Red Rocks Ampitheater, Morrison, CO
Graph of songs performed, by album
Time of the Season
Say Goodbye
Louisiana Bayou
The Stone
Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd
What Would You Say
Everybody Wake Up
American Baby Intro
Dancing Nancies -->
So Much To Say -->
Too Much

Old Dirt Hill
Ants Marching

First off, this Dancing Nancies is what legends are made of. Boyd Tinsley was fantastic. The energy throughout this show was higher than any concert I have ever attended. Red Rocks is possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, the crowd was perfect, and the show was insane. There is no way you could complain about the setlist anyway, but every single song was played out to its capacity.
What an awesome night, at a marvelous venue. I had my first time in second row and thanks to the fans around us for being so fantastic! Having been to the Gorge, I think Red Rocks actually has it topped for pure natural beauty. In any case, the band, as expected, was on fire. They put on a fantastic show which opened slowly and built to a crazy peak over about three hours! EVERYDAY was a nice opener, slow, but got the crowd grooving and in the mood. TIME OF THE SEASON was a very interesting second choice - completely a surpise. Then, a highlight for me, Carter started into an awesome drum solo and one of my favorite songs - SAY GOODBYE. Nice extended solo by Roi on the Pennywhistle. I tossed a little Pig up on stage before DREAMGIRL, and it stayed up there through the entire song until Dave himself picked it up and put in the speaker at the back. We were laughing the entire time! BAYOU solid - STONE seemed very timely given the venue :). STOLEN AWAY - solid. Other highlights included AMERICAN BABY into - what amazing, amazing energy from the band. I had chills. WH->SMTS->ASTB->TooMuch just blew the crowd away! ODH, not a favorite but nice way to close and very strong ANTS to end with put a big punch on the crowd.
Maximus G.
THIS SHOW WAS FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!!!! Out of the 7-8 shows I have been to, this one was by far the best. The opener everyday was nice, but i my opinion, the show started with Time of the Season. What a perfect song to sing early in a set at Red Rocks. Everyone was pumped at that point, and it continued until the encore. The Stone, Nancies, Wherehouse, SMTS, TM, and Say Goodbye were all awesome renditions off of the classic versions including jams that were freakin awesome. Old dirt hill as the first song of the encore was lame. That song settled everyone down and gave a good chance at a bathroom break. However, Ants was next, which ended the perfect night at the perfect venue. The best part about it though is the fact I will be back sunday for another round of badass music. Peace
Its the season for loving the greatest band in the entire world! Since this show I cant get "TIme of the Season" out of my head. Possibly the most incredible cover that I have ever heard the band play. Say goodbye started out with an intense display by Carter and they band just rocked the rocks the whole way through til the end of the show. I have seen DMB my fair share of times and at this show you could feel that the guys were having fun and playing like it was seven years ago. One of my personal favorites was "Anyone seen the Bridge" between "So much to say" and "Too much". I have heard them play that song a numeruous amount of times but they JAMMED it out tonight. Good good stuff all around and ANTS was right on the money.
Well...when you play four nights in a row at the same venue - one of the shows is bound to be a little more chill than others...THIS was that show. Not that it was dissappointing, but it lacked the kind of energy that Dave and the boys are capable of (see Saturday!!) This was show number 20-something for me and it rates no-where near the top of my list of favorites. The venue is second to none...the Gorge (Washington) and Alpine Valley (Wisconsin) are a safe distance as the 2nd and 3rd best venues I've seen a Dave show at. All-in-all a good show with extremely professional musicianship and intelligent lyrics...but if it weren't for the last half hour I would've felt unsatisfied.
Out of the 9 times that I have seen DMB (including 4 times now at Red Rocks), Friday night's concert was not the best show I have seen & in fact ranks rather low on the list. The setlist was good, but the dead space between each song slowed the evening down. Dave hardly talked the entire night. The pace did seem to pick up with the last few songs & the encore though. Ants Marching was the perfect song to end the night with.

The show Saturday night was MUCH better; it flowed better & the crowd around me was more into the show (which always helps).
The trip of a lifetime for us, always wanted to see Red Rocks, and seeing the band there was just... spiritual. We put a lot of effort and money into going to the Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows, and I was worried that after all the build up that it would be a let down. I could not have been more fulfilled. The set lists were amazing - extremely low repeats, old tunes busted out, it was a gift, a lot of thought put into the shows. It was pure reverence.

The best moment of the evening was during The Stone when at the end the crowd picked up the Elvis 'wise men say... only fools fall in love... but I can't help, falling in love...' and sang it back to the band several times. That was a very touching moment. And Nancies into Warehouse - really, sorry to be crass, but it's like two orgasms in a row.
Please let me start by saying the anticipation for this weekend was nearly unbearable and i now feel no regret for that because the band delivered like i knew they could and would. When that 1st note was hit for everyday it was on. Nice little 36 intro by the crowd but i truly didn't think they were ready and the best fans were definately sunday night. Time of the season was a great cover and i couldn't be more satisfied (i wanted to hear that bad). Say goodbye is everyone's favorite who has that special friend out there in the world. Dream girl; the 1st new song and it gets better each time i hear it. Lousianna bayou is my personal favorite off the new album but only because he does not bring the same intensity with hello again every night he plays it, like he does bayou. The stone is a great tune i think everyone enjoys. Stolen just does not do it for me; great bathroom break song (my blatter was hurting because this was the only bathroom break song of the hole 4 days). Bartender a great song to enjoy a beer to after that break. Wwys a classic that never dissapoints. Everybody wake up played well tonight by the guys. American baby intro was great but not 1/2 as powerful as the one on monday. Nancies-warehouse then smts-too much was sick, what a way to end a set. ODH was ok and ending a show with ants, well we've all been there. Dave started this show a little f'd up i believe. He was very slow between songs and i caught him spacing out quite a bit, but nothing a good workout didn't sweat out. Stefan, leroi, butch, and carter had good shows but the night belonged to boyd. He spent what seemed like all night on the front 2 feet of the stage, maybe his best performance i've ever seen and this was my 23rd show.
Ash H.
Never in my 6 years of seeing DMB did I think they would ever return to Redrocks. When I heard they were coming I could not belive it. I had already been to the Gorge shows which were awesome and now I was even more excited to see what the band were going to pull out for this. Everyday was an ok opener, got the crowd into the show and everyone sang along, next up was Time of the Season which I had never heard before, this was pretty awesome to see. Highlights of this show had to be an incredible version of Warehouse and a beatifull Say Goodbye and a nice version of Bartender. Glad to see Ants Marching close again, first time seeing it close in 3 years. There was a lot of energy towards the end of the show which was great, overall a pretty solid show.