Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
onstage 7:42pm
When The World Ends (Extended Verse)
Fool to Think (tease) -->
Where Are you Going
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
Everyday (#36)
Pay For What You Get (Norwegian Wood)
The Stone (Wise Men Say Outro)
Grace is Gone
Impermanence (Tim Solo)
Big Eyed Fish
Two Step
The Bell (partial song) --> *
Don't Drink the Water (This Land is Your Land)
One Sweet World (Swim Naked Outro)
Kundalini Bonfire (Tim Solo)
Cry Freedom
Lie In Our Graves
Grey Street
Ants Marching
I'll Back You Up
Dancing Nancies
offstage 10:42pm
* Stephan Smith cover, first three verses played

Andrew C.
Just got back from RCMH, orchestra row CC. Wow!! Setlist was pretty much the same as the first two nights in CT and URI, but additionally featured great versions of Captain, Jimi Thing and Two Step (was hoping for this one, yeah baby)!! Crowd seemed very respectful (aside from the occasional jerk or two, but Dave took it all in stride and put them in their place), almost silent at times. Very amazing and quite intimate. BARTENDER: A great D&T song and a stellar opener. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS: Liked this one and liked the extended ending. CAPTAIN: Had never been a fan of this song, but the D&T version is excellent, really choice. I'm a fan now. SATELLITE: I don't care what other people think, I love to hear this in concert, especially from D&T. It was great. Not going to go through every song (whole show was awesome) so I'll skip to the end, TIM's SECOND SOLO (and the 1st one too) was amazing!! Even from the sixth row I couldn't believe how fast he was playing. LIOG, GREY STREET and ANTS: Helluva trio to end the set with. I was blown away!! ENCORES: I'LL BACK YOU UP and NANCIES: Both incredible versions, too bad they only had a two song encore, but they played an amazing full 3 hours (a few minutes less than URI though but oh well) so I was completely satisfied!!! Dave and Tim ROCK!!!
This was my 15th show and was well worth the horrible experience I endured getting tickets. I know many tried and failed at actually getting into the show, but it was truly amazing. Although Radio City was larger than the other venues on this Dave/Tim tour, it still felt incredibly small compared to the normal DMB venues. Some highlights included several older, rare, slow songs like Pay For What You Get, Cry Freedom and I'll Back You Up. Tim's second solo performance was unbelievable (speedy yet masterful). Jimi Thing, Nancies, Ants, and Lie In Our Graves were all great to hear and Tim was terrific on each. Also, "Dave speak" was definitely on tonight, be it his reference to his "tasty beverage," the sniffle and croch grab (which he demonstrated) or the comment "it smells like someone's 'been smokin' some marijuana in here." Dave was respectful of the soldiers at war, but made his opinions known several times that he has problems with the people in charge, not the people fighting. People didn't really get the hint that Dave didn't want song recommendations, but otherwise the crowd was into everything and (for the most part except for some idiots in the upper decks) respectful. This was truly a dream show for me, and well worth the wait.
James D.
Absolutely Mesmerizing! My First Dave and Tim Experience was at the most famous theatre in the world in good ol New York City, And once again Dave and New York NEVER let me down. Radio City Music hall is a stunning and classy place, such an awesome venue, not a bad seat in the house, terriffic sound. So after getting a t shirt, metting some more cool ass people, we sat to our seats staring at the grand stage with two guitars and a barstool knowing that dave and tim would grace the stage at around 7:40, and at which that is the time they came out. An absolutely breathtaking bartender started the show off and it never stopped from there. Dave and Tim were on fire tonight and lit it up for 3 whole hours. I never thought i would go to a show and hear Pay For, Cry Freedom, I'll Back you up and nancies in the same night. Absolutely stunning. Tims second solo got a rousing ovation, he is certainly the master! The Crowd shouted and yelled inbetween songs but stayed rather quiet when dave was speaking and EXTREMELY quiet and respectfull during the songs. Dave even commented about how this is the nicest crowd hes ever heard, he diddnt know if he was paraniod or if we were all asleep. We were treated to some hillarious davespeak as well. This evening was quite a treat and a night i wont soon forget. Ive been wating 4 years for it. I saw some complaining on messages boards about this show, and i think 12/21 at MSG has spoiled NYC rotten. This show was a 10/10 absolutely awesome and unforgettable.
First off, I would just like to say that this was a great show and that the acoustics are absolutely incredible at Radio the show.... BARTENDED--excellent opener, got the night started off well. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS--good song with extended verse. CAPTAIN--they played this really well, I like it a lot better than full band. SATELLITE--standard version. FOOL TO THINK-->WHERE ARE YOU GOING--could have gone without these two. JIMI THING--this is where the show picked up and got really special, awesome song, absolutely love it...WWBOM outro is great. EVERYDAY(#36)--crowd really gets into it singing honey, honey. PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET--first time hearing this song, liked it. THE STONE--love this song and the "Can't help falling in love" outro. DAVESPEAK--like it was all night, funny as shit! GRACE IS GONE--nicely done, good song. GRAVEDIGGER--I love this song dave and tim style, it is sung with such emotion, love it and so happy they played it! TIM SOLO--hey, it's Tim, talented as shit! BIG EYED FISH--really nice to hear Dave hitting the high notes again, voice sounds a lot better than summer. TWO STEP--!!!!LOVE IT, WHO DOESN'T?!!! CRUSH--!!SAME THING!!--whole crowd sang along. DON'T DRINK THE WATER--love the intro about a boy and war, it was really great, song fit perfectly for the situation with the lyrics. ONE SWEET WORLD--gotta play this one, everyone loved it. TIM SOLO--WOW! Standing Ovation after by the whole crowd...just wish evreyone didn't get up and leave right away to go to the bathroom, very rude I think. CRY FREEDOM--so happy to hear this, loved it acoustic ever since Live at Luther College. LIE IN OUR GRAVES--another great song, played beautifully. GREYSTREET--nice acoustic version, great song. ANTS MARCHING--surprised, I figured Greystreet would end the set, but of course you gotta love Ants especially with Tim hitting those screeching notes at the end. ENCORE: IBYU--finally get to hear this live, great love song. DANCING NANCIES--YES! Awesome intro and a great way to end the evening......The night was amazing, and sure the setlist may be repeated from the previous two nights, but it was still fantastic....The Davespeak about "Ex-it signs" was hilarious...also Dave getting up and grabbing his crotch was classic....whole crowd thought he was hilarious....Dave said the crowd was the most polite crowd he has ever seen, except for the few ass holes yelling out #41 and Wild Horses...would have liked to hear them though, but the show was still great...can't wait for the summer!
This was a great show, but most of all I feel like my DMB-ness is fulfilled. Having never been to a D+T show, I can say somethign was always missing. And hearing great versions of WTWE, Captain, Fool To Think!!!! (damn that was a good tease, especially for a song I never much cared for), Stone, Two Step, and the best D+T LIOG I ever heard. The intro to DDTW was cool and deserves a re-listen. And the intro to Nancies- well, that was awesome, and without seeing Dave's face or body language, I hope it comes across as well on cd. Finally, the crowd for the most part was excellent, so much so that Dave thought we were sleeping and didn't want to wake us up! During many songs there was pin-drop silence, and it was great to finally go to a show where you could hear the words to the songs. Overall, this met even my highest expectations.
Joe C.
The show last night was incredible, the first part of the show and the second as far as set lists go were polar oposites.It was also nice to hear the words for a change when he sang.Question?what was that song he played before "DDTW" Something new? whatever it was it was awsome
Jordan R.
WHAT A SHOW! After going to the Oakdale show, I didn't think anything could top that, until TONIGHT! On to the set: Bartender: Unbelievable way to open the show. The lights were very cool during it, and you could barely see dave and tim. WTWE: Awesome with the extended verse. Dave seemed to get into it more tonight, and sang "beginning" repeatedly. Captain: Yay! Reminded me of the old-school Crazy with Tim, and was so awesome to hear. Satellite: Acousticly with Tim, this song blows me away. Tim adds so much to it, and after the song, Dave kept shaking his hand, I guess due to his carpal tunnel syndrome. Fool To Think: I wasn't sure what song this was at first, but the chords are amazing on the acoustic, and was a tight version. WAYG: Pretty typical version. Jimi Thing: YES! What a song. I was so excited to hear it, and was blown away at how good it sounded. The What Will become of me outro was amazing, like the old days, and I was hoping for a Pantala at the end, but was still amazing. Everyday: Pretty typical version, except a lot of people were singing the Hani Hani's at the end, and Dave picked up on it like he does at the full band shows. PFWYG: After hearing this song at Oakdale, I was in awe, and tonight the same. The Norwegian Wood outro is incredible. The Stone: One of my favorite songs, and it blew me away. So much intensity and passion. The Wise Men Say Outro was awesome, something we didn't get at Oakdale. Grace is Gone: Beautiful with Tim, loved to hear it. Gravedigger: Each time I hear this song, I love it more. Dave sings so passionately on it, that I was amazed at how good it was tonight. Tim Solo: Un-real. Tim is a godly figure on the guitar. He blew everyone away, and after, the crowd gave him a standing ovation. BEF: Great song. Dave seemed to remember the lyrics better tonight. He sang Boyd's plucking part to. Awesome. TWO STEP!: AWESOME! Highlight of the night for me. Debut of the tour, and it was such a tight version. Seemed like they never left off from 99. Crush: Beautiful. simply beautiful. I absolutely love it Dave and Tim style. Passion intro : Dave sang almost a new song during the intro to DDTW...about a little boy and a man behind the desk. So creepy the lyrics were... DDTW: SO intense tonight. The This Land outro is sweet. OSW: My favorite Dave and Tim song together. Love to hear it every time, and the swim nake outro was great to hear again. Tim solo: Better than the first. mind-blowing. Another standing-ovation following. Cry Freedom: Incredible, especially with the war going on. LIOG: Got the crowd so pumped for the final stretch. Sooo good. Grey Street: I thought they might close with this song, which would've been fine, since it was a great version, but.. Ants! No matter how many times I've heard it, everyone was singing along, and having a great time. Awesome. Encore: IBYU: Beautiful. 'nuff-said' Nancies: WOW. unlike oakdale, we got the full intro, (could i have been...) which was soo nice. amazing song, amazing version, amazing night! Dave didn't talk as much tonight as he did in Oakdale, but still was hilarious. The crowd was good for the most part, Dave said how awesome we were, but during Tim's solos, people kept getting up, and it seemed like there was a lot of talking during songs between people. But for the most part, the crowd was good. I'm hoping the speculaiton about how it'll be released as a live show is true....which could make sense since Dave didn't tell many long stories. But either way, unbelievable show. so lucky to have been in attendance. peace!
Henry K.
The Radio City Music Hall Dave and Tim show was an event I was highly anticipating. I was right to, as the playing, sound, venue and song selection was dead on. The Bartender opener was truly haunting with black lights on Dave and Tim with holograms projected onto the sides of the venue ceiling. Throughout the night there was quite a bit of lighting ingenuity. When the World Ends sounded really solid with Dave and Tim as Tim mimicked the piano riff to perfection and Dave freestlyed a verse to end the song. Captain was good but standard with no real high or low points to comment on. As far as my experience went I felt that certain members of the audience were respectful while others were quite disrespectful. Some examples: a guy shouted for"#41" after every single song played even after Dave made it clear he would play whatever he wanted. Another guy got thrown out because he kept screaming for "Wild Horses." The crowd cheered his exit. A female asked Dave to play at her wedding, this was not taken well by the crowd. The good thing was that the crowd shushed anyone down who tried to scream out song requests. Anyways, back to the show. Satellite was good followed by a really nice stripped down version of fool to think which quickly melted into where are you going. This is really nice with Dave and Tim with Tim mimicking Leroi's saxophone part during the jam. One thing I noticed about Tim's playing was that he was doing a lot of bass runs, more so than his usual high pitched wails up the fretboard. When I heard Jimi Thing I got pumped but then the guy next to me began to play the drums on his water bottle and thighs like a wounded monkey killing much of the mood until of course What will Become of Me became the outro finally ending the extended Jimi Thing with the familiar Pantala descending chord run. Everyday(#36) sounded really nice and to Dave's pleasure the crowd helped him sing the outro. Pay for What you Get was good with the Norwegian Wood outro even though many folks were totally clueless. The Stone with the Elvis outro was good but standard, I was still waiting for a real classic Tim Reynolds rip. I was soon to get one. Grace is Gone was really nice with Tim using a glass slide to get a really nice country vibe going. Gravedigger is such a simple yet such an awesome song and with Timmy it's twice as intense. I really enjoyed it even though the guy next to me would not stop slapping the hell out of his own legs. Tim's first solo seemed to be a bathroom break for many people but for me it was a moment that I found myself contemplating how one human being gets so many sounds to come out of an acoustic guitar. This first solo was a slow classical type number, the crowd was very respectful for the most part and tim bowed with his approval and thanks. Big Eyed Fish, ehh, okay. Two Step, I really like this song whenever it is played yet this version was pretty standard until they absolutely urinated on the rhythmic outro. Crush was very nice but Don' Drink the Water with the ol' school passion intro was intense. Lyrics about war, killing children and leaders mistakes were all rather timely. Version also included the this land is your land outro, truly amazing. One Sweet World was good not comparable to Luther College but solid. I realized that the main percentage of the crowd was made up of good people during Tim's second solo. He played a fiercely intense tune with some amazing runs that just seemed about impossible. He had the crowd in a frenzy and right when he finished he recieved a well deserved and elongated standing ovation, my personal highlight from the night. The last four songs before the encore could not have been chosen any better. Cry Freedom is just a great tune, Lie in Our Graves was awesome with a hauntingly mellow jam, Grey Street was climactic as always and Ants Marching had the familiar Tim Reynolds slide jam we have come to know and love. I expected more than two songs in the encore. I'll Back You Up was very standard with a shorter more bassy Tim solo than usual. Dancing Nancies had an extended rather hilarious Could I have been into and a great ending jam. If it is released live it will be a great cd. A tuly magical night. To all those going to the rest of the tour enjoy yourselves and be safe. Peace!
Where do I begin?? This was the first time I'd seen Dave and Tim, and it was unreal. I had floor seats about halfway back in the center, so I could see really well. It was a very mellow show, everyone just chilling in their seats singing softly along with Dave. There was one guy, though, who decided he really wanted to DANCE, and by God, he did... up and down the aisles, Woodstock-hippie-tripping-on-acid-style (which is fine with me). One Sweet World was one of the songs I was hoping to hear, and Dave and Tim did an amazing job (of course). Tim's solos were INCREDIBLE, although apparently some people didn't think so because about half the audience decided Tim solo = bathroom break/beer run. Oh well! The encore of I'll Back You Up and Dancing Nancies was the perfect mix of quiet and more up-tempo but still mellow Dave that was pretty much the mood all night. I was hoping to hear #41, like most of the other concert goers(i could tell because they kept screaming it out), but oh well, better luck next time! My only complaint about ths show was that it had to end.
Jordan T.
Well, I went to my first D+T ever, and had the good fortune of it being at the famed Radio City Music Hall. I had originally been expecting Orch Row TT, but upon receiving them at Will Call, I discovered they were in fact row BB, which was the front row on that side of the theater. Well needless to say this made the evening that much better. On to the show. The lights went dark at around 7:40, and Dave and Tim came out shortly after. The set started out quietly with Bartender, Daves intro consisted of singing something faintly, I couldn't even make it out from where I was, but this contrasted beautifully with the high points of the song, and he brought it back down to this low point for the ending. So here we begin with the crowd, a few annoying people, thankfully nothing too bad at this point. Dave said a little welcome, and then they went straight into When The World Ends. This was a pretty standard version, but with the extended verse (as opposed to cutting off as per usual), and then he sang a few lines of "Bye bye, baby, bye bye girl" and so forth. Next we heard Captain, which was a bit of a surprise to me, great version, and some amazing lyrics that I don't recall being from either the Lillywhite or Busted Stuff versions of the song. Next was a crowd favorite, Satellite, standard version, a little messup by Tim at the beginning, but nothing major. Dave had to give his hands a little shake after playing that one. Fool to Think was a nice little version, starting at the chorus and just a little of a verse, and led very nicely into Where Are you Going. Some members of the crowd were unfortunately singing along to this, which got on my nerves, but I doubt was noticeable to those on stage. If I remember right, at this point we got some Davespeak, unfortunately I can't remember what he said at what point, suffice it to say it was a rather entertaining night. Jimi Thing was next, some of the fans were clapping, badly out of rhythm, which was quite funny. We got the What Will Become of Me outro which was a really nice touch. Next is Everyday, which was preceeded by some davespeak about "spreading the illness of love." Nothing particularly special about this song, just an overall good version, but the second part of the song, the #36 outro was great. The crowd started singing "hani, hani" before Dave did. He was about to make his entrance, but stopped himself and let the crowd do it. At one point it became a sort of call and response between the crowd and Dave, nice touch. PFWYG was pretty good, I have always loved the lyrics on this song. This version seemed a bit darker than the usual, and Dave and Tim were lit in red, which may have added to that feeling, this feeling lifted towards the end as they went into the Norwegian Wood outro. Up next was The Stone, good version, complete with Wise Men Say. Grace is gone had some nice slide guitar provided by Mr. Reynolds, and fit nicely in with the atmosphere of the show. After this came Gravedigger, which I loved for its building intensity throughout, and it ended up as an incredibly angry sounding song. Then it was time for Tim's first solo of the night, I don't know what song it was, but it had a great jazz inflection, and a good bright sound. Big Eyed Fish finally quelled the guy on the other side of the aisle from me, which I was enormously thankful for. Two Step was very well received, and sounded great. Tim had a good extended solo on this one. Crush was sweet, despite some of the crowd singing loudly on it. Don't Drink the Water was simply amazing, there was a long intro consisting of a discussion between a soldier and "the man at the desk" presumably a general, which was obvious reference to the war in my mind. This Land is Your Land really fits as the outro to this song as well. NExt was One Sweet World, nice version plus the Swim Naked outro. Now, for the highlight of the evening, Tim's second solo. The song started out with an interplay between a bassline and some quick work on the higher strings. Then he did a little scratch and looped it back, and played something that can only be described as godly. He did some flamenco style work, and just kept going faster and more intense, working his way up to the very bottom frets, and just kept going on and on, to a point where most of the crowd just could not believe. After Tim finished he got a standing ovation, which was certainly deserved, and it was great to see him get recognized like that by the crowd. Dave actually had a bit of trouble getting some people to quite down after this, but finally did. The room was dead quiet during Cry Freedom, and the song simply gave me chills, absolutely amazing hearing it live. LIOG was good, though it was a little surprising (after Tim played a great solo on this song) when they went right back into the "I can't believe..." part without even pausing at all. Grey Street was great, and Dave just went all out on this one vocally. Finally, after thanking the crowd yet again, they went into Ants Marching, which was a nice version, despite being accompanied by some crowd singing. Remember people, this is a nice touch in live shows, but not in an accoustic show. After a short break, Dave and Tim came back out for the encore. I'll Back You Up was its usual, sweet self. Dancing Nancies was reminiscent of the older versions, with great solos by Tim, and a nice change first into a sort of double time, then into a reprisal of that flamenco style we saw earlier, excellent version, and they went offstage. Overall, despite a few annoying people, this rare Radio City performance was a classic. If rumors of an official release hold true then this will be a must-have. -JmT
Mike R.
All i can say is wow. This magical acoustic evening was brilliant. The show started off slow with good renditions of bartender and satellite. Jimi thing was unreal. I personally had no idea what dave was talking about througout the performance but he was pretty funny. Oh yeah EX-40-IT. I really was impressed with Tim's solo they were both amazing much better than stream. I loved lie in our graves i thought it was brilliant. ANd he concluded with my favorite song Dancing nancies. The performance was just WOW. All i can say is wow. I'd also like to thank all of those in the first mezzanine for providing a quite acousting evening. ANd id like to thank Dave and TIm and all my Mike Ribs fans in brooklyn.
Zach B.
I took a plane from Rapid City,South Dakota to see this show and spent over $600 here in New York. Let me tell you it was worth every penny! Dave and Tim's names glowing on the radio city sign just made my day. I walked in the the setting on the stage was just beautiful. Dave and Tim walk on stage and the sceams of the new york crowd was amazing. The show started off with babrtender, and right there you knew this is was going to be a slow great night. Dave started to make jokes about the shape of radio city hall and told a story here and there. Dave pulled out EVERYDAY songs and oh my god, if you didn't like ED songs before you will now!!!! Dave and Tim pulled out older songs that kept the crowd on their feet. The show had a few downs about it, and that was the cost of everything and some of the people. I wanted to kill the kids yelling #41 after every song. Buy the crowd told them to shut up everytime. If they put this show on to a live cd, it will be one of the best and most sold!!!!! I ope every D&T show will be just as good as RCMH. Enjoy
The show was great. Dave was very funny, and very communitive with the crowd. It was a hell of a concert definitley up ther as one of my favorites. A lot more "chill". Tim had two amazing solo's the second one was by far the most amazing guitare solo I have ever heard live. Radio City was a great venue and Dave and Tim were amazing together as expected.
This was my first Dave and Tim show, and I was completely blown away. First of all opening up with bartender was insane!! WTWE, was good, satelliate was really good. The fool to think tease intro to WAYG was awsome. The stone was unbelievable, awsome version of gravdigger. Then to hear two step and crush one after the other, AWSOME!! It was nice to hear cry freedom, and no matter how many times i hear it ANTS sounds great. Would've liked to hear a few more stories from dave, but the dave and tim sounded great. Dancing Nancies was a cool closer. As a long tim DMB fan I waited a long time to see this type of venue and it was everything I thought it would be.
Patrick D.
Holy mackeral. This was my first DMB concert ever and i don't think I will ever be able to top it. James Brown, Watchtower, Halloween, and Ants Marching = UNBELIVABLE. I was sitting at the side of the stage and to see This concert from so close was a religious experience. When James came out the crowd went into a confused murmur of applause and then when they saw James and his shiny suit shoot out from a across the stage, it was pandomonium. Un-F'N-REAL!!!
Wow, this was an amazing show and worth the $270 I payed. Liog was amazing as was Gravedigger. Dave was so hilarious, he had me laughing the entire show. Words cannot describe Tim Reynolds second solo. The Stone( Wise Men Outro) was a song i really wanted to hear, probably one of the best versions of the song i heard live so far. I was speechless after the show, I could not believe that i had expirienced Dave and Tim live. Great show....I can not wait till the summer tour!
First I'll start by saying that I was at the URI show 2 nights prior to this show so I have some basis for comparison. (This was also my 21st dave show.) This show was VERY good. At URI the first 1/3 of the show was not very good (musically), however at Radio City the show was supurb from beginning to end. I dont think many of you realize how good a version of Bartender dave played at Radio City. It was incredable, wait till you hear the tapes. Also, no one is giving credit to how good Captain was! This was the first all acoustic version of captain since either '98 or '99 and it was SOO good. The what will become of me was obviously great. The stone i think was better at URI. The other greats of the night were certainly Two Step, PFWYG, Gravedigger (i love this song, so much energy and emotion in dave's singing), DDTW was sooo good, Crush, Ants, I'll Back You Up, and nancies. To make some more comparisons between the shows (and others from the past) I didnt think OSW was as good as it could have been, it was good, but not great. Big eyed fish was SOOO much better at URI, he has much more emotion in it at URI. Cry freedom was a fairly standard dave and tim version. LIOG was very good tonight, but i think just as good as URI. Nancies at both shows was incredable, but i think just a tad better at URI. Over all i must say though that this was a better show than URI by far, though URI did have some very high points. By far the biggest differences between the shows were the daveSpeaks. Dave spoke for well over 50 minutes at URI and i would say he spoke for maybe a total of 15 minutes at Radio City. The davespeaks at URI were MUCH MUCH funnier, though both were good. At URI dave spoke for over 20 minutes straight about being caned as a child in the south African school system... 20 minutes straight! On a scale from 1 to 10 i give Radio City a strong 9.0 URI i gave an 8.5 mostly because of the rarity of the amount of davespeak. I must say that i was hoping for a special guest at the Radio City show or for Dave to pull something really rare out and he didnt. Maybe dave felt that there was no way he could out do what he did at 2nd night MSG just three months prior with James Brown.. i dunno.. (if you weren't at that show get the tapes!!) The Radio City Show is definitely a show to get and probably going to be one of the best shows of the tour... we'll see!
Kyle A.
Having listened to ever-decreasing amounts of DMB and Dave & Tim over the last several months, I was genuinely surprised when the opening notes of Bartender grabbed me so completely. I was fully locked in for the entire show; a riveting, serene performance that intensified and clarified this music in a way that my countless DMB concert experiences have somehow never managed to do. Crucially, Dave's voice was in better shape than I have heard it for quite some time (although I detected a slight hollowing-out toward the end of the set, his shaping of the high notes of I'll Back You Up was still strong and gorgeous). This music is at it's best when it is strange and lovely and uniquely thought-out, and these elements are supported so much better when Dave is in good voice- and occasionally undermined when he's not. It didn't hurt that the sound quality in this huge, cavernous red-velvet venue was superb. The lighting work was subtle and at several points excellent. Tim manages to pull off an amazing trick; he taps his tremendous resource of talent without shoving it to the front. In some shows, I feel he does this to a fault- relegating himself to reactive lines and phrases. In this show, he struck the balance perfectly- and the interplay between Tim and Dave was some of the best I recall hearing. There were moments in Jimi Thing, Two Step and Nancies that were balanced to perfection. I felt Dave & Tim's best moment together was the Stone, which covered a remarkable amount of emotional and musical space. Without a doubt, the musical highlight of the show was Tim's first solo song. A perfect symbiosis between mood, venue, and city, it was a spare, beautiful journey with a bluesy appetite and jazzy metabolism. For those several minutes, we all might as well have been crammed into the Carlyle hotel listening to the house jazz musicians reach out for the New York City night. I was literally short of breath as Tim finished the last few notes. The setlist was a dream; a somehwat more mature Captain, a staid and steady Pay For What You Get, a light-hearted Big Eyed Fish, very earnest versions of One Sweet World and Cry Freedom, and a Lie in Our Graves and Grey Street that sent the show completely over the top. I do love NYC, but this show at times made me miss living in Virginia more than ever before. Satellite transported me back to William & Mary circa 1994- all those nights, those people, those times. Crush sent me back to Charlottesville circa 1999- how is that suddenly four years ago? Why does time and space do this to us? As melancholy as those moments were for me, they flowed naturally from this wonderful show, and were yet another gift in the huge basket of gifts Dave, Tim, and DMB have given me over the years.
The hype leading up to this show was substantial and difficult not to get caught up in, i mean how could ya not..dave & tim - rcmh, nyc, on a sat. night. You know the stage was set for a big show. I travelled into the city early from toronto for fears of border trouble or protests, but the city once again made me see why its the greatest city on this planet - hands down ! Anywayz - to the review - i was a solo seat, last row second mezz, and first time in rcmh - what a building - great accoustics, of course the usuall idiots with the screams were present, but bearable thankfully they werent close to me. Opening with bartender was a strong move, and made me a happy camper - as its close to my top fav currently, dave's range on that tune really complements his voice and i see that becoming a big live favourite for both dave and the fans. Just a real strong set-list the whole way threw. Davespeak was at a high for sure - i hadnt heard him chat like that in a long time..talking about his gunsmoke power move, and his shrugging off people that wanna fight by the classic gesture..he dragged on a little a couple times - awsome for most of us, but i could see where he lost a few people. But the intelligent fans loved all of it. Of course there were the sorry people who went to the bathroom for tims solo's. Tim's first solo didnt grab me as much as his seccond - MY GOD - bonfire - tim's seccond solo performance blew all of us away - he got a standing O from everybody in my mezz. i havent heard him or anyone play a guitar like since maybe hendrix - yes bold statement - but im telling ya - he really did play the hell out of that guitar, he had the slide going strong - it seemed he had the crowd on edge the entire solo. and it came after gravedigger which has got to be one of the new crowd fav's for sure - it was a great performance of that song. I think it was between crush & DTTW that it seemed like a new song...? it was too long to be a new verse for dont drink, like a couple people thought,, Mike from san-fransisco was beside me - mike ? u out there ? - we couldnt figure it out, we hadnt heard it before - and it was damn good - please tell me if you know what it was..? and closing with 2 tunes easing us nicely with i'll back u up into nancie's. Some A-hole screaming 41 all night didnt get his wish, but who the hell cares - that set list is as strong as it gets and made it a most memorable show. cheers all.
Ryan P.
First off, the crowd was great except for the few dumbasses who kept yelling for songs. Here is a clue if you are oone of those people: He makes a setlist before the show and sticks with it. Back to the show. Flew in from Kentucky for the show. RCMH is amazing and the sound is undoubtely the best. I was in the 1st Mezz near the asshole who kept yelling #41 so that was the only bad part of the show. Surprise of the night was how different GRAVEDIGGER sounded than from early last summer. IBYU was great to hear. GREY STREET sounds amazing acoustic as well as CAPTAIN(it sounds like it used to be when D&T played it. The jams of the night were the end of TWO STEP, LIOG and ANTS. BEST SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN SINCE I WASNT AT 12/21.
Matt F.
HOLY SHIT! This was the best nite of my life. Dave and Tim ripped shit up the entire concert. Bartender was a sweet opener. When the world ends was unbelievable, i loved how they stretched it out. Crush was ridiculously incredible being my favorite song and all. THey also played big eyed fish which is one of my favorites and i never heard that acoustically before. Graves was sweet as was grey street. Nothing compares to ill back you up though, that was a treat and a half as was pay for what you get. All in all an unbelievable show, and ill never forget it.
Tom G.
Had to overpay like a lot of people did to see this show. This is my first D&T show, and I am glad I didn't hear a repeat of Luther College, in fact Tim had to learn a lot of new music to accompany Dave on this tour, and the result was a master performance for both at an outstanding venue. It was worth the extra money, especially hearing Dancing Nancies at the end, which I missed at another venue(I was late!). I noticed Tim seemed to be dropping his pick a few times and once the note dropped off in the middle of a slide up the fretboard(don't know if that was planned or accidental), but Dave patted him on the shoulder as if to say "It's OK, Tim". There were a lot of rude yelling in the crowd. I remember at the end of a unbelievable "Two Step", I saw few people standing up to give an ovation, so I did the honors and yelled for everyone to get up and give a standing ovation. Couldn't believe I did that, but D&T deserved that one. It was also amazing they played for 3 hours! I still like seeing DMB, but seeing D&T at least on ce in my lifetime was fulfilling. I sure hope they do put this concert on the new D&T CD in the fall.
Mindy W.
just needed to share our story of the new york experience... have to start off with the DRAMA. we had a 7:10am flight on friday from midway to laguardia. if you aren't familiar with midway, just to let ya know, there's only ONE american airlines gate. anyways, we were taking one of the little planes to new york, and it turned out the flight was a little delayed due to mechanical problems... come to find out, these mechanical problems have to do with the engine, and the flight gets CANCELLED! we (six of us) proceed to wait in line at the counter for, oh, probably 2 and a half hours (maybe it just SEEMED that long, but really, it was a long time), and managed to snag six of the last ten available seats on the last available flight out of midway that day! we wound up getting an 11:30 flight on ata. ANYWAYS, with all and everything, was the drama of the airpport worth it?? HELLLLL YEAH! it was my very first live dave and tim experience (don't get me wrong! it was my 30-some odd dmb related show), and what better place to see it but radio city (where i once saw the radio city christmas spectacular with the rockettes - yeah). it was unbelievable, except of course, for the occasionaly LOSER jack ass screaming and dancing in the middle of the show, not to mention screaming to all in our section "oh my god! i love this song!" and proceeded to call his friend. PLEASE people, DO NOT CALL YOUR FRIENDS ON YOUR CELL DURING THE SHOW. it's fucking retarded. sorry, had to vent. (that one's a long time coming.) anyways, it was amazing. the concensus among the six of us was that we especially enjoyed captian and fool to think. i was also happy to hear IBYU for only the second time live. still one of my favorites! can't wait for purdue and carthage! may be my last dmb shows til winter, cuz i'm getting married july 5th, and the world and alpine shows are not working for me :*(