Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Morrison, CO
Graph of songs performed, by album
Seek Up
One Sweet World
Don't Drink The Water
Hunger for the Great Light
Rhyme & Reason *
Smooth Rider *
Jimi Thing *
Blackbird -->
Steady As We Go
Hello Again
Louisiana Bayou *
Best Of What's Around
American Baby
Tripping Billies *

Where Are You Going?
Two Step

* With Rashawn Ross on trumpet

Best two nights of DMB music I have seen yet, and I am 40+ show veteran. I am not sure if it was the Rocks, the fans, the songs or some alignment of the planets, but the energy in this venue was just overwhelming. Having been to the Gorge, Alpine, San Fran and others, I can say these shows just rocked. Highlights from last night for me were the SEEK UP opener - it's been a long time since I've heard Seek Up and this was a wonderful 20+ minute jammed out version. DDTW - i know this is not a crowd favorite, but after two slower songs, DDTW brought the energy level in the crowd up about 10 notches. Carter was amazing in this as usual. Dave belting out some terrifying vocals. Next fav was JIMI. Long jammed version, and they had a guest come out (Rashawn Ross) and play trumpet next to Roi. Rashawn and Roi did a bit of dueling horns for about 5 minutes in the song, each challenging the other to go further, as the energy built to an incredible level. It was truly amazing - best I have heard. BLACKBIRD was a huge surprise, nicely done, Butch has a lovely intro and played it sweet. My friend called CRASH, and it was nicely done. Very happy to hear BAYOU again -only repeat from last night and I was so happy he *didn't* play Stand Up, made BAYOU twice as good - excellent free form jam at the end. Ah, then BOWA - made the show for me as I was there with my best friend, and that is our song ;). BILLIES was a raucous closer - the crowd was going wild - Boyd had a fantastic solo, Dave was dancing all over, Roi was jamming. WAYG was ok - tolerable after such a great night, and they elected to close with TWO STEP, one of my all time favorites. The band just did not want to leave the stage - they kept the jam going longer and longer with each person taking a turn at solos - it was really awesome. All in all, I was so thankful for the effort the guys put in. As we were walking down the exit ramp, we caught Dave leaving in his tour bus. I was right in front of him as he was sitting in the front seat. I mouthed a "THANK YOU" to him and blew him a kiss - he tipped his head and waved, and my night was made. :)
Great Otis Raven that was a helluva show!!! I dont know if anything can top what I just saw. I called Seek Up right as the band came out onto the stage. From the first pluck of the guitar strings I knew that this night was gonna be something special. Seek Up was a 25 minute opera that moved the entire crowd. Then to go into some of their popular songs was a real treat. Three were a few highlights that really stood out as something to remember. Jimi THing is the most entertaining 20 minutes that you can have at a DMB concert. Le Roi and Rashawn let completley loose and provided an entirely new twist to this classic. Le Roi was smiling ear to ear by the end of the song. THen there was Blackbird. I couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to see Paul on that very stage 30 years ago singing that same song. There was a couple right in front of us that got engaged during this song and everyone around was applauding, almost bought a tear to my eye! Another highlight was Billies. I have NEVER heard the band play this song so tightly and with such energy. I had goosebumps all over!! And then there was Two Step which led to a great sing along and some incredible hippie dancing. This was my 20th DMB show and without a doubt a highlight of my life!
This was my first time ever seeing Dave Matthews Band live, and I do believe that I chose the BEST concert to attend...Everything that he played was superb, and the jam sessions were spectacular!!! I adore the fact that he played a lot of his old stuff. It was a wonderful balance of old and new. I was overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness of the Dave Matthews Band! I did not stop dancing or singing for the whole show. Three hours of complete and utter amazment, Red Rocks is truly the best place to see a concert in Colorado, and possibly the whole United States of America. Thank You Dave, Carter, Stefan, Leroi, Butch, and Boyd!!!
Absolutely Stellar! This was my third Dave concert, and most definitely the best! A nice mixture of old stuff and new stuff. A lot of long jams after tunes like Jimi Thing (With "For What It's Worth" as an ending), Smooth Rider, and American Baby, but more reason to show off the shear talent and passion of everyone in the group. Biggest surprises of the night came from #34, Blackbird, and Steady As We Go. Each sweetly played, and brought tears to our eyes. Hearing classics like One Sweet World, Rhyme and Reason, and Best of What's Around really made this die-hard fan wonderfully pleased with this concert. And to end the three-hour spectacular, an extended jam after Two Step. CD's can't even come close to capturing the sheer awesomeness of Dave. 10/10!
Clark D.
This show left me with the impression that i could die never hearing another show, and be barried with a smile on my face. Red Rocks sound could barely contain the energy of 9000 strong. As far as highlights: mid way through, they quited the cround with Blackbird. Rashawn Ross added frenzy with his trumpet. Two Step closed the night down. The reason that this night now stands alone for me is the high level of intensity that got going immedietaly when they came on, and remained through the car ride home. *Also note that I was in the best spot on earth to hear live music. Red Rocks. Music at its best.
Fran, O.
Saturday night was a dream concert. This was my ninth, 10 on Sunday, wow, double digits. It was wonderful to see those great guys having a great time. I don't think you could tell at all that this is the end of a long hot summer tour. There was so much energy in the air I was blown away. Every song was right on. Seek Up to start, my first favorite, was perfect. Carter was on fire all night. The long jams were really strong for each of the guys. I could tell Boyd was having alot of fun and the dueling horns between Roi and Rashawn, I think on Jimi Thing, was remarkable. It is always fun to see Dave singing and dancing his brains out. I have to say this was the best concert I've been to, counting front row center last year in Albuquerque (I AM spoiled). I am making it my mission to tell all the old hippies who know and apprieciate great music all about DMB.
Wow...words cannot explain the amazement I am still feeling after this show. This was my 4th show,and first at Red Rocks,and just being there was more than enough.I still say the venue plays a HUGE role in how the band plays.The crowd-electrifying. I have not seen a better crowd in my life,and the band knew it.It wasn't the largest crowd they had played to,but it had to be one of the best, and they let us know.The setlist was incredible-so much energy in everything. For the first time I didn't mind hearing slower songs,except for WAYG,because I knew that the tempo would be back the next song. Seek Up as an opener was a song that no one saw coming to open the show. We thought it would be played,but not as the starter. What a great jam and song.He kept it old school for a little bit until he rocked the house with HFTGL,which is an awesome new song. 34 was a great highlight;it was funny seeing half the crowd wonder what song this was,and it was awesome seeing the longtime DMB fans get into this song. Smooth Rider was a blast to hear,and the band had so much fun during this song that even if you didn't like it you still were pumped. I love how a 2:30 song on an album can turn into a 7 minute rocking out. Then came the greatest Jimi Thing I had ever heard-Dave was pumped to be out there and he showed it. When you knew he was gonna scat,he didn't. He told Butch to give him something funky to jam to,and then Dave did the greatest dance ever.It was not the normal Dave dance with the legs going everywhere, but something completely different.Then he played 2 more new songs, and they both were really good,then Crash was played,and that was an awesome song to hear.After Crash,we thought that he would end it with Bayou, but after it ended the lights stayed off,so I took it as a sign that something good was coming.Then BOWA-and he still didn't end. We knew he couldn't end on American Baby,so to hear Tripping Billies was tight. Both songs were awesome.WAYG made me want to go home,because that song always kills the mood.However,Two Step and its new jam made me forget about WAYG.
All the way from Cali to see these amazing men peform for my 15th show... first time at Red Rocks...I've been waiting all these years!! It took me a minute to focus on DMB because I was in awe overlooking the, I mean, WOW! The opening did not grab me which was unusual, I was hoping for more action, but it seemed like they were in a more mellow mood, which was cool. And after seeing how gitty Dave was and watching him do his adorable little dance moves, I was right there with him. Their connection is the most amazing thing to witness, such happiness and love...they bring tears to my eyes. I just thorougly enjoy every moment...
This was perhaps my 100th show, and while it might not be apparent from a quick glance at the set list, dare I say was the best DMB show I've ever seen.

Unbelievably great crowd, breathtaking view, and one hell of a tight band. Blackbird was especially moving - and it was nice to see Butch on fire all night.

Tripping Billies closer was like a cannon shot to the moon while Two Step slingshoted me around the sun.

I don't think I've ever seen the band happier.
Heather C.
I thought nothing would ever top the beauty and acoustics of the George...until I experienced Red Rocks! By far the most amazing venue with impeccable sound and incomparable beauty. What a special way to celebrate my 25th show - 7th row - and the best show I've ever witnessed. I don't know what kept the energy and the vibe going for so long - if it was because the band hadn't played here in so many years or just the beauty of the venue - but I have never danced, laughed, and smiled so much at a show in my life. Seek Up was a great way to start things off and One Sweet World was perfectly fitting for how lucky we all felt to be there. #34 was the perfect opportunity for my friends and I to link arms and reflect on how much we were enjoying ourselves. Butch was amazing on Blackbird and the crowd was silent and respectful during the soft melodic Steady As We Go. Hello Again hit hard with Dave wailing repetitively "Hellooooooo Again" towards the end. I enjoyed the addition of Rashawn Ross on selected songs such as "Louisiana Bayou" and "Smooth Rider." Throughout the show the energy level never dropped and Dave was more frisky and animated than ever with his quirky dance moves, facial expressions, and funny babblings - "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..." Yes it was, and I can't wait for a beautiful night again tomorrow.
You know how it doesn’t seem that people clap much anymore waiting for the encore? Well Saturday was phenomenal. The response of the fans thanking the band for the show we had just witnessed was amazing; everyone was clapping, screaming, singing, it was good to see that energy again. The best part was when we all were singing the soccer chant - ole ole ole - at the top of our lungs. You would think we were a crowd of 100,000 instead of 10,000.

Blackbird was great. I was fortunate enough to see them play it the first time at the Gorge (how spoiled am I, Gorge and Red Rocks this year!) and the Gorge performance was better, only because it was so spontaneous. Dave had a big-ass grin the night of the Gorge when he started singing, and Red Rocks was more delicate.

Again, a lot of care with the set list - not one repeat from the Friday, like a best-of tour of DMB. Brilliant.
What a great show. The crowd and the band were very hype to get things started after friday night. Friday belonged to boyd but this was dave's show! They opened up with a long and great seek up which i called but in all fairness i also called it friday. It just feels good to get the opener right and then the magnitude in which they played let everyone know this was the beginning of something great. They follwed it up with a very apppreciated one sweet world; like befor mentioned red rocks is one sweet world, if you weren't in it you were definately missing out. Ddtw then followed which really got dave going on one of the most entertaining nights i ever saw him perform. The man was all over the place from start to finish pulling out some dance moves that i think will impress himself when he sees. He definately had a bounce in his steps. Hunger was a great jam on the electric. I hope i'm right on this and i believe i am; boyd's night finally really got going when rhyme and reason was played. He had a so so night but this was the best single song performance i've seen from him. He was jamming like always and going around to the members of the band doing his role call and he just took it to the next level getting in everyone's face, and actually sprintingg around the stage. He was in leroi's face when he didn't even have an instrument and leroi could just laugh. He and butchy got into it the best though finally ending with dave fanning boyd off and gestureing to butch to quit encouraging him due to the fact that the set was not even half over. Next was a great 34 for those of us who appreciate it. Smooth rider is another one that gets better each time you hear it and a real favorite of the ladies i believe. Like all have said, a kick ass jimi thing on saturday night, not the best i ever heard, but kick ass. Blackbird was another cover i was excited to hear and it was played to perfection keeping a cover a night lineup going which i'm sure dissapointed no one. Steady as we go was so so, but a great song with black bird. Man i love hello again when he brings it to the table like he did at this show. It was hard hitting and intense. I don't know why he doesn't deliver this song just like this every night because i really consider it 2 different songs. The one tonight and the one he played at herhey this year for example. Crash was crash. Bayou once again delivered the goods. Better than friday and just getting better, i expected this one all 4 nights and couldn't wait each night. Times aren't where you are but who you're with, but it sure is nice to be with good people in good places also; bowa is just a classic. American baby was good and then a great set closer with billies which put it back on my to see list, i was growing apart from the song a little. Wayg, two step encore was nice but not the best i'd ever seen; i think the band was a little tired at this point, but finished the show strong. Once again i never have seen dave dance like this and you always know a good show is coming when dave is scatting in the opener. Great show and top 3 of 24 total now.
Ash H.
Saturday night's show was something pretty awesome, Did not have the best seats but that was totally fine. Seek Up to open was not expected, this was amazing, sweet version of this song to. Easily the best song of the evening, this was followed by One Sweet World and Don't Drink The Water, what a way to start a show,wow. Rashawn Ross played with the band tonight which was pretty awesome, he's a really talented trumpet player. Heard Steady as you go for the first time tonight and that was pretty decent, Other highlights of this show was Tripping Billies and an awesome version of Two Step. Very very long show, they left the stage around 11.30. Lots of jamming tonight which is something I always enjoy!