Red Rocks Ampitheatre
Graph of songs performed, by album
Don't Burn The Pig
You Never Know
Stand Up
Grey Street
When The World Ends *
Lie in Our Graves
Lover Lay Down
What You Are *
Out Of My Hands
#41 *
Halloween *
Crush *
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Rapunzel *

I Did It (tease)
Louisiana Bayou *
The Star Spangled Banner (Intro) -->
All Along The Watchtower

* With Rashawn Ross

Shawn J.
That show was magical.

I went to the Gorge last year and seeing that Blackbird materialize was special but watching the band converse while the crowd screamed Halloween @ Red Rocks,then just launching into it Goosebumps right now thinking about it.

All I wanted to hear last year was Typical and that was song that was supposed to be played in that spot.

I couldn't have been happier.

The midset LIOG and What U Are were devastating.

Then After all that emotion Butterfly left me in awe.

I contemplated not going to shows this 2006 tour out of fear I would be comparing the shows to last years Gorge and Red Rocks shows but that quickly passed and I got my Gorge Tickets
After taking several months to reflect on this show, I still cannot get it out of my head. Songs like What You Are and Lie in Our Graves midset were amazing. And the electricity for Halloween was incredible. Listening to it still give me the same excitement as when I was there. One of the Best Concerts ever without exaggeration.
Joe W.
Four months have past by now since I attended The Weekend On The Rocks, and I have never sumitted a review for a show before, but I figure after the third night at Red Rocks, September 11, 2005, it's time for me to offer my opinion. I have attended 102 shows now, in which this show was my 99th and I was fortunate enough to sit front row with my best friend Matt. The energy from this show from start to end from the band and the crowd was amazing. I was so moved to feel as though 9,450 people could unite so closely as one. Between the best Pig, #41, Lie In Our Graves I have ever witnessed and the Halloween addition for which I will forever take with me to my grave, I could not have asked for anything more from the Band and I believe everyone in attendance would have to agree with me. Stefan, Thank You for the Star-Spangled Banner for memorian to 9/11 and to the rest of the Band for crushing Watchtower. All in all I would personally like to thank The Dave Matthews Band and the Crew for the best time of my life and for always giving their best. Carter gave me my final reason to believe in Karma, when he threw me my first drumstick on Monday night which was my 100th show.
Shaun D.
When i heard DMB was goin to Red Rocks i had to find out if work would give me the time off to go. Well i was able to get there for one and i decided on the 11th. It was by far the best show i have ever seen, and now 4 months and three shows later i can not get the night out of my mind. All i wanted to see was halloween this was my 20th show and i have only heard it as a tease. Me and my friend sat 10th row (my tickets were for row 59) and i yelled for it the hole time, and after granny the people around me started yelling for it with me and for all you who were there you know what happend next. but all in all it was the best show for so meny reasons pig opener into an always good the hear you never know and the best version of stand up ive heard yet. i am so glad i picked that night to be the one night to attend. Thank god for DMB!
After taking a month or so to fully appreciate the full value of the 3 days of Dave i saw at red rocks, i have come to the conclusion that Sunday was THE best night of the three. Pig opener, and they did play my favorite song #41. For anyone who was there and saw 3 neon yellow signs forming "#41". i had the number sign, my 2 best friends had the 4 and the 1. hope you guys appreciated that song as much as we did, it was the happiest moment of that show for me.

added bonus: after the show, we were front row yelling for more. Carter came over and threw us a drumstick for our sign. since Carter is by far my fav person in the band (i'm a drummer), i couldn't have asked for anything more. perfect night.

thanks to everyone who was there for all the energy. can't wait for the DVD
The blessed attendees and performers know words alone cannot explain what happened tonight at Red Rocks on 9.11.05. From a long time DMB fan/warehouser who came out from NC, alone, to take my virginity away from RR with DMB, thank you, to everyone there tonight. We truly experienced and helped mold the most spiritual and special night I’ve ever been a part of in my 12 years of experiences with the band. Hope everyone saw me down in 3 center; cause I saw all of ya’ll. Thank you. In all honesty, I don’t really NEED to ever see another show again. I think I’m as high as I’ll ever be. Thank you crowd. Thank you Emily. Thank you RR. Thank you gentlemen; that performance was unprecedented and will forever be etched in my best of memories.
Best show ever! Don't burn the pig to kick it off - the crowd was electric all night and the band didn't stop feeding off us! The lighting was spectacular, with the dancing nancies on the rock walls and the amber glow lighting - unbelievable! There are no words worthy enough of how special last night was - definitely worth the 7 year wait!
John E.
What a magical night!After Saturdays show I was pumped up for tonite.When the guys opened with Pig I was blown away. This was my fifth show and I've never seen so much energy from the crowd or the band. Rolling through Stand up Grey St. and WTWE then Dream girl was great live. You could see the band had a good pace going rocking for 3 songs then slowing it down for one. Well I dont think anyone could have guessed what was next (even though the very nice kid behind us with his mom who goes to a lot of shows had a good vibe for what was gonna be played) The greatest live version Lie in our Graves ever played period!Was Boyd off the hook tonite or what? I still hadnt caught my breath after a few more songs when they rolled into the much requested #41 and then Granny. Then came the tease of Crush before going into Halloween to which all I can say was wow. By this time I knew they were gonna play Crush which came right after butterfly(cool little song). The highlight of my evening came half way through Crush when I proposed to my girlfriend during "our song" and she said yes! I did lose a little focus after that as we held each other tight and rode out the rest of the ride! It was the best DMB show I've ever been to at the best venue to see a show in the world (Red Rocks) and I experienced it with my best friend and soon to be wife (I love you Sandy)Great way to wrap up a great weekend! Cant wait for the Dvd/CD to relive it all again!
Cliff H.
Christians take a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Muslims to Mecca, for true fans of Dave our pilgrimage is to Red Rocks. Anyone who was blessed enough to be a part of the privileged few that were in attendance on Sunday night were treated to one of those nights where the stars and planets are all aligned and the spirits are in your favor. Starting of with pig was a rare treat, #41 I have been waiting for all tour! The best live version of Lie in Our Graves ever performed, when the first note was played my heart jumped. Halloween I can guarantee was not on the original set list but when the crowd led a loud chant Dave stopped talked to his band and then fired off the most special part of the whole weekend. That epitomizes the DMB when they care about what the fans want, what a special weekend, thank you DMB.
9/11 at Red Rocks was not only the best Dave concert (out of 5) i've attended, it was the best concert i've ever been to, period. The crowd was great, the band was on fire. I thought Dave was going to lose his voice near the end, he was singing so hard. My mother comments: Dave plays "Watchtower" better than Bob Dylan. It was simply amazing.
Josh B.
This show was kiler from start to finish- this was the 10th to 12th time I've seen the band and they were on fire all night long! Highlights included the pig opener wit stuffed pig getting thrown onstage at the beginning of the show, You never know, #41, Lover lay down, Graves, butterfly and of course Halloween was off the hook! the band was full of energy all night and it was the best concert I've ever seen with rashawn ross taking awesome solos on Crush and #41 w/ LeRoi.
Matt H.
WOW. This was my sixth DMB show, and it was amazing. I was so stoked to hear LIOG, having gone five shows without ever hearing it live. The stars aligned and the band was in a serious groove all night. Personally, I loved Out Of My Hands, but people around me weren't as into it. Watchtower and Halloween blew my mind, just like everyone else, it seems. And the little teaser of Everyday during #41 was sick. Overall, a tremendous show, worth all the money and effort to get to Red Rocks. I was there friday, saturday, and sunday, but tragically can't make it for the benefit show. It's so cool that the band is doing the benefit, but it sucks that it's happening now, b/c I was hoping to hear Last stop sunday night. Oh, well. Guess that's the price of humanitarianism.
Jennifer .
the show rocked!!!! i thought when i saw him at the gorge a couple years agothat was the best. no no no 9/11 was a great show. the crowd wow what intense feeling they gave off. I had chills all night long. thanks to the cool people who i met there made me not feel so bad for going by myself. the solos all the band members had were off the wall. I have to give huge thanks to Dave for making it a amazing weekend for all of colorado. It is good to have him put us back in his tour.
I would just like to say, thank you god for the dave matthews band. I am still speechless and in awe for one of not only the best concerts I have ever attended, but also making one of the best nights of my life. Theres not a more beautiful place to see the band and I have never heard them sound better. Sog after song they kept it fresh, somewhat random but mostly awesome. Lie in our graves and Wtchtower definitely topped the night. God Bless DMB!
Matthew M.
….Amen!! This was definitely a divine example of what can happen when 5 men come together and meet for one purpose, not to mention to meet at the most beautiful God given gift to music….RED ROCK!!! This was my first weekend @ Red Rock, we attended the Prior performances, but when comparing all 3 nights….there is no doubt something electric was in the air Sunday night! THANK YOU DMB Fans for making the night magical! You could sense the excitement in the herbal air! With Denver’s evening skyline to the front, DMB on stage front & center, a mass of elated fans coming full circle and the Colorado Rockies to our back… was truly a slice of rare beauty to this Kansas boy! The set list was the final ingredient that allowed the band to pour out their intoxicating talents to the eager crowd!! With an unbelievable finale, Watchtower was beyond moving as every hair was standing on end from the first pull from Stephan’s bass to the last out cry from Dave’s mic……an incredible night which I will never forget! Thank You again DMB fans & Dave for making Sunday 09/11/05 one of the best days of my life…….
Perfect setting. Perfect night. Perfect show. Unbelievable. I hope everyone finds a way to download this concert. And I hope everyone is able to experience something like this show: the energy of the band and the crowd was amazing. Of course, I don't even have to mention the sheer madness that was the impromtu Halloween. Halloween! AAAHHHH! The entire night was magical.
Avi T.
hey the truth is that the setlist was perfect; i got to meet dave after the show; i'm from nyc and this was one hell of a show. just the type i always dreamed of. that halloween was unbelievable. the granny, the #41, the lover lay down, the crush was so strong, the LIOG was off the hook; the pig opener was awesome; the Bayou does it nice, and the overall experience was out of this world.
Michael S.
O.k., I know it's customary to say "this was my bazillionth show, and it was the best i've ever seen" to start a review. The truth is that this was actually the thirtieth show for me. Since the 00" tour I have'nt seen a show that was'nt going to be the last DMB show I'm paying for. But hey, I gotta feed the monkey. This was TRUELY an amazing show. PIG, that's all I have to say about that. YNK, this is an absolutely amazing song, a great 1-2 punch to open a show, PIG>YNK bouncing off the rocks= pure bliss. Stand up was actually a good rocking song, I enjoyed it (the enthusiasm of the crowd helped). Grey street was typically good, not the best I've seen not the worst, just solid. WTWE is in my opinion one of the better everyday tunes, it is what it is and rarely deviates. Dreamgirl was definatly the low point of the show. LIOG was exeptional, very well done I must confess. Lover lay down holds a special place in my heart and it was nice to hear it live again. Skipping forward... #41, after the saturday show ( I actually expected this night to suck) was one of the only "jammy" songs left in the linup, and it certainly was no sloucher, when you hear it you will be stoked. Granny was as good as it can be, (thank god no ladies). Then there is the halloween... I have been to hundereds of shows but this was one of the most organic and spontanious moments I have ever experienced. A few people behind us started the "chant" ( If you were there you know what I mean) and it turned into 9,000 people chanting in unison... Hallo-ween, Hallo-ween, Dave turned to every member of the band and... They actually played it. Amazing, The most energy i've ever seen from a DMB crowd. Butterfly- so sweet, I've never heard it but would like to hear where it will go. The rest of the show was "good"... Bayou, I think will become a staple song. All in all, Top three DMB shows I've ever seen. this show actually instilled faith in me for the band. see you next year.
My 20th show, and I was not expecting the slap in the face I received. Fourteen of my shows have been at the Gorge, so I am used to the beautiful scenery and great energy from the band and crowd. When I finally made the climb up to Red Rocks, I was AMAZED. There is nothing like it in the World. Friday night when Dave came out and just kind of stared in awe, I serious almost cried for the first four songs. The shows only got better through out the weekend. Sunday it was almost like they emproved the whole night. When the crowd started the chant of Halloween, and then they played it, AWESOME.

Every one knew the songs. Every one was amazing. Thank you all for the wonderful weekend.
Julie B.
From the minute we pulled into the parking lot around 4:00 PM until the minute that we pulled away from one of the best concerts I've ever attended. This was my 20th DMB show and I flew from Memphis to catch it. By far it was worth every penny spent to get there! Not only was the band on fire but the crowd was charged with the best energy that I've ever experienced.

The whole show left me speechless! This has made my 2005 "Dave season" complete. Even walking through the airport I was amazed at the number of "dave heads" I encountered and it's funny but I instantly bonded with them just knowing that we witnessed the same great show that was truly one of a kind. Red Rocks rocks!
Joe L.
I can't believe what i saw last night. It was amazing. Pig was a huge suprise, the boys haven't played it this year. I like You Never Know so that was a pleasent suprise. Stand Up, WTWE, and Dream Girl Kept the mood going, But then the boys played the sickest version on LIOG ever heard, when the boys wrapped this up by Dave introducing Butch and Boyd and stopping for a sec like it was over then goingback into itwas crazy. i love how much Dave was talking to the crowd. i've seen this song 15 times and this one stole it for me. Love Lay Down is a classic and is always great to hear. I can't believe they rocked What You Are in the middle a a set. Thank You Guys. This is The first time Dave didn't sit for Out of My Hands and it flowed better. #41>Everyday outro i need say no more. Granny had Boyd off his rocker, Thank you Boyd. HALLOWEEN the crowd asked for it and i tell you this song live i a dream come true. I've seen 40-50 shows and never got Halloween before so this made my trip from Florida to Red Rocks a trip i will never forget. Butterfly, i think this is the first time i ever saw the whole version and i loved it. I called Crush even before Stefan Hit the first cord.

PNP>Rapunzel is a great closer and they played it with all there hear. I did It tease was cool, along with Louisiana Bayou, But Stefan playing the Star Spangled Banner Stole the encore for me. Finally, Watchtower and everyone knows how they rock this song. I'm not gonna forget the heartbeat, Carter Beauford, thank you for making my weekend experience at Red Rock so special. I cannot believe how HUGE Rashawn Ross is,and how he added so much to the weekend. so in conclusion i will say that this weekend at Red Rocks was the best experience i ever had and it was beacause how much heart and soul went on to give the DMB fans the best 3 day concert event EVER.
Heather C.
"Hall-o-ween, Hall-o-ween, Hall-o-ween." It's still echoing in my ears. We asked for it and the band gave it to us. We all knew it wasn't on the set list. We all appreciated our impromptu gift. I'm still recovering from the shock of hearing the one song I've always told everyone I'll never hear live - so loud, so bold, and so full of emotion. Ahhh yes, another amazing night it was. Any show that opens with Pig is bound to be full of surprises...You Never Know! Haven't heard this one all tour. Lie In Our Graves at Red this real or am I dreaming? What You Are in the middle of the set threw everyone for a loop. Butterfly was amazing to see live in full for the first time. What a sweet little diddy that song is. I can't but wonder if Stephan's Star Spangled Banner intro to Watchtower was a little September 11 memorial tribute. Everyone was silent. Today marks my last show of this summer tour. A phenomenal show to say good-bye and the perfect place to end it. Red Rocks will go down as a my absolute favorite venue of all time filled with memories of good times.
Sunday was show 20 for me and the energy was amazing. Bonnaroo is the only thing that could touch it. Pig came out of nowhere, which was awesome. You Never Know might be the best song from Lillywhite/Busted Stuff and this version rocked. Stand Up is not my favorite song but Greystreet was jammin. Dave had to shake cramps out of his hand when the song ended. When the world Ends......We'll be burning all I've got to say. Dreamgirl is a great lovesong but in my opinion it has been played too much this tour(i've seen it at least 6 times I think). From here out there wasn't a song played that isn't phenomenol. Lie in Our Graves is becoming quite the jam song. At the Gorge I threw about 1000 glowsticks in the air on Saturday night and when Lie in Our Graves Started everyone started throwing them!!! I LOVE IT that this happened here at Red Rocks. I encourage everyone to bring glowsticks to future shows(check Ebay). Lover Lay Down is incredible and yes then there was What you Are in the middle of the set.. WOW.. Out of my hands was good and #41 is my favorite song by any artist..EVER.... Granny rocked with everyone chanting about LOVE. Then came a song by request (rare for shows I've seen). I saw Butterfly for it's first performance in Oakland with Dave and Friends and the song kicks ass. Crush...blew me away..and everyone knows Pantala Rocks. The encore was crazy and all I wanted was Robert Randolph... but I only had to wait 24 hours. These shows made me addicted to DMB live (if I wasn't already)
WOW! Thats all I have to say for the whole weekend!!! I was probably more lucky than most being able to attend all 3 nights! I was amazed at how AWESOME Red Rocks was. Let alone having the greatest band EVER play there. I thank DMB for playing there after 8 long years. I never thought I would ever be able to see them at RR. THANK YOU! Now on to the shows. All nights were incredible. Night 1, great setlist. A bit mellow, but ended up JAMMING in the end. Highlights for night 1: Nancies, Wharehouse, SMTS -> Too Much and Ants!!! Night 2 highlights: Seek Up, Blackbird, Trippin Billies, and Two Step. Night 3 highlights: Butterfly, Rapunzel, Grey Street (Always a crowd favorite), and #41. I was really hoping for "Last Stop" as the finale, but Watchtower does well. Although it seems almost every concert I go to he plays Watchtower. Besides it would have been a great song for the end of the summer tour.

Thank you DAVE MATTHEWS BAND for an incredible weekend. One of the best in my life! You made a dream come true for me!
I have been to countless shows starting at a 200 seat venue in 1994, and this was the first show I have ever seen Dave take requests. If I were to guess I would say Don't burn the Pig and Halloween weren't on the setlist when they walked out for what would have been their final show on Sunday. With a plethora of stuffed pigs flying at the stage when the band first walked out, and the relentless din of "Hal O Ween" aimed at the stage we received two great treats on this almost end of the summer tour. Thanks to the band a crew for sticking it out one more night on Monday, but for my schillings Sunday was the cap to a great summer tour.
Dave wore a white shirt - it didn't really seem to fit him - was this in response to the red rocks, blue skies, white shirts in honour of 9/11? I'd like to think that it was something that he had to dig out of the back of his closet, and not because he was going to wear it anyway on Sunday.

Kudos to the guys throwing glowsticks during Lie in Our Graves - it really looked like fireworks were going off in the crowd. Boos to the guys throwing glowsticks at the stage afterwards trying to hit Dave etc. I noticed that when the glowsticks were being thrown into the air that the film crew dimmed the house lights so that the cameras could pick it up - let's see if it makes the dvd. Sure hope so!

Granny - bastions of people screaming 'Love!'... 'Baby!'... 'Love!' how many of us have made 10,000 people sing that in unison? Gotta make your day.

Halloween - I have never witnessed the energy like this before. This replaced Typical Situation in the set list, and at the end of it I don't think Carter could get his breath - he was doubled over the drum kit, he just gave it so hard - the camera guy was like are you okay dude? I think that's why Dave played Butterfly, because it gave everyone else a chance to catch their breath. Personally, I don't care for this song, hate it when Dave pulls an Axl Rose and shreds his vocal chords, and he paid for it later when he had to change the way he sang Rapunzel because he couldn't make the high notes. 'Course, it could have just been because it was the end of night 3 and he'd been singing for 2 and a half hours at that point. Stephan looked so happy playing Halloween. Is it just me, or does he have surprisingly poor dance rhythym considering he is a bass player? He just looked so... white dancing down there - bopping from one foot to the other... off the beat... which he is keeping on the bass... actually, let me take that back, it takes talent to dance to a different beat to the one you are playing... never mind. He looked happy to bust out halloween.

Butterfly - sublime. I love it that Dave can be so totally stripped down and still blow us away.

Stephan's anthem intro to Watchtower - very appropriate given the day, and so Hendrix. That was super cool.

Boyd killed at the end of the night. And dude, I could see your pubes from row 19. Somehow gross and sexy all at the same time. I dare you to pull a Flea and wear a sock one night. Come on. Dare ya. You know you want to. He was so into his solos that I am sure Dave has permanent cornea damage from flying dreadlocks. How he keeps them out of his violin is a mystery. He is *so* on the list.

LeRoi looked the happiest I have ever seen him with Rashawn there. He smiled a lot from the side. Rawshawn was incredible, what a great idea to have him join the guys that weekend - only 2 horns and yet they sounded like 20.

I don't know how this will translate to DVD - the energy, the setting, the great sound, how can it be repeated? It's just one of those you had to be there moments - and thanks to all of the other fans who made it such a special night.
On to night 3. This show had a wierd ora about it starting with me arriving late to the parking lot (8:15). It seemed wierd because if there weren't cars outside i would have never known a show was happening. Real quiet as if everyone went running in to see dave at 7:30. I had a real good feeling about this because the partiers were at night one and two and people who wanted to see dave were at night three. I called a nata-rapnunzel opener which i believe he changed to pig. Many stuffed pigs thrown on stage to start the show and one got a lot of attention and put on carter's set along with a few words exchanged by the band. He then got the show going in a very laid back manner with pig and u never know. Great dance during that base line in stand up. He followed up with grey street and when the world ends. These are 2 of my favorites but really had me screwed up with these great but slow songs. He finally explained the night was all about love and that was his reasoning for this. Dream girl once again got better. He played lie in our graves well, 1st songally get the energy going. Lover lay down a classic that we can all share that smile to. What you are is now appreciated by me much more after hearing for the second time and not as an encore - this is a good song and jam if you are not familiar with it. Out of my hands and then 41 were nice. Kudos to that poor guy with the 41 sign; i hope he made out with a random chick like he said he would when he heard it. Granny is a great song and i was with a virgin of the song granny so i'm glad he got to hear it. At this point the crowd was excited and done with this love theme. Those true fans i was telling you about began to belt out the halloween chant (that's what i'm talking about). Halloween, here tonight in september, oh man! The crowd began to drop the chant and dave started to lose that look in his eye, but we were able to get it going and talk him in to it. The band just belted it out and i did not stop jumping the entire time, it was that exciting. I know people are jealous and they should be (you know who you are). Butterfly-crush was a nice little break into another hard hitter. Nata-rapunzel to finish the set; no complaints here. Bayou to open the encore was sweet; i'm really glad he finished this show so strong. Ssb and watchtower were a fitting end to another great evening. This is the second time i've seen dave on 9/11 and both shows were unbelievable so i do reccommend it if you get the chance. Another top show on now my 25. Once again in case i did not stress it enough that halloween made the show. The manner in which it was requested to start but the way it was played to finish.
I have waited 8 long years to see Dave at Redrocks and was not dissapointed!! I attended the 3rd show (my first ever) and what an amazing night, the crowd, the band, the view, the ENERGY, who could ask for anything more!! Boyd was absolutly on fire. I traveled from Cheboygan, MI and was amazed at the airport at the amount of people who traveled from all over to see Dave play at Redrocks. Thanks for a wonderful night that I will NEVER forget!! Till we meet again.
Ash H.
WOW.. 9/11/05- out of 16 DMB shows this is the best I've seen yet. Had great seats in the 32nd row, they came out and opened with PIG!! first time played this year which blew my mind, great version of You Never Know was up next, pretty standard over the next four songs but after this everything was incredible. LIe In Our Graves was amazing as was Lover Lay Down, #41 and an awesome version of Granny. After Granny- the whole crowd started chanting Halloween, everyone was so loud, I had never experianced anything like this at a Dave show. I really though there was no way that they would play it but as soon I heard Carter kick into the drum into I just went nuts. Halloween was amazing to, so much energy and anger from Dave it was something else. To close the set we got Crush then Rapunzal which was amazing and really kept the energy going. I was expecting a slow song to open the encore but instead we got BAYOU! awesome again, love this new track and the jam is just old school style DMB, everyone knew Watchtower was coming next and it was a perfect close to an almost perfect show. I really don't ever need to see this band again after that show but I'll be at 9.12 tommorow and many more shows to come.. love DMB!!!
Joe A.
This was hands down, THEE most unbelievable performance I have ever experienced. Pig opener?!?! Are you serious? I was so excited my legs were shaking. I nearly blacked out. I could have left after that and felt perfectly satisfied - the rest of the show was just an added bonus. I was screaming my head off and jumping off of things when I heard the first chord of Halloween. All three nights were a surreal experienced only to be wrapped up with the original closing show, 9/11. Bottom line, this show will never be topped...NEVER! Thank you :)