Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford, Connecticut
Graph of songs performed, by album
onstage 7:40pm
Everyday (#36)
Grace is Gone
The Stone
Pay For What You Get (Norwegian Wood)
Big Eyed Fish
Lie In Our Graves
One Sweet World (Swim Naked Outro)
Where Are You Going
Cry Freedom
Don't Drink the Water (This Land is Your Land)
Hopeful Heresy (Tim Solo)
Seek Up
When the World Ends (Full/Extended Ending)
Grey Street
Kundalini Bonfire (Tim Solo)
Dancing Nancies
I'll Back You Up
Too Much (tease) -->
Drive In, Drive Out
Ants Marching
offstage 10:45pm

Can't even put into words how absolutely fabulous this night was! First I have to thank Brian Cammarata of upstate NY for the tickets. I get to my seat and didn't realize how good it was. Mid Orch C Row C!! Dave and Tim come out and I start crying cause I am so excited and happy to be there. I just couldn't control it! There was not one song on that setlist that I didn't agree with, I LOVED EVERYTHING!!! It was all amazing. Don--Dave talked about playing in Texas and there being crickets and bugs. :) Tim got a standing ovation for his second solo. :) So I'm just gonna give you my favorite quotes that I wrote down on napkins.......crowd says I love you, Daves says "Thankyou very much. But as it turns out, I love you too!!! What a freaky coincedence!!" Dave talks about the twins and nap-time and how it must be boring because "I don't have breasts or anything." ......some guy "I wanna see your tits Dave!!!!!!"........"settle down, I'm talking about 'groceries'".....Dave asks Tim, "Is it woble or wobble?"......."Timmy's sending me over the edge as if I'm not already plummeting."........Dave says to someone shouting "Stifle Yourself!!!".......convo about going to Margaritaville and "Tim got a tattoo that might as well say dumbass!!"........GRAVEDIGGER had AWESOME PASSION!!!! they talk about aliens too much!........"Elbow"? Yeah, that's a funny word.........."Grazie eh? I can speak Italian eh?" "We've made a decision. The entire world from this day on will live in peace and harmony."...then something like 'now we've just gotta let the people out there know about it" "Pretend you have elephant ears"........"If you're older, buy some porn" same guy from before "I still wanna see your tits Dave!!!!!" Dave says, "I missed it, something funny is going on up there." talking about himself, "I'm a pretty convincing dork"...."Serious case of the sillies"....."Did someone call me Bubba?"......"When you chug, Chug with caution."....... You know the end of WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, the part where its suppose to end? Well I smack my hands together and they Keep On Going!!!!! Very nice suprise!!..... "Cheese is our Hero!!".....talking about commercials, "Whazzup?!?!" "Priceless--Whatever!!" Dave's favorite commercial---"I didn't leave him cookies, I left him cheese!!" In a nice flamboyant voice, "I know why you go to thegym, its for the steam room." What's this "41 stuff?" Flamboyant voice, "Tiger!!" Oh GREY STREET, Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!!!!!!! Dave has horse, they're like big dogs except they don't bark at night! Dave starts walking aorund and running like his horse!!! Effing hilarious!!! "Maggots!!!!" (But no If I Had A Boat :( ) "Oh settle down."....."Our peace plan....tomorrow--Get On It!!!" And then Tim rips up the end of Nancies!!!! Damn Tim is little! I didn't realize this till they hugged! "...I dug a hole. Go dig a hole! That'll put everything into perspective. Go dig a ditch for 8 hours." TOO MUCH was...simply amazing. Great! "........I just find a funky new god and have a tea party of my own!!!" "We've got all the things we need for a potion!" "Crazy accusations!" The whole entire encore was just Fantabulous!!!! They tore it up!!!! Greatest encore I've seen. Oh, this was my 11th show. 2nd D&T!!! Letitia :)
All i can say about last night is Wow. Dave and Tim Rocked The house. Everyday was a good opener with all the war stuff that was going on. Grace is gone on of the best on the new album. Next came the Stone. That got the place ready for a great night. Pay for what u get was an amazing surprise and sounded great ! thanx for that one dave. The 1st highlight ARTENDER. WOW.. that was great. Into a good version of big eyed fish. As we sit there waiting LIE IN OUR GRAVES.. an amazing addition and of the highlights.. played flawlessly.Aversion of where are you going that sounded better than usual GRAVEDIGGER.. complete and flawless.As the cround has been screming all night dave finaly plays CRY FREEDOM ! Simply amazing.He started to jam to a ery different beat... and then surprising everyone went into CRUSH.. tim with his finger pluckning He ROCKED OUT on almost every verse ! Dont drink the water was amzaing. This land is your land outro ! very Cool dave. TIMS FIRST SOLO.. Dave leaves and time rocks out.great performance by a brillant man. SEEK UP.. on of his best old songs a great It was great to have him lay alot of old stuff for a change. WTWE was next and it was very good.sounded awesome with a surpising extended ending. NEXT my favorite song on Busted Stuff GREY STREET. Acoustically this was AMAZING with a lot of rocking out. NOW... TIM.... OMG. He plays the sickest solo that i have ever heard in my life. thats all i can say.. WOW. SATELLITE always great ! Then DANCING NANCIES.. WOW THAt was awesome. The ENCORE WAS An act of god,lol ILL BACK U UP... WOW everone almost fell out there seats.. DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT...AMAZING... AND ANTS MARCHING. A CLASSIC DAve masterpiece. THe most Amazing show i have ever been to thanks DAVE AND TIM !!

First off, I found out tuesday night at 5:30 that I was gonna go to this show, and I still can't believe I was there in the seats we were was a great feeling to be there. To get screwed out of tickets the day they went on sale last month and then to completly by chance get a was amazing. It was my 17th Dave show, and it definitly ranks up there with the Giant's Stadium/rain and Two Step encore show in 2001 that I had the privilage of attending. As for the show, 11,000 thumbs up to Dave and Tim! They played for just about 3 hours, and had a 3 song encore. They opened with Everyday, which I've actually started to really love...followed by a little speech about all the saddness in the world and Dave just trying to have fun. Grace is Gone was awesome, Pay For What You Get was a surprise (I've NEVER seen it, and then to see Dave + Tim do it). Then they played the Stone, which is a personal fav. His stories in between songs were great, and the "conversations" between Dave and the screamers in the audience were funny. Bartender, Cry Freedom Cry and One Sweet World sounded wonderful...Crush and Lie in our Graves were great, I love seeing those live. Gravedigger was absolutly amazing...Tim's two jams were AMAZING although I wish more people in my section would have sat the fuck down rather than talk and move the man some respect, he's phenomenal. When the World Ends was nice...I liked that he didn't play too much new stuff, they kept it nice and balanced. Grey Street and my all time favorite, Satellite made the show that much better for me, and Dancing Nancies was a nice end...And then the encore...when they came back out, I just knew it was comming, and then Dave said something about slowing it down, and he played I'll Back You Up. Great Great Song, and the whole theater was silent, it was-for lack of a better word-amazing. Drive In Drive Out is always great, and he ended with Ants Marching. High-Five to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds for kicking soooo much ass last night :) I'm just sad that I was so over-joyed to be there last night i completly forgot to write the set list down...oh well, I'm sure I can find it somewhere...and yeah, I would really love to get a copy of this show so someone be nice and let me know :) I can't wait to see what Dave does for the summer shows
Gabe R.
This was my first Dave and Tim show and I loved it. Everyday was a good song to start the show and Tour Grace is gong was beautiful as well. I loved it when Dave played Big Eyed Fish I yelled at the top of my loungs and said Big Eyed Fish. I love Tim's two solo they were so Beautiful. Dave told some funny stories and talking about peace. Dave played goof songs but no Two Step or Watchtower? Oh well Peace Yall
Ed R.
Wow. That was friggin amazing. Great show, AWESOME setlist, good mood all around. You could tell that Dave and Tim were aching to play. Dave was in an especially good mood, cracking jokes all night long. On to the setlist. EVERYDAY was really good, one of the better versions. I like it much better acoustic. He did the Honey Honey without having to be coaxed, which was nice. GRACE IS GONE was really good, especially with tim on dobro. THE STONE made me personally extremely happy, as its my favorite song. Rocked tonight, definitely. PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET! Holy shiznat. Knocked me off my feet; thought I'd never see it live. A very underappreciated song, extremely happy to see it reappear. BARTENDER was very cool tonight, dave didn't yell as much as I wanted him to though. BIG EYED FISH was excellent as always, comes across well acoustic. LIE IN OUR GRAVES! Another big suprise. Wicked awesome. ONE SWEET WORLD, happy to see it, but with the war and everything i definitely saw it coming. Awesome all the same. WHERE ARE YOU GOING, I could've done without. i liked it better than most this time however. GRAVEDIGGER was one of my favorite versions ive heard of this song, and much better than previous times. CRY FREEDOM was another anticipated anti war song. Definitely awesome though. CRUSH was one of my favorites all night. Rocked all the way through. DONT DRINK THE WATER was really good and woke my up a little after cry freedom. Tim then played a slower song solo, which kicked my ass as always. SEEK UP was another welcome suprise and sounded particularly good. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS was mediocre at best, until the last verse. where he normally stopped at beginning, he kept going right on into a whole new ending. very surprising and added alot to the song. GREY STREET was awesome, time got an excellent solo in there. Next Tim once again played solo, a much faster song than the previous that showed off his skills alot better. Next came SATELLITE. very good as usual. For the closer, dave chose DANCING NANCIES, which was excellent and a great way to close in my opinion. For the encore, he busted out another song I'd never thought I'd hear: I"LL BACK YOU UP. awesome. If only i had a girlfriend... Moving on. He then proceeded to tease too much and then went right into DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT. Rocked my friggin socks off with another great solo from tim. Finally the perennial final favorite: ANTS MARCHING. excellent way to end an excellent night.
Mr. W.
Awesome Awesome Awesome...nothing more to say. Gotta love all the talking and joking that went on, never seen Dave so damn funny in my 8 years watching him play. As for the music? What a performance, good to see the two of them still play it out old school when they're together. I'm not a fan of Tim's "cosmic" sounds he throws in every now and he did during Bartender, reminds me of the noises that came out of the first keyboard you got at age 7. My only (minor) complaint. Highlights where numerous including Grace, Bartender (just a nasty version, second half of the song was perfect) followed by Fish and Graves was so perfect, Gravedigger, Freedom, Crush and DDTW in a row with laughs in between...OMG what a half hour that was. Small hiccup toward the end of DDTW and not as much emotion from Dave as he usually shows while singing it. Seek up, didn't expect that and Grey Street sounded very very good...Satellite and Nancies perfect close. I'll Back You Up...never heard it live before that was real nice. Would have liked to hear them close with Watchtower I can do without Drive In and Ants Marching, even though its acoustic I've just seen them sooooo many times. Oh and where the hell was 41 cause I was in the mood for it last night. Overall it was worth 4 times the 50+ bucks...see you during the summer tour! Plattsburgh was it really your 40 bucks? ;) Thanks for the smoke...
This concert was absolutely AMAZING- and my first Dave and TIm concert. The setlist couldn't get any better. I think my favorite part of the concert was the Davespeak- what a funny guy! ("Stop......and Think"... imitating his horse walking, "Elbow"..etc). Dave really responded well with the audience and had everyones attention. My highlights of the show were Dave and Tim playing The Stone, BEF, Grave Digger, Seek Up, and Grey Steet. The biggest suprise was hearing I'll Back You Up- where did that come from?! The song sounded absolutely beautiful. What a perfect concert.. Can't wati until RCMH!!
Awesome Show!! Great way to open the tour. Tim and Dave sounded perfect. Not only did Dave play, but he made some of the funniest jokes during the show about life. Two of the best highlights was Bartender and Don't Drink the Water. Both songs rocked with a 60's type accoustic auroa. It was like Bartender was meant to be played accoustically! The rest of the the songs also rocked, Tim did 2 solos, one with a standing ovation. All in all, an wonderful show.
Den B.
First, I would like to start off by saying this is my 7th Dave show, but my first Dave & Tim show. It was awesome to say the least! It didnt hurt that I was in the 5th row, and I couldnt believe how close I was to Dave. Thanks to the Warehouse on that one, for hooking me up with great seats. Anyway, as for the show it could have only been better if he played 41 like everyone was screaming. Though, I know he sticks to his setlists. All his stories were great, and I was cracking up half the time. There is nothing like a Dave& Tim show, its so much more personal and you can actually hear what Dave is saying unlike concerts when he starts to talk and everyone starts screaming making it impossible to hear him. I can't beleive how small Tim is and I would have liked to hear him talk. All the Busted Stuff and Everyday songs were awesome aoustic, and i was really digging Pay For What You Get. Crush was nice treat, and Dancing Nancies was awesome as usual. Other than not hearing 41 or crash, both personal favorites, a great show!
I flew in from Seattle for this show and the show at URI and it was well worth the trip! This show at the Oakdale was incredible. They played 23 songs in over 3 hours. The audience wasn't too bad. I had seventh row seats. And Dave was really funny! He started by comparing his wish for the audience to be quiet during the show to tantric sex. His motto for the evening was "stop and think." He said that this could be applied to a lot of situations. When someone requested "Say Goodbye," Dave pretended like he was leaving (complete with saying "cheers"). Dave talked about how in foreign countries they have funny commericals, unlike in America. He mentioned the "wassup" Bud commerical and also said that he liked the one where the girl has a lot of Christmas presents and the parents say, "That must have been a lot of cookies you left Santa." The girl then says, "I didn't leave him cookies, I left him cheese." Dave got really worked up over the scenes in movies where a vehicle jumps over a gap in the road ("it's just not gonna happen!"). He said that when he's nervous he swears more but he's trying not to. Then he said that some people might think that "explictives" are gas. He talked about saying the word "elbow" over and over helps if you are feeling bad, and he wondered where the term "elbow grease" came from because elbows aren't greasy. Someone suggested that Dave was tanked, but Dave said he wasn't- at least not yet. He said that the drink in his mug was a "concoction" but didn't specify further. Someone told him to chug it, and Dave said that the word "chug" sounds like a punishment- like before you can drink you first have to chug. Dave said that he is "doing some landscaping" and that digging holes is a good way to take your mind off things. He imitated someone being annoyed with taking the train to work and how after digging a hole that same person would be thrilled to be on the train. Dave talked about how at a show in Texas there were a lot of crickets that crawled up his shirt and on the drums and one that just stood on the microphone and watched him. Dave said his daughters haven't really talked too much yet which is normal for twins since they have each other to converse with. He said that it is usually his duty to put his daughters down for their naps and that if they don't take their nap that he gets in trouble too- but one day Grace said no to him: "It was a big deal for me." Dave talked about a clydesdale horse named Bud who had maggots in his hooves, had a limp, and needed to gain weight. Bud had been at the bottom of the pack, and therefore was not very "horsely," as Dave called it (like manly, except horsely). Dave then got up and imitated the horse's walk, twice! It was hysterical! It looked like a drunk runway model wearing stiletto heels- that's the best way I can describe it. Like I said, Dave was really funny at the Oakdale. He also wished for peace in the world and prayed for everyone stationed in the Middle East and their families, and that peace could start at the Oakdale. The music was great as well, and I'm sure others have gone more into depth about that. I'm very glad that I went to the shows- well worth the trip from Seattle!
WOW! Yes, just like everyone else has reviewed this was the most amazing show. Having been to more than a dozen Dave Matthews shows, this was by far the most incredible show ever! As I sat down in my sixth row seat in the first section in the middle of the stage, I was parallel with Dave's mic. When Dave and Tim walked out onto the stage, my girlfriend and I were in absolute shock. As the show began with "everyday", and the musical chemistry between the two incredible artists evolved, the crowd was in awe. Nothing about this show was ordinary. From Dave's witty personal jokes with the crowd and Tim's funny body movements. This show exceeded all expectations. I wish I could go back to the night of the 19th, to re-live the night, but it will live in my memory for ever as the greatest Dave Matthews show ever.
Max D.
This was my 2nd dave/tim show, and they just keep getting better. His rants between each song are priceless--things you don't get at band shows. Seltist was amazing--Pay for what you get, I'll back you up, again, songs you don't hear with the band. I enjoy these concerts more than band concerts, so i'm a little biased. Wishlist: "Let you down". Hope to hear it in N.C.!
[Name R.
I just attended the March 19, 2003 Dave and Tim show in CT. A week exactly later, i still cannot put my experience into words, thanks to the Warehouse for SECOND ROW seats, i almost crapped my pants when I found out how close I was. Having never seen Dave and Tim live, it was a truly amazing experience, he played all of my favorites, although I was screaming for Halloween all night and i didn't get it! The music was the best out of any concert before, Dave and Tim were so happy to play and you could truly hear it through their songs. The most memorable part though was when DAVE ACTUALLY SPOKE TO ME!!! I asked him if he got a tatoo in marigrativille, and he told me he saw me ther and saw me get a tatoo that said dumbass. He was sooo blazed. He refered to me as a dumbass, but I take it as a compliment. The next day at school, some of my other friends who had decent seats told everyone how he called me a dumbass and it was the biggest news unitl the end of the week. The music was so amazing and the encore was breathtaking. Plus, what other preformer plays any show over two and a half hours, this was three hours and 20 minutes, incredible. By far one of the highlights of my life.
Patrick P.
"You know this is going to be kinda like Tantric Sex." and with those words Dave Matthews opened his acoustic tour with Tim Reynolds. For the first time since 1999, Dave and Tim were together on the road again, hitting small sold out venues. Tonight's performance at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford CT really emphasized the benefits of a smaller venue. Dave and Tim entertained everyone with song as well as story in an intimate setting that was enjoyed by all. The show opened with "Everyday", well done with a little "#36" mixed in the end. Fans were delighted to hear "Pay For What You Get", never played before his last acoustic tour in 99. "Big Eyed Fish" was played out of order, not surprising as Dave as done that before. The surprise in that song was his goof on the line, "Now the bird is dead, you know a fish's place is to stay in the sea." The song was well done altogether though. Dave employed many intros with his songs, like the little diddy he played before "Where Are You Going"; I loved how he teases the audience before jumping into his songs. "Crush" was awesome- Tim really contributed with his licks during the solo. "Don't Drink the Water" included some extra lyrics from "This Land Is You Land". always nice to see Dave spice up a song. Another example of his spicing up could be seen in "When The World Ends"- Dave added an extended verse to that song. Dave took advantage of Tim's solo songs to take a breather from the stage- he admitted that he was a tad nervous that night (suggested that we should all try saying elbow to calm our nerves). Another rarity I really liked hearing was "Dancing Nancies"- Dave and Tim really jammed that one out. The audience really enjoyed the three-song encore of "I'll Back You Up" (another rare gem), "Drive In Drive Out" (with a "Too Much" tease), and "Ants Marching". The amazing set was done over the course of three hours. The stories Dave told that night really got the audience comfortable and sometimes grossed out (all I can say is maggots)- Dave also cleverly conveyed a message of peace, and also continue to fend off those annoying audience members that give requests. Dave showed today that he is not just a musical artist but an entertainer as well.
Grayson M.
I just want to say that if you guys could, then you should post a notice for people to be a little more fucking respectful at these shows. Or if you have connections with Warehouse then you should let them know too because i was at the Oakdale show and drunken idiots and unappreciative assholes ruin the atmosphere with their stupid mindless outbursts especially at the really quiet moments when you're really feeling it and then some fool yells, "UConn!". Oh well i still got to see the single greatest event in my life to date (but i dont think there's much that could top it). Thanks a lot.
Nat B.
WOW! This show was absolutely unreal. This was my first Dave and Tim show, and it greatly exceeded any and all expectations I had coming in. Right from the start, you could tell Dave and Tim were really comfortable and excited to get started. The music just got better as they kept playing. Tim's solos were the best exhibition of raw talent I have ever seen, so much so, that he got a standing ovation from the crowd after his second one. Dave was definitely on the ball too, and his davespeak between songs was some of the funniest stuff I've heard (you could tell he had been drinking a lot of his 'concoction'). The setlist speaks for itself. It was real great to see them build up the intensity and emotion as the night went on. As for 'Dave's new sound', I thought that it was real genuine. I think there may be some who will have a harder time differentiating between this Dave playing style and the old one, but I thought he definitely seemed to have a slightly more subtle, funky style than he has had in the past. Then again though, it could also have been the fact that he was pretty drunk, and that I was pretty maybe we had our own little thing goin on there or something. All in all, this show was something else. Perhaps the best musical performance I have ever seen. Cheers to Dave and Tim for making this an unforgettable concert!!!
Jordan R.
Okay, so this was my first Dave and Tim show, and it was so intimate and amazing. Anyways, here's to the set: Everyday was a very surprising opener. I expected a few older songs to start off with to get back into their groove, but very nice with the #36 outro (Dave didn't sing the Hani Hani's to begin the song). Grace is Gone: Very slow, beautiful version. Great with Tim on the beginning. The Stone: Before Dave began, I could hear the chords to Stone, and it was sweet with Tim, although we didn't get the Wise Men outro. PFWYG: Before this song, Dave said that they hadn't played the song in a while, and wow, I was totally shocked. Never did I expect this, and the Norweigan Wood outro was amazing. I'm glad this is back in the rotation. Bartender: Dave seemed to get really into this song, but not wail like he does with the full band. I thought DDTW might follow, but very unexpectedly Big Eyed Fish did, which Dave actually messed up the words on. He switched the verses by mistake, but still sounded sweet. LIOG: After Tim was really audible on the newer tunes, he really displayed his great skills on this. Sweet version, and Tim had a pretty nice solo. Afterwards, Dave acknowledged Tim's solo. One Sweet World: One of my favorite D&T songs, it wasn't as good as some of the older versions I have, but still great. The Swim Naked outro is simply incredible. Dave seemed reluctant to sing it, but he sang it fairly low. Where Are You Going: Nice to hear with Tim, but not amazing. Gravedigger: Great song, loved the addition of Tim to it, and Dave really got into the end, and sang very passionately. Cry Freedom: Perfect song with the current world affairs, but nothing I expected. Beautiful version. Crush: Awesome with Tim, intro was deceiving without Stefan, but soo nice. DDTW: The intro sounded like "What You Are", which I thought he would play, but siick version, and the This Land.. outro was tight. As they were ending, Dave walked off the stage, as Tim began his solo. Hopeful Heresy is one of my favorite Tim songs, and he is simply incredible. Seek Up! My all-time favorite song, and although not as good as the 1999 tour Seek Up, still was amazing to hear. WTWE: Cool to hear, but the ending was different. As they were ending, and expecting to stop abruptly, Dave went back into the beginning, by singing "Beginning" over and over. And then lines from the previous verses were included in the outro. Grey Street: Awesome to hear with Tim. One of the highlights of the night, but still missed the verse. Tim's second Solo was unbelievable. I was blown away. Satellite: SO much better with Tim, he adds so much to the song. Nancies: My first Nancies ever, and it was sweet. Great way to end the set. Dave told a story about Digging a Ditch when they came back on-stage, but I was ecstatic to hear IBYU. Such a beautiful song. The Too Much tease was really weird, with a different song incorporated with some of the Too Much teases -> DIDO - I didnt realize it was the 2nd time ever to be played with Tim, but it definitely rocked. Ants - "We've been playing this song for a while, and we're gonna continue to play it"...such a good way to end the show, got the crowd rocking and singing. Overall, the show was unbelievable. Dave was absolutely hilarious, and Tim was shy as ever. The crowd wasn't bad at all, despite the continuous screams for 41, halloween, and little thing. Highlights of the Davespeak included: -A story about putting Grace and Stella to sleep, when they said "no" -"Stop, Think" - to all the people yelling song requests -The lack of funny American commercials, and how in Europe they have funny "cheese" commercials, while we only get "whazzzupp" -dave recalling the time in 98 where the crickets invaded their stage...tim saw a bug tonight and it reminded dave of the crickets. -dave's clythesdale horse named Bud, who had an infestation of maggotes in his hoof, and Dave gave us a interpretation of how it walked (hilarious) -A warning to Chug with caution -"Elbow grease" Overall, AMAZING SHOW, AMAZING DAVESPEAK, AMAZING MUSIC....nothing more could be asked for.
What can I show that I have seen since the 99 dave and tim tour. Dave was his usual self going off on tangents talking about random things between songs... those who were there would remember his usuage of the word "ELBOW GREASE" and of course the whole concept of "STOP-THINK ABOUT IT". It felt like we were sitting down at home in the living room watching him play. He made it clear that he wanted everyone to try to be quiet while they played so everyone can hear...You could have heard a pin drop suring 95 percent of the songs. With the occasional outburst of screams of course.He messed up on the lyrics to some of the songs but being Dave he didn't care and just kept going and still made it sound fantastic.I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!Favorite songs were grace is gone, GRAVEDIGGER awesome!!!, I'll Back You Up, Don't Drink the Water,Dancing Nancies...its hard to name just a few...TIM was amazing, as usual he didn't say 2 words but didn't have to after playing those songs..I couldn't believe how fast he was.....Dave also spoke about the war but made it brief....he wanted everyone to enjoy the night and the music thats what its all about he said....Being a guitar player myself I couldn't wait to get home to jam with my friends after witnessing a show like that!!!!!!!!!!ROCK ON