Ford Amphitheatre, Tampa, FL
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Pat Greene
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Hunger for the Great Light *
The Idea of You *
Louisiana Bayou *
So Right *
Where Are You Going?
You Might Die Trying *
So Much To Say * -->
Too Much *
Jimi Thing *
Can't Stop
Everyday *
Ants Marching *
Pig *
Stay *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet

probably the 15th time i've seen the guys, and this one, unfortunately, disappointed for the first time. started off great, dave was feeling saucy, and then energy was there. but two songs in, and dave's shirt was soaked to the core. it was just soooooooooooooo humid, i think the band may have spent itself before they realized it. i sweated my tail off just standing, so i can imagine how they felt. i don't even know how carter held onto the sticks, but that may have been why he didn't go off like usual. boyd really jammed out, and the guys and crowd fed off it bigtime, but in the end, i think for them it was just too tough to wail all night in that heat. then again, i'm spoiled. when we deal with perfection and expect it everytime out, i guess we're bound to be a bit bummed when it doesn't meet expectations. not to worry, they'll be just fine, and every other tour stop should be great. and i can't wait for the new album, as they played a couple new tunes that were pretty damn good.
This was my tenth Dave show in 5 years, and 7th different venue, although I've heard upwards of 100 different live shows on CD. Before I get onto the (subpar)performance, I have to comment on a disturbing trend I've been noticing at Dave shows, Ticket Scalping! When I went to some shows a few years ago up north it was relatively easy to show up late and find a ticket at face value or sometimes even less. This year and last year it has goten bad, Lawn seats goin for $125!!!! Are you serious?? And scalpers who were selling tickets (with a hndful)earlier, were holding up ''need tickets'' signs at times to make it seem like tickets were harder to find than they really were. We felt lucky to get pavillion seats for $80 from these class acts. It started off with an amazing Rapunzel, so amazing that like the previous poster said, it left the band winded for the majority of the night. Man was it hot and humid; this is tampa, where the heck was the ocean breeze?? The show dipped from hunger to idea of you but included 3 dave speaks: "sweating like a hog", "this goes out to yall sweatin like a horse" and "sweatin till your socks are soaked". Bayou rocked and I was very pleased to hear So Right, my first time to catch that one in person. Where are you going - the bathroom. Of all the tour debuts I would have liked to hear, Die Trying wouldn't have made my top 20. :( Too much - the title says it all. Jimithing - finally the show is getting better and hats off to Butch Taylor. Cant Stop - please stop. Everyday - more like everyshow. Ants - typical closer. After a disappointing set, they played Pig!! What a breath of fresh air, only my second time in 10 shows to hear it. They finished with stay. Sorry to write such a negative review, but the energy was really lacking and what happened to all the great songs they have been bringing back this tour?? Big Eyed Fish, Raven, Dreaming Tree, Last Stop, Joy Ride, Seek up, Proud Monkey, Lie in our Graves, Say goodbeye, how is it we got none of these? I know Tampa is not NewYork but Damn! This show rates about 8th or 9th out of my 10 shows, and the venue ranks 5th out of 7. Deer Creek remains the best place where I have seen Dave perform. One last complaint, how is it that a show in Florida can run out of water?? I went to buy water 2/3 into the show and had to try 4 different stands before I found with water left. Guess it could have been worse though, I could have went to the Cincinatti show....
I have been a loyal fan since the early 90's, my first show being at a frat house at Virgina Tech. Used to catch multiple shows each summer, now have to settle for one, maybe two, a year. I would go back and see it again tomorrow, but there were a few things missing this time. My observations are: 1 - the songs that were on were really, really on. Dave jammed out on Jimithing for the better part of 30 minutes-casual fans might get bored, but for me that is what it is all about. And how the guys played in that heat for nearly 3 hours is beyond me. I appreciated the effort 100%. Loved Rapunzel to start and Pig and Stay were solid closings (although I miss the Watchtower encores from way back). I had never heard him play Stay live before so that was something new. I think that fact that 90% of the crowd stood their for several minutes after Stay, hoping for another encore sums it up. It was great, but we all wanted one last song that was real magic. You could tell the guys were just spent. 2 - a number of classics were missing. Sure, as a performer you cant play the same set, same songs, over and over without losing flavor. You don't want to rest on your laurels. But even new fans are drawn in by the older core music. The same great tunes that were packing venues way back when are the same ones that fans old and new want to hear now. I was dying for Proudest Monkey, Warehouse, Seek Up, something in that vein. Just one of those would have been great. 3 - ad of my favorite thing about shows are Dave's one liners and banter with the crowd. His best of the night was (paraphrased) "how are all you up on the grass." Was he talking about the lawn seats or....?

But there weren't a lot of quips. Honestly, it was a good show in tough conditions. Can't knock the energy level - it was there. Can't know the performance - Dave and the band are unearthly musicians. My only beef was the set list. When DMB opens for the Stones in October, take note of which Stones tunes the crowd goes nuts for. They appreciate them all. They will always show up no matter what. But they really love the classics! Now I will go be remorseful for having any negative comments at all. How can you find fault with a God!
Ryan O.
This concert for lack of a better word was Phenomenal and to start out with PNP was just the icing on the cake. This was my seventeenth DMB show, third here at the Ford Amp and they just keep getting better and better.

The energy that the band had could be felt throughout the crowd and “The Idea of You” and “Can’t Stop” I hope they make the new studio release b/c I really like the direction the band is taking with those songs. Rashawn Ross adds so much to this band it is hard for me to remember what they sounded like without him. One of my favorite songs to hear live is Jimi Thing and this 23 min version did not disappoint and I love the fact that Dave, at least for this show, gave his scatting job to Butch b/c he added a whole new element with the keys and voice combo. The version of Everyday/36 was awesome I mean can anyone name another band where the lead singer takes his cue’s from the crowd b/c I can’t. I’m heading out to West Palm for the Saturday show but I must say this will be hard to top.
This was my 5th DMB show and I would rank it as my least favorite. They played their hearts out that night, but it was definately extremely humid, but they rocked it out. Like a couple other posts have stated, they didn't play anything I haven't heard live besides their new stuff. I would have loved to have them play Last Stop, Typical Situation, Raven, or Nancies. After watching WPB N2, I wish I would have taken the road trip with my friends, much better list that night. This will probably be my last DMB show at the Ford Ampitheatre, it was my second time seeing them there, but their performances were better at other venues I've seen. Guess I'll be makin a weekend of WPB each summer now.