Dave Matthews
Farm Aid, Tweeter Center, Tinley Park, IL
Graph of songs performed, by album
Onstage: 8:45
So Damn Lucky
Don't Drink The Water (This Land is Your Land)
Stay or Leave
Dancing Nancies
Ants Marching
Some Devil
All Along the Watchtower
Offstage: 9:30
This solo performance was a part of Farm Aid 2005, which also featured John Mellencamp, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Arlo Guthrie, Emmylou Harris, John Mayer, Kenny Chesney, and a dozen other artists.

the show was amazing. i got there when it started at 1:30ish and there were some bands that were different from anything that i have ever seen before. The show really started getting good when widespread panic came on, they played a decent set, and closed up doing a song with dave matthews, then Los Lonely Boys came on, that was fun...Then Buddy Guy accompanied by John Mayer(guitar only, no vocals) that was a good experience...then Emmylou Harris, i have seen better acts. Then wilco came on, they did an Arlo Guthrie tune since Mr. Guthrie could not make it. Then Kenny Chessney came on, he played about 9 songs, it was pretty cool since i'm a country boy...Then Dave Matthews came on, and i called 4 of his songs, 3 only really counted though because i called some devil on the factthat an electric guitar was brought out....but i called dancing nancies, ants marching, and was awesome. then Mellencamp played, he was pretty good...what's with the wayne newton do? then Neil Young played, do i even need to say it was's a given...he was awesome....All and all, great experience.
Katie M.
This was the first time I had ever seen Dave sans the Matthews Band and I was floored. It was so beautiful to see and hear him with just a guitar, bar stool, and a microphone. The Some Devil songs were gorgeous (even when he messed up, I just found myself yelling "it's ok Dave"). I thought it was so precious when he said he was nervous without the other boys and when he took off his blazer b/c he sweats. Nancies was awesome, always love ants marching, and DDTW into this land is your land was perfect. He and Kenny Chesney were the main reason I went and they were the best part of the show. No matter where I see Dave, I am rarely disappointed. My love and appreciation for the DMB music, their talent, and constant drive to make their fans happy and entertained just makes my love for them stronger. Until next time...
Jeremy H.
Awesome show! Dave was right on cue as always, sounded great solo. Dave mentioned a couple times during his performance that he felt naked without his band there and just him on the stage, and that he was a bit nervous. :) To everyone's surprise he played a lot of classics, which sounded great on the acoustic guitar. The crowd was the loudest and had the most energy when Dave played (no offense to John, Neil, or Willie). Dave be-bopped during Dancing Nancies and the crowd loved it, he also went into "Your Land is my Land" during Stay or Leave. If I had only seen Dave play these 8 songs, it would of still been worth the ticket price. I couldn't of wished for a better solo Dave set-list!!
Dave put on a great performance for everyone and did an excellent job getting the crowd ready for mellencamp, young, and nelson. After his set he put the usual grin on his face and said, "The show has only just begun!" The set was fantastic and even when he screwed up a part of Grave Digger, he just gave a dumb smile and rolled his eyes and kept playing, it put him on the same level as the crowd and those who knew he messed up laughed hysterically. All in all, this small set was proof of Dave's humbleness. With this classic lines of, "When I was a kid I always wanted to be a farmer...don't know where I went wrong." Along with, "Farming is so important...i mean, feeding people, that's pretty much it isn't it? the rest is just flowers." It was a beautiful night to see dave and the songs were all very well done. I was expecting sort of a drunken, bonnaroo dave with a lazy voice because this wasn't a real stop in the tour, but the songs were just perfect!
Natalie M.
The preformance of dave was wonderful seeing as this was my first time without the whole band. But the best part of the whole evening was the young farmer by the name of Colleen. She was a sponser there and it just happened to be her birthday. Dave not only met with her, but took time to take a few pic's and sign her press pass. Does the measure of this man's generosity every end. He helped with Katrina relief, and then the farmers and of course he made this stranger in the seventh row dreams come true. It was a great evening with the whole family.
Matt E.
THis show was great. The energy of the crowd soared when Dave came on. I think he was the main reason anyone came. He alone was worth the ticket price. MY favorite part was when he went into "This Land is Your Land" during DDTW, not "stay or leave" as previously mentioned. He messed up a couple times; once on a chord and once during gravedigger, just saying the wrong dates, but that just makes Dave seem more human.