Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Don't Drink the Water *
Crash *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Seek Up *
If I Had It All *~
Raven *~
Louisiana Bayou *~
Loving Wings
Where Are You Going
The Idea of You *~
Jimi Thing *~
So Much To Say *~ -->
Too Much *~
Can't Stop *
Two Step *+~
Little Thing [tease]
What Would You Say? *
Tripping Billies *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Robert Randolph on pedal steel guitar
~ Alfredo Ballesteros on saxophone

CAN'T STOP thinking about how good it was. To love DMB is to know how much better they get over time. As much as I adore these musicians, I was blown away by the energy that this show produced. The most amazing moments came when my body, heart and mind were two-stepping along with everyone else. THANK YOU boys... CAN'T WAIT til you come back to San Diego.
Tim C.
It seems as if as the tour goes on the set list gets stronger and stronger,as evident by the 3 hour show at Coors on Saturday night.The boys were on fire.Dave was particularily loose, dancing and playing off the others.I almost expected him to go back stage and break out the old pajama pants he used to wear.The show opened with a bang,as only Don't Drink The Water can do and flowed beautifully until the conclusion with Tripping Billies.I was pleased to see that the band seems to be recognizing the songs from Stand Up that are going to "Stand Up" over time.Louisiana Bayou and Hunger For The Great Light are outstanding live and seem to be coming crowd pleasers.I didn't shed any tears when I didn't hear American Baby or Dream Girl.Dave's Cajun man schtick to intro Louisiana Bayou would have made Adam Sandler proud.For me,the highlights were hearing Raven and for what ever reason Jimi Thing took on a life of it's own.The band just seemed so into it,as if playing this song for the first time.Everyone was talking about how awesome this particular version was.Butterfly was a nice little treat also.The additions of Rashawn Ross on trumpet and Alfredo Ballesteros on Sax to accompany Leroi worked well.The songs were simply enhanced,not over taken by the additional horns.However, I did hear some people indicating that they would prefer a little more guitar during the jams and a little less horns.Personally, I thought it worked great.Robert Randolph joined in on Two Step and blew the song wide open with his funky pedal steel guitar(I think that is what that thing was).During the song he got up and gave Dave his fedora style hat which Dave kept on for the rest of the song.We saw Robert Randolph in the lounge after the show and he was wearing the hat.I asked my wife to go ask him to give it to her,but she chickened out.Overall, this was the best DMB show that I have seen and the buzz from the crowd seems to support my conclusion.The setlist,the energy,the length of the show,the crowd,and the venue made for one unforgettable evening.I'm kicking myself for not making the trip to the Hollywood Bowl because I'm sure they are going to kick it up a notch there.
Jeff F.
For me, a tale of two shows. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the whole show, but I definitely enjoyed hearing the high energy songs in the second half, whereas the first half was a bit more mellow. And I was shocked to hear them play for three hours. I'm pretty sure I've never seen them play past 11 pm. And this was also the first show where I've seen a three song encore.

Two Step was absolutely incredible, with Randolph on the steel guitar. Probably the best version I've heard. I love Boyd's energy on Bayou, and the band really seemed to be going all out on Jimi Thing.

And one thing that's not exactly connected to the music, but I thought the lighting behind the band was the best I've ever seen. It just added to the entire experience.
Brian F.
I have been seeing DMB live for almost 10 years now, and the Chula Vista show was one of the best I have ever attended. Any time the band plays for more than 3 hours you know they came to do some serious jamming. And Jamming we got. I thought the highlights were a strong DDTW opener (Daves voice was right on), an excellent, smooth Seek Up with everyone soloing, & an incredible Jimi Thing...which never, ever gets old..especially when Dave throws down and busts out the SKAT. Well, just when the night was teetering between above average to excellent... thrown in a 20 minute Two Step with an unrestrained Robert Randolf. All I can say is that it was completely out of control. Dave wearing a Fedora? A saxophone player appearing? Randolf on top of his slide guitar jamming? Boyd just letting it Rip? Butch funkying it up? Quite honestly, I was waiting for Ron Burgundy to come out with his flute to jam with the boys. I guess the only thing that could top the arguably best Two Step in '06 would be a three song encore........wait, we got that too!! Thanks DMB. You made my trip well worth it. Stay Classy.
Fantastic show!! One of the best ever in 22 shows seen so far! Thanks dmb! They rocked the house, they were on fire. Seek Up?? Helllyeah!! The newer songs dmb has written (Everyday album and later) are all sounding so phenomenal now that the band has worked on them live for a few years. The IIHIA into RAVEN was one of the best stretches ever at a dmb show. DOWNLOAD this show and keep one in your car, and one copy in a fire safe vault! Love!
Lindsay K.
This was my big 10th Dave Matthews show and I was blown away at how awesome of a show this was. Out of all 10 DMB concerts I have been to he has never played this long before. He played for 3 hours straight and had such a long encore. I even had lawn seats and the view was amazing. They had plenty of big screens for people who didn't have the best view, and the light show was awesome. The last time I saw them at Coors was 7 years ago at my very first DMB concert. This concert wasn't as good as when I saw them there 7 years ago, but it still blew me away. There is nothing like sitting there listening to Dave sing with a nice joint to top it off. I started to light it up when all of a sudden he started playing Jimi Thing and I will never forget it. My only complaint was that he didn't play #41 and hasn't played that for a while. I love this venue and will see you all there again next year.