Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Eisenhower Hall Theatre, West Point, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
When the World Ends (Extended Outro)
Fool to Think (complete song)
Warehouse (Passion intro) -->
Fool to Think

onstage 7:37pm
Two Step
So Much To Say
When the World Ends (Extended Outro)
Fool To Think --> (partial song)
Where Are You Going?
Grace Is Gone
Too Much (partial song) -->
Drive in, Drive Out
Everyday (#36)
Big Blast Of Hot Air (Tim Solo, teases of Radar Contact)
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me) -->
Long Black Veil
All Along the Watchtower
Letting Go (Tim Solo)
The Stone (Wise Men Outro)
Lie In Our Graves
Ants Marching
offstage 10:19pm
onstage 10:24pm
Dancing Nancies
offstage 10:31pm

Oh my god, i am usually not one to submit a review but this show was absolutely rediculous. Timmy was on the whole night and they sounded as tight as ever. Having gone to 20+ shows including the first two of this tour i have to say this ranks up there as one of the best. I must admit i was a little freaked out by the majority of the crowd dressed up in military garb and having to walk past guys with M-16's to get into the venue but this show blew my mind. Busting out 41, long black veil, and watchtower for the first time this tour was amazing. My only complaint was the one song encore but apparently they had to be off the stage by 10:30 and the encore finished at 10:24 so there wasnt much he could do. Great Davespeak, Great Venue, Great Evening. Tim reynolds is a guitar god.
Tonight was my 10th show but my first time seeing Dave and Tim. Eisenhower Hall was alright i would rather have seen them at Radio City. Bartender was sweet. Happy to hear Jimi Thing cause What Will Become of Me is great. Gravedigger was awesome. It was also cool to get to hear Long Black Veil. Dave is the fucking man and its too bad i couldnt hear all of his rambling clearly. The only thing that dissapointed me was only one encore but at least it was my favorite song. They could have thrown in I'll Back You Up or even SOng that Jane LIkes but what ya gonna do.
Ken P.
wow. what a show. great opener with two step. #41 was amazing and we had great, i mean amazing davespeak: dave talking about shitting his pants, pissing himself,getting an authentic military haircut, getting beaten by his teacher,how clam chowder aint that good in RI, he even stated that though he disagrees with the war, he admires each and every cadet at West Point, which got a huge ovation. nice extended intro to satelite. DIDO was nice to hear espeically since the rareness of it. bartneder and gravedigger both sound great esp tim on bartender. it was nice to hear gravedigger cuz the ass behind me didnt know the words to that one so he finally stopped singing off-key.surprisng AATW with a tease of stairway, very nice touch. absolutely perfect Stone and nice close with Ants and LIOG. nancies as encore was good even though IBYU was scheduled before it but they ran out of time, since they hadda be done at1030 and it was like 1020ish at time of encore. instead a very long intro to nancies about a bum who wanted to be a doctor, priceless stuff.also First guest of the tour in JERRY GARCIA. thats right, dave brought out a little jerry figurine that sang into the mic,even told a lil story about how he was made in china and no one even knows who the hell he is. great show, even better davespeak.well you cant beat Dave,Tim & Jerry!!see ya next show!!
This was my first Dave and Tim show. It was surreal. It was amazing. They were both on point. At one point, Dave and Tim threw on 2 hats that cadets had thrown onto the stage. Dave is funny as hell, and Tim playing on the everyday, busted stuff, and newer songs like gravedigger was unreal. Old classics like Crush, Jimi Thing, and Two step were just like listening to Luther or storytellers. I paid $165 for my ticket and it was worth every penny. See ya in the summer!
Dave & Tim come on at 7:41. Dave says it's good to be back & they go into Two Step. After that he says that for a few hours, it will be a "joyful time & that accoridng to his research joy never sucks!" So much to say was next. After that he commented that all the cadets there were "nice, good looking people." He wanted a hair cut like them. He introduced WTWE as "a song about love." After the song, he said he had a new philosophy & just shrugged. He would do that pose many times more. He then said, "Timmy's here. You know who else is? Jerry." He takes out some kind of Jerry figure & presses it & it played a Grateful Dead song. He says, "Jerry is here all they way from China." He comments what the 6 year old in China that made it must have thought of it. He jokes that it looks more like Kenny Rogers. Next was part of Fool To Think into a sweet version of WAYG? After this song, he addresses the cadets again saying, "Some of you may know the way I feel about war, but you guys are the ultimate heroes." You damn right Dave. Dave then hit his funny pose again & said he would create the perfect stool one day. Next was #41 which was great! They then played Satellite (with a really weird intro that I think D&T were screwing around with). After the song, he asked, "Do you ever have stuff fall out of your ear?" He picks his ear. He tells a story about ordering Chowder in Rhode Island & that is was clear, not cream based. He was astonished by this. Next was Grace is Gone, a Too Much tease into DIDO. Somebody yells something & Dave asks did the person just say "ice poles?" It was actually "elbow" (a reference to CT show). Dave talks about his new theory again, but says he might get his butt kicked if he says it. Then he says, "I have a theory..(pause), I not gonna tell you though...." A guy yelled, "Speak Tim!" Tim waves to the crowd! Crowd explodes for him. Dave says, "The mystery would be broken.....have patience!" Bartender was next. After that, somebody told Dave to play what ever he felt like. Dave said, "Your on to something there." Dave comments that he chose to wear pastels today even though he wasn't a fan. He tells the cadets how cool they look. The problem with kakhi pants for guys is when you wee & it splashes back. Saying he covers it up by saying he fell inot the shower!! He says you can;t use that excuse if you sh*t your pants. Someone screams ELBOW again & Dave says, "That's a secret between me & you." Another yells, "You soudn better when you stand up Dave." Dave says, "I am standing. Your smoking that sh*t again..." Next was Everyday with #36 thrown in as usual. He then talks about how bad it was driving into West Point. He talks about the bus skidding & he wanted to jump out. He wanted to be cool like James Bond. He then says he is trying to cut down on curses because of his twins. He says he has always cursed not because "Of a bad mother, but becasue of bad friends." He doesn't want his girls teacher to call him one day & say your girl said sh*t. dave then says how interesting a word sh*t is. It can hit the fan, you can eat it, there is good sh*t, bad sh*t, etc. Next was Crush. A guy screams out "Yeah". Dave says that was a sexy yeah. Dave comments that he is hiding behind his pastels after a girl yells, "Get Naked!" Gravedigger was next & man it was full of raw emotion. Dave then says he is an obsessed Tim fan & if it wasn't for Tim, Dave would never ever have been on a stage. Tim does a solo & it was the best solo I have ever heard. Words couldn't describe it. Dave comes back out & puts the Jerry Garcia toy to the mike & asks if Jerry was really grateful. Jimi Thing next. Someone yells, "Play a show in Maui!!" A girl yells, "PLay a show in my bedroom!" dave responds, "Yeah, but do you tiny umbrellas in the drinks there?" Long Black Veil was a great surprise & sounded great. Dave then says, "We're going to play something we haven't in a while. I hope I can remember the words. I have only sang it 8 gazillion times." They played Watchtower which was amazing & featured what sounded like Stairway to Heaven solo by Timmy. After that, Timmy played another killer solo. Dave comes back on & says he went to Maui. They played a sweet version on Stone. Dave they tells a lenghty story about his school uniform when he was in school. He said they looked liek the Crocodile Hunter. He keeps imitating the guys & saying "Criky!" He says he hates wearing hats because he has an odd shaped head. He says he's not an alien. He talks about getting his first beating in school by Mr. McFarlane. He said something that karma came back & got that guy. He then said the worst beating he got in high school by a teacher. You got the beating & then had to thank the guy. He said karma would get that guy too..."bend over big boy." next was Lie In OUr Graves folowed by Ants. Befor eone of those songs, Dave put a cadet hat on & the place cheered. Someone yelled for Timmy to put one one & after awhile he finally did. You should have seen all the flash bulbs going off!! Dave played with his on. LIOG & Anst were amazing as alwasy! They went off satge only to come back a few minutes later to play Nancies. Dave did a great intro as a drunken old bum. You'll have ot hear it!! After he sang, "Could I have Dancing Nancy" he folowed with a "Could I have been a marchign soldier??" to appeace the great military woman & men in the crowd. Offstage at 10:26. From what I was told is the thater has a 10:30 curfew. Like I said...Great show!!
This concert was the best I have ever seen...and I mean it!!! Not only did Dave tell the best stories but he even showed his patriotism by putting on one of the cadet's hats during the song Jimi Thing. Tim also put on on but took it off shortly after. Dave had brought out a Jerry Garcia Figure( i think i couldn't really tell from where i was sitting) that played noise he also made some remarks about, how did the makers think that the music played on it sounded well enough to give to children. Dave was wearing a pastel shirt and made many remarks about that through out the whole show. Daves stories were the best and you had to be there to get the full effect from him talking about crew cuts to talking about how is children are going to start swearing if he doesn't stop cursing all the time. It was the best concert I would give up all my summer tickets to relive that concert agian.
This concert was unreal. I had terrible seats, but it didn't bother me when he started play two step. Gravedigger and All Along the Watchtower were incredible. The only bad this was that they didn't allow you to record. If anyone snuck a recorder in and is willing to send it to me I'd really appreciate it.
Mike E.
I won't repeat too many things, except that the sound was gorgeous. After 20+ shows where everyone is screaming and singing along it felt like I was in a dream as Two Step started playing with just 2 guitars and Dave quietly singing. One thing though, it seemed as if Tim was just playing funky rhythym for most of the night. I am NOT saying it wasn't good, but his guitar work seemed like it would better fit with the full band, just adding accents. He didn't even play the dueling banjos part of Ants Marching. His 4 or 5 sings where he did bust it out (Crush, Jimi, 41, few others, and his 2 solos) were AWESOME!! He is pretty sick on the guitar...The "intro" to Satellite seemed like Dave screwed it up, playing a fret too low, and they just laughed and played through it. And Ants was funny, Dave laughed at himself as he COMPLETELY fumbled through the last verse! Stories were funny, as were the mannerisms. It made Dave seem like a normal guy playing a smaller show instead of 60,000 drunken fools at Giants Stadium. One last comment, not serving alcohol at shows and having people so scared to drink in the parking lot due to everyone carrying around automatic rifles reduces the amount of stupid screaming in the crow by A LOT!! AND IT IS NICE!!! Overall, a great experience that I'll remember for a long time!
This show was definitly great!! The whole atmosphere was very positive and the precense of the cadets made it feel so patriotic at a time like this. It was also surprisingly easy to get in and out of the place(traffic wise). Dave and Tim were definitly awesome. The Dave speak was both amusing and entertaining. I loved the way he purposely misinterprets what the rude people in the audience scream out (for example: Elbow turned itno Ice pole etc,). Also I admire the way he plays what he wants regardless of what songs are screamed out at him. Maybe that is why he chose to finally play #41 because less people were asking than the other shows. -Watching their shadows on the wall was breathtaking. All of you there can surely understand! I thought that Dave's voice was increadible especially in Jimi Thing/What will become of me. Although the encore only consisted of 1 song being Dancing Nancies, I felt it was still a great ending. With an awesome show like that, there was no real need for a long encore. Oh and by the way, to all of those people who feel it necessary to sing loud and off key during D+T shows, please have some self control. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs everytime I saw Dave raise his eyebrow at higher notes, but I didn't! We pay $$ to go to the show to hear D+T not you! Being in the balcony, the sound wasn't all that great and hearing loud voices in my ears from every direction was really annoying. All in all, nothing could have made this show a bad experience. It was a wonderful/memorable show I will never forget!!
I've been to a couple great Dave shows but this was my first Dave and Tim show, and man was it incredible. It was just beautiful. For three hours I was in heaven. I was about 10th row. It was great to see how the acoustic versions of the new songs (Everyday, Grace is Gone, Bartender especially) sounded. #41 and Dancing Nancies were incredible. Dave spoke more than in any of the other shows I have seen or listened to. While my fellow cadets were respectfull, most were not huge fans. Leading up to the concert I heard "I don't really listen to him, or I don't really know what he sings, or I have no idea who Tim Reynolds is but I like some Dave Matthews songs." Because of this, I was quite dissapointed. It sucks that these people took up seats and prevented the true Dave fans from seeing an incredible show. I missed looking to my left and right and seeing people like me who were about to crap themselves with excitement. There was just no energy in the front half of the theater. However, Dave and Tim more than made up for it, and those there who appreciate Dave and Tim definitely were not dissapointed.
Bobby F.
Despite what everyone may think this was the weakest of the 3 shows that Dave and Tim have played at Eisenhower Hall. I was severely disappointed not only in the setlist but in the amount of energy that Dave and Tim put into the show. I might be spoiled because I was at the West Point show in 97 when John Popper showed up and then again in 99. Both setlists and the energy that Dave and Tim put out in those two shows was amazing. It seemed that everytime that Dave was going to reach to sing a powerful note tonight he opted for the soft way of singing it. Tim's solo were, for the most part, very weak and he used much fewer guitar effects then in the past. Two step and Crush just faded out instead of coming to the enthustatic ending that they usually come to in the past Dave and Tim shows. Lie in Our Graves had the shortest pause in the middle that I have every seen them do acousticly. He only told two or three stories this time as opposed to last time when he talked constantly in between songs and told the most hilarious stories Ive ever heard. It just seemed like he was tired and wanted to play the songs and leave. This was further emphasized by one song encore that he played. Such a dissappointment! On plus side Gravedigger and Long Black Veil were very good and Dave's voice was right on as far as hitting falsetto breaks and such. I skipped a day of my internship, got to west point at 3am and waited 9 hrs, some of which were outside in the 0 degree weather followed by 6 hrs in a lightless stairwell in which I had to wait my way down 6 flights of stairs with a 1000 other people (most of which were awesome kids). Maybe I expect too much because of what I had to do to get the ticket, or because the last 2 shows at west point were phenominal and this one doesnt stand out as much but it just seemed like Dave and Tim didnt even feel enthusiastic about playing that night and it was certainly reflected throughout the show. Feel free to email me if you feel the same or different about the show and were at the previous West Point shows...
Yeah, we got there late (missing Two Step & So Much To Say) which we were bitter about but it didn't take long to get right into it. It was the first Dave & Tim show I've ever seen and it was so amazing! I agree I was a little freaked by all the military apparel but it was worth it to hear #41 and Watchtower. Consequently we met Dave AND tim coming out of Radio City the night before and got picture and autographs etc. Needless to say they are the kings of music today! ps- if anyone has requests like matt (see below) let me know. Peace
Amazing show, everyone started screaming when they began to play Sattelite and then they purposefully fucked it up which only resulted in more screaming and then, of course, they busted it out, unfathomably memorable! Not unlike the whole show! #41 and Watchtower were both greatly appreciated too. ps- if anyone has the same troubles as Matt (see above) give me a shout. Peace Timmy (Timmy gives peace sign)
Braden S.
I have to agree with Bobby on this one. After taking it up the ass and buying 70 dollar fake tickets to RCMH (and not being the kind of guy that would re-sell fake tickets to another naive customer) - I was totally expecting to be blown away from this show. However, I reluctantly have to say that I wasnt. Two Step was a sweet opener, but the jam at the end was not what I was expecting. Dave and Tim were in an extremely mellow mood. The jam during Lie In Our Graves has to be one of the slowest, weakest jams that I have heard them do. There were moments I thought that they would step it up, but for some reason or another they didnt. This was my first Dave and Tim live experience... I have thirty or so live discs from 93 to 99, and I just have to say that I was expecting a lot more. Would I pay $50 to see them again? Hell yes. But a one song encore and a lack of energy is something I hope that can only be improved by the end of the tour. Hopefully Indiana and Wisconsin will be refined...