Randall's Island, New York, NY
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World *
Grey Street *
The Idea of You *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Pig *
What Would You Say?
So Right *
Cortez the Killer +
Dancing Nancies *
Warehouse *~
Can't Stop
Rhyme & Reason *
#41 *%
Ants Marching *%
Sister &
Smooth Rider *
Stay *

* Rashawn Ross on Trumpet
+ Warren Haynes
~ Tim Wicks on Sax
% Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
& Dave solo
Part of the band's Island Getaway at Randall's Island, an August 5-6 festival. Other acts included Gov't Mule, David Gray, and Bela Fleck & The Flecktones.

Well, just got home from the show, and all I can say is WOW. The first 8 songs, pretty standard. Also you just knew they had a big 2nd half of the show coming. Did not see Cortez coming at all. Warren clearly destroyed it like he always does. Nancies and Warehouse always good. Warehouse had the "Louie Louie" and salsa jam included. Tim Wicks came out of no where in that. He played pretty solid with Rashawn and Leroi. Can't Stop wasn't that good tonight...He's played better this tour and R&R was really good. It just dug deeper than it normally does. Then came the #41. This song was I think around 28-29 minutes. It started off with just the band playing then Bela came out, started soloing and one by one each of the Fleckstones followed and came into their own solo. Jeff Coffin completey destroyed the saxophone. Victor Wooten went nuts on his solo. Then Futureman...I've never seen that instrument he plays but it sounded sick...not to mention his pirate hat. But wow was #41 good. Then the Ants Marching right after it with Fleck and the Fleckstones still out there. Sounded fucking great. Encore...Sister is really a bum song to me so oh well. Smooth Rider was pretty standard...Dave tried to solo a bit which was completely futile. Then Stay which I just got really into. They seemed like they wanted to send us off well.

As for the venue itself. It wasn't too bad. Sure there was dirt....everywhere, but oh well. The security there is retarded. They have the worst crowd control plans ever but it happens. Naturally there were drunk people passing out everywhere so that was a bummer. Otherwise this was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Here's to a great night two!!!
Wow...far and away the best show I've ever been to. All the opening acts helped set a high-energy atmosphere at the show. Gov't Mule and YMSB were especially good. As for DMB, I was blown away. #41 and Cortez are my two favorite songs that the band does, and to see them both performed live like this was phenomenal. The rest of the setlist was amazing as well, especially Warehouse, Ants Marching, and a very cool version of Smooth Rider. In my opinion, this show was an instant legend and blows Fenway N2 out of the water.
Dan S.
The show was awesome. Number 41 was the best version that I have heard so far, and I can't believe they played Cortez with Warren Haynes. The setlist was awesome and lively throughout. The only thing I did not like was the encore. There was so much energy for the entire concert and then Dave played Sister which was boring and then Smooth Rider and then a disappointing version of Stay. Over all a great show, disappointed by the end though.
Amanda C.
AMAZING! I enjoyed myself the entire time, but especially loved Crash Into Me, Hunger for the Great Light, What Would You Say, and Warehouse. I was really hoping he would play all along the watchtower, but I'll just have to catch it at a future concert. I REALLY hope they'll make this concert into a CD. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy it just as much as all of Randall's Island did.
Kelly T.
Incredible show... Randall's Island is a GREAT venue for an all-day event like this one. The show started out just incredible. One Sweet World seemed right on and it was great to hear Crash early in the night, especially cuz everyone was so into it- I couldn't stop dancing with the people behind me. Grey Street was so full of pulse- I can't get enough of hearing this song live. There were a good number of songs from Under the Table and Dreaming which is nice because the last few shows I've seen in recent years haven't really focused on these. Dave's voice sounded really full in the newer Idea of You and I think they've played it enough recently that most people seem to be into it now. Warehouse was so hopping with all the "WHOO!"s at the beginning- the crowd seemed to love it. There was so much energy - I think partly due to the timing of the show, the weather was perfect, it was dark with just a tiny bit of light.

As for the highlight of my night... #41. The guys behind me seemed to be guessing a good number of songs right before they came on (especially the guy who guessed "So Right" out of nowhere and we all high-fived as soon as it started playing). When Dave invited Bela Fleck and the boys out for a jam session, I turned around and said, "If they play #41, I will just die right here." As fate would have it, a few seconds later we heard the very first chord of #41. Seconds later I was faking my own death on the floor in section 404 while a guy one row up started fake-stabbing me with his beer. Dave, Bela, and the rest of the guys just jammed this one out for like 20-30 minutes (wasn't keeping track) and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I think I spent half of that song dancing in place and staring at the bluish/blackish sky. Of course, Ants was a great way to end the main set. The encores were a little slow. Would've been nice to hear a Tripping Billies or a Watchtower to end such a high-powered set. Other than that, just an amazing show. It may possibly rank in the top show I've seen ever- mostly due to the amazing rendition of #41, but seemed a little short. For anyone who hasn't seen a show this tour yet, I truly believe now is the time. The band has sounded better than ever. Hope to see you all in Charlottesville.
Great Show!!! I must admit I was a little nervous at the begining but the band really picked things up. Cortez with Warren was absolutely amazing and #41 with Bella Fleck blew me away, best version I've heard, also great how they came out one by one. The added horns, esp. Rashawn Ross gives a lot more depth to the jams. Rhyme and Reason was excellent, Ants, WH-->DN, and Grey Street, were awesome as well and the rest of the set was solid with exception of the ever droning and juvenile Hunger. I really like Idea of You, but Can't Stop is just alright, just seems like a lazy album filler. Break Free has been my favorite newby so far. This was the first show I have seen Sister performed at and all I can say is wow, beautiful song. The enocore was okay, pretty standard, but 41 and Ants with bella is a tough pair to follow up. Not quite the sustained engery and crazy crowd as Fenway N2 but a great set and awesome show. Love NYC, Love DMB, it doesn't get any better than that.
First let me say, I'm not a big time follower of DMB. I own several of their CD's and I do like the music a lot. My son is a drummer and Carter is up their on our lists of the greats along with Dennis Chambers, Colaiuta and Simon Phillips. My wife wanted to see DMB for her Birthday, so I obliged her with some tickets, that I purchased through DMB-Warehouse. Secondly I'm probably one of the more older fans of DMB and at one time in my life a avid Deadhead who went to my share of shows through the 70's & 80's. I wore a maroon JGB our shirt from 1980, and was complemented all night on the t-shirt, lol!

I don't know if it was the contact high or the music, but this was one of the best shows I've been to in years. From the first song you could see that Dave and the rest of the band were pumped up for this show. As the band finished the 3rd song, Grey Street, Dave swung around and looked at Carter and raised his fist to say "Yeah, now that was tight". The highlights of the night for me were seeing Warren Haynes ,come up and do Cortez The Killer. The band was tight, the vocals spot on, Warren's playing and tone brought tears to my eyes and goose bumps, even though the night was comfortably warm. Waren and Dave traded verses and they all sang, Dancin acorss the water..... Then the almost 30 minute jam which I cam to find out was part of a song called #41. DMB inivited Bela and the rest of the Flektones up on stage sans their drummer. As the band grooved on the jam, each player took their turns, soloing, but what I loved most is when the band was jamming away, the horn section of Tim Wicks-sax, Rashawn Ross-Trumpet and Flektone sax player, Jeff Coffin grooved on the horn riff from Bobby Caldwell's classic What You Won't Do For Love which was popularized by Go West in the early 90's. Now that was a musical moment that I will never forget

I danced like I danced a long time ago, my wife said this was the best birthday present she ever got, If I would have only known, I would have taken her to a show a long time ago! Thanks DMB and all you DMB fans for making this night a memorable and special one.
Matty B.
Really enjoyed the show, but like others, would've liked a more powerful close to it. I think that Randall's is not an ideal place to have this concert... dont know why Dave doesn't return to Giants Stadium... is it because you can never beat the last time he was there when the clouds opened up in a downpour during the encore of 2 step? In any case, overall still a great experience, and I look forward to seeing Dave at MSG this winter...
Absolutely amazing show. It seems that the guys always bring a little extra something with them when they come to NYC...The Central Park Sow, The James Brown Show, last year's amazing two night stand at Randall's Island, and now this.

The begining was great (esp. Pig - always one of my favorites), although nothing spectacular, but the show really got going when Warren Haynes came out to play Cortez! Nancies was amazing, followed up by the best version of Warehouse I've ever seen - amwesome jamming, plus Dave added the "Louie Louie" interpolation that he hasn't done in years! But like true showmen, the saved the best for last - #41 (my alltime fav song) with Bella and all the Flecktones was INSANE. You could literally feel the energy as 11 amazing musicians combined to produce one of the grestest jam sessions EVER, then after nearly 30 minutes they went straight in to ANTS MARCHING! By the time it was over, I was happy for the break - I needed to sit and catch my breath. Smooth Rider and Stay were a great end to one of the best concerts I've been to. Truley a Pantheon level performance.
this was my first dmb concert ever and is probably going to remain one of my favorites. govt mule and bela fleck and the flecktones were perfect opening acts as well as special guests for dmb. tea leaf green was sick too. #41 was by far the highlight for me. it was basically two complete bands playing together for about 25 minutes. it was genius. cortez the killer is a monster of a song and they held it up awesomely, once again. i really wanted something like jimi thing or two step in the encore but i guess they wanted to save those for the sunday show. im still more than happy with ants marching, warehouse, pig, osw, and all the rest of the classics. their new song..the idea of you..had an awesome intro from stefan and hopefully itll be on their new album comin out. although i still havent got a chance to listen to the fenway park cd i really feel that it couldnt have been much better than this..considering the set lists. this one really deserves to be made a cd. i am, of course, a relatively unaware fan concerning the live shows (mainly cuz this is my first one)...but considering the more recent live cds dmb has release (like the weekend on the rocks)...randalls island could be a more than satisfying live trax volume that would give a good perspective on their summer '06. i really need a recording of this night!
By far the worst venue I've seen Dave at. While chilling out before the show was fun, the garbage was EVERYWHERE, and if you didn't have a seat and were on the lawn (as I was) it was horrendous. You couldn't even dance around, since every step had a bottle or cup underneath it. I didn't feel that Dave accounted for the people that wanted to dance and have a great time after being in the sun all day. 30 Minute jam sessions were not ideal for the venue, and the crowd seemed to not be into the show. Maybe up front it was better (I hope so for the sake of the band), but from where I stood the crowd was not into the show like they normally are. Change venue's for next year....and the show will be better!
Fantastc show. I've seen Dave 4 times now (which is pretty much dogpoo compared to how many times my friends have seen him). Cortez was amazing with the high sounds of Haynes' guitar. Dancing nancies into Warehouse was quite the duo as well. #41 and Ants Marching were ridiculous. Positive vibes throughout the crowd helped my friend and I enjoy it 20 times more. All I can say is I hope they make it a cd.
For the past 7 or so years, I have been to many shows hoping to catch DMB do one of two things. Cortez The Killer with Warren Haynes OR #41 with Bela Fleck & The Flecktones.

Sat night, both my DMB dreams came true. Years of pursuit & wishing I had been at "that" show where one of those went down, it all came together.

This whole day was a musical heaven. Such quality music from start to finish, and to have DMB/Flecktones/Haynes top it off like that, it is an event I will never forget.

This was one for the ages.
First off, the openers at both of these shows were excellent... Bela Fleck is awesome. I'm not a huge fan of Govt Mule (I like the music but Warren Haynes really needs to lower his amp - my ears were killing) but David Gray on Sunday was really nice. But this is about Saturday's show.

I go to every show expecting the same concert staples but wishing for him to pull out some that I haven't heard before. While the latter didn't happen, the crowd was really into it, Dave was really into it, and I had an amazing time just dancing and taking in the great music. #41, Crash, One Sweet World, What Would You Say, So Right... everything was just fabulous. The Flecktones are so great and I'm so glad I got to hear a live collaboration of the two groups. I only heard Cortez (w/Haynes) at CP during which most of the people around me were like "wtf?" so hearing it now with people who were just praying for it was really cool as well.

I haven't really gotten into his new songs (it was the 1st time I heard them) but then again I didn't get into the Stand Up songs until I heard them a few times on CD so I'm sure that they'll grow on me. I had a great time at this show and just couldn't sit down for a second - it was *that* awesome.

The only gripe I have is security. I was in my assigned seat the whole time, but partway through the security guards started looking at peoples tix and making them move if they weren't there but really being hard-core. I didn't get that, since there were plenty of empty seats nearby and it wasn't like they were taking seats away from others, or causing a mob scene or anything (we were not even close to the 100s). I understand that if you're way up front security will be tight because so many people are trying to sneak in but when you are further back and everyone's just chill and having a good time why interrupt our experience by making everyone pull out their tickets?
This was quite an adventure for an Idaho Spud to fly out to the big city and catch the two night show at Randall's. My first time to New York, and my first experiance to catch Bela and the 'tones along with Warren H! Incredible, incredible show. I could really tell the energy in everyone that night. Boyd was all amped and Carter (as usual) was just marvelous!

Loved Nancies>Warehouse (Louie Louie!

Thanks for a memorable two shows in NYC! Can't wait to see them at the Gorge in a few weeks!
Francisco L.
I came all the way from Lisbon (Portugal) just to watch their performance. They were really amazing, but enjoyed especially So Right and Dancing Nancies. The venue had a great view over Manhattan, and inspite of all the dirt it was an unforgettable concert. It would be really nice if DMB could perform a couple of times in Europe.