Sound Advice Amphitheatre, West Palm Bea
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World *
Hunger for The Great Light *
The Idea of You *
Grey Street *
Break Free *
Louisiana Bayou *
You Might Die Trying *
Dancing Nancies *
Can't Stop
Jimi Thing *
So Much To Say * -->
Too Much *
Stay *
Sister ~
American Baby Intro * -->
Two Step *

Show Notes:
* Rashawn Ross on Trumpet
~ Dave solo
The entire show was webcast live by AOL.

I could easily sum this review up with this..."Opened with One Sweet World". But, there is so much more to say. The energy from the crowd was so much better than I have ever seen from a Florida crowd before (I also had some first timers with me, so that helped). Dave mentioned being sick, but that was difficult to hear at the show. It came out clearly though on the AOL webcast. I appreciate his dedication and still going out there. Rashawn Ross adds so much jazz to the band, especially with his solos. Butch did some really nice scatting, it was a pleasure to hear him sing. I don't know if I remember Boyd having this much stage presence, he was off his ass! He may have been making up for Dave if he was really sick. The American Baby Intro/teaser seemed very emotion driven, and even with the cracking voice, the vocals were so powerful on those simple lyrics. Can't Stop had the same power of emotion in it. Dancing Nancies was as good as it could have been, but a follow up with Warehouse is always nice, and it didn't happen. I was actually excited when I saw the 12 string guitar come out for JTR and Grey Street. So, opening with OSW and ending with Two Step, it doesn't get much better. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a great setlist and energized crowd. Best show I've seen in Florida yet. I am a revitalized fan.
Probably the second-best I've ever heard the band play, and certainly the best I've heard them play since I moved to Florida. The crowd was totally into it, which is rare for south Florida, and I'm certainly happy about it. No one, at least where I was sitting (towards the front center of the lawn, just behind the Warehouse space), was there just to hear the radio hits. Whether it was an old song from '93 like "One Sweet World," (loved hearing that for the first time in my 5 shows) or a brand new one like "Sister" or "The Idea Of You," everyone was dancing, singing, and cheering their heads off, and the band gave as much as they got. It seemed like every song was getting extended-length treatment.

This was definitely Boyd's show. I've never seen him all over the stage like he was tonight, and the solos he played, particularly the one on "Louisiana Bayou," were on fire.

While there's a part of me that longs for the band to go back to having just the five of them onstage, I like the vibe that Rashawn Ross brings to a gig. The jams are much more jazz-based than they've ever been before, and Butch Taylor played to that, particularly with his vocal scat/keyboard solo on "Jimi Thing," a song that I thought was never going to end. Good stuff.

A lot of people I've talked to have mentioned how rough Dave's voice was, and I guess it was that way at Randall's Island too, but it really didn't come across live until he was playing "Sister" by himself (it was a lot more noticeable watching online the next morning, though). True to form, Dave made light of it, telling the crowd "Just pretend it's a lot of emotion in my vocals." Classic.

Anyone who hasn't caught this tour needs to get to a show at all costs. It's the best they've been in years, and I only wish I could catch them a few more times this summer.
Last night was good, but this show blew it out of the water. Finally, JTR! That is such a great song live. It was wierd, I heard Hunger tonight and actually liked it. I was suprised. Let me just say right now for all of those who don't already know, Break free is an AWESOME SONG! If you have not heard it yet, get online and find it, you will love it. Bayou was great, Nancies was great, Jimi thing, So much to say, stay, they were all great. The one that took me by suprise was American baby intro. OH MY GOD! That just blew my mind. And what a way to close out a two night set with two step. On a 1 to 10, I would give this show a 9 1/2. It would have been a 10 if the had not played you might die trying both nights. They could have thrown in a best of whats around or maybe even grace is gone. Don't get me wrong though, the show was still a 9 1/2. See you next year.