Dave Matthews Band
Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

(Onstage 8:50pm)
Seek Up -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Rapunzel -->
Too Much
Crash *
Lie In Our Graves *
Don't Drink the Water *
#41 **
Lover Lay Down
Tripping Billies
Two Step *
(Offstage approx: 11:25pm)

entire show with Butch Taylor
* with Bela Fleck
** with Bela Fleck and Jeff Cofin

Rich &.
Got to Greensboro too late for the Nancies gathering, and headed on over to the Coliseum. Many pre-show parking lot parties, and with a sixty degree night in late November, who can blame them! (Downside, after the show, literally hundreds of piles of trash in the parking lot, including lots of broken glass...c'mon kids, clean up your room!) On to the show...We made our way down to the floor(row 14!) and found our seats. I met Will Foy, Kirk Willingham, and Ron(the taping god)Diaz...Will was setting up the DAT, along with Tom Haughton. Noticed, an electronic keyboard on the stage setup.....Hmmmm...Peter Greisar reunion?...Bruce Hornsby?.....only time will tell! Bela and the 'Tones were on tonight! Jeff Cofin and Vic Wooten in particular were unbelieveable.They played for almost an hour, and the crowd was very appreciative. Dave and Co came out at 8:50, and I knew we were in for something special, when Dave jumped the last five feet to the Microphone! Dave cleared up the keyboard mystery by introducing Butch Reynolds...but Tim Reynolds is no where to be found! Seek Up - I called this as the opener, and wasn't disappointed, as they played a pretty jammy, almost twenty minute version.It seemed the entire floor was singing several times...good vibes all around! PNP->Rapunzel - pretty standard,slow version,jammy ending got everyone dancing Stay - I knew it was going to be played sometime, and I'm glad they got it out of the way early, so we get to some old stuff! Too Much - Ditto...Although Roi made it fun...the man can blow! Crash - Almost deafened by the teeny's shreiks, another "gotta play"..Bela made this one better than usual! LIOG - It's about time! This was a classic! Boyd owned the stage, then Bela owned the stage! I'm guessing over twenty minutes, as I got lost in the song, and couldn't remember the start time! The whole coliseum, all the way up to the rafters was singing and dancing..I can't wait to hear this on tape ( Thanks Will!) Kara is joined by a dude on the aisle who dances with us the rest of the show! He typifies the thing I love about the band....Dance as if no one's watching! This guy had a great time, and I had a great time watching him! DDTW - I love the Growling Dave....Long intro, and again, much teeny screaming! # 41 - FINALLY! I'm transported.....One of my personal favorites...why am I thinking of John Mays shoulda been there brudda, it was smoking! Very jammy, twenty plus minutes, Jeff Coffin absolutely crushed his solos! Pig - Didn't expect this live....pretty standard version...kind of mellow.... Lover Lay Down - We're getting too mellow! Nice song, many people went to get or get rid of beer! Warehouse - Awesome intro, the lights flashed and illuminated the crowd in time to the stops! very jammy version, with lots 'o Boyd! Tripping Billies - Three words Boyd-O-Matic! I was hoping to get this one as the final encore song, but at least I got it! Dave and Boyd were all over the place, with lots of Dave's famous happy feet! The crowd was singing loud enough that the band had to hear us! Satellite - This is not an encore song, especially after such a hot rendition of took the steam out of the crowd...... Two Step - very nice closer! Bela came out for this one, and added his touch to an already jammy show! Post Show comments- Weak setlist, IMHO....everybody has their personal faves of course, and I only got a couple of mine...several very long songs, but several 'fillers'.....oh well, there's always next time!....What I want is what I've not got, and what I need is all around me!
Tana R.
Probably the jamminest DMB show I've ever been to. After opening with a 17-minute Seek Up, they really stretched out, most notably on song endings that went on and on, extracting every nuance out of the groove. At one point Dave said, "Thanks for putting up with us" which I took to mean that they were indulging themselves in some quality time up there. Catalytic Bela played on the longest jams, e.g. a quintessential LIOG and a symphonic 41. Throw in Warehouse, which is a symphony of many movements anyway. In fact, the show was, in a word, orchestral. Orchestral jams featuring first violinst Boyd. Butch Taylor on keyboards throughout added a new layer and at many points there were 7 musicians on stage, making for a very rich, full sound. Imagine melting into the groove of a jazz orchestra and being able to dance with it all night. That was about the way it was for me. All 2:42 of it. Other standouts... an intro to Rapunzel preceding Pantala ... a long, dark, thoughtful intro bursting into DDTW... a sweet Stay and a fine Pig (tho not danceable) ... Bela doing Irish jig stuff on both 41 and the 2nd encore, Two Step ... Roi and Butch playing off each other ... a crowd fully into the moment all the way up to the rafters of the arena. And I must acknowledge the human security team, who allowed the night to be itself without getting out of control. Downsides (really nitpicking) ... could have done w/o Satellite as 1st encore (or on the setlist at all), but at least we didn't get Watchtower (to be honest) ... Tripping Billies seemed superfluous but who am I to 2nd-guess their obvious love of that song ... disappointed in no Crush. Minor details. It was a great show by a unique band of musicians.
Todd D.
Where to start? We got to Greensboro with plenty of time to spare.... We found our seats way up in the rafters, but it wasn't that bad... just that the speakers blocked our view. Which is why I could not tell if Tim Reynolds was out there or not... he never was. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones were great. I love them more and more every time I see them. I wouldn't have minded if they had played the whole night. I want to convey several points here. These Dave Matthews Band was very solid tonight and played very well. HOWEVER, the setlist was just the pits. They played long jams that went on and on, but in the end it was almost a carbon copy of the last show I saw at Nissan. Here goes: Seek Up - This is in fact my favorite song they do, so I will not complain about it, it was excellent. No words necessary Rapunzel - Hey that's funny (being sarcastic) the last show I saw also started off with Seek Up and then Rapunzel Stay - We heard the first chords and just looked at each other and rolled our eyes (Not a bad thing.. just NOT NOW) Too Much - Eight shows Eight times Crash Into Me - Eight shows Eight times (But Bela was nice to hear on this like back on NYE) Lie In Our Graves - Finally a non-radio song. I was looking foward to hearing this and Two Step with Bela. They did really great with this.... Dave was fooling with the guy on the piano in the song break DDTW - AHH Can't escape the radio thing! Used it for a bathroom break #41 - Okay back to the good stuff. They jammed awhile on this, but it was worth it.... I smiled when I heard it. Jeff Cofin joined them for this (didn't matter speakers blocked the view) Bela and Jeff leave Pig - Wasn't expecting this, but there it was. I liked this one, but was still wishing for something to dance with Lover Lay Down - Also wasn't thinking about this one... and again.... I wanted a faster song...... Warehouse - There we go! That's more like it! (my travelling companion called this one... I was very impressed) Tripping Billies - Four shows this year each one ended with this song... doesn't matter... another good song to dance to Encore: Satellite - Well didn't want it, but I'll take what I can get..... I was hoping for something I've never heard them play before Two Step - This was really good to end the show on. It lifted my bum mood about the earlier part of the setilst. And of course Bela came out to play on this as well.... which made it all that much better Overall the music, lights, crowd, and bands were great. The songs are the only thing I'm complaining about. This was show number 8 for me... and it was the first time that I didn't hear anything that I've never heard them play before... my luck has run out. That's all for now. Until the next $30 I spend..... take care
Andy D.
This show was the a second best DMB show I've ever been to. The energy was great right from the beginning. Dave jumped up the in the air when he came out on stage and submitted some vintage 'Davespeak'. They had a keyboard player for the whole show but unfortunatley, no Tim Reynolds. Hats off to Bela Fleck and the Flecktones for an awesome opening show. Victor Wooten is amazing!!!! Seek up: The best version I've heard in 7 shows. 20 minutes long with with a Lerio solo in the end. Rapunzel: Standard crowd pleaser. Got everyone going Stay: Good song. Another crowd pleaser. Too Much: Standard Version Crash: Sounded good with Bela and the Dixie Chicken outro Lie In Our Graves: AWESOME!!!!! A 23 min. LIOG with amazing solos from Boyd and Bela. This was the best of the night Don't Drink the Water: I love when Dave starts screaming at the end. Sounded great with Bela in there #41: Another 20 minute jam. They were really playing some long jams during this show. Jeff Coffin had an awesome solo. Pig: This was the suprise of the night. Sounded the same as the album. Lover Lay Down: I'm not particularly fond of this song but every girl in the arena was. Warehouse: Great song! Especially with the exciting stop time intro. Tripping Billies: Boyd absolutely tore up the stage on this one. Dave and Boyd were facing each other and dancing. It was an awesome closer! Satellite: I was dissappointed to hear this for encore. Not one of my favs. Two Step: Although I would've rather heard Watchtower, this was an awesome version of two step. At the end, they got really quiet and let Bela solo. Then they got loud and ended it. It was the best two step I've ever heard and a good way to end a great show. Everyone from the band to the crowd was really into this show and they played a great list of songs. I thought the only song missing to make the set list great was Dancing Nancies. It was awesome to hear Bela and Jeff Coffin in there jamming with the band. Another AWESOME show from Dave and the boys!!!!!!!!
Nathan C.
OK - this was only my second dave show (my first one was in Charlotte over the summer tour), so I got to hear lots of stuff I've never heard them play before. Bela Fleck was INCREDBILE, and Boyd was all over this show tonite. I was disappointed that there was no Tim Reynolds, Crush, Watchtower, or Ants Marching, and I was kind of hoping to hear Jimi Thing too, and also the sound wasn't great from where we were sitting. It wasn't as cool as the last show I saw, but it still rocked. And now the songs: Seek Up - great opener, very intense. Think Red Rocks w/ a bit more jamming. Pantala Naga Pampa - always fun to sing along too, and cool because we all know what's coming next . . . Rapunzel - great, awesome jam at the end Stay - not my fav. but I guess they had to play it. Actually it's kind of special to me and my girlfriend, so it was good that they played it. Too Much - never heard it before live, great sax parts! Crash - Bela came out for this one and added alot w/ the banjo, also more violin than the album version Lie In Our Graves - definately the highlight of the show! Boyd was ALL OVER the place with this one, and Bela did like this 10-minute long banjo solo. It gave me chills. Don't Drink the Water - pretty standard Don't Drink. A great tune that really shows off Dave's voice #41 - one of my faves; Boyd came in at the part where Leroi usually does on the album, which really took me off guard. That was incredible. Also lots of sax and flutes. Pig - nice, tight performance. I hear they hardly ever play this one, but I saw them play it at the only shows I went to. Lover Lay Down - a nice song I guess. Not my fave, so I got up to go pee Warehouse - good thing I got back in time! AMAZING intro to the song, go Boyd!!! Tripping Billies - hey, it was tripping billies, what more can we say? Encore: Satellite - a surprise for me, I must say I wasn't expecting this one. Two Step - INCREDIBLE closer. I almost thought they were gonna get away w/out playing this one. Another LONG banjo solo, great dynamics and loud part at the end. I was dancing w/ my girlfriend for this one. Again, I missed Tim Reynolds, and the sound wasn't the best, but this was definately a great, intense show and I can't wait to go again.