Starwood Amphitheatre, Antioch, TN
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Pat Greene
Don't Drink the Water *
Dreamgirl *
Hunger for the Great Light *
When the World Ends *
Shotgun *
The Idea of You *
Crush *
You Might Die Trying *
So Much To Say *
Too Much *
Where Are You Going?
Dancing Nancies *
Warehouse *
Can't Stop
Louisiana Bayou *+
Ants Marching *+
Butterfly (partial) *
Pig *
Stay *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Mike Durham on guitar
~ Partial

Wes H.
This show was amazing. First off, Pat Green did not play too long. Once it got dark, the pavillion was full and the lawn seats were packed too. There is nothing quite like a DMB show in the grass in Nashville. No special guests apart from Rashawn. DDTW was a great start, energetic and the crowd was into it from that moment on. Dreamgirl was a hit with the ladies, and WTWE and HFTGL were not too bad. The new songs are amazing. Shotgun and Idea of You are going to get a lot more play on this tour. CRUSH! Oh, this song is better and better everytime they play it here. YMDT was ok, but it lef right into SMTS. I hadn't heard this one in years. TOO MUCH brought huge screams and it pumped everyone up. WAYG was good. DN and Warehouse...are you kidding?! Awesome song choices... Can't stop was cool, the Bayou was great and Ants was awesome as well. The encore took a couple minutes to begin... but how can you be upset with PIG and STAY. Stay went on for a LONG TIME and everyone just kept on singing with Dave. A great show, good crowd. 10th year in a row to see DMB in Nashville. Keep them coming!
C H.
I was in Atlanta the night before to see DMB and it doesn't compare to the show in Nashville. The songs in ATL were good (they played Say Goodbye and #41, w/ Bela Fleck), but the crowd lacked what we had in Nashville. It was a lovely evening, not too hot out. They started off with DDTW, which was an excellent opener w/ plenty of energy. Dremagirl and Hunger were both good songs. WTWE was awesome, and so was Shotgun and IOY. Crush was probably the best song of the night, and the best i've ever heard it. SMTS into ASTB into Too Much was awesome. the breakdown in Too Much great. Nancies, Warehouse (w/ Louie Louie), and Ants are all classics. The encore was great with Pig and an extra long version of Stay. this was probably the best show i've ever been to. it's got me thinking about making a trip to Charlotsville at the end of the tour.
Jeremy B.
Wow! This is the 4th DMB show I've seen in Nashville and by far the best. It was the first time I'd seen Rashawn Ross too, and I'm diggin the trumpet, it sounded so good meshed with Leroi's sax, man is he huge! he had one foot in Tennessee and the other was still in Atlanta--would not want to make him mad . The energy of this show was so great. First it was a cozy 72 degrees which Dave made light of during the set by stating that "it has been a crazy tour so far, 72 degrees in Nashville in August so it will probably be 135 degrees in Toronto and snowing in Florida". The setlist was great, started with DDTW--great starter. The newer material did not disappoint. Old favorites are still the highlight for me --wharehouse, DN, Ants, Stay were my faves. Can't beat a Dave show outdoors--please come back soon!
It was a great night for the show with a packed house and perfect weather. They didn't go on until after 8:30 and given the 11:00 hard curfew at Starwood we knew it was going to limit things a little. The stage itself is really cool--good lighting, nice effects, and some big tv screens.

DDTW was a nice way to start the show off. Shotgun and Idea of You are very nice new songs. I especially like Shotgun. I think that one is going to be around for a while. But it was clear most of the crowd didn't know either of them though.

Crush was great to hear live! Totally unexpected and it pumped a little energy back into the crowd and was one of the best songs of the night. SMTS =>ASTB=> TM was out of this world. They all absolutely killed it. Then they almost killed the entire show with WAYG. Can we all please just vote that to be never played again. At least it was short. It totally sucked the energy out.

But then, my God, what a run... Nancies => Warehouse, Can't Stop (they had to catch their breath), Bayou to Ants! That is how you make up for WAYG. Boyd and Carter were out of their minds on these songs. And it only got better.

The encore was fantastic... Pig (my favorite) was great and, while I don't like it as the end of the show, this was prob the best verison of Stay I've heard in years.

Not the best setlist of this tour (by far), but it was a solid show that was much better than the one they played here last year.
I thought the show was excellent. Compared to the ten other shows I have seen, ranks as number 3, I loved it. It was a solid effort all the way around. The new songs are excellent. The energy was great all night, the fans around me were true Dave fan's. I had a couple of fella's that saw Dave play from Tampa, to West Palm, to Atlanta sitting infron of me. This concert true fans were around, nothing like seeing Dave go crazy and veining and everyone around you getting geeked up as well. I will say it once again, we were blessed with one of the greatest bands of all time.

Song of the night for me was "Pig", how true those lyrics are!!!!!! DDTW was great, seeing his dancing shoes on from the beginning is always a good sign. Wearhouse supper sick. Emotion, joy, feeling, how else do you descibe a song.

The Idea of You, I am going to rank that one to be one of the top concert songs next year.
Best show I've been to in Nashville... makes up for last year which I thought was a terrible setlist. Dave still owe's Nashville #41 after the 10 second tease last year and they stopped because of feedback!

Stay was incredible!
Overall the show was a big disappointment. I am a DMB fan- not a HUGE one, but I have 3 or 4 of their albums which I listen to consistently, and I play some of their songs on guitar. They didn't play almost any of their big songs, however. Where were "Gravedigger", "Crash", "Christmas Song", "41", "40", or Jimmie? I paid big money for the show, drove up from Atlanta (because ATL was sold out), and I got my money stolen. I mean, the show was not worth 50 bucks for lawn seats and a 4 hour drive one way. The show was a waste of time because Dave was "too tired" from Atlanta or "too bored" of playing the crowd's favorite songs. I understand how a one-hit-wonder band would get tired of playing the same song over and over, but people are paying to hear you play specific songs- so play them. He really disgraced himself by not playing a big song other than "Where are you going?", and that's the words that I'm saying are the general opinion of all the people that went to the show with me. Pick it up Dave.
First I would like to say that I was glad that Pat Greene did not play too long I had never heard of them and just because this is Nashville does not mean that we all like or well any of us for that matter like country music. I just kinda felt robbed not having O.A.R. or Robert Randolph opening for this show as they did with later shows.

Second I would like to say that the rest of the show was f.. excellent I from the beginning. The crowd was pumped from the moment dave and the band walked onstage. The songs though are getting a little predictable here. Though the band has not opened a show here with DDTW, which by the way was a great choice to get the crowd involved, the "soundcheck jam" to open the song is getting predictable. Another thing is this is my sixth show in Nashville and I think the 3rd time that I have heard crush I am beginning to know now that when Fonzie walks out to play solo in the middle of the show it is time for a beer run... Other than those two complaints this years show was...

Completely upbeat, a far change from the setlist of last years love fest... I was completely blown away when they played Nancies -->Warehouse then played SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much..

The band had the right balance of the old and the new and Mike Durham blew my mind once again. Dave came to dance and he talked a bit more than he usually does in Nashville which was a surprise to me because in the past it seems that Nashville has been one of the filler shows and he just shows up to see how many songs he can throw together. Anyway long story short.. This years show was great!!! Ohh yeah and Rashawn Ross sounds perfect and did I see him singing a little backup man can this band jam!!!