Verizon Wireless Ampitheater, Bonner Springs, KS
Graph of songs performed, by album
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Louisiana Bayou
Grey Street
Everybody Wake Up
Say Goodbye
Hunger for the Great Light
Jimi Thing *
American Baby Intro
Smooth Rider
Too Much
You Might Die Trying
Tripping Billies

American Baby
Ants Marching
* With Victor Wooten

This was my only chance to see DMB on this tour as I missed Alpine and was really busy the rest of the Summer. So I was happy to be there. PNP->Rapunzel has to be in the top 5 songs to open a things going great. The Stefan bass intro to Dreamgirl was a nice subtle touch and really set the mood for the night. The crowd around me was really into this show overall. And of course the Stand Up songs sounded great with Bayou, Everybody Wake Up, AB Intro and American Baby. Say Goodbye was definately the hightlight for me as I had never seen it before. If you havent heard the tape by Hoyt, its definately worth having. He got one of the best pulls I have ever heard, which adds a memorable element to this show for years to come. And who could ever forget the only Jimi Thing with Victor Wooten. "His name is Victor" "The man with the bass over there..."
VERY impressed with the new stuff. Doesnt sound anything like the CD. Bayou was ridiculous. PNP>Rapunzel was a good opener. Say Goodbye was nice to hear. Granny added a nice touch to get things going. Just as everyone else has said, the American Baby intro is something worth hearing. Dave goes nuts screaming and all. Jimi Thing with Victor coming out to help was absolutley insane. One of the best I have ever heard. Good closer with Billies and then to the encore of American Baby and Ants. All in all a good show. Have fun at Red Rocks.
John A.
I've been to a few KC shows. This one was pretty good I thought. I'm not as much into some of the songs off of the new album but they all sound pretty good live. I really enjoyed Smooth Rider and the American Baby Intro live! The AB Intro. was played as just a normal song by itself. It was played with a lot of energy and it was fun watching Dave Scream his lungs out.

Say Goodbye was a great surprise and sounded awesome! I also liked Tripping Billies a lot. The highlight of the night was when Victor Wooten came out and played a super-long Jimi Thing with Dave. Then they did the 'For What its Worth' jam at the end with scats included.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good show. Not the best I've seen but they definately still put their hearts into this one. I give it a A-
Brandon R.
I went to see DMB last night at Verizon Wireless in Bonner Springs, KS. I must say I was blown away by the band's performance. Dave especially astounded me with his vocals. I have seen DMB before, but the last time I saw them when they came through Dave kept apolagizing for his voice not being what it usually was, he said his voice was hurting and soar. But last night, oh last night. Carter was playing just as good as ever and the rest of the band was on fire. Moore's Sax solos just soar through my body. Staffan is a great bassist, and I love the sound of Violin, so Boyd is of course just as amazing as Carter.

The concert was amazing, and I missed Victor Wooten's band, but when he came out with DMB I was truly excited. He is an amazing bassist, I just love the tone of his bass. Wooten played on Jimi Thing and his solo was so awesome, it was pure smiles from me all night long. My only complaint, if it is ever a compliant, is that I wish that would heave played a few more songs. I really wanted to here Hello, Again. Ants Marching as the very last song was appropriate just cause EVERYONE at that concert knows it. I loved the concert and would recommend spending some money to ge see them. I was in the lawn, but I would spend three hundred to be close. GO SEE DMB!!!!
Welcome to the Boyd Tinsley show! This was about my ninth or tenth DMB show. I was in the middle about 20 rows back from the stage. Over all, I thought the sound was really sharp, Dave's voice was strong, and I noted that the band seemed to be in a particularly good mood. A few of the audience members nearby could have talked a little less. I'm not a huge Boyd fan, but I thought he was pretty sharp and was clearly featued in the show. Leroy was not featued prominently. While not the greatest set list, I enjoyed many of the versions of the new songs. Bayou and You Might Die stood out. Vic Wooten was very good on Jimi Thing. Would have liked to see a little more Butch Taylor.
I agree that the American Baby Intro was awesome. Say Goodbye was definitely a nice surprise and I really loved hearing Granny, too. The songs from the new album were better as as live performances and the band never fails to put on a great show. I also thought the lights were better this year, too. A couple of times the crowed sat down (about 10-20 rows away from the stage) and I was disappointed in that, but all in all everyone seemed to be having a great time. DMB is awesome!
Josh B.
This was my 8th show overall and I would put it at 7th out of the 8; Don't get me wrong, the show was amazing from 7th row, but the setlist kinda lacked it seemed. Too Much and Granny and Ants marching and Grey street they have all played here in the last 2-3 years - it would have been nice to hear a little lie in our graves or #41 or 2 step w/ victor wooten, but as I said- the show overall wasnt bad at all. The highlights were: rapunzel (always a great opener), Dreamgirl, Say Goodbye and Tripping Billies- all standout tunes- can't wait to see what the band pulls out @ Red Rocks!
I made my annual trek down to Bonner Springs to see DMB and was very glad that I did! The band sounded great; Dave's vocals were excellent, while Boyd and Carter were definitely "on" as well. I was surpised at how many songs they played from Stand Up, but I thought they sounded great live. Also a nice mix of songs, from Bonner Springs "regulars" Grey Street & Jimi Thing to Pantala Naga Pampa/Rapunzel & Tripping Billies, which I haven't heard here since the 1999 show.

The Bonner Springs crowd seems to have a reputation for being a little underwhelming, but for the most part this year's crowd seemed to be into it throughout, with the exception of a few people around me choosing to sit during Smooth Rider. Who goes to a concert to sit down anyway? Overall it was another great DMB show!
Josh T.
Ok, So this was i think my 12th DMB show. I wasn't planning on going this year, since Im not a complete fan of the new direction of the band as compared to the 90's but thats just my opinion. Lets face it, Stand Up is not of the same level of work from DMB as Before These Crowded Streets, bit i do like all the political meaning behind the album, but back to the review. Venue wise, i wouldnt reccomend checking out DMB at Verizon. I wasnt impressed with the loyalty of the crowd at all. Im young, (21) and I havent been seen DMB as long as some 20 year olds. My first show being in 2000, the crowds have COMPLETELY changed from college kids and people wanting to groove to 40 year old parents screaming out lyrics to American Baby and frat/sorority kids dressing up. Check out Alpine or Gorge or somewhere else i would reccomend. As far as the setlist goes, aside from the fact that I knew he would play at least 5 songs off Stand Up, i was pretty pleased with the ones picked and the oldies picked. Granny was a treat as was Say Goodbye and Jimi Thing. I liked the way day sang lower notes at the "Sayy goodbye...." part instead of the high notes. Victor Wooten is a God, Jimi Thing was my highlight and if you were in the 25th row center area, and heard a guy screaming "Stay on stage Victor!" that was me. I wish he would have hung around. Smooth Rider and Bayou Sounded great. American Baby intro was good as a song, b/c it seems like Dave is really pissed off at something and it shows with his screaming. I dig the emotion (SCREW BUSH and SCREW This WAR). I really wish Leroi would show off and jam more. He could really take it to new levels. Him and Carter are among the most instrumentally inclined in that band i think. Billies was a good set closer, although I was surprised to see that this show was an hour shorter than most other dave shows ive seen. Maybe it was because the 40 year olds in the pavillion dont know how to groove to the tunes. Ive seen ants as a closer and kinda predicted it so it wouldnt have been my pick, but what can ya do. Last years tour was better, i believe. I probably wont go see another DMB show for a while, but my time was not wasted. They did a good job. BOO KC though :-)
As a loyal DMB fan, I'm not a tough critic. But after seeing my fair share of shows at a variety of venues, I've come to accept the band has good and bad nights. As a KC native, I've accepted the fact that DMB shows in Bonner Springs are never stellar (thanks in part to lackluster fans), but I thought this show was well done. A few standards (Grey Street, for example) and a few surprises (Say Goodbye!). But I would've been satisfied if the only song I heard was the American Baby intro. Unbelievable. Overall, the band did seem to be upbeat and the songs were all strong. And as always, I had a fantastic time. I know that I'm preaching to the choir here, but you can't beat this band live. Tell your friends! Reds Rocks or Bust!
Tom R.
Great show, I agree with previous posts about KC shows and crowds being a little down before, but I felt this year was a great. The crowd (the sea of lighters before the encore was a nice mass act by the crowd) and the band were great. Opening act of Victor Wooten impressed me a lot too. Pretty good song selection. I wished Old Dirt Hill was played, but DMB made my concert by playing Say Goodbye. Few old standards and great mesh with new ones. Makes me wish I could go to more DMB concerts already.
Matt C.
This show was one of those that gave you chills after,during, and before every single song! The Say Goodbye ending was real nice with the notes at a lower tone. Tripping Billies was a great set closer! That ironically was the song that really drew me towards DMB long ago!!!!!!!! The best part of the show was American Baby Intro. played by itself. That was the most I've ever seen Dave be so compassionate about a song. Great, GREAT, great night!!!!! The only disappointment was no Crash, WAYG, or Grace is Gone. Other than that....couldn'ta asked for more!!!