Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, The Woodlands, TX
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Stone
One Sweet World
Louisiana Bayou
Everybody Wake Up
Say Goodbye
Hunger for the Great Light
Lie In Our Graves
What Would You Say?
American Baby Intro
You Might Die Trying
Smooth Rider
All Along The Watchtower

American Baby
What You Are

Okay, so i was the performance was good... but i was highly dissapointed with the setlist. Honestly... it was a huge let down. However, i must say that All Along the watchtower was INCREDIBLE. I thoroughly enjoyed everyday, lie in our graves, crash, what would you say, and what you are. Last years shows had way way better setlists. where was jimi thing? warehouse? ants marching? tripping billies? dont drink the water? #41? #36? Two Step? Rapunzel?

As i stated above, the performance was good... but we were all pretty dissapointed.
Mark I.
Last night's show was very energetic and a whole lot of fun. I met lots of people from New Orleans last night that were able to put aside all the problems to relax and have a much needed good time. The band was collecting donations at the start for victims of Hurricane Katrina, showing they are tops when it comes to caring for others.

This was a very good setlist, at least, in my opinion. Say Goodbye was the highlight for me, I love that song. Watchtower and What you are rocked the house. Louisiana Bayou is turning out to be a great live song, as well as, Everybody Wake Up.

There was nothing like watching all the lovely Texas ladies dancing to Dream Girl and American Baby. All in all the set list was perfect for a night of mixed emotions from the Hurricane.

The only bad thing of the night were the cops kicking everyone out of the parking lots. No tailgating at DMB! That really sucked. The cops were forcing people into the stadium 2-3 hours before DMB went on stage. They were being really asses about it too.

I just want to say thanks to DMB and all the fans I met who help make last night a whole lot of fun.

God bless the people of the Gulf Coast. Donate now at
Phillip M.
My ninth show, second this tour. Definitely better than Selma, and possibly the best I've ever seen. The Stone was an intense, surprising opener. OSW was has too good a feeling to really be disappointed about hearing it. Louisiana Bayou proved once again why it's one of the best new songs the boys have, with Boyd especially going nuts on his solo. Dave, as he has for all the Texas shows, thanked all "Texans" and especially the people of Houston for helping out. EWU was the most lackluster of any of the new songs. I think this would be a great Dave + Tim song, as all the fun is in Dave's guitar work. Then came the "lovers'-greatest hits" run, as me and my g/f called them: Crash, Say Goodbye, and HFTGL. Now Crash is always nice, and I think Hunger is tied for their second best live song (, with LB, behind American Baby Intro). Say Goodbye, though -- I'll admit, I wasn't blown away by the live version, until it came right to the "love youuuuuuuu" about two-thirds through. Then I realized how happy I was to finally, finally see this song live. Dreamgirl was awesome (another lover song), and LIOG was amazing. Best jam of the night, by far. Butch had a piano solo worthy of Bruce Hornsby, and Boyd and Leroi both left it all out there. The other songs were solid standards, with Smooth Rider being about 4x as long as the album version, thereby making it 4x as awesome, thereby making it one of my favorite's of the night. Watchtower, as always, made me want to fly through the roof, and I think WYA is really coming into being a great closer. Overall -- LIOG, Say Goodbye, Smooth Rider, and Watchtower were all beyond incredible, making it (I've decided!) my favorite DMB show ever!
Steven B.
The September 5th show at Cynthia Woods Pavilion was fantastic. The most amazing aspect of the show was Dave's ability to sing. He sang for over 2 hours and the final song was as strong as the first. His range was phenomenal climbing to high pitched vocals in Smooth Rider and descending to low pitched vocals at the beginning of What You Are. It was an aspect of Dave's talent I did not fully appreciate before the show. The band was of course awesome as always and the whole experience was well worth the ticket price.
B.Boy .
One of the best concerts I have ever seen. DMB is a LIVE band, and this concert really brought that full circle for a long long long time fan that never had the opportunity to see them live. The whole band was really happy and energetic after all of these years and even for this seems they are really doing something right and have found harmony and balance. It makes you feel so much better when they are smiling along with you...their music is amazing!
This was only my second show of the season. Previously I attend one of the nights in Carson, California. Comparing and contrasting the two couldn't do the Carson show any service. This show was definitely slower. There were definite dave fans in the audience, but being in the Woodlands (Houston, Tx richville) we could surely see the "annual ticket" holders in the audience. The energy of this show was much lower, but like usual, DMB rose above that with AATWT jam, and a few good songs off the Stand Up album. Mr. Matthews was so very appreciative of the Houston Relief progress towards the Katrina efforts at the Astrodome. "Thank you DMB"
Keep in mind that I am a tough critic...After being somewhat let down in Selma and BLOWN AWAY in Dallas, I had the highest of expectations coming into the final Texas show at the Woodlands. Good seats on the right, met a cool guy named Cliff who had also completed the Texas Trifecta. "The Stone" was a strange opener to me, but it suprised me and sounded better than ever. When Carter began the long drawn out drum solo followed by the sweet sound of Leroi's flute, I knew that I was finally hearing "Say Goodbye" live for the first time. Such a powerful performance of one of my top few favorites. Boyd Tinsley was at his finest during a near tear-jerking performance of "Lie in Our Graves." I'll say it again, "American Baby Intro" is SUCH a powerful song live. Dave's passion screaming in that song just shoots right through my soul on that one. A short but great "Watchtower" was a great closer, but a weak encore. Again, Dave went for the electric guitar and I cried "No Dave NO!" But alas, "What You Are" drew more screams from Dave who was really into it.

I am now left attempting to plan a last minute trip to Red Rocks, Cliff buddy, maybe I'll see ya there.
Paul L.
BEST SHOW EVER!!! This was only my third live show (I went to both shows last year), but I can clearly say that this was the best of the three. All the guys were dead on - Dave's vocals were as always mindblowing and inspiring, Leroi was hypnotizing, Carter's playing never ceases to amaze me - people should just not be as good as he is on the drums. Stefan's bass solos were pratically bringing tears to my eyes, especially in the intro to Watchtower. Butch's keyboards were nothing short of extraordinary. And I believe the MVP for the nite was, without a doubt, Boyd. Theres just something about his energy he brings out when he makes that violin scream! I took my friend Hillary and even today we both still haven't gotten our voices back. It was her first live show ever and I was so happy that she got to experience it. I loved the setlist and especially "Smoothe Rider". I never would have thought in a million years that would have gotten played live. It's my favorite off the new album. Thank you guys for playing that! Thank you for the greatest show I've ever seen in my life. Congratulations on the new album! And please keep coming back to Houston. You have now idea of the magnitude of your fan-base here! Thanks again for being the most sincere bunch of guys out there! And again thanks for the best show ever. I can't wait for next Summer!!!
Cliff H.
Overall another great show, the setlist was a little laid back and the crowd a little hung over but we had a very nice time. This setlist showed off Daves vocal range more then any show i have seen, and Boyd's solo during Lie in our Graves was spiritual, the best I have ever heard, this wasnt the BLOWOUT performance that they did in Dallas by any stretch. The Dallas crowd was treated to a once in a tour show where all the stars and planets are in perfect alignment. I met a guy name Drew, a true fan. love ya buddy

Off to Red Rocks!!!