Dave Matthews Band
Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The New Meanies

Don't Drink the Water
Leroi Solo -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Two Step
Say Goodbye
Minarets (Rap intro)
Typical Situation
Proudest Monkey
Rhyme & Reason
Dancing Nancies
Ants Marching
I'll Back you Up
Tripping Billies

entire set with Tim Reynolds

Shane P.
Before I begin, a big hats off to the crew for producing such a great sound out of a building usually known for its poor acoustics! Sounded awesome! And who was that guy hanging out near the back of the stage -- Tim Reynolds or The Crow?? (whoever he was, he played a mean guitar!) The first half of the show was all Leroi Moore: DDTW -- I didn't much care for this song on the CD, but it has come a long way! Carter has single-handedly made this song very cool! Rapunzel -- even though it was played at about half tempo, this song is still awesome! Got the crowd to it's feet (to stay) Two Step -- Great as always #41 -- A nice surprise Say Goodbye -- Amazing work by both Carter and Leroi. One of my personal favorites Minarets -- One of the highlights of the evening! Rap intro. and all! Typical Situation -- Best version I've ever heard! About 20 minutes in length, it featured a Leroi sax solo at the start and a Leroi flute solo to close it out. Proudest Monkey -- It's back (finally...) R & R -- Another nice surprise During the first half of the show, Boyd was unheard of. Seemed very low on energy. But he took the show over from here on in: Nancies -- Boyd was all over the stage! He was electric! Crush -- Great solos by Boyd, Tim, and Carter (who closed it out) Stay -- On the CD = Decent; Live = Amazing! Ants -- Huge rise out of the crowd. Boyd was on fire Encore: I'll Back You Up -- Another highlight of the evening. Featuring Dave, Tim and Carter (who helped on some backing vocals). Stefan joined to close it out. Billies -- High NRG! Boyd really tore it up! A very energetic show by everyone, the best that I've ever attended. Once again, I'm shocked at the great sound that they got out of the arena! If anyone taped it, let me know and I'll give you my left nut for it!