HiFi Buys Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Pat Greene
PNP * -->
Rapunzel *
Say Goodbye
Satellite *
The Idea of You *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Louisiana Bayou *
You Might Die Trying *
Break Free *
So Much to Say * -->
Anyone Seen The Bridge? * -->
Too Much *
Can't Stop
Warehouse *
Dreamgirl *
#41 +*
Ants Marching +*
Sister ~
Tripping Billies *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ With Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
~ Dave solo

Clint H.
This was a good show. PNP -->Rapunzel is never a bad way to open up. Say Goodbye is a classic and is always great. Warehouse rocked! SMTS into ASTB into Too Much sounded awesome, it had great energy. #41 lasted what seemed like 30 minutes (not sure how long in actuality). Bela Fleck and the Flecktones added a lot to it and it was a great version. Ants was great. Sister was as good as i've ever heard it because the crowd got quiet so you could really hear the words. JTR sounded awesome. this was all in all a really good show.
Katie B.
This was my 4th time seeing dave at hifi. Last year was amazing with trey. but this year was so awesome. the setlist was phenomenal. the rain was so much fun. crowd was great. #41 with bela fleck... a treat.

ants-sister-jtr-billies... i mean seriously... how can you beat that... and they opened with pnp and rapunzel. and anyone seen the bridge... seriously i was in heaven. i saw them both nights in fenway this year and i can honestly tell you that this show was right up there with fenway. so good.
Cait N.
Amazing concert! I knew it was going to be hard to beat the concert at hifi last year but they pulled it off and blew me away once again. Being a big Bella Fleck fan i was quite pleased with the surprise. The electric bango added the perfect touch to #41. Warehouse and ants marching are always crowd favorites. Dave had me fooled before Hunger for the great light saying it was just a "tiny little love song". Sister was absolutely beautiful ending classicly with Tripping Billies. Couldnt ask for anything more.
this show was a whole lot of fun. i actually had really good seats for once which made it a lot better. the show started a little slow for me. a little bit too radio friendly. i guess the singles are fun because they get even the moderate dave fans into the show. warehouse was definitely awesome, my first time hearing it live. #41 was awesome with bela fleck and futureman. i'm a big fan of the flecktones and getting to hear them was a real treat. the encore didnt really do it for me i gotta say. tripping billies isn't a great closer in my opinion. but overall i had a great time and im hoping to head up to charlottesville to see them one last time this year.
The show was amazing. Honestly, i was a little diappointed with last year's show here...the energy this time around was absolutely electric. From the opening with Pantala to Rapunzel, to old classics and crowd favorites Crash, Satellite, and Warehouse...which was absolutely incredible, and the new tunes, which i thought were also really 41 which i thought was the pinnacle of the show, it was an all around incredible show.

Like i said i really enjoyed the new tunes, alot more jams than what we got from Everyday and Busted Stuff. Don't get me wrong, i enjoyed those albums alot, but i think the new album in December will be closer to earlier DMB.

I was, though, slightly disappointed in the encore...JTR was ok IMO and Trippin Billies wasn't bad. Sister was decent...i think it'll grow on me but i was deep in the crowd and couldn't really make out the words, which are the driving force behind the song. Liek i said, not bad...but there was definitely and anticlimatic feeling, being that those 3 songs followed 41, Warehouse, and Ants.

Overall, amazing show. Bela was awesome, comparable to Trey last year, and there was just so much more energy. Best show i've ever been to.
I have seen many Dave shows before that were just OK, but this must have been the best show I have seen him do. It must have been for Bela Fleck and his pal that made the show even better. I have never seen him spend 30+ minutes on #41 and just kept on going. I had doubts about renewing my Warehouse membership before this show, but I am definately renewing after this! Keep up the great work DMB!!