Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Graph of songs performed, by album
Onstage at 8:30pm
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
When the World Ends*
Rhyme & Reason *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Break Free *
Louisiana Bayou *
Smooth Rider *+
Grey Street *
Sleep to Dream Her*
Grace Is Gone
Jimi Thing *
Ants Marching *
American Baby Intro * -->
Two Step *
Offstage at about 11:30pm

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Warren Haynes

AMAZING...SIMPLY AMAZING!! Last nights show was my 7th DMB concert in 7 years, and I must was the best so far!! They started the night off with one of my favorites, Pantala Naga Pampa with lead right into Rapunzel. This was a great choice for an opener....the crowd just went wild right away and it was a pretty good indication as to how the rest the of night would go!! Next was When the world ends, which I went to go get another drink during. I am not a big fan of their Everyday album! Rhyme & Reason was a great change of pace and wonderful to hear!! Then onto Hunger for the great light. I really like DMB's Stand Up cd and was a great song to play from it!! Despite all the heat....the crowd was outrageously wild and it was so amazing to be a part of it all!! They played a new song called Break Free. I think this was Daves way of calming everyone down for a minute. I'm sure he needed a breather too, it was so hot out you could see Daves entire shirt just soaked in his sweat!! It was a good song, I liked it, a little mellow, but like I said....we needed a little relaxation for a minute or two!! Next was Louisiana Bayou!! Oh man...did the crowd go wild!! I was born in Louisiana so this song really hit the spot for me!! The next song was a real treat. Warren Haynes came on stage with Dave and played Smooth Rider!!!!! I could not believe Warren Haynes was there!! Dave put on his sunglasses for Smooth Rider which was funny!! Another one of my favorites was next, Grey Street!! I love hearing them play this song live and it was fantastic of course!! At this point I was actually praying for them to play a song I didn't care for so I could go to the bathroom and try to cool down a bit. Well, I got what I wished for because the next song was Sleep to dream her. A song from Everyday....with bad memories attached to it!! But it was just a little bump in the road and we were back on track again. I heard the beginning of Grace is Gone in line to get another drink. He mixed some Bartender in with it!! Two more very awesome songs!!! JTR was next, followed by usual. But he threw in a little Dixie Chicken at the end which was amazing!! Being from the south myself....I love it when he mixes his songs up with a little southern music!! Even though DMB plays Crash at almost every concert...its always great to hear live!! This is where the show just gets absolutely crazy!! Crash was followed by Jimi Thing and man did they rock! I have a little brother named this song always reminds me of him!! I was so happy to hear it! Ants Marching was last!! This was so amazing!! I have never heard Blossom Music Center so loud!!! DMB was off stage for about 5 minutes and then came back with an encore of the American Baby Intro. He threw in some other songs within this Intro....but I was so into the music...I honestly couldn't tell you what those songs were!! All I know is that this show was amazing! Their final song of the evening was Two Step!!!! They were teasing us earlier in the show with a little Two Step but didn't play it. So, when they came back with it as the encore....I was just in heaven!! This is my absolute favorite closer for DMB. They are so amazing and jam out on Two Step!!!! I thought Dave would end the show with his new song Sister...but he didn't. Which, I gotta say I wasn't entirely sad about. I was actually kind of happy that we didn't have to hear a sad song at the end of a wonderful night!! I was really hoping they would play Say Goodbye since it is my all time favorite DMB song and I have not ever heard it live. But, I can't complain about the was by far the best DMB concert I have personally ever seen!! Job well done boys!! Over all I give this show a 15/10!! I was seriously impressed!! It was soooooo rediculously hot outside and they JAMMED for 3 hours straight!!!!! AMAZING...SIMPLY AMAZING!!!
It's good to see DMB Live in consecutive years once again. I did so in 1998-99, then had a six year hiatus, and finally saw the band again last summer (June 2005) at Blossom. That show was all it took to know I wanted to see them again in 2006. And that's exactly what I did last night, despite the heat and humidity.

The band took the stage a little bit later than usual, around 8:25 P.M. Despite the muggy (90+ degree) weather, everyone in the pavilion, and in the expansive lawn area, jumped to their feet once Pantala Naga Pampa began. The lead into Rapunzel was a great way to start the show, and the audience roared once the opening tunes ended. This opener set the tone for the evening because it was extremely high energy, and one of the more memorable songs of the evening. (Boyd, of course, went off.)

When the World Ends was a pleasant surprise, especially because I had never seen this song performed Live. I was glad the band was playing some different selections from last year's show.

This show featured several rarities, at least for this year's tour. The first was Rhyme & Reason, which was the next song. Great rendition, good to hear this non-commercial hit Live once again. Hunger for the Great Light was next, and really set off the main TV monitors on stage, along with dozens of lights outlining the stage. After this song, the huge stage TV screens stayed on and showed images of the band throughout the show -- along with the standard screens on each side of the stage.

A new song (and one that I loved), Break Free, was next. Good jam at the end, as well. This song should be a hit for the band in the future. One of my all-time DMB favorites, Louisiana Bayou, still rocked -- despite no Robert Randolph from last year's show. I think this must be one of the band's favorite songs to play. (And the addition of Butch Taylor on keys and Rashhawn Ross on trumpet made it more fun.)

The Smooth Rider cut was the best I've heard, even before the big jam and solos. Dave donned a pair of shades and his towel over both shoulders, almost like a boa, that fit the mood and beat of the song. Government Mule guitarist/vocalist Warren Haynes blended in seamlessly, and gave the sexy beat some southern-rock-sounding (almost Lynard Skynard-esque) flavor.

Grey Street, one of my favorites, got the entire crowd singing the entire song. Another rarity was next, Sleep to Dream Her. This led directly into Grace Is Gone, which I thought stole the show. I had never heard/seen this song Live, but the kicker was the country-jamboree/howdown jam session before the song's close. This got the crowd and the band WILD. Carter and Boyd clearly fed off each other's frenetic energy, taking the beat from steady to fast, then back to steady... then slooooooowed down to a close. OUTSTANDING rendition!

The ending of JTR rocked, and Crash - a surprise rarity - got everyone singing along once more. The ovation for this number was probably the loudest of the evening thus far. Jimi Thing kept everyone dancing, all through the solos. And Ants Marching kept everyone simultaneously dancing, singing and cheering.

The American Baby Intro isn't listed in the "statistics" category for this web site, so maybe it was the first time played during this tour. (I have yet to check other shows.) They played and sang this for about 5-6 minutes, so it was definitely longer and more varied than the CD version.

I knew that wouldn't be the only encore song, and of course, the nonstop flow right into Two Step proved me right. I believe DMB has played Two Step at every show I've attended. This marked the first time they didn't play One Sweet World, but the band more than made up for it.

A great show, a great atmosphere, and 3 hours of great Live music. A terrific show from everyone, and I can't wait for 2007 (or sooner!).

Thank you for a great show, guys! God bless all y'all, and see you next time.
This was my first DMB show...I have been anticipating this show all summer and let me say that Dave did not dissapoint me one bit last night; he played all the right songs, including some I definitly wanted to hear but did not expect him to actually play, so I was very impressed and surprised at the same time throughout the entire night. Dave got on stage a little before 8:30 and the crowd went nuts. First up was Pantala Naga Pampa which certainly meant Rapunzel was coming up next. Rapunzel is one of my faves and I was happy to know it was at the beginning of the show, it was a perfect start. Next up was When the World Ends and Rhyme and Reason, two more classics and they were performed beautifully. Next up was a song I knew he would play looking at setlists from previous shows, Hunger for the Great Light, I love this song and halfway through it, the three big screens lit up behind him showing different angles and band members on stage and the place errupted! This was the first song of many long jams throughout the night. Break Free was next and I was glad to hear a taste of whats to come on the new album...This song was awesome. Next up was another one i knew would come sometime in the night...BAYOUUUUU!!!!!!! Another long jam reminiscent of weekend on the rocks. Then the surprises came...Warren Haynes came out on stage and Dave put on his aviator sunglasses and the began an amazing electrifying duet of smooth rider with the rest of the band...Dave and Warren's guitars sounded awesome together...and it was not a mellow smooth rider like Weekend on the rocks it was an explosive jam for like 12-14 minutes...One of my favorite new live songs! Great job dave and warren! Then came Grey Street which was awesome and they even jammed for a few minutes longer with this song too! Then things slowed down a bit with sleep to dream her, this is one of my favorites from EVERYDAY and i was not expecting at all to hear was nice and mellow and after that he went right into strummin a few notes and i went nuts...GRACE IS GONE! One of the best dave songs, i have heard this song on the gorge 6 cd set but nothing could compare to what happened last night...they played the song and then Boyd had a violin solo! it started out at the same tempo as grace but sped up and got ridiculously fast...boyd jammed for about 5 minutes and then slowed back down and went right back into the grace beat...this was the highlight of my night and my favorite new live song! Next was JTP which was a really good song considering i never had heard it before..then a high energy Crash and a 15 minute long jam of Jimi thing just like the central park concert...STOP HEY, WHATS THAT SOUND!? lol...then an amazing ANTS MARCHING! a very long intro into ants as well which was amazing! everyone was jumping up and down and waving their was the perfect closer...started with classics and finished with classics...then the band walked off stage and after five minutes of chanting his name...dave came back out and started out with a solemn then explosive american baby intro which i knew could only mean one thing...not american baby, but TWO STEP! the perfect jam to finish with...they played this song for atleast 15-20 minutes including a piano solo and an explosive drum solo from carter at the end with a simeltaneous flashing of the fire dancer logo on all the screens with every major drum smash...the ending was explosive and the crowd roared with the finish...this was an amazing show...Thanks again dave for playing an unexpected GRACE IS GONE...and i will definitly have "one drink to remember" my incredible first DMB live experience!
Dave M.
I've seen DMB only about 10 times in 12 years, but I have always been impressed. This show was no exception. Excellent musicianship and good entertainers. Whereas most bands who play this long take lengthy set breaks, DMB plays continuously and seamless for almost 3 hours - quite a feat in the heat! The trumpet added good sound, and Warren Haynes' sound mixed well with the band. Blossom is a very good venue for sound - you could hear each individual instrument being played during the entire show. All in all, another sound experience.
Matthew P.
This was my 14th DMB show. Over the years I've seen highs and lows, and honestly this summer tour is one of the very best. This is the point where the old, semi-old, and new songs are mixing together perfectly. With the standards from the first four albums (R2T, UTTAD, Crash, and BTCS) that were played forever, to the once newcomers, to the very new, DMB has finally found the sound and the ability to mix them together in a way that each song has something special, something that gets the crowd screaming. While it's great to hear the "old" stuff, it's just as great hearing something newer that the band goes nuts on (think Bartender, Louisiana Bayou, Grey Street). This was a night of that great dynamic and not one song disappointed. Definitely hot though! I'm in fact listening to it right now (thanks!) Here's my rundown and the scores:

Pantala Naga Pampa/Rapunzel (8.5/10) - Always a good opener, and it seems like the opening song is always the victim of getting the bugs in the sound system worked out - well not tonight! From the first strums of PNP, everything sounded awesome, and the addition of Rashawn on the trumpet is *perfect*. "Come and relax now" is the perfect opening line for a DMB concert.

When the World Ends (9/10) - I was really hoping to hear this tonight. It's one of the new songs that I like more and more as I hear it live (along with So Right and What You Are). Definitely sounded a lot better than the previous times I've heard it live, the guys really have this one down now and play some great jams on it.

Rhyme & Reason (9/10) - Rhyme & Reason is the one song on UTTAD that I hadn't heard live, and this was a truly awesome version of it. Definitely rocking, and definitely great to hear something older. I was surprised at the number of people who were singing along, at my last show at Blossom I saw a lot of confused faces/talking during the older songs. Hunger for the Great Light (8/10) - I really dig this song. A great version, and Carter was awesome during it.

Break Free (10/10) - This is my favorite of the new songs, and I was *so* excited we got this one instead of the others. Not that I don't like some of the other new songs, but Break Free has excellent words and I love the music. The jam on this was incredible; Roi and Rashawn stole this song.

Louisiana Bayou (9/10) - I have to admit, this is my favorite song from SU. I was thrilled to hear it again, we got this last year as the closer at Blossom. I really missed Robert Randolph, but this was still a great version. This song is just awesome live.

Smooth Rider (7/10) - Warren made this song. This was the only song of the night that I don't really love, but it had an amazing jam and Warren ripped it up. Dave sported some sweet "State Trooper" sunglasses.

Grey Street (10/10) - And the crowd goes nuts! I've watched Grey Street go from a new song to one of the most loved songs during the concerts. Everyone was singing along, even more than Crash Into Me. Such a powerful song, I was so happy we got this.

Sleep to Dream Her (8/10) - I think at this point Dave needed to slow it down a bit and chill. Everyone was really hot and tired at this point, Dave had a cool towel around his neck, and a lot of people sat down and just grooved along to this song. Very pretty.

Grace Is Gone (10/10) - I never thought we would get Grace Is Gone. This was perfect, and jammed into a hoe-down style jam for about five minutes. Everyone was singing along. I'm so happy to see the Lillywhite's/Busted Stuff get so much respect, but then again, those songs are incredible (Grace, JTR, Bartender, Diggin A Ditch, Big-Eyed Fish - how did that almost not get released??)

JTR* (10/10) - My jaw dropped at this point! We had already had Grey Street on the 12-string, but when I saw it come back out I couldn't believe it. My first JTR live, this along with Grace was my highlight of the night.

Crash (9/10) - I'm of the mindset that even though Crash was on the radio, overplayed, and is played live almost every show I see, I still love the song. It's a great tune, always emotional live, and everyone sings along and smiles. Nothing wrong with that.

Jimi Thing (10/10) - Oh yeah! I was wondering why they didn't have Warren play on this one, but then I read the review from the previous night and heard it wasn't that great. This was a pretty rocking read-through of one of the classic DMB songs.

Ants Marching (10/10) - I'm not used to having Ants played before the encore, the crowd went insane at this point and everyone around us was dancing.

Encore: American Baby Intro (10/10) - The American Baby Intro easily stands on it's own as a song without American Baby, and blew my mind at how passionate and beautiful it was. Featured some *great* Dave screaming. Personally I like this song better than American Baby itself. This clocked in at over 8 minutes.

Two Step (10/10) - What a great encore. It's always a great night and a great end to a DMB concert when the night closes with an incredible 17:34 minute Two Step. Just insane.

Overall this show was a 9.5/10, I've only had one show better. The show was a little over 3 hours, which is insane for such a hot night at Blossom! Dave, Roi, Stefan, Carter, Boyd, Butch, Rashawn, and Warren, Thank you for a memorable night!!
This marks 10 years of seeing DMB in Ohio and Charlotte, the Charlotte show was great and brought my youngest son to his first concert...what a thrill, but Ohio blew me away! The intro for American Baby, still gives me chills...every year they seem to get better and DMB!!!
An OK show, too mellow for me. It opened great and then turned into a mellow show that never seemed to pick up steam. The crowd was boring and barely moving around. My section was boring anyways and when I looked around people we like statues. I have been to 50ish shows in 11 states and this one ranks near the bottom. It wasn't terrible just others have been way, way better.

However that venue is beautiful. I loved the lots and the venue itself. It was very nice and I will most likely visit that venue again. Reminds me of SPAC.
wow! you can always tell when the band is going to do some serious jamming,if they take a good 60 to 90 seconds between nearly every song! that my friends is exactly what they did! old school playing a little more like a young band who needs to give 100% on every note! carter and boyd did a hoedown type jam that id never heard before! it was flipping awesome! anytime you get a jimi thing and a two step in one show you cant help but smile for a week! one of my top 3 shows!
This show actually surprised me, great list and energy after rocking it out in Cincy the night before. I loved the 15 min version of Grace is Gone, and it was first time hearing ants marching in person.