Smirnoff Music Centre, Dallas, TX
Graph of songs performed, by album
Best of What's Around *
Song That Jane Likes *
Say Goodbye
Pig *
Lie in Our Graves *
Break Free *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Dreamgirl *
Dancing Nancies * -->
Warehouse *
You Might Die Trying *
Louisiana Bayou *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
What You Are *
Stay *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet

'Best of what's around' and 'Song that jane likes' are two that you dont hear too often, in fact I dont know if they have even been played on this tour as of yet?? It was a great night, a great show. I'd put it in my top 3 all time! Great energy all around, and I remember reading on the official Dave Matthews site that the band was talking about how great the Texas shows were and how it felt like the 'old times' on guessing thats a good thing!
Amidst the near 100 degree Dallas heat, the band came out firing with a perfect opener and rendition of BOWA. I hope BOWA is the first song on the Greatest Hits album. Older gems set the tone early with classics such as STJL and Say Goodbye. Being 15 rows back, it was a real treat and highlight to see the band "gather 'round" the drumset as Carter worked his magic for the first couple minutes of Say Goodbye. Pig was a smooth transition as Butch Taylor added a beautiful solo to LIOG. "Break Free" is a great live song with a strong/tight beat reminiscent to "Raven" and maybe a little "Smooth Rider." Exceptional baritone guitarwork by Dave as well. It's definitely a song to look forward to on the new CD. Boyd was all over the stage with his passionate solo's which electrified an already charged crowd in Dallas. Three thumbs up.
Personaly I thought the concert in dallas was an amazing show. I thought since i gave my tickets away that were up close it wasnt gona be as good in the lawn, but i was wrong it was incredible and the seats were even better than what i expected dave put on one of the best shows playing pig and his new song break free. It was an awesome show and cant wait for the next.
What a great evening this was. I had the joy of getting to watch my younger brother take in his first show, and just like the HOT Texas was burning up. BOWA was a great opener and was met with unexpected praise from those around our position on the center lawn, which have at times been not so appreciative of the older tunes. STJL was a big surprise to me as was most of the show because I attempted to avoid looking at setlists leading up to the show. Highlights for me included a bangin' first five songs, and Nancies into a a cool warehouse. Its been awhile since Ive seen Boyd having that much fun on stage, he was all over the place and played a great as usual solo in LIOG. I was a little disappointed for a fan that sat near me that screamed for Everyday the entire show....THE ENTIRE show...guess they'll just have to wait for next time. All in all a great show, but pleasing more to see a young DMB fan get his first show experience. Youll find me in reserved next year however, first show ever was front row center, lawn from that point forward, and its time for me to get back in the action. Until next year .......
Rob D.
Opening of show was straight amazing, BOWA, STJL, SG, LIOG, etc.... killer show. Too bad no Tripping, # 41, Ants, but great, would also say Roi needs to be given more time to solo, i.e. LIOG, Wharehouse where for some reason Butch has taken over his sole parts....Long Live Dave, underappreciaion of his talents may lead to him say sianara and joing a jazz band where his talents can really be displayed, but that aside Carter as always phenomanal...
This was my ninth DMB show. Without question the best. From setlist to energy to the crowd everything worked to perfection. Really love the STAND UP songs live especially HFTGL. BOWA and Song That.....were just very least by me and I couldn't have picked two better songs to open a show with. And...a special shout to Boyd for really really giving us the goods on LIOG. Fabulous.

The Houston show was really good and I thought Dallas would have to be something very special to top was and it did. Great job guys.
I haven't been to a DMB concert since 2003. I missed their Texas run in 2004 because they were here less than a week before my wedding and last year I was in NYC when they came through Texas...ironically enough, on our anniversary.

I've seen DMB 15 times before tonight. Granted, there were several songs I'd have loved to hear on my return to the live-show setting (Seek Up, Two Step, #41, etc), but I'd have to say that this was one of the very best times I have had at any show ever, DMB or not. The opening run of Best Of What's Around, Song That Jane Likes, Say Goodbye, Pig, Lie In Our Graves, and Break Free was just unbelieveable (by the way, if you weren't there, download this version).

Other highlights for me were You Might Die Trying (sonically, this song was amazing), Warehouse (which seemed to go on forever), Louisianna Bayou, and Rapunzel. The encore of What You Are, and Stay was less-than-pleasing as far as song selection goes, but the performances were powerful nonetheless.

The energy onstage was intense throughout and from my vantage point the crowd was awesome.

The only drawback for me, didn't have to do with the concert but the fact that the $30 I spent on a tour t-shirt was wasted because it fits me like a medium shirt would. I normally wear XL. Unfortunately, my phsyique doesn't do too well with a form-fitting shirt. I guess I need to start working to a point where I can wear that shirt and have it look good on me.

All in all, though...I had an amazing time tonight and I'm glad that I came back to the live DMB setting tonight.
Martin B.
I would really like to say i have been listenign too dave for only 2 years and i can play all of his songs on the guitar and i own all the concert dvd's... This concert was the BEST night of my life... I was 3 row and it was amazing the feeling of when he came out having 20,000 people behind my back screeming our lungs out.. i figured.. the louder the energy, the better HE WANTS to play... b/c of all the videos he watched he gets electric bby the crowd and if soo he sure did the trick tonight... This was my first concert and really moving for me considering he is my idiol...

GREAT JOB DAVE..... ( especially on Dancing Nancies my fav!!!...)..
I have seen dmb 7 times and have to say that this show shames all others(and ive seen some pretty freakin sweet shows).BOWA was a perfect opener. STJL was sweet. i couldnt believe carter's solo for say goodbye. amazing. the whole show had an energy about it that cannot be topped. i gained a lot of respect for the Stand Up songs, especially YMDT. Nancies into Warehouse was sick as usual. the very best Warehouse that has ever been played im sure. Rashawn Ross really added to the latin groove and it was a song that Arturo Sandoval wouldve been proud of. I thought the amazing Lousianna Bayou was gonna close us off, but pnp and rapunzel surprised us. all i know, is that boyd was on fire and i think the band knew it cause the setlist really played to him. Carter was on point as usual. Break Free is a frigin sweet song and i hope it doesnt get too chopped in the studio. I was afraid WYA was gonna close us out, but dave didnt disappoint and threw in stay for good measure. the crowd was amazing, lie in our graves was a highlight, and the show was a face melter. dmb just gets better and better.
Chris W.
I'm not going to write too much but, "Oh my God" this was the sickest show I have seen Dave and the boys put on in a long time, and I always love every show for the positives. I was at the Woodlands the night before which was a great show, but what they did in Dallas with the old school set list and ridiculous energy left me speechless. Literally every song but Dreamgirl left me wondering if I was dreaming or if this was really happening. GREAT version of Break Free. They jammed it hard and it should for sure be the first single on the new album. Bottom line, it was unbelievable.
Only seen 3 shows this year, a slow year considering i made 13 last year.... Once again Dave rocks DALLAS.... I dont know what is going on here, he doesnt play in Dallas for 4 years and now we are on the verdge of getting a second show. Those of you who made the 2005 Dallas show understand what i mean, we won back the hearts of the band. For Dave not to play San Antonio is very strange, but Dallas has taken over. The theme of the night "BOYD ON DISPLAY" he was a freak!!!!! he was everywhere, 100 degree heat, 110% humidity boyd was pouring in sweat... he rocked the place.... A great mix of old, middle and new... It was amazing.. LIOG has got to be the greatest live song in the history of music.... I saw pink floyd in 1993 at earls court london and I said to myself I would never see a better live band in my life... I would have to say in the 3 1/2 years I have been a Dave fan I have been proven wrong.

DALLAS you rock too, of all the 19 shows I have been to in the last 3 years no areana has more energy then smirnoff, and the women were hotter then the weather!!!! Nancies rocked.... wherehouse always a good crowd sing along... BOWA and STJL what a treat... 2 shows in 07 baby!!!!!!!! there is no dought we will sell them out!!! Come on DAVE you can stay an extra night in big D!!!!
Rey R.
This was my first ever DMB concert and I liked DMB before but I'm a crazy fan now. What a great show. The setlist rocked and the it was a great night. The crowd was nuts it was amazing to see how many people crammed into to see the concert. The encore was great and it was a nice touch to end with Stay. Would have loved to hear Satelite but the concert was great anyways. Can't wait till next year and plan on making more than one DMB concert next year.