Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Best of What's Around *
Pig *
What Would You Say? *
Dreamgirl *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Shotgun *
Everyday *
You Might Die Trying *
Dancing Nancies * -->
Warehouse *
Loving Wings *
Where Are You Going?
Can't Stop
Smooth Rider *+
Louisiana Bayou *+
So Right *
Ants Marching *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Robert Randolph

This show could have been subtitled "A Very Special Evening at the Hollywood Bowl With Dave Matthews Band". The show was very mellow, very easy going, most tunes were slowed down and played with intricacy and virtuosity. It took me 4 or 5 songs to realize dmb was not hear to tear the place down, they were here as a display of beauty and masterwork. Unfortunately, I was ready to dance and rock out with the fellas, but once I realized the set direction, I had a nice seat, leaned back, and took in a very mellow and pleasing evening with the best band ever. By the way, the new stuff is already fantastic, I love Shotgun, and it was nice to get So Right in the Encore. One more thing- THE WAREHOUSE THEY PLAYED WAS THE BEST EVER! PLEASE SOMEONE GET THIS TRACK ONTO A WAREHOUSE FAN CLUB DISC or GREATEST HITS ALBUM!!!! OMG!!! AMAZING SONG PERFORMANCE ON THIS ONE TONIGHT!!!
Heather C.
The Hollywood Bowl rocks! I can't believe I grew up on the outskirts of Hollywood without ever attending a show @ the Bowl. The sound and acoustics are phenomenal! I was excited to hear some of my old faves like Pig, Dancing Nancies, & Warehouse along with a mixture of fresh material. The highlight of the show turned out to be the highlight of all my 29 DMB concerts - when Robert Randolph walked out on stage and placed Fedora hats on each band member's head. There stood Dave sporting a red shirt, red Fedora, and black sunglasses. They looked like a group of bad pimps as they rocked out the most amazing Smooth Rider and Louisiana Bayou that I've ever heard! Dave screamed out the lyrics as Robert Randolph blew us away on the slide guitar and Boyd wailed on his violin. Truly a moment any viewer will not forget. Hope the DMB plays the Bowl again, as it was a big hit and a sold out show.
An amazing and unforgettable night with DMB at the Bowl! The show was more subdued, intentional, and intimate than previous concerts I have attended. The acoustics brought out subtleties in sounds typically not found in large venues, and the band delivered high quality tunes without the intensity to which I have become accustomed. It was it nice to hear Dave express his feelings about performing at the Hollywood Bowl for the first time, and all the artists that had previously graced its stage. Highlights for me included Smooth Rider and Louisiana Bayou, with Robert Randolph delivering a powerful, exciting performance. Overall one of the best shows I have ever attended! I hope DMB includes the Bowl as a regular stop on future tours.
I must have been in the wrong section (L3). The sound in my area was awful. It was very muddy, not loud enough, and there were no high frequencies. That aside, the show was pretty good. It was a bit too mellow for me. I loved that they opened w/ Best of What's Around, but it was too slow. Boyd and Rashawn Ross were both amazing! I believe Boyd had 4 different solos throughout the show. Smooth Rider was very good, and the energy of Louisiana Bayou was incredible. Overall, slightly disappointing, but still good.
Traci P.
"I don't want to blow my cover and come off as uncool in Los Angeles, but this is pretty cool." -Dave Matthews, August 29, 2006

If you were at this historic show at the Hollywood Bowl on August 28, 2006 and didn't love it, either you weren't there, you weren't paying attention, or something is wrong with you. As a native Angeleno who has traversed the continent for over 40 DMB shows in almost as many venues, this was an all-time favorite show.

Robert Randolph opened for the crowd on his pedal steel guitar and gave nothing less than a Bowl-rockin' performance. Randolph's old-school funk and spicy hot cajun sound warmed the crowd - most of whom arrived in fashionably late LA style.

Dave's playlist included a number of great live songs, including Dream Girl, Crash, Dancing Nancies and the Warehouse. Near the end of his set, Dave invited Randolph back on stage, where raucous and powerful renditions of Smooth Rider and Louisiana Bayou, complete with fedora hats, brought the crowd to its feet. Dave's vocals and guitar performance were other-worldly, but Randolph's performance stole the show. As usual, he started in a seated position, but as the song reached its climax, Randolph was on his feet, jumping, dancing and stomping his steel guitar pedals, while working his frenetic magic on the strings.

As if all that weren't enough to create a magical Monday night concert, Dave finished with Ants Marching, his 1994 mega-hit and reputed favorited song to play live. It is not uncommon to hear Ants Marching at a live Dave show, but to hear it for the first time under the stars at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. was truly to hear it for the first time all over again.