boys wre having fun once again. Thw combo of the energy show in Kentucky and this mellow one was great together. Setlist needs work, but the band doesn't. See y'all next year.
Karim J.
On Stage: 8:15 pm. Off Stage Encore: Approx: 4-5 minutes. Off Stage: 11:00 pm. Hey Everyone. Now that I just walked into my dorm after driving back from Cincinnati, I will now give you my thoughts. Seeing Dave 3 nights in a row is tough. Getting 14 hours sleep for 3 nights while doing so is close to impossible. Grand Rapids was amazing. The Dave Matthews Band had more fun playing than I have ever seen. Dave was talking, laughing and just being himself. Bela bowed down to Boyd in the middle of the concert. Minarets ---> Typical Situation was amazing. Bela Fleck is outstanding. Two Step seems to be changing quite a bit lately. A lot longer, and a lot more jamming. When it was all said and done, Dave hugged Bela and finished the night in style. The tour rolled on to Lexington the next day where they brought down the house. For me, Proudest Monkey was the highlight of the night. In the middle of the Two Step jam, Tim and Bela went back and forth playing guitar excersises. Tim would play, and Bela would try and copy. At one point, Bela looked at the crowed as if to say, "Are you kidding me? I'm supposed to be able to play that?" Of course, the entire show was tight. Now for this evening, all I can say is wow. Seek Up was a treat. The rest of the show was standard tightness with no amazing surprises. But then came the two most amazing encores. The first ever Spoon (with Carter) including Tim and Bela. It was beautiful. They jammed it out too. I was then priveliged to view the entire Flectones band walk on stage. Ten of the most incredible musician's playing together! What an honor! I kid you not when I say this, but 25 minutes of #41 followed. Boyd took the first solo. Victor Wooten was next to amaze us. Following him, Leroi took a solo. And then Jeff Coffin brought down the house with an incredible solo. Unbelievably Bela Fleck followed with a solo of his own. And then he, Wooten, and Reynolds went back and forth for a few minutes. Suddenly, Bela led everyone into "Sojourn of Arjuna" a track off of Left of Cool. It was so amazing to see everyone play this. It went on and on and on. It ended with and outro by Carter and Futureman playing a percussion duo to end it. Unbelievable. I know they would have continued if it wasn't for the 11 pm curfue. It almost looked like Dave was going to play another encore. The Flectones are absolutely fantastic. Victor Wooten is by far the best Bassist in the world. All I have to say is that you have to see it for yourself and live the experience I did last night. See you guys December 10. If anyone has a tape, please contact me.
Paul H.
Overall this was the best show out of five I have been to. The band was jamming really well together all night long, and the crowd was pumped. Seek up and LIOG were great. The LIOG was the best I have ever heard, even better than the 97 Jones Beach version w/Bela. My only let down was the encore. Spoon and #41 were great, they jammed #41 for about 25 minutes, but I was hoping for one more song after it. It looked like we might get it too, but I think Dave was a little pissed that half of the crowd used #41 as exit music. All in all though the band was tight, and Bela and the Flecktones were amazing, a great show!
Cassie A.
Kudos to Dave and the guys! It was an awesome concert. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones blew our heads off. Tim Renolds was so great, as usual. Everyone was singing so you could barely hear Dave sing. Crash was great, the entire room was glowing. Dave was gorgeous as anyone would guess. It was obvious that everyone in the arena was having the time of their life. I was surprised that he played every song but three, off of BFTCS. Everyone was on stage for a jam session for the encore. This concert was definetly a heart taker. Everyone danced their asses off. Speaking of asses, Dave's looked mighty fine!! Can't wait until the next Dave Matthews Band concert!!! "I'm the King of the Castle, you're the dirty rascle, Crash into me!" - Dave Matthews.
This was one of the most intense concerts that I will probably ever see. The entire crowd was into it despite the fact that half of them were so high I don't think they knew which concert they were at. Anyway... Seek Up-a great opener which was kind of unexpected to me PNP--->Rapunzel-the crowd really got into this one and from this song on, the whole place was jammin SMTS--->Too Much-first time I've heard either live and the transition was really awesome DDTW-Bela came out for this one as well as the next few songs, not one of tightest versions I have heard LIOG-Absolutely wonderful! This was one of the best versions I have heard and it was amazing Last Stop-typical song with interesting lighting Crush-a good song but is quickly becoming over-played Rhyme & Reason-another unexpected song but dave was screamin his head off Crash-well, I went to get a drink during this one, I didn't even get the Dixie Chicken outro! Tripping Billies-Boyd is awesome and the entire venue was dancin for this one, it was the best Billies I've heard in a while Spoon-I couldn't believe it! I was waiting for Granny or maybe Say Goodbye, but this was even better cuz they NEVER play this #41-Bela Fleck and the Flecktones were all on stage for this one and it was a wonderful sight to see 10 guys all getting into one big ass 30 minute jam...they all went off on their own thing for about 3 minutes a piece Oh yeah...the most memorable thing about the night...VICTOR WOOTEN! He beat the hell out his bass guitar and was flippin it up in the air and got everybody into it, the Flecktones are gonna be REALLY big one day, I can see it
Mike W.
I must say, it was a great show. Dave has been relatively predictable in his setlists during this fall tour, but at the Crown, he brought out a few surprises. Spoon was completely unexpected, but definitely a pleasant surprise. I was expecting to hear I'll Back You Up or Ants Marching or something, but for the closer, he brought all of the Flecktones out and played a 32 minute long #41. It was incredible. Everyone got a solo, and it was done very nicely. Unfortunately, Dave played some of the generic songs like SMTS=>Too Much and Crash, but these were offset by great versions of Lie in Our Graves (20+ minutes long....great breakdown) and The Last Stop. The Last Stop was quite a spectacle. The end of the song faded into the outro to the song on the album which was a very nice touch. Rhyme or Reason was kind of dropped in there and didn't seem to fit with the rest of the show. However, I couldn't think of a better closer to the main set than Tripping Billies. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, I must say, the lights were incredible and really added something to the show. It might have been nice to hear some old, rare stuff, but it was a great show nonetheless. I really liked the arena setting. It was quite different from the outdoor venues, and definitely much louder.
Garrett M.
First off, let me say that Bela and the rest of the Flecktones blew my mind two nights in a row. They are unbelievable and I might just go check them out again tonight. Any of you West Virginia folks should too. They'll be at Mountain Stage in Charleston tonight. I had no idea that DMB was going to jam like that last night. The opener was Seek Up which lasted for 25, or more, minutes. I have been to 5 shows now and that was my first Seek Up experience. WHOA!! The setlist was totally different than Lexington and 10x better. I've read some reviews on this page that said DMB doesn't jam anymore. Put your fears to rest cause the boys went off last night. In Lexington Timmy was on fire and Boyd seemed dead. It was the exact opposite in Cincy. That was the only low point for me, no psycho solos from Mr. Reynolds. Other highlights were: 1. Leroi's jam- a beautiful mellow song to spotlight the sax. 2. The Last Stop- Carter gives the count, then they all start in and the lights come on at the same time. The music is what I'm there for, but the lighting was also spectacular. 3. Spoon- Only the third time they've played it (I think.) Bela's solo on this one was perfect. 4. #41- The last song of the evening lasted close to 40 minutes. The rest of the Flecktones joined in for this one. Dave sang then they just kept playing until somebody stepped up to solo. Vic Wooten has to be the best bass player on Earth. He lit it up! DMB really seemed to let the Flecktones take the spotlight on this one. 5. Dave- I didn't hear him go flat once. Well, maybe once, but the point is he sounded good. By far the best show I have ever seen or heard. Those who didn't come on up from Lexington missed out.
Andy W.
number seven for me, and a kind of lackadaisical show, except for the amazing bela fleck. seek up as an opener didn't get it for me, as it seemed like the only song where the crowd wasn't singing louder than dave. normal songs, no watchtower, ants, two step, stay, or typical. kind of wanted to hear typical. best of what's around is my favorite song, and they forgot that one too, but in june here in cincy, they played it. when bela came out, the show picked up for me, don't drink the water, lie in our graves, and especially the last stop were certainly highlights. followed it up with crush, rhyme & reason, crash, and billies. the encore caught me off guard however. has spoon ever been played live? it was fantastic. like i said earlier, bela is a virtuoso. the guys ended the evening with an almost half-hour version of #41 that featured tim, bela, victor wooten, future man, and bela's sax player. it was a good show, could have been better, but with dave, it's always entertainment!
Well, tonight was a really good show. I was disappointed with the crowd sitting near me, as they sat down for virtually the entire show. True fans aren't getting tickets, but people who want to sit on their butts and do nothing are getting tickets. This system is messed up. However, it was a great, great show. Unfortunately we were sitting to the back-right of the stage. I though it was really interesting to see how Dave and the rest of the band communicate during the show and figure out what's going on. I called Seek Up as the opener, and voilá, it happened. PNP was pretty standard as was Rapunzel. LIOG was definitely one of the highlights of the evening as I clocked it at well over 25 mins. The Last Stop was without the Mid-East Egyptian Intro, but I liked how they just blasted into it. They also did a nifty little change of pace towards the end of the song, and Dave was psyched when they pulled it off. Speaking of Dave, he had his dancing shoes on tonight....he was jamming all over the place. The other highlight was the encore. Spoon came out of nowhere but was really pretty with the banjo and no Alanis. #41 was not a great closer, but I must take the time to say that Jeff Coffin (the saxist for the Flecktones) was absolutely amazing on this. He stole the song and laid it out for a LONG LONG time. Tripping Billies got Boyd sawing on the violin, and other than that, there were no real thrills. Great show, acoustics were semi-decent. If anyone taped it, please get ahold of me.
DMB came on stage at 8:20... SEEK UP..predicted this one..great opening song, about 17min long. I love the "ashes to ashes, dust to dust line" PNP-->Rapunzel..sad to say, but I predicted this one to. Great song, lots of fun to dance to. SMTS-->ASTB-->TOO MUCH...early in the show, so I was kinda surprised about that, so I was hoping that they were going to mix it up a bit. I don't mind hering these tunes though, fun sing-a-long and I love Stefan's little bass thing in the middle..(I could totally here The Crunge by Zeppelin live) Dave also had a little scatting going on during ASTB. DDTW...Bela came for this one, pretty standard LIE IN OUR GRAVES...I was hoping for a LIOG like the 6.8.97 Hartford one, but I couldn't really hear Bela at all. Boyd stole the show on this one, travelling up to the very edge of the stage and went crazy. LAST STOP(w/reprise)...I was hoping for this one w/ Bela, but I really could hardly hear him playing at all, which was disappointing. (BELA LEAVES) girlfriend really wanted to hear this one, so I was happy about that, but this song isn't too exciting, although the Jam they do to end the song is pretty cool. RHYME & REASON..first time I've heard this in concert, one of my favorite songs. The lights to accompany it were awesome as well. CRASH INTO ME (swimming in your sea?? outro)..hold your ears for the screaming. The lighters came out for this one, a song I really didn't want to hear. No Dixie Chicken either, which is the only thing I was looking forward to hearing. TRIPPING BILLIES (short nature intro)...great closer, lots of fun. Check otu BOYD!!! LEAVE STAGE AT 10:20 ENCORE: SPOON!!!, only the 2nd time in concert, and it showed. When Bela came out I wasn't sure what to expect, becuase I was expecting I'll Back you Up.Dave fucked up the lyrics twice, and he knew it too. My girlfriend loves this song, so she knows the lyrics exactly. Dave kinda smiled when he messed them up. He messed up the lighting and thunder portion pretty bad. Although it's possible he meant to change up the lyrics, it really seemed like he didn't remember them. Cool song to hear, though. #41...the soundcheck practicing was for this, a 25min version. All the Flecktones came out on stage, very crowded indeed. They did a real solo's parade. From Boyd-->Victor-->Leroi-->Jeff Coffin (he played for like 5 minutes alone, probably the best solo of them all)-->Bela-->all the flecktones playing a song off Left of Cool, not sure of the title, but I have heard it before. Then, it seemed like they were done, but Dave made Carter and Future Man play a little percussion piece.