Red Rocks Ampitheatre
Graph of songs performed, by album
Recently *
Drive In, Drive Out
Typical Situation
Everybody Wake Up
Old Dirt Hill
Hunger for The Great Light
American Baby Intro
Jimi Thing (For What It's Worth) *
Exodus *+~%
Louisiana Bayou *+

Smooth Rider *
Too Much *

* With Rashawn Ross
+With Robert Randolph
~ With Ivan Neville
% With David Cast

Monday night was flat out magical! Aaron Neville set the tone for the evening with a touching, spiritual rendition of "Amazing Grace". The buzz inbetween acts was electric, and the band came out steaming with "Recently". Phenominal set throughout the show, but somehow the band kept gaining momentum with each song. Starting with "Jimi Thing" the stretch run of music was unbelievable. Robert Randolph was amazing, somehow everyone who came on stage flowed seemlessly with the band (Exodus was tight!). I'm not sure if it stemmed from Red Rocks, the relief show, or the end of the tour, but I have never seen DMB with more energy and excitement. After "Too Much" closed the night, the band enthusiastically hugged and celebrated. I had goose bumps all over! The best Dave show I've ever seen and probably the best concert I've ever seen, period. My adrenaline high finally died down about 3 hours after the show ended, but it took all night to decompress from the energy of the night. Great crowd, great cause! I'm not sure how any future tour can't close with a weekend at Red Rocks. UNREAL!!!
Dennis H.
The only things that saved this concert is the venue (can't get better than Red Rocks), and that the money went to a good charity. Otherwise, the set list was borderline terrible, and they played about 6-7 songs fewer than the other 3 RR shows. The songs they did play, were definitely played well and with passion. Louisiana Bayou was outstanding, probably the highlight of the concert. But, there's no way to get around the fact that the setlist was surprisingly sub par. The Encore choices were weak too. All in all, a pretty big let down for their last show of the summer.
I was standing in fourth row and was very happy about that. Even though I have to say that I also thought it was a little weak and could have been better. Exodus was awesome, and two much for the last song, but like I said for all the trouble I went through to see the show I think that it was cut way to short. I also attended the 11th show and it was really good. But hey it was all for a good cause.
Compared to the previous night the setlist was weak and short. Overall the concert was good but I expected more, especially since it was the last concert of the season. There was a general feeling among the entire crowd that this concert was going to reach new levels of greatness for the DMB and that simply was not the case. Louisiana Bayou, Typical and Dreamgirl were strong. Old Dirt Hill, Smooth Rider and Hunger For The Great Light did nothing but bring the crowds energy down 10 notches. Rashawn Ross was a nice surprise and really added some flavor. I think the band should consider having him at their shows more often! The venue was spectacular despite the fact there was orange spotlights blinding me for half the concert until I said screw it and moved to row 8. Smooth Rider was a poor choice for encore, Too Much was better but I really wanted to hear Ants or Warehouse.
Dave S.
Monday night was magical, but not necessarily a "great DMB show." With a limited set list and, aside from an incredibly tight rendition of a Marley classic, no jaw dropping song calls, it was clear the band had fired their best bullets on Sunday night. A rock solid Louisiana Bayou brought the house down and the aforementioned Exodus was "Legendary" to say the least. In the end, it was the cause, the venue and the energy of the band and the crowd that made the evening one to remember. I heard several DMB veterans say, "The set was marginal, but the night was unforgettable." That says it all.
After going Saturday and Sunday night,and seeing quite possibly the two best shows ever,Monday night was truly dissappointing.Don't get me wrong,it was an awesome concert and it was for an excellent cause,but it just wasn't happening for me.A lot of people left early,and there was pockets of empty seats all over.They started off incredible;3 songs that we had not heard all weekend,and then they played Everyday,and I knew what was coming.It was awesome to hear him sing a verse of #36 with it instead of just the Hani Hani part,but they kind of just killed the momentum with 5 Stand Up songs in a row,and they were all played this weekend before Monday.He never played that many new songs in a row this weekend,and he hadn't repeated a song except for Bayou every night,but that song made sense to play.Jimi Thing was awesome to hear,especially the awesome scatting,but Saturdays was even better.The venue saved this show,but so did Robert Randolph and the other special guests.Exodus was a surprise,and Bayou was incredible-it was rocking.The encore was a bit lame,especially after Saturday's awesome Smooth Rider, Monday's didn't even compare.Too Much was an awesome ending,but I still wanted to hear one more song,or even 5 or 6 more,because they played 14 last night,and that is not even close to what the rest of the weekend was like.I had an awesome weekend though,and I still cannot complain that I saw DMB 3 nights in a row at Red Rocks,so thanks for some fun guys.
I went to three of the 4 shows at Red Rocks this past week and although I would have to agree that the set list for monday was a surprise there was definitley something quite magical about it. The crowd for this night was way more electic than the other nights. Durring some of the more mellow points in the preivious shows it was anoying because a lot of people were talking and not listening. That being said, no one was talking durring mondays show. The people in the crowd weren't spectators, they were part of the band. Before I saw this show I thought it was the set list that would make it or break it for me but I was proven wrong. Although I got to hear typical situation, which I love, this was what I would consider a weak set list for all of the reasons mentioned before, and in my opinion it was by far the strongest show of the weak and one of the best I have from them. Even topping the shows I have seen at the Gorge. Thank you guys, it's always a highlight in my year.
Dave pretty much played the whole new album. This show was saved because of the last 4 songs. It was the best American Baby intro, Jimi thing was good ( Butch! ), but the Exodus and Bayou made this show. Exodus! Come on, we've been waiting for that for years! And Robert Randolph brought the house down with that Bayou. Other than that the last RR show didn't amount to "Too Much" . Sunday was the night!
Well, I don't really know what to say. This was about number 15 or so for me. and 3 outta 4 at Red Rocks. (missed Sat) I guess to be honest being in row 15 at red rocks was what kept me into the show. Recently, Drive in Drive out were nice to hear as they were new. Typical was nice too. I heard that was supposed to be where Halloween was on Sun. Go Crowd!! thanks to the band for submiting to our demands! But whats up with 5 'Stand Up' songs in a row. Not thrilled about that but American Baby intro was the show stopper to me. Bayou was a great way to end the set but still only 14 songs or so total. Exodus is a great song and was a nice rendition, liked the Stir it Up tease. I really thought they were going to play it. Encore was weak, Smooth rider woulda been better early in the show and Too Much is simply Played Out. But whatta ya gonna do. 'we wanna hear what we wanna hear, but they're gonna play what they wanna play' all in all a great weekend. Hope everyone away from CO had the time of there life. Its so nice to have the Red Rocks right in your back yard. God Bless ya'll, Keep Well!
Ben S.
This was the weakest setlist I've ever seen, DMB or any other band for that matter. This show was an absolute disgrace to everyone that donated $60, $500, or even $1000 to the hurricane relief expecting to see at least an alright show rather than having Dave use it as a venue to promote another new album. Dave should have opened for the Neville Brothers instead of vice versa.
Ash H.
I was pretty excited to be at the Katrina Benifit show. This was a very cool thing done by this band. They came out pretty late this evening, well after 9. They opened with Recently which had not been played all this year, nice old school version. Next we got Drive in Drive Out and a great version of Typical which made my night beacuse it's one of my favorite DMB songs. We then got a lot of the Stand Up songs, best of the bunch was easily the American Baby intro, really hope this one sticks around for next year. Towards the end of the set Robert Randolph came out, I was expecting Bayou but instead we got EXODUS! could not belive they pulled that one,no idea when they last played this! it was a sweet chilled out jam. They then closed with Bayou which was the song of the evening. Randolph was just insane on this one! what a musican. Encore was Smooth Rider which was ok and then To Much, standard encore, some of the crowd was chanting for Last Stop but knew that would not happen, we got our treat last night in Halloween. What an amazing weekend, in my opinion the best stand the band has ever done.