Smirnoff Music Centre, Dallas, TX
Graph of songs performed, by album
Grey Street
Louisiana Bayou
Rhyme & Reason
Hunger for the Great Light
Dancing Nancies
Out of My Hands
American Baby Intro
Everybody Wake Up
American Baby
Ants Marching

You Might Die Trying
Pantala Naga Pampa -->

OK, to start off Dave was a little chatty tonight. He said that "people need to help their neighbors..." Said "do what is right, and others will follow. Thank you Texas" People went crazy...

First 7 songs were great. Everyday was nice opener, followed by a solid Grey Street. A nice jam with lotta of energy that the crowd got relly into. Always nice to hear Granny, although it lacked a little energy. Down on the Bayou more than made up for it. Great jam. One of my favorite times to see Boyd play the violin ever... He went crazy... He tore it up on the violon.

Later on, Dancing Nanices was a welcome addition follwed by Ants, which was shot but sweet. Would have preferred a different encore, but they played it well. Not a fan of You might Die Trying... While PNP Rapunzel was nice, seemed like they had to get off the stage. Think Two Step or Watchtower would have been prerfect...

Understand,I am a tough critic. This was a great show. Plenty of people taping, so you might look for a good CD.
This was an amazing show, especially after a somewhat disapointing night in Selma. Dallas has been craving a show for 2 years now and the crowd blew Friday night's away. The entire crowd sang along to "Honey Honey" as "Everyday" began which led Dave to take the alternate intro to the song. Boyd was insane tonight which I was glad to see. "Louisiana Bayou" has evolved into such a jam, especially since Dave switched to the electric guitar. The SU material sounded good, but I think anyone who has been to multiple shows this year is a little tired of "Hunger for the Great Light." But "Dancing Nancies" with Dave's line "lost somewhere in Texas..." really got everyone excited. Immediately into "Warehouse" where I began to lose it. Also, Dallas was treated to the first ever performance of "Everybody Wake Up" which was a pleasant suprise. Nice encore, PTP and Rapunzel were great but I'm still waiting on CRUSH!!! Maybe tomorrow at the Woodlands...

All in all, the best show I've seen this year since Bonnaroo.
Cliff H.
WOW!!!!! 5th show this year, great set list and the most energy I have seen this tour!!! Louisiana Bayou was very tight, Boyd went off for 5 minutes!!!

The crowd was very into it, much more then in San Antonio the night before, I think Dave and the boys were pleasently surprized since the Dallas crowd hasnt been the best in the past. Well the crowd sent the band a message last night "WE WANT YOU BACK"

I have been waiting to here Dancing Nancies all year and finally got my wish followed by a very energetic Warehouse. Grey Steet was song number two and set the crowd off in the right direction.


ON MY WAY TO RED ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyday was a good sing along intro. Grey street was pretty solid, followed by a solid version of granny. Bartender had a great jam to it. It was nice to hear dreamgirl and hftgl back to back. Boyd was incredible tonight. You can never complain with danicing nancies into warehouse, especially when dave says he's lost somewher in texas. American baby was good, while ants marching was a great jam. I loved the performance of you might die trying, although it did seem a bit short. PNP into Rapunzel was an interesting closing choice. Even though some would like to see watchtower and two step, two step was played at selma, and they usually save watchtower for the woodlands. An all around great setlist. This is my 34th dmb show and i will be attending at the woodlands and maybe vegoose.
Oh my God, Wow! These guys just get better. My last DMB show I saw was Bonnaroo, it was going to be hard to follow up, but this show was awesome. The best crowd Iíve ever seen in Dallas. They jammed out to the hilt, they could do no wrong, everything they touched turned to gold, you felt like they could just go all night with no end. The place rumbled and shook. It felt like a Bonnaroo scene. Thank you DMB, thatís exactly what we needed. See you at Vegoose baby!!!
Kevin R.
This was a really great show tonight. I'd rank it in my top 3. Once again the band was so into music, old songs and new. I think they opened with Everyday due to Texas' quick response to Louisiana. It was a nice mellow jam and when they brought Dave the 12-string I knew Grey Street was going to make the crowd go crazy. Very solid version. Same with Granny. Bayou came next and this was one of the most amazing songs of the night. I don't really listen to it that much on the cd but hearing it live is incredible. The loud outro jam on it just got the whole place screaming. Intro on Dream Girl always awesome to hear along with a solid version of it and Hunger For The Great Light. Dancing Nancies into Warehouse!!! That's what really topped the show off into being one of my favorites. Great version of D.N. and an incredible version of Warehouse especially with the new salsa jam towards the end. Out Of My Hands kinda just let the crowd calm down for a bit. The American Baby Intro was another HUGE highlight of the night. The whole drum beat that works up is just beuatiful to hear and I've never seen Dave so into a song before....He yelled the lyrics twice at the top of his lungs and then screamed louder then I've ever hear someone scream before! CRAZY! Everybody Wake up noteworthy for being the first time they've played it, American Baby was pretty good. Ants Marching really made the crowd explode again everyone in the Ampitheater was into that one. You Might Die Trying was ok but PNP into Rampunzel was great! Awesome way to end the show!
Tonight was an excellent contrast between new and old DMB. (How many times do you get to hear 4 songs from UTTAD in one night?) There's as much energy in Louisiana Bayou, HFTGL, and YMDT as any song DMB has ever performed. And American Baby Intro... Are you kidding me? DMB completely transforms this song live. You will not forget this song!!! Having spent six years attending DMB concerts, and having wrapped up two nights watching DMB this weekend, I can emphatically state: DMB really enjoys performing their new songs. You can see it in their faces and hear it in their instruments. DMB is evolving. And personally, I think it's a good thing. Like several other fans, I may not enjoy all of DMB's new stuff. But as long as DMB enjoys performing their new songs, I believe they'll continue touring for years to come. (And that's a very good thing!)
Ryan W.
wow...this show was the best of 5 that i've seen...Boyd and LeRoi were so on tonight...Dave sounded great, Carter sounded amazing as always and Lessard was tearing up the bass...great song selection, everyday was an awesome opener, Rapunzel was a very big shock...great venue also, i'm so happy they chose not to go to American Airlines Center, it was so much better just to sit on the lawn and enjoy the weather. The highlight of the night would most likely be Louisiana Bayou...great song with a terrific jam at the end...Great Job DMB! i'm looking forward to the next tour!...come back soon and play 2 nights at the starplex!
Well, after the Gorge, I thought the Texas shows weren't going to compare, but tonight's show was very special for me. I am sad that the "CARTER BEAUFORD--clap clap clapclapclap" (etc.) didn't carry through...that ROCKED the Gorge. As for the set, Nancies-->WH are always a favorite, also Granny & Rapunzel...definitely a great show! It was also really nice to hear Dave giving so much love to TEXAS for once...He is really proud of us for helping out our neighbors so much. Anyway, after 8 years and 37 shows, I had a FANTASTIC MOMENT with CARTER tonight. Although there were no new songs for me or surprises, the high point was definitely the fact that I GOT MY FIRST STICK!!! I made a sign just for Carter, and as soon as he saw it, he pointed directly at me with his stick from behind the drumset. I was 15th row center, and right after Ants, Carter stood in front of my aisle waving and flashing his light at my face. At first I just smiled and waved, but my friends helped me to realize that he was CALLING ME DOWN!!! I flew down the aisle "like a crazy woman on The Price is Right" (according to my friends) with my sign in the air and ran straight to Carter (I even took out 3 security guards on the way who attempted to stop me!!) Once I got to him, he was just smiling and laughing at me (it's all so surreal but i'm sure I was freaking out)...and he didn't let go of the stick until I had a firm grasp on it!! He really MADE SURE I got it!! I can't wait to see the DVD...I hope somebody got that on tape!! HOW F***ING COOOOL IS THAT???? What a great experience!!! I LOVE YOU CARTER!!!!!
I think the show was awesome, it was my third show this summer, the second I've seen in Dallas. This show was MUCH better than the Dallas show in 2003. It seemed like the crowd was really really into it and the boys were feeding off of us. I had an amazing time the Dreamgirl intro was so beautiful...I was confused at first as to which song they were playing because I have never heard that intro but it was AMAZING. Bartender - phenominal and the American Baby intro was...dare I say orgasmic. Dave was yelling...had veins popping out of his neck and head. Ahh what a great night. After each show I am always reminded why I have so much money invested in this band and that is because the FUCKING ROCK!!!!