Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH
Graph of songs performed, by album
Seek Up *
Crash (Dixie Chicken)
Hunger for the Great Light *
The Idea of You *
American Baby *
Dancing Nancies *
Warehouse *
Where Are You Going?
Louisiana Bayou *
Can't Stop
So Much To Say * -->
Too Much *
Jimi Thing *+
Stay *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
* Warren Haynes on bass

Josh L.
First of all let me just start off by saying amazing! The was just out of control today, but when Dave finally came on it started to get cooler, then the crowd went crazy when Dave started strumming the notes to Seek Up. All and all a good song it was a little long but still it was really good to hear again. Then next was Crash I cant say enough about this song it was also just amazing, he sounded really good hitting the high notes since he took that three week break so it just sounded really good. The next song was Hunger for the great light, not to sure how I feel about this song however he went nuts during the end screaming the yeah yeah yeah yeah's and he just did a huge fist pump at the end a lot of energy. Then came The Idea of You which is really growing on me 2nd time hearing it this tour and his voice was just right on throughout the whole song real good song. Then came American Baby which is a personal favorite of mine the crowd seemed to of liked because we were all sining along it just brought a lot of energy to the show. Next up was Dancing Nancies which was just really unbelieveable words really cant describe it boyd just went nuts during it, and then right after that they went right into Warehouse which was even better the crowd really got into the wooo's this time, and Dave was solid throughout. Next they slowed it down a little bit with Where Are You Going which all in all is an alright song it seemed to of pleased the crowd. Next up was Bayou seems to be a favorite for the guys this summer Boyd had another electrifying solo in it which sent the crowd over the edge everyone was getting crazy by then. Then Dave again slowed it down with Cant Stop alright song but not right after a highly energetic Bayou. Next up So Much To Say a crowd pleaser for sure Dave really got into and then when right into Too Much. Too Much was really a crowd pleaser people where dancing all around and jumping up and down and Dave seemed to of felt it and was going crazy to with the scatting. Next up was Jimi Thing with Warren Haynes even though it was a little long Warren totally rocked out on the guitar and Dave was right along with him then at the end the crowd got into it singing along with Dave. Then next was Stay another good song got the crowd hyped for the encore which was alright it was just one song though which was a little soft which was Everyday all in all a good song just should of played at least one more. Altogether though amazing show, amazing night, till winter!
Hottest, sweatiest show I've been to. Given that, I think they delivered a commendable performance with a high energy set. They hit the stage at 8:30, took an understandably long encore break, and finished up right at 11. So even with the one-song encore, no one could say it was a short night. Dave, sweating buckets, joked that he better bundle up and rattled his teeth a few times like he was shivering. He also mockingly said that of course there's there no global warming. Nancies is always great. Warehouse was ridiculous. It's amazing how they continue to improve songs that they've played endlessly, like those two, Seek Up and So Much--Too Much. Impressive show, especially given the conditions.
Let me start off by saying this was my first DMB show, so I really have no standard to compare it to. Having said that, the show was pretty good in my opinion, though not great. I'll break it down song by song: Seek Up: Great opener. Was hoping to hear this song and loved that he played it first. The crowd seemed a bit unfamiliar with the tune, but it didn't matter because they went nuts once... Crash: Crowd exploded for this one. Dixie Chicken outro was nice to hear. Hunger: Dave started this song by saying "This is a love song". Nicely performed. Idea of You: Also nicely done, after it he said something to the effect of 'I really like that little song' indicating it may be on the upcoming album. American Baby: Crowd got pumped again for this one. Pretty standard version. Although this was my first DMB concert, I'm a bigger fan of older Dave material, so I was somewhat bored during this. Dancing Nancies --> Warehouse: By far the highlight of the show. Crowd went nuts and the energy from American Baby carried over. Warehouse had a solid intro and the crowd was defeaning with the WOOs. Where Are You Going: Nice change of pace after the exciment of the previous three songs. I think the crowd appreciated it, and everyone cheered when they heard this mellow tune. Louisiana Bayou/Can't Stop: Both of these bored me, but the energy on Bayou was great, even though I don't like the song that much. I think the crowd was waiting for him to play some older stuff again after the excitement of Nancies/Warehouse. So Much To Say --> Anyone Seen The Bridge --> Too Much: I have to say this was done flawlessly and the crowd matched its excitement on Nancies/Warehouse. Not one of my favorite old Dave songs but both of these were just done too perfect to deny. Jimi Thing: Had to have been at least a 15 minute jam with Warren. Pretty good, though I was hoping for 41, but knew it was futile since he played it the past two shows. Stay: Amazing closer. Everyone was singing the lyrics and dancing. Everyday (ENCORE): Pretty weak encore in my opinion. I think he only played one song because the heat was really intense.

Overall, despite the humidity and heat the show was good. A good mix of Crash, Under the Table, and Stand Up. Personally I would've liked to hear a Two Step or Ants Marching, but you can't always get what you want. Rating: 7/10
C. F.
The band didn't take the stage until after 8:30, almost 20 minutes late! After opening w/ a 21 minute Seek Up, I knew we were in for a short set due to the 11:00 curfew that Riverbend enforces. Nice job guys. You've played here before, so I'm sure you're familar w/ the curfew as well. You should have planned better. Seek up was great but the set went down hill from there. A run of Crash, Hunger, The Idea of You, and American Baby that followed the opener really killed the show for me. It was a serious downer. Things started to pick back up w/ a nice Nacies>Warehouse combo and the band could have really turned things around but....NO! Where are You Going killed the high energy and good vibe that Warehouse had left us. Bayou was solid, but would have been better placed after Warehouse instead of WAYG. More evidence that the set didn't flow nicely. I've heard all of the new material either from boots, or from the previous 3 shows I've been too this year and I think most of the new songs are great. Then there is Can't Stop. All I can say is WOW! This song is a piece of trash and shows how lazy this band can be. After suffering through Can't Stop things got better w/ SMTS>ASTB>TM. I was really hoping for PNP>Rupunzel after the bridge but I knew better. This was show nuber 18 for me since '96 and I since Too Much well, too much (12 times). Next, Warren Haynes come out and I'm really hoping for #41 to help salvage the show but again, no. An mostly uninspired Jimi Thing instead, which lead into another song I've seen too many times, Stay (11), whcich closed the set. This proved to be a slap in the face. Getting a single song encore and a bad one at that (Everyday) made it obvious to me that the band did NOT want to stay at all. I like Everyday but it is better suited for a spot early in the set. I may come off sounding a little jaded in this review but I think I have good reason. I saw some great shows during the 1st leg: (ranked in order)

Alpine (N2)-unbelivable, nearly a 3 hour set! possibly the best show of the 1st leg Deercreek (N2)-almost as good. 4 song encore #40 AND The Dreaming Tree Polaris-great 1st half. The set took a dip after WH did NOT follow Nacies but a good encore w/ Digging a Ditch/Tripping Billies.

but the show at Riverbend was by far the worst show of the tour. I'm kinda ticked I spent $90 for a seat in the pavillion to see such a lackluster show, but had I been stuck in the sorry-ass Riverbend lawn, I may have walked out!

The 1st leg of this tour was outstanding w/ the band pulling out so many great, old songs. Maybe the best tour since '03 but the 2nd leg this year has not yet been up to snuff with most of those song going back on the shelf and Riverbend got the worst of it. Hopefully, things w/ turn around in time for the next show I'll be at, Amsouth. Come on, fellas, you've got 2 weeks to get things straight, I'm counting on ya!
The show was amazing, they played so many great songs and the trumpet and piano were a nice addition. They played Dancing Nancies and went right into Warehouse! I was a bit disappointed with the encore, they only played Everyday. They started 20 minutes late which is why they had to cut it short I guess. But all in all a great show, the best one I've been to.
I normally am not one to write a review for a Dave show but this was my 14th show and I must say this was by far the worst one I have seen. Safe to say it'll probably be my last for a long time. Just doesnt cut it for me anymore. Horrible performance. Two good jams all night...Nancies and Warehouse...after that it was downhill.
this was my first dave show. i thought it was amazing. i do think he should have opened up with something other that seek up...maybe ants marching? i was pretty upset the band didnt play that. the concert didnt pick up til dancing nancies. when i heard those first couple of notes on the guitar. i went crazy. as did the rest of the crowd. and the way he went straight into warehouse. wow. the whole crowd was doing the WOO's! that was the hightlight of the show. i loved louisiana bayou, especially since we were on a river, it just seemed right. so much to say and too much was absolutely perfect! before the show i was hoping they would play jimi thing since warren haynes was there and he played with him on the central park album. and sure enough in invited haynes on stage and they played jimi thing! it was amazing! i was kind of upset with the encore. everyday is a great song but they should have played at least one more. maybe two step? or watchtower!? that would have been great! overall i thought the concert was great. dave can really get a crowd going and fans will keep coming.
DMB always plays awesome shows at Riverbend! I'll Back You Up and / or Song that Jane Likes have been plentiful there. Opening was good. Seek Up was a little loose and the jam went on a little too long. Nothing was developing out of it.

Crash - Good follow up to Seek Up. Got crowd back into it. Tight version. Sounded fine.

Hunger - What was Dave doing to the poor mic? Fairly mediocre. Song just does not work for me.

Idea of You - Same thing. Dave kept messing with his voice and I hate to say but it really took away from the song which is not that strong anyway.

American Baby - Nice simple live version. Worked well in the spot.

Dancing Nancies - solid. Not as good as last years, which was the best version I have ever heard.

Warehouse - very good version. The trumpet added a new twist to it. Louie Louie out was cool too.

Where Are You Going - big drop in energy here. Everyone was hot and a lof of people took the chance to sit down and rest. Pretty simple version, but it worked that way.

Louisiana Bayou - cleanest version I have heard. Dave's vocals were awesome and VERY clear.

Can't Stop - Cant stand this song.....poor performance IMO. The Stone or Grey Street would have been PERFECT here in the setlist. The mood was just right.

So Much to Say - never liked the song personally, but it was performed well. Nice bridge into Too Much which seemed to lack a lot of energy but with the heat - I understand.

I was so hoping for JTR, Stolen Away, etc. Set list needed to be slowed down a little bit and add some texture to the night.

Why did they waste Warren Hayes on Jimi Thing??? Warren did not get to play a lot in it. Solo was not very strong. There were so many other songs that he could have exceled on.

Stay - fitting with the heat :) Good performance.

One song encore was understandable, but why Everyday. Bartender would have really made it a more solid set. The concert needed one more older song that could have been really performed.
I attended my 34th show in Cincy Tuesday night. As usual, the setlist was an eclectic mix with various jam sessions and energy. However, I felt compelled to submit a short piece of info following the HORRENDOUS event called the encore. For the first time in over 10 years of attending DMB shows, there were boos following the final song. I've heard smatterings of joking boos before - mostly when Dave teases some song or another - but these were unabashed boos from the crowd. And I will admit, for the first time ever, I was one of the displeased.

If you're going to charge over $60 a ticket, and if the crowd is going to stay to the end and fight the traffic on the way out, the least you can do is finish strong. Everyday was the poorest closer in the history of the DMB tour - ever - and the crowd looked more puzzled than excited as the band exited the premises.

I was livid about the ending - even said a few choice words to Fenton at the sound and lighting booth on the way out - but then felt bad after reading the DMBRR newsletter the next day. For those not in the know, it read: "The original set list had sister and two step as the encore, but they couldn't continue because of the heat. Cinci fans are lucky that they lasted as long as they did".

The oppressive heat was nearly unbarable, as Dave had an ice cold towel on his neck for most of the night. It's just too bad the band couldn't have picked a better song to end with.
Brian H.
The show wasn't bad despite the heat. Gov't Mule was kick ass, talented group of guys! Now on with DMB Seek Up was great to hear again, its been 3years since I've heard it live and Rashawn added some extra flavor. Crash was good, but a bit over played this summer. Hunger was great with a lot of energy and again love Rashawn on this. Next, The Idea of You, I love this song I just wish they would start playing more of the new stuff in the same set list. American Baby standard yawn!!! Nancies into Warehouse by far the high point of the show was AWESOME, again Rashawn adds so much to warehouse it sounds so great. Where are you going - standard but good, next came a Bayou that has evolved alot since 2005 and the jam is much tighter and more intricate. Can't Stop - interesting song it also has evolved so much in just a month SMTS->ASTB->TM was tight as hell I really love the Rashawn and LeRoi jam in the Bridge. Another highlight was to see Warren Haynes on Jimi Thing, actually being in the audience it was stunning, he rocks!! Stay >:-I and the one song encore was disapointing but I still enjoyed the show, crowd energy was mostly high again despite the heat. This was show # 20 for me since May 1999 and it was not the best I've seen but I love DMB and am always glad to have the opportunity to be at a show. Besides the stiffling heat and humidity I have a major beef with Riverbend Music Center. I drove 150+ miles to see the show from West Virginia and it was my 6th show at this particular venue. I arrived before the Riverbend gates opened and was only parked for 4 or 5 minutes when two punk ass teenagers who call themselves Riverbend security ride up on their little bicycles and tell me to get out of my car and go inside the venue. I asked them if the gates were open and they said they (thought so) ??? I replied that I wasn't getting out until it was time for the gates to open for sure which would have been within 20 to 30 minutes. They proceeded to tell me I was loitering (LOITERING) I was sitting in my car with my wife not drinking not doing drugs, just sitting in the A/C until I knew the gates were open. We all paid for parking which was included in everyone's ticket price and yet I'm loitering??? People all around me were pissed off at these assholes, no one was doing anything bad around where we were parked. Rent a cop told me he would give me 5 min and then I had to go in, I stayed for 25 min and for some reason they just rode around on bikes bothering everybody. This really annoyed the hell out of me to be hasseled it just ruins it in a lot of ways. I have had many positive experiences at DMB shows in other states WV, IN,PA, Dayton,OH but have had several bad ones both at Polaris and Riverbend. I will never again in my lifetime go to another show at Riverbend. I am a 29 year old DMB fan and have been for 12 years. This did upset me obviously and started the evening out in a very bad way for me and my wife and also for some of the people around where we parked. Who wants to go to a show where your not even there 5 min and your being intimidated by teenagers on bikes who say I can't sit in my own car in a space I paid to park in. Riverbend SUCKS!!!!
Ok this was #29 for me. I'll go ahead and get the bad out of the way before I get to the good parts. Let me just say that Riverbend is the worst place on the planet to see a show. I'm not sure if they quit checking tickets to get down in the pavilion about halfway thru the set or what, but people from the lawn started filling up all the walkways. If I wanted to feel like I was in the lawn I would have saved twenty dollars and purchased a lawn ticket. The best was the guy in my section just running around and punching people as hard as he could and then asking them if they had a problem. Just trying to start a fight. Wow. I know it was unbearably hot out and I am sure thats why the band waited the extra half hour or so to come out. I know they are human and I am sure it is probably another twenty degress hotter under those stage lights. My complaint is the way they butchered the set to make sure they didn't go over the stupid 11 oclock curfew that Riverbend sets. I've been to shows before that had curfews and they kept playing despite the fines. One year in Nashville they went over about 45 minutes. YOu can tell what venues they like and which ones they don't. I will never go to another show at Riverbend. Ok, am I forgetting something? Oh yeah, the good parts. Gov Mule, seek up, and Warren on a very blah Jimi Thing.
C.J. C.
It was my 11th show my 4th at Riverbend and I would have to say if it was not my girlfriends first show I may have left. Honest. I hadn't seen Dave in Almost 3 years so i was really excited to be going back. Seek Up is a personal fav. however, it was a little too long. Crash came and I got the old feeling back in the late 90's of WOW what a great band. Then I don't know what happened? The heat was bad but not that bad. It seemed to me that the guys were just ready to get this show over w/ and get back on the bus. The new stuff was good had a couple of listens from boots but all in all by far one of the worst shows I've been to. I love the DMB don't get me wrong but I wonder if maybe they are losing it? The encore was a huge dissapointment. One song and not a very good one at that. Heat or no heat if you are having fans bear the heat and pay for it. Than suck it up and play along. There are fans the kind that blow air as well. Sorry guys what a diaapoinment Really =~(
My first DMB show ever. I only love select songs, and I went with my Girlfriend and had a blast. I went, yea im a music buff and im highly critical but to me it was more of a good tiem to listen to the music, dance and have a good time with the rest of the people around me. All in all, this was a great atmosphere: organized venue, great people, no drama, great sound in the lawn, awesome outdoor show. I was impressed.
Let me start off by saying that I am an avid DMB fan and rarely find myself with anything unpleasant to say about the band or their music. However, a combination of the hot weather alongside a rather bland set when compared to the majority of shows put on this summer, I must say that I was somewhat disappointed. I was happy to hear Crash, Nancies > Warehouse, SMTS > Too Much, and Stay, which have always been some of my all time favorites, but the performance could've used some more energy. This could have easily been accomplished by sticking songs such as Two Step, Tripping Billies, or Ants Marching into the set.

All in all I regret to say that Riverbend was the worst of the three shows I've seen this summer, which include Noblesville (July 3), which was one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen, and Columbus (July 7) which was also very commendable.

Cincinnati seems to be a graveyard for DMB performances, but I must end my critique by saying that there is no way that a few poor performances across several years of touring the country could ever lead me to question my loyalty as a fan of DMB. Their music is amazing and their talent is undeniable!
This was my first Dave Matthews concert that I have been to and have loved them for about 8 years. It was very hot and sticky but all and all I did have a great time. I was upset that they only played one encore song. I seen at his other shows before he came to Riverbend that he played 2 or even 3 encore songs. I know that it was very hot but i was dissapointed as I could see the crowd was also.
Big D.
This was my 4th Riverbend show and as always the crowd blew, it was hot as shit. Pretty good set-list I thought, casual fans wouldn't like it, except only Everyday as a closer was f'n crazy, it seems pretty snobby for the band to come out and play just that b4 taking off, there's no way they could think that's a song anyone there wasnted to hear a closer. The only other explanation was that they frickin' hate coming to riverbend, the venue sucks the crowd sucks, the parking lot scene is an absolute disgrace, but I'll probably go again next year.
Ian T.
This was the frst show I've seen from Dave, but I've been a fan since he started. Since this show, I've seen 2 more shows. I must say that it was a bit of a disappointment. I realize it was hot as hell, but when you combine it with a weak setlist, its a recipe for a bad show. I don't think it was terrible however.

Seek Up - the crowd was pretty into it when he started playing, however late he was getting on stage. A good intro song

Crash - People went nuts when they started strumming the notes. They got really into it and the energy was really good from the band especially.

Hunger.../Idea of you - Both good songs, however I think they took away from the show a bit. I think some of the energy died following these songs, but I'm a fan of them.

American Baby - This got the crowd back up again. He played it great and the crowd was singing along with every word. Good comeback song.

Dancing Nancies/Warehouse - By far the highlight of the show. The crowd was going crazy when they heard nancies start up. And dthe added bonus of warehouse, which the crowd practically sang for dave. They really got into the woos.

Louisiana Bayou/Cant stop - Bayou was alright, but the songs stole the energy out of the show, especially after such a good performance of warheouse.

Where Are You Going - A good song, just not meant to be in the setlist.

So Much to Say/Too Much - My favorite part of the show by far. The crowd got back into it, and So Much was played perfectly. The best was the bridge into Too Much. It was freakin sweet. Especially the ending solo by Carter on the drums. Too Much was also played greatly. Definetly my favorite part.

Jimi Thing - Played pretty well, it slowed things down a bit, but that was a good thing. Louie Louie out was sweet too. I love hearing this song.

Stay - Another one of my favorites, but it wasn't played particularly great. It got the energy up for the end of the concert, and it got the crowd into it. A classic song.

ENCORE: Everyday - Flat out sucked. People were mad and everything, but it was really hot out there. Maybe if Dave didn't start a half hour late it wouldve been better. But all in all, it was an ok concert. Unfortunate for cincinnatians, but i still like dave.